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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 5🎯




I.. hurried to him with a very bright smile on my face.

“Oh my… Actually I love this pen and when I picked it, I wished I could have it and now you telling me to trash it which of course i’m not going to do..”

He didn’t look up.

“So… You have no idea how happy I am that you don’t need it again… Therefore I want to say…”

I swallowed and with every courage in me, I grabbed his right hand which he was typing with on the laptop and I held it tightly with my two hands.

“Thank you so so so much sir…” I said, grinning in a really nervous way. I really hope he doesn’t notice or worse notice that I’m pretending.

And then, of course he finally looked up at me.

I saw the terror and disgust in his eyes.

But I still held on to tight to his hand. “Thank you so much for the pen sir… I love it so so much,” I said, smiling brightly at him.

Geez, his thick eyebrows furrowed, causing me to swallow hard.

“Get your filthy hands off mine,” he said. His voice wasn’t loud but down and cold which made it more scary.

I quickly did.

I think I’ve held it enough and it was a success.

“I…I..I’m sorry sir.. I was just too excited about it,” I said, stepping backwards.

“How dare you touch me?” he asked looking at me, his voice a bit loud this time.

I bowed twice. “I’m sorry sir…”

“Oh I get it. You sat beside me yesterday on the jet and you do this too… You’re crushing on me?” he asked.

I scoffed out….


“You don’t look like a girl I’m gonna like even in my next life. Get out of here!” he said.

I clenched my fist. ‘You je… I’m trying to save you!’

I sighed, turned and left his room.

I met Kelly Oppa at the corridor.

He just came out of his room and was heading towards the staircase.

I bowed to him. “Good morning sir.”

“Hey Baby, you okay?” he asked.

“Yes I’m fine, thank you..” I said.

He headed downstairs.

I heaved a sigh.

“Okay calm down Baby,” I said to myself. Then I took enough breath and headed downstairs with Oppa Kelly in front of me.

He wore a yellow bubble cap and it fitted him so well.

He went to the living room while I headed to the kitchen to bring out their food to the dinning.

I, Kira and Ali served their breakfast then I returned to the kitchen to have my breakfast and also take my drugs which was in the kitchen.



Breakfast was served and I, Lucky, J.d, Elvin and Jimin took our seats except Romeo who we haven’t seen this morning.

He didn’t have dinner yesterday and he’s not here yet.

“Is he skipping meals again?” Elvin asked.

We all knew who Elvin was talking about.

“It isn’t a new thing. I’m just gonna eat mine and not worry about his,” J.d said.

I sighed. ‘Is he ever gonna get himself back? Is Baby going to actually save him? He’s becoming worse day after day and I can’t do anything to help him’

Baby came out from the kitchen and bowed to us.

“Good morning sirs,” she greeted.

“Baby, how’s your health?” J.d asked.

“I’m fine sir,” she said, smiled at me and headed to the staircase. Just then Romeo showed up at the staircase.

She let him get off the staircase and she bowed to him and headed up up the staircase.

Romeo didn’t even raise his face at her. He got to us and sat on his seat.

“You missed your dinner last night,” I said to him.

“I wasn’t hungry,” he said.

The rest of the meal were eaten in silence.



While the rockstars were eating, I went from Rockstar Kelly room to Lucky’s room dressing their bed and doing a quick tidying up.

I finally got to Romeo’s room and I dressed his bed, swept dirt off the floor and carried the saucer and empty coffee cup.

I saw his backpack, not the one he had yesterday.

It was filled up even more than yesterday’s own.

I went over and tried carrying it up but it was soooooo heavy!! Whaaat!

“How I’m I going to carry this? Is this some joke or what? Did he even know that I’m not feeling very well? Why would he pack up his bag like this? I’m not going to carry this… ”

I left his room with the saucer and dirt bin.

Finally, we were set to leave for school.

Their bags were already at the sitting room waiting for me.

I walked to them and carried Kelly, Lucky, J.d, Elvin and Jimin’s bags except Romeo’s.

The rockstars were already at the Private jet.

I headed over, climbed in and dropped the bags on the seats.

“Baby, where’s Romeo’s bag?” Jimin asked me.

I glanced at Romeo then turned back to Jimin. “I’m going back to get. It’s really heavy,” I told him.

“Heavy? Romeo’s bag is heavy?” he asked.

“Yes sir but I’m going to get it now,” I said

I glanced at Romeo again. He was facing the window.

His hair was packed up at usual then banded with a blue bandana. He wore a white Burberry polo with a sweet looking blue jean trouser.

‘Tch..he look a lot simple dressed today’

The necklace was on his neck. I felt relieved seeing it on his neck.

I hurriedly alighted the jet and hurried back to the living room.

I carried the bag and returned back to the jet.

‘Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to carry it but I changed my mind. I have another plan’

I ascended the jet and dropped the bag on a different seat then sat down behind Romeo.

I fastened my safety belt and soon, the jet took off.

To Rocks High School.



[Mae iris mansion]


“Mom, I’m off to school,” I announced to my mom as I hurried off.

I’m late for school.

“A second Lala,” mom said and I stopped, sighing.

I turned to her. “What’s that mom? I’m late for school.”

She walked over.

“How’s Baby doing?” she asked.

“Mom she’s doing fine,” I said.

“You guys still pretend to be in bad terms?” she asked.

“No mom. I couldn’t do that. I really like her. I’m going now mom, bye,” I said and pecked her on the cheek.

“Wait another dear,” she said.

“Moooom. I’m late for school.. What is it again?” I asked.

“Is anything going on between she and Rockstar Kelly? You know, he saved her a lot,” she said.

“Mom, I don’t really know. I think he likes her. I’m really off now, have a great day,” I said and ran off.

I got into the car and breathed out.

‘I’m sorry mom for hiding my relationship from you. I promise to tell you soon. Just wait mom’

Ji woo drove off.



We arrived at Rocks High School and soon, we alighted.

This time, I had no choice than to carry all the rockstars bag, including Romeo’s.

Damn, it was so heavy.

I couldn’t wait to get to the elevator.

There were already banners of ‘Paradise Trip 2018’ at every corner of the school.

As usual students gathered up to take pictures of the rockstars.

The angels arrived at the same time and alighted from their limo.

I just didn’t have time to look at anyone. I hurried to the elevator and finally, I got in and dropped the bags on the elevator floor, leaned on the wall to catch my breath.

‘Damn you Romeo..really.. I will make you pay for this, really’

The elevator got to the fifth floor and the door opened.

I carried the bags and walked out, hurried to the rockstars private study room, went in and dropped them at their right place.

“Finally!” I breathed out.

I was already having headache.

“Seriously not again,” I said and headed out but met the rockstars at the front of the elevators.

I guess he didn’t see that coming but his eyes met with mine and he walked pass with the rest.


I entered the elevator and returned to the first floor.

Excitedly, I met Lala at the homerooms hallway.

“Lala,” I called happily and ran to her.

“Hello Baby. How’s your health?” she asked.

“I’m fine. I had drugs prescribed to me,” I said.

She smiled. “That’s good. You’ve not sneezed today right?”

I shook my head. “No, I haven’t”

She smiled and caressed my hair. “You look beautiful today.”

I blushed and said. “That’s not true Lala. You’re the beautiful one here.”

“Uhm that’s a lie..” she said.

“It’s not,” I said.

We entered homeroom 012 and made to our desks.

Jamie was on his desk far behind me.. Actually three desks away from me.

I smiled at him and well, he’s face was stoic.

He didn’t smile back or anything.

I got to my desk, sat down and dropped my bag in my locker.

First class is Government so I took out my Gov. Books.

Soon, bell for first class rang. Lala and I went for it.

The rockstars won’t be studying with us today.

I don’t know how I feel about it but I know Lala doesn’t feel happy about it.

We entered the government class and settled down on the same desk.

Soon, the angels walked majestically.

Well I saw it coming. Shana and I exchanged eye contact but hers was monstrous and threatening.

I faced my book.

They finally settled their butt on a seat their fan had set for them.

The seats got occupied except the six empty chairs for the rockstars.

“Goodmorning class,” the Gov teacher began teaching.

I glanced at Angel Debbie but she was focused on her phone.

‘She’s been acting strange towards me. Maybe she don’t like me again’

The first class rounded up uneventful, also the second class, Korean History and also the third which was General History.

Lala and I returned to the homeroom and that was when I decided to say ‘Hi’ to Jamie.

We’ve not said Hi to each other today.

“Lala that guy over there helped me yesterday when those girls did that to me,” I told Lala.

“He? Really?” she asked.

“Yes… I think I should say hi to him,” I said.

“Are you sure he helped you? He’s a loner. I haven’t seen him talk to anyone. He’s always alone,” Lala said.

“Really? But he talked to me yesterday at the old ballet hall even at the library too, even lend me his tissue paper,” I told her.

“Well then I guess you should say hi to him,” she said.

“I think so.” I said.

“I’m waiting for you. Don’t forget I’m hungry,” Lala said.

“Sure, just a minute,” I said and walked over to Kang Jamie who had his face buried on his phone.

“Hi Jamie,” I called and he looked up from his phone, saw me but didn’t smile.

“Hey Baby,” he said with a stoic face.

“Jamie, i..I want to say thank you for the tissue yesterday,” I said to him with a smile.

“It’s nothing. You are fine ?” he asked.

“Yes I am.” I said. “Uhm I’m going to the cafeteria with my friend Lala. Aren’t you going to eat?” I asked him.

” I don’t think,” he said and faced his phone.

I felt he wasn’t in a good mood but Lala said he’s a loner.

Loners act this way sometimes so I just shrugged.

“Alright. See you,” I said and went back to Lala.

“Let’s go Lala,” I said and soon we were heading to the cafeteria.

“How did you guys meet in the Library too and did he tell you what he was doing at the old ballet hall?” Lala asked me.

“No, he didn’t tell me. First he helped me up to my feet and he offered me his jacket but I declined, thanked him and left. He never talked like a loner do. And for the library, I went there after school to while away time while waiting for the rockstars to get ready to leave and he came in and called me. He sat beside me and gave me his tissue when I sneezed. I wonder why he’s a loner but he’s nice,” I said.

“He’s been a rocks High student from junior. I met him when I got transfered to Rocks High at my last year in junior. Then I heard his father is very wealthy but he’s an illegitimate son but the news died down and he’s never been talked about since then. I’ve not seen him with anyone neither have I seen him talk to anyone nor do anyone talk to him. He ignore everyone. He’s an introvert just that there’s no pride,” Lala said.

“Unlike Romeo,” I said before realizing it.

“Hey. Stop it Baby,” she said.

“Biane,” I apologized.

She smiled. “Accepted”

We climbed the cafeteria steps and entered the cafeteria.

“What are we eating?” Lala asked

“Uhm let’s go for fried rice,” I said.

“Nice pick,” she said with a smile.

There was no queue so our order was served to us in no time.

We found an empty table and settled down to eat.

Lots of talk about the Paradise Trip starting tomorrow was coming from every corner of the cafeteria. The cafeteria was so noisy.

Even the banners were hanged in the cafeteria.

“Don’t panic Baby. This is how it’s always is every year,” Lala said.

“Why don’t juniors go?” I asked.

“They have theirs. Happy Trip,” she said.

“Oh I had no idea” I said.

She smiled.

“How was last year’s?” I asked.

“Uhm it was fun.. I had fun with my cheerleading team and friends. We danced and we won, it was fun,” she said.

“It must be really fun then,” I said.

“Yeah it is,” she said.

I smiled and we focused on our meal.

“Hello beautiful ladies,” a nice masculine voice suddenly said beside us.

We looked up and wow…guess who?


The guy who talked to Lala two weeks ago at the Basketball court and also asked her for a dance at Rockstar Lucky’s birthday.

Yes I wasn’t there when he did but Lala told me about it.

She said when he did, she had to drag Alisa to the dance floor.

(You’re reading Rocks High by RiRi Books. Enjoy)

He stood at our table, carrying his tray of food with a smile in his face.

He’s tall just like Romeo. No, Romeo tallness is better.

Really? Why I’m I bringing Romeo into this right now.

Davis is handsome.

I was expecting Lala to answer him but she didn’t and I didn’t think I should so I only let out a smile but Lala didn’t.

I guess she didn’t want him here.

“Can I join you girls please?” he asked.

‘Okay there was another chair at our table’

“There are number of empty tables. You don’t see them?” Lala asked him.

He chuckled. “Of course I do. I’m not blind..but I wanna sit here. I want to make new friends,” he said and before lala could open her mouth again, he had already sat on the chair and dropped his food on the table.

I breathed out, glanced at Lala before digging my spoon in my food.

“Hey Lala, you look so beautiful today,” he said to Lala who was facing her plate of food.

“You are here to eat, do that,” she told him.

“I also mentioned making friends,” he said.

“I made it clear to you that I don’t need your friendship!” Lala fired at him.

He only smiled at her anger.

From under the table, I used my leg and touched Lala’s leg, giving her a sign to calm down.

“I know you said that but I’m not taking that Lala. You are someone I really wanna be close to. I’m not a monster, I’m really fun to be with,” he said to her.

“I told you I don’t need you, don’t you get it? If you keep on following me around then I’m I’ll be left with no other choice but file a stalking case against you and if you know what that really means, you will stay clear off me,” Lala said to him and grabbed her drink.

‘My… I think she’s being so obvious. I don’t see any wrong in letting a boy be friends with you even if you are in a relationship’

“Come on Lala. I’m just trying to be friends. Yeah I told you I’ve had a crush on you ever since I got into this school and I still do but I’m not asking you out right now. I just want us to be close and be friends. You told me that I’m not your type and it’s stuck right in my head but at least I can be your friend and also Baby’s friend too,” he said and glanced at me.

‘Is he even being serious now? A guy begging to be friends to two girls… Wait I have to do something about this situation right now’

“Uhm why don’t we eat. The foods are getting cold,” I said.

Davis gave me a smile. “You are right Baby. Let’s eat.” he looked at Lala “Lala you better eat. I heard you say you were hungry.”

Lala looked at him. “Wait are you really stalking me?”

“Of course not… You said it to Baby in the homeroom.. It was a bit loud so I heard it,” he said.

“Really?” she asked him.

I touched Lala’s leg again.

She glanced at me and I saw her breathe out.


(Rocks Angels private room)

💄Angel Rina💄

All these months, eating with Shana and her evil thoughts was bearable. I could manage to eat to half of my plate but now Debbie too?

She’s Dee developing an evil mind, all because of a guy she can’t get?

She’s beginning to have wicked thoughts and plan evil on someone?

This is something I never thought Debbie would turn into.

She’s turning into Shana and I have to stop her…

“Hey Rina,” Debbie suddenly called. She sat opposite me at the dinning table.

I looked at her. “Yes Debbie?”

“Why have you been looking at me that way ever since the meal began?” she asked.

My heart skipped.

“What do you mean. I don’t understand,” I said, sounding the best way I could.

“Didn’t anybody else see it? I’m sure you saw it Cassy, you too Belina,” Debbie said.

“No I didn’t,” Belina said.

“I don’t think I did too,” Cassy said.

Debbie looked at Cassy. “You don’t think you did?”

“I didn’t okay,” Cassy said to her.

Debbie looked at me. “Don’t deny it. Why were you looking at me that way?”

“Yeah, I looked at you but I don’t get the way you said I did and excuse me girl, I’m eating,” I said and dug my chopsticks on my pasta.

“You are denying it huh?” she said with a raised brow.

“Damn it, can you guys stop this noise? I’m eating!” Shana barked at us.

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence.




“..but you know, I really have this strong feeling that this year’s Paradise Trip is going be a different one.. Really different from the others,” Davis said.

Even though he concurred with Baby for silence to reign while eating, he still never closed his mouth. He kept talking from time to time.

But really, I didn’t find his company that annoying. He got good way of keeping someone company and he is quite funny.

Baby laughed to his jokes from time to time but I can’t laugh to his jokes or he would think he’s won a golden medal.

Anyways, I’m done with my meal likewise Baby and I couldn’t just wait to get him away from my side.

“None of you are going to ask me why?” he asked.

“Why?” Baby asked him grabbing her glass of juice.

“Because I’m gonna be there,” he boasted and pushed his brown hair back.

I scoffed and looked at Baby.

“Are you done eating Baby?” I asked her.

“Yes I am,” she said.

“Let’s head back to homeroom,” I said, getting up from the chair.

“Okay Lala,” Baby said and stood up too.

“Really girls? But lunch time isn’t over yet. Let’s go to the tennis court and play some tennis,” Davis said.

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t want to do that. You should do that without us. Let’s get out of here Baby,” I said. “…or you wanna go with him?” I asked her.

She shook her head

“No o, I’m with you.” she said and walked to me.

“Fine then, let’s go to the homeroom,” he said.

I glared at him. “What? Why would you go with us. We never came here together, did we?”

He smiled and said “Of course we didn’t but there’s no bad if we go back together. We are friends and homeroom mates, classmates too.”

“Don’t do that. Go you way man.” I said and walked ahead.

Baby hurried up to meet my pace.

‘Kelly can’t see me with him. I don’t want him to think otherwise’

“I caught you…you can’t walk fast enough,” Davis suddenly said, walking beside me.

I sighed. Baby took my hand to calm me down.

“I mean no harm Lala, I’m just trying to make friends. I don’t have any friends yet in this complicated High school,” he said.

“You know what, I’m really going to file that stalking case,” I told him but he smiled and said.

“I don’t mind.”


(Rockstars Private room)


I’ve been sitting by the window, waiting to see Lala when she head back to the homeroom from the cafeteria.

I missed her face today.

I saw her head to the cafeteria with Baby earlier and I crave to see her again while she head back to the homeroom.

She’s never stopped looking beautiful everyday.

I just can’t wait to show her to the world.

She make me wish for three years to pass so fast.

She has my whole life.

I looked at the window and smiled when I saw her with Baby..

But then…..




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