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🎻🎻Rocks High🌟 

(Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 2🎯




I opened my eyes and it was the eyeglasses boy, my seatmate at math class.

‘What is he doing here?’

“Are you okay, Baby?” he asked coming to me.

“Ye yes I’m fine,” I said, wondering what brought him here.

“Geez, you are wet. I will help you up,” he said and stretched out his hand. I put mine in his and he pulled me up to my feet.

My legs were wobbling due to the cold.

“Geez .. You are so wet and might catch a cold. I will lend you my jacket,” he said and pulled off his school jacket and covered me with it.

“No, you really didn’t have to worry, I’m fine..” I said.


“It’s okay. You need to go dry up,” he said. I will accompany you out,” he said.


“To where?” I asked him. There was no way that I would go back to the school building in this mess.

I’m not just drenched but in dirt.

“To the siesta room. You can dry up there,” he said.

“No, I would go alone… I can go alone, thank you,” I said, removed his jacket and dropped it back on his hands. “Thank you for your concern, I appreciate,” I said and with that I made to head out but he halted me.

“This is Rocks High School. You have to be very careful and don’t trust so quick.. And I think you should report those girls. They would get their punishments,” he said.

I breathed out.

“My name is Jamie, Kang Jamie,” he added.

I turned to him. “Thank you Kang Jamie,” I said and with that, I left the hall and made my way back to the school building.

I was still drenched but it wasn’t that much anymore but it was still very obvious.

As I passed students, eyes were on me, laughter, giggling and mutterings waved from left and from right.

I ignored them and made my way straight to the elevator that would lead me to the siesta rooms.


There was still thirty minutes left before lunch break over.

I finally entered an empty siesta room and locked myself in there then I entered the washroom to dry and clean myself

“Today is really something different” I said as I stared at myself in the mirror.


(Homeroom 012)


Baby isn’t back to the homeroom yet. She didn’t show up at the cafeteria either.

I wonder where she is….

Could she be at the off building?

I don’t think so.

I’ve texted her but she’s not replying.

I’m damn worried.

I hope she’s safe.

Just then I heard two girls walk in while talking about Baby Edric looking drenched.

‘Baby Edric drenched? Baby? What happened!’

I immediately opened my phone went through the school news and saw her pictures.

Baby was wet from her head down to her toe.

‘Christ! What happened to her. Where is she right now?’

I opened my SMS box and sent her another message.

💬Baby, what happened to you? Why did you get drenched? Are you okay? Where are you? Please answer, I’m so worried..💬

I was so worried about my best friend.

‘What could have happened to her? Oh God! Now I regret lying about us having issues. I wish I never did. I’m sure I would be with her right now. Gosh.. I miss Baby.. And she’s in a situation and I can’t help her because of some lie. Damn it!’


(Rockstars study room)


I scrolled through the pictures of Baby Edric drenched and in dirt.

She’s always getting into trouble.

Such a dummy.

It’s been awhile I opened the school news page. I’m just doing that to while away time. I’m bored.

There’s nothing interesting about Rocks High.

Each day passes with nothing interesting but pictures of the stars of Rocks High or videos of commoners.

Nothing fun.

Another uninteresting posts were posts about the paradise trip in two days..

Nothing interesting.

I hate to see the faces of commoners in Rocks High.

They stink me like hell!

If only I can kick them all out of Rocks High, especially Baby Edric. She’s been a headache.

She’s being a trouble to Shana.

The past week and days in this school had been all about her in all angle.

I scrolled up more until a video about the same dummy got my attention.

Posted days ago.

‘Soya Bian sings at Bluebell class ‘

I scoffed. ‘Soya Bian indeed.’

Playing the video would be a waste of time.

I skipped it and got fed up of the news page, I left the App and clicked on audiomack.

I wore my headset to listen to music.


“She’s always getting into trouble. I know those thugs did this to her,” Jimin said as he stared on his iPad screen.

I sighed.

‘Even a teacher humiliated her.. What more is coming her way?’ I wondered.

“Whoever did this to her is certainly getting their punishment,” Jimin said.

I looked at him, feeling his likeness for Baby Edric.

For the first time, Jimin actually confesses of liking a girl and it’s no one else but Baby.

But they say Baby is meant for Romeo because she’s the one to save him.

Then what about Cherie?

Does it mean she was never meant for Romeo and that also me to her death, not just Shana’s doing but also destiny?

Damn it.. This is confusing.

I looked at Romeo who sat on a recliner, chewing gum with headset over his ears.

‘How will he be able to like Baby Edric, how’s everything gonna turn out?’

I wondered.


🍀Baby Baby🍀

I was able to clean the dirt and dried the wetness from my jacket and skirt but couldn’t clean off the dirt on my white shirt because it’s white but fortunately, I have a jacket to wear over it.

I dried and dressed my hair in the best way I could.

I cleaned my sneakers too but the socks too, thank goodness Rocks High socks are navy and not white.

In the next twenty eight minutes, I was done.

Even though it my uniform still showed that I got wet minutes ago, I didn’t mind

On my way to the homeroom hallway, bell for lunch break over rang.

Then it stroke me.

What if Lala had been texting me?

I quickly woke my phone and went to my text message box and yes, she had sent me ten messages.

“Oh my God.. I was so busy cleaning myself that I forgot,” I muttered and read all the messages as I walked.

After going through the messages, I replied.

💬I’m fine now. I cleaned up myself and I’m on my way to the homeroom💬

And in no time, I was standing at the homeroom door, I breathed in, out, then opened the door and went in.

🚺Ewwwwwwwwwwww! She’s still on the uniform🚺

Someone screamed out.

🚺She’s smelling so bad! I cant stand it.🚺 another girl said and they all covered their nose except Lala, Jamie and few others.

🚺she couldn’t even order a new uniform immediately!🚺

🚺Baby, You disgust Rocks High!!🚺

🚺Don’t dare step into this homeroom!🚺

I looked at Lala and I could see her sorry eyes on me.

Jamie too.

I saw Ninah, the red haired girl and all of the girls that did that to me at the old ballet hall.

There were all my homeroom mates.

They were mockingly laughing at me..

🚺Leave here, you smelly pig!!🚺

🚺Gosh, I’m about to throw up!!🚺

I took two steps backward.

I saw Lala giving me a sign to stay back but I turned and ran out of the homeroom.

After running for a while, I ended up at the stream at the back of the school.

The stream where I found Romeo’s necklace.

There, I squatted down beside the stream and stared at the clean water.

It reminded me of days ago, when I came here and had to get into the water and search under it with my hands for Romeo’s necklace.

I tiny stick lay beside me. I picked it and threw inside the water, loving the way the water splashed.

I picked a tiny stone and threw again,the water splashed.

I smiled and was a about to throw the second stone when it suddenly began drizzling.

I looked up at the sky and a drop landed on my forehead and another on my nose, causing me to smile.

I closed my eyes and let more to drop on my face but it began pouring instead.


Rain began falling but instead of getting up and finding a cover from the rain, I squatted still there and let the rain pour on me.

‘It’s been awhile I’ve been showered by the rain’

I didn’t mind if I catch a cold.

I just wanted to be in this rain for as long as forever.

I shut my eyes and hugged myself, still squatting, not minding if I get a shaking legs for squatting for too long.

But I felt someone squat beside me and an umbrella covered me.

Lala. Her amazing scent announced her presence.

I immediately opened my eyes and looked at her.

“Lala, what are you doing here in the rain?” I asked her.

She wasn’t looking at me but at the stream and she smiled when I asked her the question.

“I can’t remember the last time I came here. The truth is that, I was also very sad that day,” she said.

“You were sad?” I asked.

“Yes.. I felt very annoyed with my secret relationship. That day, he lied to the press about being single and I was so hurt. I came here and began crying. It was the days our relationship was new and I couldn’t just hold my emotions. But ever since that day, I’ve never felt that anger again. Our relationship is secret so we both never admitted being in a relationship to anyone. We’ve been lying about it,” she said.

I had no idea about the right thing to say so I just said. “Lala just know that you both are meant to be in love and you are for each other. You both make a lovely couple.”

She looked at me with a smile. “Thank you Baby. I would never wish to loose a friend like you,” she said.

I smiled. “Me too, I love you Lala.”

“I love you too Baby,” she said and hugged me, in the rain.

We withdrew and she touched my hair.

“I’m sorry about today. Those thugs, you are going to tell me who they are right?” she asked.

“No, I can’t. They only warned me to get myself off rockstars mansion. I’m fine. I’m really fine,” I said.

“Let’s leave the rain, you are going to catch cold and it won’t be a good thing because paradise trip is in two days. You can’t get cold,” she said as she stood up and pulled me up.

Paradise trip?

That’s right.

We finally got a cover in a portico from one of the school old buildings.

No one would see us there, besides no student would come out since it’s raining.

Lala closed the umbrella.

“Lala, you know we shouldn’t be seen together. We are having issues,” I told her.

“You think I care about that anymore Baby? I don’t, yesterday was hell for me with you. I missed you like you were so far away from me. I regret ever making up such stupid lie. I can’t keep on with it. Now I get it that one shouldn’t live in pretence just because she’s afraid of those around her. I, Lala Mae Iris is not afraid of anyone so you shouldn’t too Baby, let’s fight this together because I’m solemnly with you,” she said.

“I know Lala but what would we tell them if they come asking?” I asked.

“Let’s worry about that together,” she said.

I inhaled.

“About the paradise trip, are you going?” I asked her.

“Yes… It’s always fun filled. I wouldn’t wanna miss it for anything,” she said.

‘If Lala is going, then I am too. If she isn’t then I’m not even though I’ve been registered under bluebells’

“Is it a must that the Rockstars and rocks angels go too?” I asked her.

“Yes of course. If they don’t go then I don’t think any student would want to go, including me,” she said

I chuckled.

‘Rockstar Kelly’

“You’ve been registered already under bluebells,” she said.


“I guess you would also be working for the rockstars there at the trip,” she said.


“I guess so since you are a b blizz worker and you are signed to attend to the rockstars,” she said.

‘That didn’t sound interesting’

“Make sure you put your sweaters and raincoats, boots and socks too okay?” she said.

I smiled. “I know.”

The rain began to stop.

“Lala,I think you should go. I’ll come to the homeroom soon,” I said.

She smiled. “I ordered a uniform for you, let’s go get you changed.”

I shook my head. “No, Lala… You shouldn’t have done that. School is almost over, I could just go home…”

She cut in with a chuckle.

“Go home? Baby you know you are going home together with the rockstars. You can’t be like this.. I don’t think they would let you into the jet so you gotta change it,” she said.

I inhaled.

‘It’s not like I haven’t cleaned up’

“Besides, you are so wet and you need to get some drugs so you don’t catch a cold, come on, let’s go,” she said and grabbed my hand.

“Wait lala,” I said, halting.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Do you really think we should do this?” I asked her.

She gave me an assuring smile. “It’s okay. I will take care of this,” she said and with that we headed out of the old building, towards the new buildings and towards the School Uniform ordering office.

The rain had stopped and was only drizzling little by little.

Soon, we got to the Uniform ordering office.

The staff’s name was Ms Li and she gave me my new uniform and I changed into it in the dressing room.

The other uniform got trashed except my batch which got attached back to the new uniform.

I wanted to package it into a bag, take it to rockstars mansion and wash it but Lala was against it.

Wait, I still have four other uniforms at home, Rockstars mansion.


If only I knew that Ninah’s motive.

Now I just made Lala waste a huge amount of momey for a uniform when I have four there at my room at rockstars mansion.

“Now, we are good to go,” Lala said to me and in the next minute, we were out of Ms Li”s office and heading to the homeroom.

Fourth class is over and students would be at the homeroom waiting for fifth class bell.

“Are you ready?” Lala asked me as We were about to enter the homeroom hallway.

I nodded. “Yes Lala, I am.”

“Let’s conquer this,” she said.

I nodded.

We entered the hallway and there were few students at the hallway.

Voices broke out immediately they saw Lala and I walking through together.

🚺Whaaaat! lala and Baby are walking together?🚺

🚺I thought they are enemies now.. What’s going on!🚺

🚺This is interesting. I can’t miss to picture this🚺

🚺Lala!! Why are you with Baby Edric?🚺

🚻Why are you two together?🚻

🚹this is interesting!!🚹

🚺Was it fake? Did you lie to the school Lala!?🚺

Lala held me tightly as we passed them one by one and finally got to the homeroom door and entered in.


Screams let out immediately we did.

🚺Lala, Why are you with Baby?🚺

🚺What is going on?🚺

🚺Waa it all fake!🚺

I swallowed hard.

Lala squeezed my hand.

🚺Come on, talk Lala!🚺

“We’ve make up. I really like baby and I wouldn’t wish to be on a bad terms with her. You all can say whatever you wanna say about my friendship with Baby but it would never make me leave Baby lonely here, never!” Lala said

Tears gathered in my eyes.

I can’t believe how much Lala love me. No one has ever loved me like this.

🚺So is she gonna leave Rockstars mansion now that you both are back together?🚺 someone asked.

🚺Are you going to quick your job Baby?🚺

I looked at Lala and she gave me a sign to speak.

I turned back to the devils.

“No, I won’t because” I struggled hard to spit out the last words, “..I love my job,” I completed and shouts erupted.


🚹You’re insane!🚺 they cursed.

🚹You must quit your work🚺

🚹You both planned this!! Lala you’ve betrayed Rocks High!🚹

🚺Get ready for us!!🚺

I looked at Lala and she just smiled.

Immediately, bell for fifth class rang and we both headed to our desk.

I felt hundred of devils eyes on me.

Their gritting teeth, their sneering lips and their clenched fists.

‘This is not a school, but hell on earth! Wait, was that a threat on Lala that they said? It can’t be, no way..’


Fifth class was Literature.

Everyone got seated. Lala and I sat together.

The Angels first entered with the noise that followed and died down.

Shana and her pride.

Debbie had been acting strange since today. She had never looked my way.

I felt worried.

The rockstars were the last to enter as usual.

Screams erupted, phones went up and finally died down after they had settled on the empty seats offered to them.

I buried my face on my poetry book, not wanting my eyes to meet any of the Stars.

But guess what?

Romeo ended up sitting at the desk in front of me.

His column filled my nostril and I couldn’t take my eyes off his back.

Even his back is breathtaking.

His hair was packed.

He love packing up his hair and leaving a few to drop in front.

I just like the way his styles himself.

I can’t wait to see him back to who he was before.

‘This is why you have to stick by him at all times’ I heard my voice tell me in Quin’s voice.

I sighed.

I wanted to know where Kelly is sitting and I saw him sitting far ahead, in front.

I glanced at Lala and saw her looking at him.

Aww she’s making it so obvious. I wonder why the devils haven’t figured out something.

The literature student walked to the large board and began teaching.

“Open your poetry book to page 101,” she said.

And we did.

It was then I felt my sneakers step on a tiny something. Like a pen or something similar.

I looked under the desk, at the floor and whaaaat…

Romeo’s pen, again??

What do I do ?

(You’re reading Rocks High by RiRi Books. Enjoy)

Okay, once again, Romeo’s pen.


Is this how his pen always drop all the time? Could it be?

Well, I’m just going to hand it to him after school. I can’t possibly give it to him here and now.

Since we are now living in the same roof, I would hand it back to him at home.

I carefully picked the pen and looked at Lala. She was focused on her poetry book and wasn’t looking my way.

I dropped the pen in the center of my book.

I thought he’d try to look for it or even worse but he didn’t even turn his neck nor make a sound.

Aigh. Really?

That’s so unlike him.

‘Wait, could it be that he knows that I’m the one with the pen?

But again, could it be that he intentionally dropped it for… to pick?’

I scoffed.

‘No, I don’t think. Why would he do that?’

I buried my face on my poet book.


Literature class ended and everyone began trooping out of the class.

The rockstars and Angels left.

Romeo wasn’t bothered about his pen.

“Let’s go Baby.. Talent class is on, you know you can’t miss bluebells class today. Paradise trip is next tomorrow,” Lala said, packing her literature books.

I smiled. “Yes I know Lala. Let’s go.”

I carried my books and soon we were heading back to the homeroom.

So many eyes were on us ,both angry eyes and stoic eyes.

A lot of people were still talking about Lala and I together and taking pictures.

‘What kind of school is this?’

We entered homeroom and packed up our books into our bag.

I locked my locker and went to Lala.

She was done too.

“So, we should say bye for today,” she said.

I nodded.

“Yeah, alright. Let’s go.. I will call you tonight okay,” she said.

“Okay Lala,” I said.

We left the homeroom and after saying ‘bye’ to each other, I headed to the homeroom and she headed to her cheer leading class.

In no time, I got to bluebells class and went in.

There were just few girls in but soon, the seats got occupied.

“Hello, Baby Sunbae,” Geun Jin ah smiled at me.

I smiled back. “Hi Jin ah.”

In a minute, Ms Céce started teaching and Music class began.

This time, they were instruments being used to play the song.

Since I know nothing about music instruments, I wasn’t given any to play. Even our leader, Kim Nadia wasn’t playing any instrument.

“Guys, you know we have just today and tomorrow to practice this song. I really love that we’ve been doing great these past days but we have to put our very best in this two days and even more on that very day so please today should be more unique and outstanding. Thank you… Now, let’s sing,” Ms Céce said.

The instruments began and the leading solo, Kim Nadia began.



(Off building)

👑Queen Shana👑

I walked in to Romeo’s private chamber and there he was, focused on his laptop, chewing gum and a glass of wine beside the laptop.

I walked to the laptop, closed it up and faced him.

So angered.

He took off the eyeglass on his eyes and smiled at me.

“Hey babe… Are you okay?” he asked.

I scoffed. “What the hell… You ask me if I’m okay?”

He took my hand. “Calm down and talk to me,” he said.

I flung his hand off me. “Don’t hold me Romeo. You are so annoying the hell out of me!” I screamed at him.

“I know, it’s Baby, right?” he asked.

“Oh, you know that! What is that trash still doing in the same roof with you.. What!” I shouted.

He pushed his hair back. “Shana she’s a B blizz worker. I can’t fire her alone okay.. None of rockstars wanna sign so it’s not possible for me… I don’t like her being a worker in rockstars mansion but I can’t fire her,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh just shut it Romeo… You annoy me! You can fire anyone you want to! Why is it being hard this time?”

“Come on Babe, it’s being hard because the other guys aren’t signing, I can’t get her out of the mansion alone,” he said.

“Stop it! I hate to hear that!” I said, picked the glass of wine and smashed it on the wall angrily. “You must get her out of that mansion! Today!”

He stared at me, not uttering a word.

Silence took over before he broke it.

“Babe, you are hurting yourself. That girl is nothing but a poor thing,” he said.

I scoffed. ‘That poor thing you say is trying to mess around me with me!’

I took few steps closer to him and leaned close to his face.

We stared into each other’s eyes.

“Romeo, are you trying to be a nice guy?” I asked.

He chuckled. “What? To who?”

“Don’t you do that Romeo. You do whatever I tell you.. You get me?” I said to his face.

“Sure” he smiled.

“So are you going to fire her or not?” I asked.

He pushed his hair back. “I will okay. I’m gonna find a way to do just that.”

“Good.” I said and kissed him.

I withdrew and saw the necklace on his neck.

‘This damn thing. I’m going to take you out to be never found!’

“But what about your dad?” he asked.

My phone began ringing.

My dad was calling.

“He’s calling. I think he got some goodnews,” I said.




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