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High๐ŸŒŸ (Rockstar Next Door)


๐ŸŽฏEpisode 18๐ŸŽฏ




I was almost close to door when I heard my name.

“Miss don’t go any further please!”

I glanced back and it’s fire service men.

“A man is in there, helpless!” I said.

“Just step back.. We would get him out,” he said.

Just then, I felt water being spread around the log.

“The fire service are quenching the fire, please come back, we will get him out,” they said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes we are,” they said and began coming to me.

The fire began to quench by the water.

I was led outside.

Romeo had been helped to his feet but Mr Abbey had to hold him.

Romeo looked weak.

I walked to him.

“Are you okay sir?” I asked him.

“Are you insane? Why did you go in there? You could have gotten burnt!? Must you always be a dummy!” Romeo barked at me.

I sighed. “I had to help Mr Mandok..”

“I told you not to go.. You’re always stubborn!” he said.

“I’m sorry sir,” I apologized.

“Are you okay Baby? You got hurt on the arm,” Mr Abbey said.

“I’m fine sir,” I answered and looked back.

Just then, Mr Mandok was carried out of the log cabin.

I rushed to him but he was unconscious and really burnt and the left side of his face and the left side of his hand.

“Mr Mandok,” I called but he was taking away to the helicopter.

“He’ll be fine, let’s go,” Mr Abbey said and helped Romeo towards the helicopter.

I followed behind.

Inside the helicopter, Romeo and Mr Abbey sat together while I sat alone at the other side.

Mr Mandok was being attended by the nurses in the helicopter.

I felt so sorry and worried for him..

Romeo’s eyes and mine met countless times.


(Romeo’s room | paradise Trip)


I was taken to my room while Kelly, others, Mr Abbey and a doctor and the others .

“We were so worried about you Romeo,” Jaden said.

“Are you alright? I’m so relieved that you didn’t get hurt,” Lucky said.

‘Tch.. but someone else got hurt because of me’

“I was so worried,” Jimin said.

“Thanks for not getting hurt bro,” Kelly said.

‘Aren’t you worried that your girlfriend’s best friend got hurt?’

“Is someone attending to Baby Edric?” I asked.

I wonder why they had to look at themselves in surprise.

What’s wrong with my question.

“Y…yes a doctor is attending to her,” Mr Abbey said.

I sighed.

“I told her not to go back there, she’s so stubborn,” I muttered.

“She…went back in there why?” Kelly asked.

“To save That man, Mandok,” Mr Abbey told him.

“Whaaat?? She put her life at risk,” Elvin gasped.

“Baby Edric won’t seize to amaze me. How could she do that,” Jaden said.

“She’s got a good heart,” Jimin said.


Memories flashed back to the log cabin.

I could remember the dream.. The dream I had before waking up to baby calling on me.

Her voice…

Then I recalled the video clip that I saw on the school’s news page few days ago.

I skipped it. Yes that’s right I did.

I have to watch that video.

I sat up.

“I need my phone,” I said.

“Get him his phone,” the doctor said.

“Ehm the phone you took with you to the search Game got destroyed by the fire,” Mr Abbey said.

“Just me one of my phones,” I said.

“Okay,” Mr Abbey said and went for it.

“Mr Romeo, pleas relax so I could run the test properly on you,” the doctor said.

“I’m fine… I wasn’t hurt, don’t you see that?” I snapped at him.

“I know that but there could be an internal injury. I have to check all of that,” he said.

“Here it is Romeo,” Mr Abbey said and handed my phone to me.

I began searching for the video clip.

The door opened and Shana walked in.

“Romeo…” she called and came to me, joining me on the bed and taking my hand. “I was so worried that I almost fell sick,” she said.

I paused the search on my phone and just stared at what the doctor was doing.

“Romeo.. Hey look at me..” she said, turning my face to look at her.

I obliged.

“You’re okay.. I got so worried..” she said and kissed and hugged me.

I inhaled.

“Don’t ever do that again boyfriend,” she said.

“Okay babe, but as you can see, a doctor is attending to me.. I have to focus,” I said to her.

“It’s all because of that girl. I told you not to go with her but you did… She’s all pains. She’s a devil. You can’t be close to her and don’t get in trouble,” she said.

I withdrew the hug and smiled at her.

“If you think so Babe.. but right now I really need some privacy so can you leave for now?” I said.

She raised her brows. “Really? Why should I leave when others are here. I shouldn’t be the one to leave but them,” she said.

I smiled. “Of course they are leaving too.”

“Romeo what’s wrong with you? You’re acting very differently.. I don’t like your new manners towards me.. I’m not leaving. I’m staying here with you tonight,” she said.

“Okay, there’s no internal injury. You’re alright but you’ll need to take a drip to help you recover fully from the shock. I would get the drop ready in twenty minutes,” the doctor said.

“No doctor, I’m fine okay.. I wasn’t in shock. Trust me, I’m good. If anybody needs to get a drip then it’s Baby Edric… If you would excuse me now,” I said.

“Romeo please you need to get fully recovered. Remember how important you are,” Mr Abbey said.

“Damn it! I’m fine.. Just get out all of you before I get angry,” I said.

“Then… I will leave.. There’s nothing really to worry about,” the doctor said and walked to Mr Abbey.

“Romeo I would return in thirty minutes time to take care of your outfit,” Mr Abbey said.

Kelly came to me.

“You don’t have to worry about the party tonight.. We would take care of it,” he said.

“No, I wanna be there,” I said.

They all left, except Shana.

“Aren’t you going to leave?” I asked her.

“I told you I’m not gonna do that.. Don’t get me mad Romeo, you’ve gotten me angered enough,” she said.

I smiled.

“There’s a Trad party tonight, aren’t you going to prepare for that? I have to prepare for it,” I asked.

“Ugh that’s right but don’t you think you owe me an apology?,” she said.

“Yeah i know. Then my apologies… Come on leave now. I really need privacy right now,” I said.


“Yeah babe, come on.”


[At the corridor]

♦Mr Abbey♦

“What did you find out Doctor Chan?”

“Did something happen to him sometime ago? Something that has to do with Fire accident?” he asked.

I sighed. “Yes.. Actually twelve years ago.. He hates the sight of fire. He wouldn’t even go close to a cooker or lighter.. It brings back his memories and gets him into a traumatic situation, but for the past few months he’s been getting a bit close to fire like yesterday we had a bonfire dinner and Romeo didn’t stay back in his room and he doesn’t get angered if he sees a lighter, ” I said.

“Oh.. Really.. But I think he had that trauma today too and I think he hates the sight of a doctor too,” Doctor Chan said.

“You are right Dr Chan. It’s all has to do with his past,” I said.

“I think Romeo was starting to overcome his trauma but the fire accident brought it all back.. It won’t be easy but he really needs to get over his trauma,” he said.

“I know doctor.. I know that,” I said.


[Baby’s room]


“… You are really going to miss tonight’s party.. It’s always fun.. I feel so sorry for you. I wish I could get this syringe off your hand…” Debbie said.

She’s been in here with me for about twenty minutes now.

She’s all so worried for me and wouldn’t stop thanking me for coming back alive.

‘Debbie’s just different. If Lala isn’t Kelly’s girlfriend then I would say, she deserve someone like Kelly. She’s nice, beautiful and cheerful’

I smiled. “I’m fine angel Debbie.. I mustn’t be at the party tonight.”

“It’s not just the party, it being a Trad party makes it look more fun. I was hoping to see you in the traditional attire tonight and we could take pictures together,” she said.

“Really? Oh… Then I’m going to miss a lot tonight.. I want to cry,” I said.

“It’s okay. I’m gonna give you all the gist tomorrow…” she said.

“Thank you angel Debbie,” I said.

“You can call me just Debbie.” she said.

I nodded. “Okay”

She looked around.. “But then… Did you bring two boxes?” she asked pointing at the two traveling boxes.

“Oh No…actually, my clothes got messed up but thanks to a secret admirer, he surprised me with the other box filled up with clothes,” I said.

“A secret admirer? And how did your clothe got messed up?”

“I have no idea.. I found on yesterday when I opened the box and all my clothes have been paint stained… But a box showed up at the door saying it’s from a secret admirer,” I said.

“Really? But what if this secret admirer was the one who messed up your clothes?” she asked.

“Well I thought about it but…I didn’t come out with a good answer. At least, I saw clothes to wear,” I said.

She laughed. “That’s right. I wonder who could do such heartless thing…. You should report it. I will help you,” she said.

“Ani o..no, I’m fine.. Whoever it is I’m sure the person would be in shock,” I said.



“Are you sure you don’t want to report it?”

“Yes I’m sure,” I said.

She smiled. “Okay then.. You wouldn’t even ask me about Kelly and I?”

‘Why would I do that? He’s Lala’s girlfriend’

“Oh..yes.” I said, not knowing what to know..

She chuckled. “He doesn’t like me one bit.. Like he left me at the scary forest so I had to come back.. I don’t know what I really did to him. It wasn’t a crime for me to fall in love with him.. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. I wonder why he can’t fall for me.”

‘Yes he has a girlfriend Debbie. It’s just that it’s a secret relationship..’

“He’s your friend..so I was thinking you could help me,” she said.

‘He’s my friend?’

“H..how?” I asked.

“Tell me what I have to do to get him to like me,” she said.

‘How can I do that?’

“I’m sure you would help me right Baby?” she said, smiling.

I swallowed. “Uh oh..uhm”

Thanks to the opening of the door, it saved me but it was Shana who interrupted the awkward moment.

She walked in and without a glance at Debbie, she walked to me.

“You snail, how dare you get my boyfriend in trouble? How dare you put his perfect life in danger!?” she barked at me.

“Shana you shouldn’t blame her for what happened,” Debbie said.

“Hey! Don’t interrupt!” Shana snapped at Debbie.

“Are you gonna answer? You think you can come in from nowhere and cause troubles? You little thing. I warned you to stay clear from Romeo and don’t ever get close to him but you take my warning for granted? I’m gonna teach you a really good lesson!” Shana threatened.

I just watched her.

“Shana don’t threaten her. Look at her hand, she got hurt from the fire. Romeo didn’t even get a tiny scratch,” Debbie said.

“I told you not to interrupt!” Shana snapped at Debbie.

“It’s not Baby’s fault that the log cabin caught fire and moreover we don’t know what really happened so don’t blame Baby,” Debbie said.

‘I didn’t like she was defending me.. I should talk for myself’

“You’re annoying me Debbie,” Shana said.

“I know Queen Shana.. I should have been more careful so I take the blame. As Romeo’s maid I should be more careful and don’t put his life in danger. I would be more careful from now on,” I said.

“Shut up idiot! You are so irritating..”

A knock sounded on the door then the door opened and Mr Abbey walked in.

“What’s going on here? Queen Shana,” he asked.

Shana gave me a threatening look then walked out.

“Hi angel Debbie.. How are you?” Mr Abbey asked.

“I’m fine Mr Abbey, thank you.” Debbie said and turned to me. “I think Mr Abbey wanna talk with you, I’ll see you later. Take care,” she said to me.

I smiled. “I will.. Thank you angel Debbie,”I said.

She smiled and left.

“Hey Baby, are you okay?” Mr Abbey asked me.

“Yes Mr Abbey, I’m fine” I answered.

“Do you mind if I have a seat? I got something to tell you,” he said.

“Sure..” I said.

He sat on the seat Debbie got up from.

“Do you feel much pains?” he asked.

“No, I don’t..” I said.

“That’s good..”

“How’s Romeo?” I asked him.

“He’s fine.. He said he wanted to be alone so everybody left him alone…actually, I’m here to talk about him to you,” he said.

“Talk about him to me?” I asked with raised brows.



[Romeo’s room]


๐ŸŽถOne night…. One dream… One song…

When is my dream ever going to come true..

One dream, one thing I see….

Is I becoming a dream come true๐ŸŽถ

This one dream of mine,

This dream of mine….

I said Baby, believe, that you will defeat..

Being a reality is what I wish to see you become..

My dream, one dream, one dream mm๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

The video ended and breathed out.

‘It’s her.. It’s the voice….but… It it felt like she was hiding the real voice inside of her.

The exact voice that she used in my dream.

How could she have such a unique voice.

Could it be the reason why she faked an identity and entered Rocks high?

She wanted to explore her voice talent but why didn’t she let all her voice out in the song?

She looked frightened’

‘but then, why did I have to dream about her singing with me in the duet competition? I don’t get it…’

I played the video again.

‘Oh…her voice is really amazing…. I have to find out more about it

My phone began ringing..

Sir Santos was calling.

“Tch he only calls when something goes wrong,” I said and picked it up and waited for him to speak first.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”You should learn how to speak first when I call you Romeo,” he said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Hello sir,” I said, less interested.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”I heard about the trouble you got into with a personal maid,” he said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”My game partner too,” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Are you okay?” he asked.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”I’m okay” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Are you going to tell me about how it happened?”

๐Ÿ“ฑ”There’s nothing you need to know sir,” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”I need to know what happened to you because it’s already on the news and social medias. You cant leave people wondering how it happened” he said.

I exhaled.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”I had no idea how it started because I was sleeping. I think the maid would explain better. She’s the one who got hurt and the one….who saved me” I said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”She..saved you?” he asked.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Yes… Now I really have to go sir”

๐Ÿ“ฑ”I’m surprised Romeo… You mentioned her getting hurt and also admitted to her saving you. What got into you this time?” he said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”What do you mean sir?” I asked.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Now this is what you are gonna do. You have an interview with the iNews tomorrow morning and you are not going to admit a commoner and a maid saving you from the fire accident,” he said.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”What??” I asked with raised brows.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”You know who you are Romeo. You can’t let the world see you as a weak person who got saved from a fire accident by a commoner and a maid. You have to say that you got out yourself without her help..”

๐Ÿ“ฑ”Are you kidding me?”


[Baby’s room]


“During the fire outbreak, did Romeo behave someway?” Mr Abbey asked me.


I remembered.

While I was trying to pull him down from the table, he grabbed his head, crying and was calling to his parents.

“Did he?” he asked.

I inhaled..

“Yes…he did.. he was crying, grabbing his head and calling to his parents.. I had no idea why and I was scared. He didn’t stop doing that until he got out of the log cabin,” I said. “Why do you ask? Do you know something about it?” I asked him.

“Since you saw him in that situation, I’m just going to tell you. Romeo’s parents died in a fire outbreak at their vacation house in Jeju island. Romeo survived but he saw his parents get covered in the fierce flame. He was just ten years old.

He was taken to an orphanage home by an uncle but Romeo wouldn’t stop crying all day and night.. But months later, he made a friend, Kelly who also was in the orphanage and Kelly helped him stop his mourning but Romeo developed a trauma of remembering the tragic event whenever he sees too much fire and he also hated to see the tiniest one and won’t even go close to a cooker or even a lighter…”

“But he said nothing when Mr Mandok put up the fire so we could get warm,” I said.

“He put up a fire?” he asked.

“Yes… He gathered few sticks and put a fire so we could get warm,” I said.

“Then…could it be the fire that caused the outbreak?” he asked.

I gasped. “I think so..”

“Oh…my! The thin is that Romeo was starting to get over his trauma but that one was just too much for him, it was an outbreak just like twelve years ago,” he said.

“But….how did he get off the orphanage?” I asked.

“He and Kelly were known for the two cute boys who are always singing and dancing in the orphanage home. Lots of caretakers in the home loved them and would always talk about them. Sir Santos, the founder of Rocksworld heard about them and adopted them…but you see Baby.. Why I’m telling you this is that you’ll get interviewed tomorrow morning,” he said.

“Interviewed?” I asked.

“Yes by a news agency, iNews.. You know who Romeo is and the world want to know what exactly happened.. Romeo will also get interview but don’t worry, it’s not going to be a live interview…” he said.

“Okay” I said, knowing there’s more he want to say.

“Don’t tell them anything about Romeo’s trauma. Romeo’s personal life must be protected. He’s a world public figure, a top celebrity and his personal issue mustn’t get leaked to the world” he said.

I exhaled.

“I know that, Mr Abbey and there’s no way I’m going to tell that to anyone,” I said.

“That’s good Baby.. I know you are smart and thoughtful.. I like you for that,” he said.

“Is there anything else you want me to do Mr Abbey?” I asked, sensing there’s another thing he want to say.

He smiled. “Yes Baby.. There is”

“What is it?” I asked.

“I know you saved Romeo because if he was having the trauma, there’s no way he would get out of the burning log cabin himself…but there’s something I want you to to do tomorrow morning,” he said.

I stared keenly at him.

“..I want you to not admit saving Romeo. Don’t say you saved him or helped him out. Instead tell them he saved you..” he said.

I wasn’t surprised by his request.

Romeo is a celebrity. Someone whom just a misstep from him would cause trend uproar for months.

“I know you saved him and I promise you that you are going to be rewarded but you have to do what would keep Romeo’s pride and reputation and not cause an uproar. Romeo can’t be seen as a weak person who got saved by the ordinary girl whom he tried taking out of Rocks High, I’m so sorry to use that word but that is how people would see it and you might not understand but it would be a great trouble to him and his career.”

I inhaled.

“Please Baby Edric. I know you are a really smart girl with a thoughtful and good heart. You might not like Romeo but please do not cause trouble for him.. Do this for me and for Kelly.” he said.

‘How do I even know that Kelly want this?’

“I know you would be wondering if Kelly also want this.. Yes he do.. Whatever has to be done to protect Rockstars, the members do it,” he said.

‘Wait….is he reading my mind? How did he know I was wondering that?’



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