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 🎻🎻Rocks High🌟 

(Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 3🎯




Talent Class ended wonderfully but a bit late. We got dismissed after a brief discussion from Ms Cece on how the year’s Paradise Trip would look like.

I walked out of the class and made my way to the elevator which took me to the 5th floor.

I was about to knock on the door when my thoughts hit me.

“Didn’t I come too early?, it’s not really the right time to be here” I muttered.

I withdrew my knuckle.

“Or should I just go in and at least take their bags to the private jet?”

I sighed. “Arghshh! What do I do really…”

It’s not like it’s my first time in there but I’m so nervous and scared of their eyes and what they would say to me, especially Romeo.


He’s the reason for all this!

I sighed and leaned my back on the door, thinking whether to knock or leave and come back later.

I closed my eyes, feeling so exhausted.

‘Baby, did you ever dream of your life turning out this way?

From Lala to Rocks High, to living with the rockstars.

Gosh, i never liked the rockstars.

But I still can’t believe all that is happening to me.

I having a mission to save Romeo.


Ah my life is messed up! Really messed up!

Day after day challenges and troubles come to me, just me.. Why me…’

I sighed and decided to knock.

I opened my eyes and who I saw in front of me scared the life out of me.

I flinched and screamed out. “Aghhhhh!”

My heart beat raised.

He just stood there, staring at me and I, at him with my flinch posture and widened eyes.

“How .. how long…. have ….you… been… standing?” I stammered.

“I wonder how long if you don’t get lost from the door,” he said.

My senses slapped me and I instantly moved out of the door and he walked to the door but stopped.

“Get lost and come back in thirty minutes,” he said and went in.

‘Get lost huh!? Arrogant son of a….’

I inhaled, stopping myself from saying further.

I picked my school bag which fell from the panicking and after glaring at the door for three seconds, I walked away but on my way, I met the she devil.


It seem she’s been standing near the corridor for a while and where she stood, one could see what is happening at the door of rockstars study room.

Does it mean she saw what happened?

Well…whatever… I shouldn’t bother about that. I don’t have to.

What do I even say to her?

I’m almost close.


“Hi Queen Shana,” I said and walked past her but like my instincts told me, she stopped me with a smirking question.

“Soya Bian, is that you?”

I breathed out, stopped and turned to face her.

“It’s Baby Edric,” I said.

She chuckled. ” Oops, well you look like a totally confused girl and you still haven’t known your place to be. Mind if I give you an advise, a good one?”

she said and took one step close.

I watched her.

“You smell of rag, you disgust this whole school and everyone, every single person. You are so daft, you dirty wretched orphan..” she paused her insults and I inhaled.

Holding back my anger.

“Now here’s my advise to you,… Get lost out from the the Rockstars mansion, get lost from Romeo’s sight and out of my sight, finally you can achieve all these by getting lost out of Rocks High School.”

‘Wait, is that an advise?’

“Now another advise, don’t think your friend, Lala would save you if you don’t take my advise. She won’t at all because she too would be in trouble if she try to protect you… So you are going to take my advise, right?” she said.

I breathed out..

“Why should I?” I asked.

She smiled. “Oh, such a dumb question. You really show how you are a dummy. You don’t belong here and not any where close to my Romeo.” she said.

“Are you scared that I’m being close to him?” I asked, wondering where the courage came from.

She cracked up. “What? Oh no no, you are nothing but a piece of shit..” she said, eyed me and walked away, to the Angels private room.

I breathed out when she went out of my sight.

“She’s annoying,” I muttered and headed to the elevator.

I decided to go to the library and read.


(RocksAngels private room)


I walked in, grabbed a glass of wine and headed to a couch with bothering about the ten eyes on me.

I sat down on the last couch and sipped on the wine.

‘Damn! Why is it so hard to get that girl out? Even my dad can’t do anything about it.. What’s the damn spirit she possess? Cherie’s anniversary is in two weeks, I need to get rid of that brat before then or she might end up causing a huge problem…’

“Hey Shana, you okay?” that was Nuella asking as she sat beside me on the couch.

“I’m good,” I said and sipped from the wine.

“You don’t look like you are. Is everything okay between you and Romeo or is it that girl again, Baby Edric?,” she asked.

I looked at her. “My dad can’t even do anything. It just seem as if she can’t be gotten rid of. It feels as if she carries a weird spirit around with her and making things possible for her,” I said.

Nuella chuckled. “Weird spirit you say?

“But you know who I am Nuella, I’m Queen Shana Park. Everything go my way. I’m gonna make life unbearable for that little thing. She’ll beg me to leave Rocks High and everything that have to do with it, I’m gonna show her who I really am,” I said and sipped from my wine.

“Come on Shana, are you sure you really wanna do this? Remember the message from the government and the rest. I think you should let that girl be,” Nuella said.

I glared at her and she shrugged.

“I’m sorry Shana. Just do whatever you wanna do. You know I’m always with you,” she said.

“Then stop telling me to let her be. She stepped on my freaking toes!” I said.

“Alright. Great. I won’t. I’m with you Queen Shana,” she said.

I smiled.

‘I will end her myself. If that little thing Zeekah won’t return anytime soon then I have to do this myself.’


(Rocks High Library📚)


I tried reading but I couldn’t concentrate well enough.

My mind kept going back to Shana’s words to me.

I feel hurt.. So very hurt.

I can’t believe I’m going through this whole thing just to save him.

To save someone who I don’t even like nor do he like me either.

I sighed and opened my bag, searched for his pen and took it out.

It wasn’t the same pen from the other day.

This one was more pretty.

‘Does he always use pretty things?’ I wondered.

“I wonder if his name is written on this one too,” I muttered as I turned the pen around to check and well, yes…he’s name was there in a very tiny writing.


I scoffed, wondering if all his pen has his name on their body.

‘But could that be the same way with the other rockstars?, Kelly?’ I wondered and I suddenly had the urge to find out.

And for the fourth time in here, I sneezed again.



I rubbed my nose.

‘Aigh what’s wrong. I can’t catch a cold. Please Lord save me. Paradise trip is in two days. I can’t catch a cold..’

After recovering from the sneeze, I stared back at the sweet looking pen once again and exhaled.

‘You’ve been so annoying and irritating but I can’t deny the fact that you’ve saved me twice Romeo but have I even tried to save you too? I’m just around, hating on you and it wouldn’t help at all. Quinifa said if I have to save you, I have to be there for you and be close to you but I can’t even do that ’cause non of us like each other. I don’t even know what to do. I’m going insane thinking about it.. God help me’

“Hey Baby,” I heard my name behind me.

A familiar voice.

I turned and it was the boy I met at the old ballet hall.


I swiftly threw the pen back into my bag.

“Hi Ja..mie” I answered with a smile.

He walked over and sat beside me on the same bench.

He held a book too, Government text book.

“Baby, you read here after school?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No, the rockstars…are not yet ready to leave so I just have to come here and while away time with this,” I said pointing at the novel I was reading.

Was I even reading it?

“Oh…okay. I come here a lot after school to read but not everyday tho,” he said.

“Okay, that’s good,” I said.

He smiled.

I faced the novel. ‘Where did I even stop? Ahh.. I’ll just start from here..’

“You bought another uniform,” he said.

“kind of,” I said.

“I hope you are fine?” he asked.

“Yes I’m fine..” I said and just then, I sneezed again.

“Haatimmmmm!” covering my nose.

I had no tissue or hanky with me.

I looked at Jamie, a bit embarrassed. “I’m sorry about that ” I said to him.

“Oh no, you’ve gotten a cold Baby. Here, have a tissue..” he said handing me a tissue from his bag.

I took it and wiped my nose. “Thank you.”

“You’ve gotten a cold and it isn’t a good news. Your team, Bluebells are going to sing at the paradise trip and you are among. You can’t catch a cold. You need to see a doctor,” he said.

“I’ll be fine. Thank you for your concern Jamie,” I said and checked my wristwatch.

“Actually I have to go check if the rockstars are ready to leave. Thank you so much for today Jamie. Bye Jamie, see you tomorrow,” I said, stood up, picked my bag l, the novel and the tissue.

“Oh…okay, but what happened to your hand? You got hurt by fire?” he asked, looking at my hand.

I looked at my hand. “Uhm actually a hot coffee but it’s nothing serious. Bye,” I said and hurried away.

First I dropped back the novel at the right shelf and then walked out of the library.

‘He’s nice’ I thought as I glanced at the tissue.

In a moment, I was at the fifth floor.

I walked to the rockstars private class door and after holding back my knuckle for a while, I knocked, then waited for few seconds before opening the door and walked in.

All the rockstars were in.

My eyes searched first for Romeo and there he was on a couch, crossed legs typing on his phone and chewing bubble gum.

‘I wonder how someone could chew bubble gum all day long’

Kelly Oppa was also sitting on a couch and typing on his phone.

Jimin was reading a book. Looks like a comic book.

Lucky was doing nothing but looking at J.d who was singing and playing the guitar.

Elvin was looking at J.d too and laughing.

J.d was playing guitar and singing.

‘Wow…such an amazing voice’

But the song lyric sound weird. Why would he sing something like that without shame.

🎶I don’t like girls, I make them moan my name..

Moan baby…moan my name when I make you wet.

I get you down down down and get it deep deep deep.

You screaming my name…oh oh oh my name…

I spin you for different styles…….🎶

‘Oh my goodness….he’s singing so many dirty stuff.. I’m getting embarrassed by that..’

I faced down.

Kelly Oppa looked at me and at the same time, Jimin.

‘Ahgggggshh… Is he not going to stop that song?’

I saw them look at him but he wasn’t planning to stop singing.

🎶Many things I’m gon’ do in the damn room with you..🎶

“Haaaaaatiiimmmmm!!!” I sneezed out so loud, thus causing him to stop the song.

‘Phew..all thanks to this sneeze’

I wiped my nose with the tissue from Jamie…

‘Why would he sing such a nasty song..’

(You’re reading Rocks High by RiRi Books. enjoy)

“Baby, are you okay?” Kelly Oppa asked me.

I nodded.

“Hey Baby… You kept us waiting, come over here,” J.d said.

‘Why should I?’ I wondered but went over to him.

I glanced at Romeo and he haven’t looked up from his phone even for a second.

“Here, take the mic and sing for us.” he said, handing me the microphone.


I took the mic with shaking hands.

“Can you play a guitar?” he asked.

I shook my head.

“Oh okay.. I will play it… Just sing, anything. It’s your punishment for keeping us waiting,” he said.

‘Whaatt… I can’t sing…no I can’t…’

I looked at Kelly and I guess he wanted to say something when another sneeze came out loud.

“HAATIMMMMMM!!” it shook my body really hard thus causing the microphone to fall off my hand.

I tore a tissue, covered my nose with it and rushed on the mic. I picked it up and bowed at them.

“I’m so so sorry,” I apologized.

J.d took the microphone from me and touched my forehead.

“You are not okay,” he said.

“Are we gonna sleep here tonight?” that was Romeo asking as he stood up and began walking away but then stopped and turned. His stern eyes on me.

“Don’t get on that private jet without a nose mask,” he said sternly then turned and walked out of the room.

‘Aighhhsh.. Such annoying jerk’

Jimin walked to me. “You need medication.”

“No no, I’m fine sir..” I said.

“You are not fine Babe, you are gonna get some drugs,” J.d said.

I sighed. ‘I’m not Babe for Christ sake’


J.d made a call at Rockstars mansion requesting for my medication to be ready before we return.

I wonder how they’ll be able to do that but I guess the workers at the mansion have a doctor who sees to their health.

“I’ll carry mine, Kelly and Romeo’s” Jimin said, referring to their bags.

“No o…you can’t.. Sir..I’ll carry all of them,” I said.

He shrugged and left with the others.

I carried the bags.

All of them were light but surprisingly, except Romeo’s.

His bag was really heavy and filled up.


It wasn’t this heavy in the morning. It wasn’t even heavy at all.

‘Did he purposely load his bag with books just to torture me?’

I looked at the bag and sighed.

“Should I just open the bag and take out all the books?” I asked myself.

I scoffed.. It’s not like I can get access to the bag. It’s locked with a code, just like the rest of the rockstars bag.

“I try to like him but he’s just not making it easy!”

I wore the nose mask Kelly Oppa gave me, and somehow I was able to carry all the bags.

<<Don’t get on that private jet without a nose mask>>

I recalled Romeo’s warning and scoffed.

“He’s so annoying..”

I was about to walk to walk out when I heard Quin’s voice behind me.

“Baby Edric.”

I turned and grinned out on seeing her flying in front of me. “Quin!”

But then it hit me as I remembered that a CCTV camera must be in here.

I guess she read my mind and quickly responded.

“I will talk while you talk to me with your mind,” she said.

‘Okay Quin’

“You don’t look fine. You got a cold?” she asked.

‘Yes but I will be fine. I already have drugs waiting for me at the mansion’

“It’s okay. You are going to be fine. A friend of Quin can’t be sick.. I’m here for you Baby,” she said.

I smiled. ‘Thank you quin’

“Baby, you are not trying to be close to Romeo at all. You are still hating on him. I told you that he isn’t himself but you don’t want to accept that and help him. Why?” she asked.

‘Quin, you can’t say that. I’m really trying my best but he’s so mean and whenever he show it to me I can’t help but get annoyed.. I’m trying Quin. I am,” I said.

“You have to try harder Baby. I told you all you need to do to save him; Be close to him, Try to be with him and hold his hands regularly. You have to look for a reason to get to hold his hand everyday..but today you haven’t done that nor did you yesterday. You see Baby, Romeo might get a chance to recover from his memory lost on time.. Next two weeks is Cherie’s anniversary and of course Shana would try everything possible to hold Romeo tight so nothing would go wrong. You alone can help Romeo. Baby, I’m leaving and I might not visit soon and I can’t give you a reason for it because it’s an emergency but I give you my blessings. Don’t forget Baby that you must fulfill your mission given to you by Jungshimam and your destiny. You have a great destiny Baby, you really do,” she said and before I could say something, she disappeared but as usual, reappeared again.

She always do that.

“I forgot to say that I love you Baby,” she said and before I could reply, she disappeared.

I breathed out.



Finally, I got to the private jet and ascended in.

All the rockstars were already in, with Romeo on his seat.

I pilled up the bags on two seats.

Okay, I know what I’m about to do is going to really cause some fuss and is going to really anger Romeo but I have to do this..

I just have to.

This is going to be the beginning of my Diary.

I walked to the seat attached to Romeo’s seat and without glancing at anyone, I sat there.

Beside Romeo.

I had my tissue with me with the nose mask over my nose.

I fastened the safety belt and dared not to glance at anyone not even Kelly.

But even though I faced down, I could see Romeo’s side face with the corner of my left eye.

Surprisingly, he hadn’t made a move nor looked at me.

He was focused on his phone and headset.

But well he finally did.

He looked at me and I quickly shut my eyes, not wanting to even meet eyes with him.

I knew what was going to come next and I was ready for it.

‘I have to be close to you this much and I don’t mind if it’s going to help in getting you back to your self. You can say whatever you want to say to me. It won’t stop me. I’m fully ready this time’

I waited for him to fire up.

My eyes still shut.

But a minute passed and nothing happened.

I waited for another minute and when I heard nothing from him, I slowly opened my eyes, looked at him with the corners of my eye and saw him focused on his phone with the headset on his head so loud that I could even hear the music playing. He was chewing bubble gum too.

‘Whaaaat….he didn’t react? He didn’t say anything?’

It was then I looked at Kelly Oppa and he wasn’t looking my way. Actually none of them was.

I faced front and tried my best not to sneeze, ’cause that would cause their attention towards me especially Romeo.

The Plane took off.

There was silence for the ten minutes plight to the mansion and gladly enough, I didn’t sneeze.

The jet landed and I unfastened the safety belt and stood up.

That was when Romeo looked up from his phone and unfastened his seatbelt.

I walked to the bags and carried them.

Romeo’s bag was really heavy.

I felt the urge to sneer and cuss at him but I managed to restrain myself and just watched him alight the jet.

“Don’t carry them. You are not strong enough to do that. The maids will do it,” Kelly Oppa said to me.

“Noo sir, I can. I’m not feeling weak at all,” I said.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I answered and he shrugged.

“Okay then,” he said and alighted the jet.

Carrying the bags, I also alighted the jet and followed them into the mansion.

‘Worse is that I’m going to have to drop each bag in each owner’s room..aghsh so tiring’

“Welcome sirs!”

“Welcome Sirs!”

“Welcome sirs!” The workers greeted.

Lucy was among and her look on me was stern.

What’s really wrong with her?

“Let me have mine and his,” Jimin said to me.

“Huh?” I asked him with raised brows.

“My bag and Romeo’s. His look quite heavy,” Jimin said.

“No o sir I would take them upstairs,” I said to him.

“Well then just give me mine,” he said.

“Really, oh…okay,” I said and handed him his.

He took it and headed upstairs.

“Hey Baby…” Lucy called walking to me. “I’m asked to take the masters bags to their rooms. You are ill and need to get your medications. Kira would help you with that,” Lucy said.

“No, It’s my duty. I would take them,” I said and without waiting for her to say further, I headed upstairs.

Since I have to drop the heavy bag first, I knocked on Romeo’s door first.

I guess I could go in so I did.

I met him shirtless.

Oh no…

I just saw his abs.

I swiftly looked away, facing the door.

My heart beating so fast.

“I.. I came to drop your bag,” I said.

He gave me no answer and I wondered if his trying to wear a shirt.

“Could you p…please wear….something so I can drop it,” I said.

I wondered if he’s going to question me about sitting beside him on the jet.

Unfortunately, I don’t even know the lie I’m going to give.

I’m not good at lying. I’ve never been.

God please let him not ask me. At least not tonight. He cab ask me tomorrow when I’ve thought of a good lie to give.’

But nothing was heard from him.

“Have you worn a shirt sir?” I asked.

No answer.

“Well I guess you have so I’m going to turn now,” I said.

No answer.

“I’m turning..I’m really turning now,” I warned.

No answer.


I inhaled and slowly turned but there was no him again in the room.

Whaaaat? Where did he go?

Just then, I heard the shower running from his bathroom.


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