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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 21🎯




“Cherie??” I called again, shocked.

“Hi Baby,” she said, smiling.

“I…I thought you..you’re dead,” I stammered.

“Yes I am… I have something to tell you…” she said as she got herself a seat at the sofa.

“Something to tell me?” I asked.

She smiled.

Cherie is as tall as Shana really more beautiful than Shana.

“First I wanna apologize for being in this situation because of Romeo. Romeo was never this way. He was this sweet and caring guy to everyone not just me. He hates to see someone in pain and he hates to see someone in tears because they are hurt or hungry..”

I listened keenly.

“…but greed and jealousy turned him into what he is now.. Greed from my sister, Shana. She wanted him just because I have him. She was always jealous of whatever I have. My dad loved me very much and he was mostly fond of me but she changed him including my mom and she took Romeo too but…she never wanted me to die..”

“How? If she never wanted you to die then why is she behind your death?” I asked her.

“Shana had no idea that her dark fairy friend was going to kill me.. Zeekah told her that she’s only going to make me hate Romeo and break our relationship but Shana didn’t know Zeekah was going to kill me with an accident . Yes Shana was shocked but there was nothing she could do… I really don’t hate my sister but even though she had no idea about my death, I haven’t forgiven her… I know she would do anything to take you off but don’t leave Romeo. Stay beside him and make him get back himself. It won’t take so long for him to like you. Once he do, he will get himself back and everything will be over..” she said and stood up.

“What if he doesn’t like me before your anniversary?” I asked her.

She smiled. “I bet he will,” she said.


“Yeah, I gotta go now..” she said and walked away.

“Cherie…can I ask you one more thing,” I called but she didn’t stop.

The door closed and I woke up.

From my dream.

‘I can’t believe Cherie appeared to me in my dream’

But the only statement that crossed my mind immediately, was that Romeo would ‘like me’ before Cherie’s anniversary which is just next week Saturday.


(Next Day)

[Mae Iris mansion]


I grumbly woke up to the ringing of my phone.

Ahh… I guess I had much drink that I slept so deeply.

I still felt tired

I struggled my eyes open and realized it’s past 10.


‘I definitely had too much drink..’

I stretched my hand, grabbed my phone and it was Davis calling.


I picked up.

📱”Sleepy head.. I know I woke up cos I’m sure you’re still sleeping,” he said.

📱”Oh. Kind of… I just realized it’s past 10 am. I think I had much alcohol last night…but I can’t remember getting drunk,” I said.

📱”Of course you didn’t. You’re pretty cool.. Since you just woke up, then I guess you’ve not watched the interview.”

📱”What interview?” I asked.

📱”Baby and Romeo.. they got interviewed by iNews this morning and it just got published few minutes ago” he said.

📱”Really? Uhm let’s talk later. I have to watch it,” I said.

📱”Yeah…sure…but don’t forget to take some hangover tea,” he said.

📱”Okay, yeah”

I hung up and quickly clicked on inews App.

I saw both article and video.

I clucked on it.

Romeo was the first to be interviewed.

He looked perfectly okay.

📱Romeo: ..Baby Edric was my Game partner and while we were still searching for the lost Crown together, rain began and it got so heavy but luckily, I saw a log cabin and suggested we go take shelter there. We found out it’s a carpentry workshop Few minutes later, the owner came in and he was nice.. He put on some fire so we could get warm but I slept off because I was really cold but I woke up to a burning cabin. Baby was sleeping too so I called her and together we escaped, luckily we did….”

Reporter: Oh…..You must have been scared.. How did you feel escaping a fire accident with Baby Edric?”

Romeo: How did you think I’m supposed to feel? We were in danger and it was just frightening,” he said.

Reporter: You helped your partner, Baby Edric escape the fire?

Romeo: We both found our way out of the log cabin.

Reporter: Oh.. Baby Edric is hurt a little but you are…perfectly fine.. She must have gotten hurt while trying to escape.

Romeo: Yes… I hope she recovers soon.📱


Reporter: Actually there’s been news about your dislike on Baby Edric because she came into Rocks High on a fake identity…. Do you still feel the same after the accident?

Romeo: People should always be truthful to themselves.

Reporter: Oh I see that you still dislike her but you both became team. How was the experience? I mean, being a partner to someone you dislike?

Romeo: It was just a game and it was a luck pick,and the experience wasn’t fun at all…📱

I exhaled. “At least he wasn’t so harsh with words. Let me watch Baby’s own..”

I fast forwarded it to Baby’s part.

Relieving enough, she was only hurt on the arm which was on treatment.

She narrated just the same thing Romeo did.

“Ahh baby, I miss you..”


[Bujong| Pizza Fan shop]


I smiled as I watched Baby being interviewed.

Why…why do I feel like my friend is getting too popular?

Being shown in one of the best news channel in the country?

It’s really wonderful.

Even though she’s been interviewed because of an accident and because Romeo is involved, I just feel excited to see my best friend on TV.

I smiled excitedly at the TV.

“Alisa,” Pia, my colleague called me.

“Yes Pia?”

“You have deliveries to send,” she said.

“Okay,” I said.

I couldn’t help the smile that came across my face as I saw the lists of people I’m making deliveries to..’

Davis’s was among.

I don’t know why I’m liking him already.

Last night was kind of special.

He found us a hide out and we talked about what being rich and being poor is like.

Yes, I started the conversation by telling him that I was surprised he knows a hideout because he is certainly from a wealthy home.

He replied that knowing a hideout doesn’t have to do with being wealthy.

We didn’t talk much but I got to know his name, Kang Davis and he got to know mine, Alisa Loiu

Okay, I told him the money he was pretty much and I’m going to return the rest but he said he don’t need it but I insisted on returning it.

Then he tells me that I shouldn’t lie about having an account. It would be better if I open one.

I was embarrassed but I tried to hide it saying that my mom’s account is like my account too.

When we finally left the hideout, he followed me back to my bike and I was happy it was there.

I ignited it and it started.

We said goodbye and he left.

While I were trying to sleep

I happily drove towards his house with half of the money he sent.


(Paradise Trip)


After the interview, we began getting ready for the singing competition.

I had to meet the bluebells were they were and I was on my team wear just like everyone else was.

“Baby are you okay, are you sure you can do it?” Ms Cece asked me.

“Yes I can,” I answered.

“But you are hurt,” she said.

“I’m fine Ms Cece,” I said.

She smiled. “Okay then.. I’ll be right back girls. Just three minutes,” she said and walked away.

Ji nah rushed to me.

“Hey Sunbae, you look great on this wear more than me. I don’t know why I had to be fat,” she said.

I chuckled. “But you aren’t that fat.”

“Ugh don’t flatter me,” she said.

I smiled and sat down on a seat.

“I’m so glad you are fine,” she said.

“Thank you..” I smiled.

“Ah the competition starts in an hour. I can’t believe we are second performing. I’m so anxious,” she said.

“Same here,” I said.

“You looked really sweet in the interview today,” she said.

“Really, I had no idea. Thank you,” I said.

I haven’t even seen Romeo or any of the rockstars today.

🚺Oh my God, Tyree Blue is here!!🚺 someone shouted.

🚺Tyree Blue??!🚺

Everyone ran to the door and window to see.

“Don’t you want to see him too?” Ji nah asked me.

“I don’t even know him,” I said.

“Okay then, let me take a look at him, I will be back,” she said and ran off.

Well, I ended up standing and taking few steps to the door to see the so called Tyree Blue making all girls go crazy.

He looked just as handsome as he should be. Securities surrounded him just like the top celebrity that he is..

He was smiling and waving at everyone while the securities led him towards the building.

Everyone was screaming his name.

‘Well I think that’s enough’

I returned back to my seat.

Ji nah ran back, smiling happily.

“Gosh, he’s so cute,” she said.

“Every celebrity is, as far as he or she has money,” I said.

She laughed. “Yeah you are right… You know if you get so much money, you could get a surgery to look as pretty as ever”.. She came closer. “Actually, I’m planning on that,” she said.

“Woah…but you are very pretty girl,” I said.

“There you go again, Don’t flatter me.” she said.

🚺Oh my! Tyree Blue is so cute🚺

🚺Yes he is…but can’t be compared to my Romeo…🚺

🚺Yes you are right girl…🚺

“Do you believe what that girl just said? About Romeo being more handsome than Tyree?” Ji nah asked me.

“Tch… You can’t ask me that..” I said.

“Ew I know you will say that.. Anyway, I believe so.. Ahh Romeo is breathtaking… You were so lucky to be his partner,” she said.


“Okay girls, get up let’s practice!!” Ms Cece said as she walked in.

“Let’s go..” Ji nah said and walked ahead of me.

I stood up and began walking to the rehearsing part of the room.

Then I began hearing unpleasant mutterings and eyes were on me.

🚺Ohmy…what is this?? There’s blood on her skirt🚺

🚺 Eww this is disgusting🚺

🚺Didn’t she know that she’s on her menses…eww I’m about to throw up🚺

🚺Hey Baby, don’t you see your stained skirt? U are so irritating us!🚺

I halted…

“My stained skirt? How is that possible?”

Ji nah ran over to me.

🚺Go and clean your dirty self up! You disgust me!🚺

“That’s enough everyone!” Ms Cece said.

“Is it true?” I asked Ji nah.

Ji nah nodded her head with a concerned eyes.

I turned and ran off to washroom, embarrassed.

I got in, locked the door and checked myself. I was perfectly not on my menses… It wasn’t even close yet.

But I had red stain on my skirt.

I took off my skirt and perceived it..

It smelt of ink.

And I realized that just like my clothes were messed up by paints, my bluebell uniform has also got stained by ink.

“Who is doing this to me?”

‘If my short is stained then there’s no way I’m joining in the competition’

I heard a knock on the door..

“Hey Baby, are you okay?” It was Ji na.

I breathed out.

“Yes I’m fine… Just go.. I will be out,” I said.

“Ms Cece got you a sanitary pad.. You should open the door and take it,” she said.

“I’m…just fine… Please go..” I said, trying hard to hold back my tears.


(Hour and 30 minutes Later)


🎤The Host: “Now the second team to perform, Bluebells, over to you… The stage is yours…”

I anticipated to see her..

Baby Edric.

I wanted to watch her sing. I wanted to hear that voice.

I waited.

Finally they walked to the stage in blue and white team wear.

They got in position in a way that I could see every one of them….

I looked for Baby…..


There was no Baby Edric among them.


Why the hell isn’t she on the stage?

🎯To be continued.



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