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 πŸŽ»πŸŽ»Rocks High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 4🎯



πŸ€Baby BabyπŸ€

I sighed.

‘Phew..Such a je…’ I immediately slapped my head to stop me from completing the cuss.

I should even be thankful that he said nothing.

‘Aigh..I should drop the bag..’

I walked to the table close to his bed and dropped his bag on it.

‘I hope you read all these tonight!’ I sneered at the bathroom door and at the bag then turned to head out when I remembered his pen.

Since I’m still carrying my bag, this would be a perfect opportunity to drop it for him.


I thought about it and decided to drop it for him.

I dropped the four bags I held, opened my bag, picked out the pen and dropped it beside his bag on the table.

‘He’s going to know it’s me. Well as if he didn’t know already.’

I picked the bags.

‘Well I brought your pen back to you. Mind you if you misplace it again, I’m not going to return it..’ I sneered at the bag and at the bathroom door again before walking out of his breathtaking room.

The next person was Lucky.

“Here’s your bag sir,” I said and dropped it for him on the table.

“Thank you,” he said.

The next was Elvin, then J.d.

I ended up sneezing in his room, though I still wore my mask.

“Ow, what’s gonna fall this time?” he asked.

I chuckled.

“Go and take care of your health,” he said.

I bowed and walked out.

The last was my Oppa Kelly.

I knocked and went in.

He was sitting on a couch and typing on his laptop.

I dropped his bag, bowed and turned to leave when he asked me.

“Who were they?”

I faced him. “Uh?”

“The bullies today,” he asked.

“Uhm some girls but they really didn’t hurt me. I’m fine,” I said.

“You know them, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes I..I do. We are homeroom mates but please sir, can you not worry about it? I’ve forgiven them,” I said.

“You’ve forgiven them?” he asked.

“Yes I had,” I said.

He shrugged. “Alright, just be careful next time.”

I nodded.

“I will” I said and sneezed!

“Sorry sir,” I said, bowed and hurried out.


I finally entered my room and dropped my bag, took a hot shower and changed into the maid’s uniform.

I packed up my hair then went out to meet Kira downstairs.

I descended downstairs and I met Kira arranging the couch throw pillows.

“Oh Baby, I’ve been waiting for you. Come with me,” she said as she saw me.

I smiled and followed her.

Soon, we got to a room and she opened it and went in.

I saw a woman with glasses sitting on one of the two chairs in the room.

The room was just like a clinic room with a bed, a drip stand, a table, chairs and all that makes up a clinic room and she must be the doctor.

I bowed to her.

“Hello, I’ve been waiting for you, have a sit let me run a test on you,” she said.

I did.

“My name is Doctor Maya and I see to the health of every worker here,” she introduced.

“I’m Baby Edric,” I said.

“Baby? Wow, nice name. You must be a new worker Baby,” she said.

“Yes I am,” I said.

“Alright, let’s proceed,” she said.


(Romeo’s room)


I came out of the bathroom and my eyes fell on my overloaded bag of books.

‘I know it’s damn childish but I just found myself doing that. It must have been so heavy on her. I think I should have loaded more books. I will that tomorrow’

I hummed my song as I searched on my wardrobe for a clothe to wear.

I did find one and wore.

I looked at myself in the mirror and woah, all the earrings, necklaces and rings are off me.

Now I can finally feel myself.

I packed up my hair.

I love packing up my hair.

I feel so proud of how I look on a packed up hair and I feel really comfortable on it.

Shana loves it too and that’s the greatest of it.

I walked to my bag on the table and getting to the table, I saw my pen laying beside the bag.

I scoffed. ‘I can take the necklace because it’s precious to me but not a pen. I trashed the last one she picked’

I laid on the bed, crossed my legs and picked my phone.


(An hour laterπŸ•œ)

πŸ€Baby BabyπŸ€

“…just take the drugs as I prescribed and you’ll be fine in a short while,” Dr Maya said.

I bowed. “Thank you Doctor. I will take them as prescribed,” I said.

She stood up. “Then I will have to be on my way now. The weather isn’t really fine and it might rain again tonight,” she said, picking her things and her handbag.

“Thank you Dr Maya, bye,” Kira said.

“Bye Dr Maya,” I said.

“Bye girls,” she said and left.

The door which she used would lead directly outside the building without having to enter the living room and all.

I have no idea there’s a room like this.

A clinic room for the workers here.

“This is where we get treated if sick and she’s our doctor,” Kira said.

“It’s nice,” I said with a smile.

I’ve never gone through medical checkup before and here I did that today and I’m happy it’s just a minor sickness which I’m going to get fine by taking the drugs.

“Let’s leave here. You have to eat and take your drugs,” Kira said.

I picked the bag of drug and we left the room.

“Baby, can…can we be friends? Good friends?” Kira asked me.

I looked at her.

“Don’t think it’s because you are the personal maid to the rockstars. I just like you and want us to be good friends here,” she said.

I smiled. “Of course we can,” I said.

She smiled. “Thank you. There’s something I wanna tell you.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You have to be careful of Lucy. I think she’s not happy that you are here,” she said.

“She’s not happy, why?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I don’t know but uhm i think it has to do with your personal maid post but you don’t worry. I’m here for you,” she said.

I smiled.

‘If what Kira just said is true then could it be that she intentionally knocked off the coffee in my hand today?

No I don’t want to believe that..’

“Are you going to Rocks High Paradise Trip?” she asked.

“Yes I am,” I said.

“Wow Baby you are so lucky. I wish to be you Baby,” she said.

I shook my head. “No don’t say that. It’s not easy for me,” I said.

“Come on, you are so lucky Baby,” she said..


We entered the Kitchen and Mrs Hadley and the other cooks were busy dishing out the idols dinner.

Each rockstar, his Tuesday dinner timetable.

But it seem like Jimin, Elvin and Lucky are having the same meal, Kelly and Romeo too except J.d who’s not sharing same meal with anyone.

“Oh you are here Baby. I heard you are sick, I hope you get well soon,” Mrs Hadley said to me with a smile.

“Thank you ma,” I said.

“What would you love to have, I’m sorry but you’ll have to take these to the dinning first. It’s time for the masters dinner to be set,” she said.

“Mrs Hadley but she’s sick,” Kira said. “I will take them instead. She has to eat and take her drugs.”

“No Kira, I’m fine. I will take them..” I said.

“Kira help her,” Mrs Hadley said.

“Yes Mrs Hadley.”

Kira and I set the rockstars dinner.

“Their breakfast time is 7:30, but only on school days. If they are home, they don’t always eat breakfast together because some wake up late and some early. On the weekends when they are home or any day they missed school, their lunch is always 12:pm and their dinner is 7pm. But sometimes they change the time,” Kira told me.

‘Hmmmn.. I wonder who and who wakes up late’

“It’s set now. Let’s go so you can eat and take your drugs,” she said and we headed back to the kitchen.

At the Kitchen, I had my dinner and I took my drugs.

I heard from Ali, one of the kitchen maids that the rockstars were still having their dinner but Romeo haven’t showed up at the dinning.


“He does this a lot. It’s not something you should worry about,” Mrs Hadley said to me.


I stayed at the kitchen and helped Kira and Ali tidy the kitchen.

At first they tried stopping me.

“No, Baby you are not feeling fine for this and this isn’t your work,” Kira said.

“Yes she’s right Baby. It’s just a small work. We would do it okay,” Ali said.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m strong enough for this,” I said and before they could stop me, I was already wiping the counter.

An hour later, the dinning table was cleared, including Romeo’s meal.

“If he doesn’t eat his dinner until 8pm, then he’s not eating that night,” Kira told me.


The kitchen was finally tidied and I left the kitchen.

At the living room, there were only Elvin and Lucky watching TV.

Others would probably be in their room.

I headed upstairs and I entered my room after glancing at Romeo’s door which is opposite mine.

I met my phone ringing inside my school bag.

‘Oh goodness I forgot to take it with me..’

I took it out and it was Lala calling.

I picked up the call.

πŸ“±”Hello Lala,” I spoke first.

πŸ“±”Baby, I’ve been calling you. Are you okay?” she asked.

πŸ“±”Yes I’m fine.. I got a check up from a doctor who sees to the health of the workers here and she prescribed some drugs to me. I left my phone behind,” I answered.

πŸ“±”it’s okay. You’ve taken the drugs right?”

πŸ“±”yes I have and I haven’t sneezed since then” I said but Immediately after saying that, I sneezed!


Wait, what rubbish?

πŸ“±”It’s okay. You are going to be fine Baby. I really wanna ask you if you’ve heard from your fairy, Quin?” she asked.

πŸ“±”yes, I did today at the rockstars private room. She reminded me of my mission and my destiny but then said she’s leaving again and might not visit soon though she didn’t explain to me why,” I said.

πŸ“±”oh that’s saddening. I hope she visit soon. How’s the mansion tonight?” she asked.

πŸ“±”beautiful.” I answered

πŸ“±”Alright then. I will see you tomorrow in school. Goodnight Baby,” she said.

πŸ“±See you too. Goodnight Lala.”

She dropped the call and I saw two missed calls from her and ten missed calls from Alisa.

“Oh Alisa..” I sighed and called her immediately.

She picked up at the second ring.

I sat on the bed.

πŸ“±”Hey Baby, I’ve been calling you. What’s wrong? I saw pictures of you today in a drenched uniform, what happened to you?” Alisa asked.

πŸ“±”it’s just some girls but I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about it. How are you?”

πŸ“±”I’m fine, just been worried sick about you. I really don’t understand these rocks high students. Why are they such a bully? Even after the school new rules and even the letter from the states. They don’t want to stop their foolish actions.” Alisa said, vexed up.

πŸ“±”it’s fine. I think it’s gonna end someday.” I said.

πŸ“±”I hope so. I really hope so because it isn’t funny at all. They are such a heartless bully. Damn all of them.. Such insanity”

πŸ“±”Its okay friend. Hmnn how’s your mom?” I asked.

πŸ“±”She’s fine, fine. Baby remember the per time job I told you that I applied for at an eatery?” she said.

πŸ“±”Oh yes I do.. Wait, did you get the job?” I asked.

πŸ“±”Oh yes I did and I’m starting tomorrow” she said.

πŸ“±”wow! That’s good. Congratulations. A lot of money is going to be coming your way soon” I teased her and she bursted into laughter.

πŸ“±”you are not being serious right now”

πŸ“±”of course I am.” I said with a smile.

πŸ“±”So how’s my J.d?” she asked.

I raised my brows.

πŸ“±”Really? You won’t even ask of how Romeo and I are getting along and you just want to know about your J.d?” I asked, chuckling.

πŸ“±”Of course i’m going to after I know how my J.d is. I felt on top of the world on Friday night when he stood so close to me and even talked to me. I can’t stop thinking and dreaming of that moment,” she said.

I smiled.

πŸ“±”Should I just tell him that you like him?” I asked.

πŸ“±”No way! You can’t try that!!” she half screamed.

πŸ“±”Ouch my ear, I’m just kidding,” I said.

(You are reading Rocks High RiRi Books. enjoy)



[RocksAngels mansion| Nuella’s room]


πŸ’¬…Hi Lucky, I’m texting to say I’m sorry for what happened that night. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of your drunkenness but I didn’t know what came over me. I got lost in my love for you that I couldn’t stop myself from having you. Also, I thought it’s gonna make you like me but I think I’m wrong again… I’m sorry…..πŸ’¬

I finished writing the text message and stared at it, reading it over and over again.

I feel bad for what I did on his birthday night.

He never wanted it and because of that, he’s even hated me more which I never wanted.

I feel so f**king hurt that my tears roll down so hot on my cheeks.

For the past three days, I’ve been emotionally down.

Sincerely, I truly love Lucky.

Sometimes I wish I could be Shana.

She wanted Romeo and she got him without him even minding about Cherie’s death, he started dating Shana.

But Nuella, you are not Shana and you can’t get what you want. You can’t get Lucky to love you.

I’m I so bad? Why I’m I not his type? I’m a rocksangel and the lead Dancer and rapper. I come second after Shana.

I’m beautiful as well and I got a cute smile.

It’s fine… I did wrong and I’m going to apologize but I can’t stop my feelings for him no matter how hard I try.

I can’t…

I stared at the ‘send button’ for awhile before clicking on it.

It sent and delivered.

I exhaled.

A knock came on the door and then got opened.


She walked in.

” Ella, are you okay?” she asked sitting beside me on the bed.

“Yes I am. What’s it?” I asked.

“Nothing really. Just that I’m confused with the last question on English assignment, could you help. None of the four could recall though I didn’t go to Shana,” she said.

“Let me see,” I said and she gave the book to me.

“I think the answer is ‘Irony” I said.

“I thought so too but I just wanted to be sure,” she said.

I looked at her and chuckled.

“If you wanted to be sure, you could have just googled it. You are here for another thing right?” I asked, handing her the book back.

She smiled. “Oh you got me. I am.”

“It’s about Lucky,” she said.

Hearing his name made my heart skip.

It reminded me that he would probably be reading my message right now or had.

I wonder his reaction.

“Wh..what about him?” I asked.

“You really love him, don’t you?” she asked.

‘I wonder where this talk is headed’

“Yes I do. Everyone knows that. He knows that,” I said.

“Do you know why he don’t feel the same way for you?” she asked.

I looked at her. “He just tell me I’m not his type. I don’t know why.”

She exhaled.

“I really think you both would look good together ” she said.

I smiled.

“You aren’t the first to tell me that,” I said.

“I just think you should let him see the good side of you. The real you Ella. You are a nice person but you are trying to live a different life just to please someone. I think you have to stop it so you don’t loose the good things that you deserve,” she said.

“And who do you think I’m living a different life, trying to please?” I asked her.

“You know who I’m talking about Nuella. I really really admire you Nuella. Please think about it. Trust me, Lucky deserve the real you…” she said and stood up. “Thank you for the answer. Goodnight. See you in the morning,” she said and was almost at the door when I said.

“You really should respect me Rina. I know what I’m doing,” I said.

She turned with a smile. “I’m sorry. I would never disrespect you and I’m sorry if you think I did but please think about it.” she said, turned and left, closing the door behind her.

“What’s wrong with Rina? What’s she talking about?”

I picked my phone but no message alert.

I heaved a sign.

‘The person she think I’m living a different life to please….could it be…Shana?’

Shana Park.

If only she know the story about Shana and I, she wouldn’t tell me to stop pleasing Shana.

Shana and I have a secret that only she and I know. t

This secret made me into being attached to her and agreeing to and doing every of her say’

I read my message to Lucky again.

‘But could she be right about Lucky not catching feelings for me because I changed just a little for Shana?’

I breathed out, laid down, closed my eyes and got lost in thought.



[Rockstars Mansion| Baby’s room]


My call with Alisa ended about thirty minutes ago.

I told her about sitting together with Romeo on the jet and surprisingly he didn’t make a fuss about bit even after we arrived at the mansion, he didn’t say anything to me.

I then told her the reason why I did it. Because Quin appeared to me, reminding me of not doing what I’m here to do and also breaking to me of her departure without knowing if she’s going to visit anytime soon.

Alisa felt sad about it and told me to do my best and make Quin proud of me when next she come.

She also told me that she’s right behind me and wish me good luck on my mission.

After thanking her, we talked about the paradise Trip then said goodnight to each other and the call ended.

I had changed into my sleeping wear and right now, I’m working on my home works.

Out of the twenty questions, I only know four.

Number 1, 7, 11 and 12.

“Aighshh this is so hard.. If only Lala is here. I’m really going insane trying to get the answers,” I lamented.

Just then, my phone beeped of a new message.

I opened it and it’s from Lala.

And what I saw got me smiling broadly.

I kissed my phone screen excitedly.

“I love you Lala!” I said.

She sent me all the answers, from question number 1 to 20.

Oh my goodness…

I didn’t even get the correct answer for number 11.

I hit myself.

“Baby you really need to study hard.. You really need to study hard you idiot, study hard or you are going to fail…” I scolded at myself.

I wrote down all the answers, closed my books and smiled in satisfaction then laid down and my thought went back to ‘inside the private jet with me sitting beside Romeo’

I wondered why Romeo was quiet about it.

I’m so astonished.

Or is he going to ask me about it in the morning?

I think so.

I really need to think of a lie.

What lie should I tell him?


(Next Day, Wednesday)

Morning came, I woke up a lot better, all thanks to the drugs and quin too.

‘Remember what she told me yesterday about not allowing her friend to be sick. She always make sure I get myself quick whenever I fall sick. Phew….I miss her already’

I brushed, took my bathe and wore my school uniform then headed downstairs and to the kitchen to take Romeo’s coffee to him.

‘Tch..I wonder why he have to have coffee every morning?’

I met Lucy at the sitting room tidying up with the other cleaners.

“Goodmorning everyone,” I greeted and they all responded except Lucy.

‘What’s wrong with Lucy? Why’s she being this way with me?’

I got to the kitchen and met the four kitchen staffs, Mrs Hadley, Kira, Ali and Maria.

“Hello Good morning,” I greeted.

“Hey Baby, good morning,” Kira said, smiling at me.

“How are you Baby?” Ali asked.

“Baby you look better than yesterday,” Maria said.

“Yes I’m fine now..” I said with a smile.

“Baby here is Romeo’s coffee,” Mrs Hadley said.

“Okay ma,” I said and carried the coffee cup on the saucer and left the kitchen to upstairs.

I passed the Living room where Lucy and her co cleaners were still tidying up the luxury sitting room.

I ascended the staircase and soon, I was standing in front of Romeo’s door.

I breathed in and out before knocking.

I knocked once more then opened the door and went in, carefully closing the door behind me.

I saw him and my heart skipped.

He sat at the pillow side of his bed with his back resting on the bed heard board and his laptop on his thighs.

He was focused on it and his headphone was over his head.


“Good morning sir, here’s your coffee,” I said and just like I did two days ago, I dropped the coffee on the stool beside the bed, bowed to him, turned and headed to the door.

‘Tch… He can’t even look up.. Such a je….ugh..’

“Stop,” he said and I did. My heart skipped ten times.

Of course he’s about to ask me about what I did in the private jet yesterday.

Well… Just calm down Baby. You made up a perfect lie last night.

You did! Don’t be scared. You are not supposed to be scared of who you have to save.

Don’t be.

I turned, facing him.

“Yes…sir?” I answered, blinked twice with a nervous smile.

But he didn’t look up.

His eyes were still on his laptop.

I waited for him to kick start his question and I got prepared to give him my well memorized answer.

“Go to the table. You know what you dropped there. Pick it,” he said without looking up.

‘Wait….whaaaat? What is he talking about? Do he mean the coffee I just brought him?’

I was confused so I had to ask him.

“Do you mean the coffee sir?” I asked.

He wasted seconds before answering. “Yesterday”

‘Yesterday? Could it be….could it be his pen? I think so..’

I walked to the table and there it was, still laying the same way I dropped it yesterday.

‘Why would he tell me to pick it? Do he mean I should bring it to him?’

Nevertheless, I picked the pen and turned to him.

“Should I bring it to you sir?” I asked him.

“Trash it,” he said, still focused on his laptop and typing.

“Trash it?” I asked. “Why? I mean why sir?”

“You heard me. Get out,” he said.

I looked at the pen and sighed.

‘Why do he want it trashed? It’s so pretty’

“Are you deaf!?” he fussed causing me to flinch a bit.

“No…sir,” I said and headed towards the door but an idea hit me and I halted.

‘This could be an opportunity to hold Romeo’s hand this morning. I could really act a funny drama right now.. I can’t miss this opportunity even though I’m gonna look stupid but I’m going to do it, just like I did yesterday in the jet..I’m only doing what I’m sent to do..’

With that, I breathed out and turned to him.

He eyes were still on his laptop but I’m sure he knew I was standing, looking at him and without thinking about it again, I……




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