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High๐ŸŒŸ (Rockstar Next Door)


๐ŸŽฏEpisode 23๐ŸŽฏ




But.. do I like….. that she’s blind not to see this bubble gum pack here?

I walked over and picked it up.

“No I don’t” I said.


[Fast forward| next day ]


The jet landed at Rockstars mansion and I smiled.

‘Welcome back to the mansion’

The maids all rushed out and bowed at the idols.

The rockstars headed in and I helped the maids carry their suitcase.

“Baby, I hope you brought something good for me because I can’t wait,” Kira said.

I smiled. “I brought myself back,” I said.

“It better be a joke,” she said.

“How’s your hand. We saw the news,” Maria said.

“It’s fine. It was just a little injury,” I said.

“But how were you so lucky to be Romeo’s partner?” Kira asked.

“You call that luck? I got hurt because of that,” I said.

“But you don’t look like you regret it,” Kira said.

“Stop it girls..let’s go in. I’ve missed you all… Including mrs Hadley, where’s Ali?” I said.

“Ohh here’s a news,” Kira said.

“What news?” I asked.

“Mrs Had’s sister got terribly ill so she’ll be leaving tomorrow to take care of her for few days. I think five days,” Kira said.

“Oh my…what about the cookings?” I asked.

“We do it, I, Maria and Ali would take care of it,” she said.

“Really? I trust you girls. The best chefs ever,” I said.

We laughed.

“But do the rockstars know about it?” I asked.

“Sure, they do. The company must have told them. Mr abbey, you know,” Maria said.



(Romeo’s room)


I dropped to my bed as I recalled the photo and video that was sent to me this morning just immediately I woke up.

At the party last time, there wasn’t anything fun about it…

Shana came for a dance but I declined so she angrily left and the next thing, I saw her and Cassy dancing with Nuella and Debbie.

I wasn’t getting a glimpse of Baby because the whole place was dim with blinking lights, loud music and so crowdy.

Tyree Blue came to me and we had a little chat and that was when I got the phone call from my manager and I left to answer it.

But after I did. I got so vexed up that I didn’t feel like returning to the party so I just stayed back at my room to do some work checkup on what Mr Albert is really messing with.

I slept off after that.

And then, I woke up this morning and saw the contents, another contents from the anonymous sender.

It was a photo of Shana and Tyree Blue kissing and the video of them making out.


(Baby’s room)


After meeting with Mrs Had, Ali, Lucy and the rest of the workers, I finally arrived in my room.

I dropped on my bed and heaved.

‘It was a great trip, wasn’t it?’

‘From finding my clothes messed up.

to getting a new suitcase from a secret admirer,

to being Romeo’s partner, to escaping a fire accident with him,

to having an interview about it, to getting my bluebells wear messed up and I getting embarrassed,

to being absent in the competition,

to noticing Romeo sounding concerned,

to Bluebells coming first to Lala’s group coming first too.

And finally here we are back to the mansion.

But… I noticed that Romeo’s been moody?

When I went to carry his suitcase, he said nothing to me.

‘Well was he supposed to?’

‘I think so’

I heard from Mr Abbey that Mr Mandok is recovering.

I hope he recovers fast.

I have Lala to worry about.

I have Romeo to worry about and then Mr Mandok too.

I heaved a sigh.




“Thank you sir,” I bowed to the customer who I just delivered two packs of pizza and turned towards my bike.

My phone rang.


I smiled and picked it.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Hi Jamie,” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Alisa, when are you gonna be free today?” he asked.

‘Wait! Is he trying to ask me to a dinner? Oh my goodness….’

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Ah… I think from 8pm,” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”That’s too late. Can’t we see before then. I have something to tell you..” he said.

‘Oh..really.. Wait! He wants to the me that he likes me!!’

๐Ÿ“ฑ”I think… I can but… I can only spare 30 minutes cos today is a really busy day for me,” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”It’s fine.. Thirty minutes is long enough,” he said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Okay.. Where do we meet up, your place?” I asked.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Yes… Is that okay by you?” he asked.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Sure! Do you want pizza too?” I asked.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Uhm yes…” he said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Okay… I will be there in an hour time,” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”yeah” he said and ended the call.

I jumped up, smiling excitedly.

“He want to ask me out… Ahh I’m finally getting a boyfriend.. Not just any boyfriend but a cute, smart, and rich one…Alisa you are so blessed!” I said and climbed onto my bike happily.

‘What about J.d?’ A small voice inside me asked.

“J.d is just my celebrity crush.. I’m only a crazy fangirl who’s crazy about my bias. For Jamie, I would shout yes! Without a second thought… Ah I have to wear enough perfume.. Geez I gotta hurt,” I wore my helmet and drove off with excitement.

‘Are you going to say yes to a boy you just met three days ago?’ the same little voice asked me.

“Yes I will.. I like him a lot already so I will and no more question!!”


[Rockangels Mansion| Shana’s room]


Nuella walked in to I and Debbie talking.

Actually Debbie was doing the talk.

She’s so irritating me.

“Good you are here Nuella. I was telling Shana that we can set Baby up with something interesting…” Debbie said but Nuella cut in.

“Please excuse us Debbie, I need to talk to Shana privately,” Nuella said.

I narrowed my eyes at Nuella, trying to read her expression. It wasn’t good looking.

Debbie rolled her eyes. “Really? Do I need to do that now? I’m so part of this now so I have to know the in and out of everything.”

‘Ahh this girl… When is she gonna die!?’

“It’s not something that concerns Baby or Kelly.. It’s a personal stuff so excuse us please,” Nuella said.

Debbie chuckled and looked at me. “You want me to excuse you both?” she asked me.

“She said it’s a personal stuff that doesn’t involve Baby or Kelly so kindly do that,” I said.

She smiled.

“Well since the Queen has spoken, I gotta use the door for now.. But I’m letting out just ten minutes. I’ll be back in ten minutes. We still got a lot to plan…yeah,” she said, then got up and left.

“Damn I can’t take any of her shit anymore… I’m so taking her out soon!” I said.

Nuella came closer.

“We have to be careful about her” she said.

‘Tch! Just wait until Zeekah returns… Careful about her my foot!’

“What do you have to tell me that’s so private?” I asked her

“I saw you leave the party ground with Tyree Blue. Where did you go with him?” she asked.

I scoffed.

“Are you a stalker now or no,if I should put it right, a stalking reporter? Do you need stories to feed your followers with?” I asked her.

“You know how much Romeo love you Shana. He could sacrifice anything just for you but you cheated on him with that guy from another band..”

I cut her off. “Shut it! What’s wrong with you Nuella? My relationship with Romeo and whatever I do with it doesn’t concern you in anyway…so don’t ever bring up that topic again!” I fired at her.

“Shana I don’t wanna believe that you cheated on Romeo again last night.”

I got up and took two steps to her. “Really? And what if I did?”

“Nothing is gonna happen now but what about in the future.. What if he finds out?” she asked.

“I had sex with Imay months ago and Romeo hasn’t found out and he’s never going to, not Ever…” I said confidently.

“So what about Tyree Blue? Did you?” she asked.

I smiled, stared at her questioning face for awhile and bursted into a sweet chuckle…”Of course I did.. It was perfect..” I said and returned back to the couch.

“This is really wrong Shana… You are in a relationship with Romeo.. How could you even think of cheating in such a man who has everything you ever wanted,” she said.

“Okay that’s enough Nuella.. Don’t sound so jealous.. I think ten minutes is almost near,” I said.

“I sound jealous? Why should I? I know I don’t have Lucky yet but if I eventually did, I would never think of Cheating on him” she said.

“That’s what I’m talking about girl.. You are jealous because I have Romeo and you can’t have Lucky..and you are letting him be…” I said.

“Okay.. It’s fine Shana. I’m not saying anything more about this.. It’s your life.. Live it just the way you want,” she said.

“Good” I said with a smile.

The door opened and Debbie walked in.

“Okay I’m back guys… Let’s continue… It’s gonna be fun..”


(At the sitting room)


“Girls, I’m I the only one who’s noticing this?” Cassy said.

“What’s that?” Belina asked.

“Debbie, Nuella and Shana.. What’s going on? The Debbie that I know would never sit next to Shana talk more of dancing with her. I can’t believe Debbie herself came, pushed me off Shana and began dancing with her..” Cassy said.

“Are you heart broken or something?” Belina asked.

“Why should I? I’m just curious,” Cassy said and turned to me.

“Rina, haven’t you noticed it?” she asked me.

‘Of course her mind is filled with evil no’

‘Including the one next to you… Her heart, mind and soul are covered with hatred for Shana because she think Shana has the best things of life which makes her so boastful and so she’s vowed to destroy her..’

“I think you did. I know you both do.. Ahh i can’t believe Debbie,” Cassy said.


[Rockstar Mansion]


It was time for dinner so I served the meals with Kira and Ali.

The rockstars arrived one after the other.

First Jaden and Elvin, second Jimin, third Lucky and Kelly.

But no Romeo.

“Enjoy your dinnner sir,” I said to them and bowed. Then I returned back to the kitchen.

Mrs Had had been lecturing Kira, Ali and Maria on all that they are to cook and how to cook them.

“You three has been living in this kitchen for months and years so you know what to do… Don’t make the masters fire you especially Romeo,” Mrs Had said.

“Of course mrs Had, we will make you proud,” Kira said.

“What do you put next after the curry?” Mrs Had asked Kira.

“Uhmm um I think it’s… It’s..”

“This is how you make me proud really? you put the chilli!” she barked at Kira.

“Yes Mrs Had. I get it” Kira said.

“Mrs Hadley.. Romeo isn’t out to have his dinner and I don’t think he will,” I said.

“Okay… It’s one of his days.. He will survive. You should sit and have your own dinner,” Mrs Had said.

“Actually, I want to take it to him. The last time I took his meal to him, he ate it,” I said.

“Okay then. You should do that.. Go get his meal,” she said.

I rushed out, back to the dinning but…there he was, sitting and picking on his meal.

‘Oh…he’s here’

But he wasn’t looking fine.

I turned and went back to the kitchen to eat..

‘I have to know what’s wrong with him later’


After dinner, I returned upstairs and knocked on his door, opened it gently and went in but he wasn’t in.

“Hello sir?” I called but there was no answer.

I looked around then I left.

‘Where could he be?’

I walked to the balcony and looked outside but he wasn’t outside.

‘Where is he?

‘The rehearsal room?’

‘I should check there’

And I did.

That was my first time of coming there.

I opened the door a bit and peeped in.

I saw Romeo.

He was playing piano and singing.

I didn’t want to interrupt so I just stayed still and listened.

Could someone actually his this amazing voice and he’s so good with the Piano keys.

I listened to his enchanting voice as they fill up the large room.

Only the dim lights were on but I could see him well enough.

He sang with so much enthusiasm but I could feel that he is really sad about something.

Romeo’s sad? About what?

But just then, my hand slipped off the doorknob and I fell to the ground with my injured hand.

“Ahhhhh…that hurt,” I cried out.

The piano stopped playing and he stopped singing.

‘Aigooo.. What do I do now…’

I managed to get up but I hurt my injured hand and the pain wasn’t merciful.

I quickly turned to leave but you know who Romeo is!

“I don’t remember calling for your service,” he said.

I shut my eyes, inhaled, exhaled, opened it and turned back to him with a smile.

“You are right sir… I was just passing…and I…I..think I heard someone singing…and you know…sir… So..”

He cut me short.

“Unless you open the door, you can’t hear the loudest noise from in here.. Why? Because the four corners of this wall, including the door and up the ceiling is sound proofed,” he said.

‘Oh…I failed that… I should just be truthful… I would never be good at lying’

“Okay sir.. Here’s the truth. I felt that…that you were moody earlier so I went to your room to find out why but I didn’t find you there so I looked for you around and ended up here and yes, I found you but I think I interrupted you so I’m really sorry sir.. Biane biane” I bowed severally. “I will leave now and won’t interrupt again,” I said and turned to leave but again he halted me.

“Stop!” he said.

‘ahhhsh…. What have I done!?’

I stopped, without turning.

Few seconds later, I felt him approaching me.

I did because I heard his footstep and perceived his cologne.

Finally I felt him close to me.

“Turn” he said.

‘Ahhhsh do I have to do that?’

I turned with my face down.

I waited for him to talk, call me dummy, curse at me and all but he said nothing.

I waited.

But then… he did something that shocked me.

He took my injured hand and stared at it.

I raised my head and stared at his face..

๐ŸŽฏTo be continued.



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