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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 20🎯



(Inside Davis car)


“Here,” Davis gave me the tea.

I collected it. “Thanks”

“So, I know you really want to know everything, so I’m not gonna skip one word,” he said.

I listened.

“It was two months ago, I was working at the Grande Hotel..”

‘Grande hotel? That was the hotel Kelly and I always meet’

“Actually, before I resigned from the hotel as an assistant cook, I brought you meals thrice and I do see the back of someone inside and I was wondering why it has to be the lady who would always answer the door.

I know you don’t recognize my face.. but that wasn’t how I found out though… There was always something missing in the other’s meal, Tomatoes and carrots. Then after I resigned and working towards my enrollment into Rocks High, My cousin sister who’s so obsessed about Rockstars told me that Kelly hates tomatoes and carrots. I instantly remembered the meals I do bring to you and I began having the idea that the guy with you was Kelly but I wasn’t sure about it..”

I inhaled.

“Hey, you aren’t taking your tea,” he said.

I did. Taking a little sip.

“..But I got to be eighty percent sure when I got into rocks high and then Baby Edric got enrolled too as your friend with her name then, Soya Bian. Then her identity was questioned and Kelly came out from nowhere and saved her a couple of times…. I know Kelly wouldn’t know Baby Edric because she’s a commoner. Though I was not hundred percent sure but I wanted to be so I had to try being close to you, tell you I’m crushing on you, ask you out and see what you are going to say…. You kept saying you don’t want me but wouldn’t say anything about being in a relationship so I realized that you are on a secret relationship and that person would be no one else but Kelly so I was hoping to bring him up soon just to confirm that he is the one…and that is what I did today.. I’m sorry,” he said.

I heaved a sigh.

“So you never had a crush on me? You just wanted to confirm about my secret relationship with Kelly,” I said.

“I’m sorry Lala.. Yes I didn’t have a crush on you.. I’m really sorry.”

“So I was right after all. You were stalking me,” I said.

“I know you gonna say that but that wasn’t really stalking and I had no bad intentions. I like you Lala and I really want us to be friends and I’m gonna protect you and whatever that has to do with you.. Your relationship with Kelly is safe with me, trust me.. I’m not a bad guy if you think I am,” he said.

“So why haven’t you leaked it?” I asked.

“Why would I do something like that? It’s really wrong. I can’t leak your private life for my some benefit. That’s really selfish…but you both needs to be careful.. If you don’t wanna let the world know about you yet, you have to be extra careful.”

“You are going to act like you don’t know about I and Kelly?” I asked him.

He smiled. “Sure.. Guess what? I’m good at keeping secrets for free… Trust me. Now that I’ve told you finally, I’m relieved. It’s been a burden to me that I was actually lying to you all this while…” he said.

I inhaled and sipped my tea.

“Uh I should take you home now…” he said.

“Can…we find somewhere to sit. Somewhere atmospheric and lively?. The car feels stuffy and I’m bored,” I said.

“Oh you don’t wanna go yet?” he asked.

“Yeah..” I said.

“Okay..” he said and started the car.

“Somewhere I would drink,” I said.


(Five minutes later🕦)

Davis pulled into a bar house.

“Are you sure you wanna be here?” he asked me.

“Did I tell you that I’ve never been to a bar house before?” I asked as I unfastened my seatbelt.

“I’m just concerned,” he said.

“I’m fine ” I said.

We came down from the car and soon, we were inside the bar house.

Davis got us table and we sat down.

The place was buzzing witg soft music and they were so many people but there was nothing interesting happening.

“Are you alright?” Davis asked me.

“No, I don’t think…”

“Why, you don’t like here?” he asked.

“Yeah….. It’s boring… I’ve never been to a club.. I want to try going there tonight,” I said.

‘Ahh I wonder what was wrong with me.. Why I’m I trusting Davis so much to tell him to take me to a club but…I can’t just stop myself. I want to get off this fear inside of me’

“Lala you can’t do that… What if your boyfriend gets to know.. People don’t just go to clubs.. Trust me, I’m gonna make you laugh..that you won’t feel bored” he said.

“And what if you don’t?” I asked.

“I will be your slave for two weeks,” he said.

I chuckled.

“Oh you just chuckled… That’s a nice start..” he said.


“Yeah.. Uhm you wanna drink right?”


Minutes later, beers were on our table with two plates of spicy chicken.

“Have you ever drank beer before?” he asked.

“I’m not twelve Mr.. I’m not a kid,” I said.

He smiled. “Sorry….Let’s toast,” he said.

We did.

I drank a good quantity from my beer glass and then went for the chicken.

“So…I’m gonna tell you a little interesting thing about me..” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I love to cook… Okay I’m not trying to boast but I’m a great chef… I mostly do the cooking at home even though we have a cook.. I can cook rice without ingredients and it would come out a great taste” he said.

“That’s a lie,” I said.

He laughed. “Yeah….I know.. But I love to cook and I’m planning on opening a restaurant after graduating from high school…”

“Wow, that’s great..”

“I worked in that hotel because I wanted to learn more about food and it’s recipes.. And sincerely, I learn a lot and added it to the one I got already… I worked part time there for six months….but here’s the most interesting part,…. I’m working on my YouTube channel which would be fully ready in few days,” he said.

“Wow.. That’s great… You want to be a YouTuber?”

“Yeah.. I think it would be a great help.. I would feel so happy seeing people watch my cooking videos, comment and recommend.. So I hope you become one of my subscribers in few days,” he said.

I smiled. “Sure”

“And also I’m gonna celebrate my YouTube channel opening with a pool party and table filled up with meals cooked by me.. I want to invite at least fifty people to the party.. Twenty from my formal school and thirty from rocks High. What do you think?”

“It’s a great idea… I’m looking forward to the party,” I said.

“Thank you.. I think it’s going to be in a week time, Saturday” he said.

“Yeah, perfect..” I said.

“But before then, you sure gonna eat the meal prepared by me,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to that..” I said.

He smiled.

“So what about you? You’re a dancer.. Do you have any plans about your dance talent?” he asked.

“Uhm sure but it’s not anything about YouTube Channel but…I dream of having a dance studio in the future,” I said.

“Wow…that’s would be great. You’ll make a beautiful dance teacher,” he said..

I smiled..

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[Paradise Trip | The Party]


I sat beside Romeo as I watched others dancing.

Romeo had refused to dance saying he’s not in the mood.

It’s not like I can’t out him in whatever mood he needs for us to dance.

I can’t believe Rina and Jimin were actually dancing together.

Are they like couple now?


I turned to Romeo. “I wanna dance,” I told him.

“There’s the dance floor,” he said.


“I told you, I’m not in the mood,” he said.

I moved close to his ear. “Then let me take you to your lodge.”

“The party isn’t over yet,” he said.

“It mustn’t… I miss your touches, I miss your kisses.. I miss-”

But he cut me short. “Shana, I’m not in the mood to talk about that right now.”

“Why? Are you moody because of that brat?” I asked him.

He said nothing.

I heaved a sigh.

“You’re stooping so low to be worried about her.. She can die for all I care,” I said.

He said nothing and just sipped on his glass of wine.


“Are you okay?” Debbie asked me, halting her dancing.

“I need to use the bathroom,” I said and hurried off.

I got to the bathroom and threw up.

‘Gosh….I’m going sick… What do I do…

I can’t just escape this…’

I cleaned myself and came out to the passage and headed back to the party but met Lucky on the way.

My heart skipped.

“You look sick,” he said.

“I’m fine,” I said and tried to walk pass but he halted me.

“I had no idea that you and Debbie were that close to dance together,” he said.

I sighed.

“She’s my band mate, colleague and housemate, so why won’t we be close?” I answered.

“Get Debbie out of whatever trouble she is trying to get herself into. You should get out of it too..” he said.

I inhaled.

“I like you Nuella, don’t make dislike you totally,” he said and walked away.

I turned back and watched him leave.


(Baby’s room)


I laid on the bed, still on the drip and wondering what must be happening down there at the party.

Suddenly, the door opened and I heard sounds of heels slowly walking in.

Soon, the heels walked in..

My eyes fell on her red heels, then up to her black short skirt….and up to her red top and finally…..her face.

I gasped immediately.

“Cherie Park”



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