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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 22🎯


[Mae Iris mansion]


The door opened and my mom walked in.

“Are you okay Lala?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I said, focused on my Macbook.

She walked over and sat down at the edge of the bed.

“I’m sorry about yesterday,” she said.

“It’s okay. I understand that you like him,” I said.

“Yes I do but I shouldn’t have been that inconsiderate and unthoughtful yesterday, I’m sorry okay,” she said.

“It’s fine mom. I forgive you,” I said.

“Thank you. Hope you had breakfast. I had an emergency at the office so I had to go. Did you have a hangover tea too?” she asked.

“Yes I did..” I said.

“Oh good. You came home so drunk last night. I was really worried,” she said.

I raised my brows. “I did?”

“Yes.. Bamie and I had to carry you to your room after Davis brought you home.. You kept saying how much you love him and how much you wish you both could date freely like everyone else..”

I closed my Macbook and gasped at my mom. “Him!”

“I don’t mean Davis, I mean you were talking about someone else but never mentioned his name,” mom said.

‘Oh my God…I’ve messed things up’

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked.

“No! No, I don’t want to.” I snapped.

“It’s fine… Your mom is patient enough until you make up your mind,” she said.

“Mom, I was actually working on something when you came in.. Could you please excuse me?” I said.

“Okay.. I will.. Just get down when it’s time for dinner okay,” she said.

“I will mom,” I said.

She stood up and left.


(Baby’s room)


I woke up and realized that I’ve slept for too long.

I was sure the competition was over.

I’ve cried so much that I ended up sleeping off and too long.

It was 5pm.

My stomach cried of hunger.

I left the hall after Bluebells sang.

I wanted to watch them and they did great. So I returned back to my room and began to cry.

I cried till I slept off.

Just then, the landline rang.

I picked up.

πŸ“ž”Hello sir” I spoke first so wondering who called.

πŸ“ž”Are you okay Baby?” It was Kelly.


πŸ“ž”I’m fine sir.. I got stomach cramp so I couldn’t join,” I lied.

πŸ“ž”That sounds like a lie,” he said.


πŸ“ž”Are you fine now?” he asked.

πŸ“ž”Yes I am…”

πŸ“ž”Then prepare for tonight’s party” he said.

πŸ“ž”Oh sure…”

The call ended and I dropped back the landline.

But then another call came.

I knew who it was this time, Romeo.

I picked up.

πŸ“ž”Hello sir”

πŸ“ž”Come to my room, it’s a mess” he said and hung up.

I scoffed. “Whaat..”


[Shana’s room]


“Who on earth could have done that to her? Because I don’t believe it was blood stain,” Nuella asked.

“It’s the girls in bluebells. Who else ?” Debbie said. “She’s got a lot of haters. Tch.. Is she a celebrity?”

I scoffed.

“She’s so dumb to know that her life is gonna end if she stays back in Rocks High. Soon, they are gonna throw stones on her. She’s so dumb.” Debbie said.

“Well, are we not gonna dress up for tonight’s party.. Today is the last day,” Nuella said.

“Yeah, that’s right.. I’m out of here to dress up. I have a cute plan to outlay tonight..” Debbie said, smiling.

She got up and left.

I rolled my eyes. “I hate this girl”

“We have no other choice but Shana, are you sure you didn’t know about what happened to Baby today?” Nuella asked me.

I scoffed. “I don’t need to lie if I do.. Just leave,” I said.

“Okay.. See you” she said and wanted to leave but I stopped her.

“About Lucky, what are you doing about him?” I asked.

“Nothing.. He hates me. So I’m just gonna let him be.” She said.

“You are going to let him be?” I asked.

“Yes.. I don’t have to force it if I’m not the right one for him. I can’t keep fighting for what that doesn’t belong to me,” she said.

‘Oh I see…’

“Okay..since you accepted that he doesn’t belong to you…then let him be,” I said.

“Yeah I did,” she said.

“But you’ve been moody.. It’s about him, isn’t it? You can’t really let him be,” I said.

“I had,” she said, turned and walked out.

‘Uhn… I know how you feel but really, I can’t help you.. Zeekah is all mine and mine alone….’

‘And speaking of the little thing, when is she returning!’


[Romeo’s room]


I walked in and met him crossed leg on a couch and chewing bubble gum with glass of wine.

‘Will he even survive a day without a bubble gum and glass of wine?’

“I’m here sir,” I said and looked around.

Everywhere was littered with bubble gum packs and torn tissues.

I heaved a sigh.

‘What’s up with all these littering’

“Ahsh why do I even have a personal maid when my room always look untidy?” he said.

I raised my brows. “..but sir…you should know where to drop bubble gum packs and the tissues aren’t even used and even if it was, you should know where to drop them. In the trash bin,” I said.

“Oh really? I don’t think I need to do that when there’s a personal maid,” he said and sipped from his glass of wine.

“I will just clean them,” I said and went for the trash bin.

I took the trash bin and began picking up the littering.

“Aren’t you in Bluebells TC?” he asked.

The question made me halt for three seconds.

One second.

‘Why’s he asking me that?’

Two seconds

‘Wait…Does it have to do with my absence at the competition?’

Three seconds.

‘Why’s he asking me… I have to say something, right.. Yes.’

“Yes I am…” I answered.

“Okay,” he said.

‘Wait… Is that all? I thought he’s going to ask me why I was absent… Tch…’

“There’s a video about you. You are really a careless dummy,” he said.

‘What video is he talking about?’

“You must really love being embarrassed,” he said.

‘I know… It’s about what happened at the rehearing room’

“Aren’t you gonna answer me?” he said.

I inhaled.

“I have nothing to answer sir. I will just pick these up and leave,” I said and picked the last ones.

“I will leave now sir,” I said and took a step to leave but his question halted me.

“Is it the truth?” he asked.

I turned. “What truth sir?”

“Do I have to say it? The video.. The blood–”

“No!” I snapped.

‘I was too embarrassed to allow him finish it’

He scoffed. “Do you wanna report it?”

‘Wait….why’s he asking if I want to report it?’

“No sir,” I said.

“Don’t you care to know who did that to you?” he asked.

‘Okay this is getting serious…like what’s really going on’

“Sir…why are you asking me… Are you concerned?” I asked, with my eyes on him.

He scoffed. “Concerned? Why should I? Okay, get out.”

“Okay sir” I said and left.

I closed the door and exhaled.

‘What’s going on? Was he trying to be concerned about me?’

‘Could it…be that…he’s changing?’

‘Could it?’

“Hey Baby,” that was Kelly Oppa’s voice behind me.

I turned and saw him.

“Yes sir,” I answered.

“She wanna talk with you,” he said.

“Oh..okay,” I said and took the phone.

πŸ“±”Hello Lala,” I said excitedly, not making my voice sound so loud.

πŸ“±”Baby.. I’ve missed you. Are you okay?” she asked.

πŸ“±”I’m fine.. How’s your leg?”

πŸ“±”It’s healing very fast.. I was so worried about you.. I’m sorry for not being there for you, I’m really sorry.”

πŸ“±”Oh no no… You shouldn’t.. I should be the one saying I’m sorry for not being there for you,” I said.

πŸ“±”Baby since this is a quick call I’m just gonna tell you to be okay… I saw your interview, but I didn’t see you perform with bluebells. What happened?”

‘Didn’t she see the video?’

πŸ“±”Actually, something happened. I thought you must have seen the video,” I said.

πŸ“±”what Video. I didn’t see anything,” she said.


πŸ“±”I know something happened but…I’m gonna hold on to my patience until you return tomorrow… For now take care of yourself okay,” she said.

πŸ“±”Alright Lala.. Take care of yourself as well” I said and handed Kelly back the phone.

I bowed. “Thank you sir. I’m so glad I spoke with Lala.”

“It’s okay. Your phone would be replace when we return back to Seoul,” he said.

“Thank you sir, thank you,” I said and bowed.

He smiled and walked away.

‘Wait…why didn’t Lala see the video that even Romeo saw’

‘Well I that is the victim haven’t seen the video either… I don’t even want to see it… It would hurt me more’

‘I’m better off without watching it’



I scoffed. “She’s so dumb.. She wouldn’t even know what good I did for her”

I checked the time.

‘Ohhh it’s almost time for the party’

Just immediately her face showed up and imagined what dress she would be in.

I scoffed.

Something as dumb as her.

But….why do I have to imagine what that dummy’s gonna wear?

When I haven’t imagined Shana’s’

‘But…. Shana cheated on me.

It still hurt me so much but I can’t see myself asking her about it…

It seems like I’m gonna loose her if I do and I don’t want to’

But Baby Edric.

I recalled our time during the first Game when I got the first answer and she was so excited.

“Wow, you are so cool sir,” she had said.

And the second Game, where she begged me to paint instead.

And the third Game when she saved me from the burning log cabin.

I inhaled and looked around the room

‘But do I like………



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