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High๐ŸŒŸ (Rockstar Next Door)


๐ŸŽฏEpisode 17๐ŸŽฏ



[Mandok’s workshop]


Nan Mandok came out with two thick shirts.

“Here’s one for you and you…. You can change in that room,” he said, painting at the room he just came out from.

“Thank you sir,” I said to him and bowed.

I took the clothes.

“It’s nothing.. Go now,” he said.

I turned to Romeo.

“Sir, you shoukd go change first,” I said, handing him one if the shirts.

He gave me a stern look.

“You don’t expect me to wear that, do you?” he asked me.

“Sir, you really need to wear this and take off your drenched cloth,” I said to him.

“No, get it out of my face,” he said.

I sighed.

“Sir, you are being quite stubborn. Do you want to get sick?” I asked.

He raised his brows. “What did you just say, I’m being stubborn?”

I sighed. “I’m sorry for saying that sir…but you–”

He cut me short. “That’s enough. No more words.”

“Yes sir” I mumbled.

“Miss Your partner must really be a stubborn handsome man. And why do you call him sir?” Mandok asked me.

“Because…..I.. I…i don’t know his name and so I decided to call him sir because he acts quite bossy,” I said.

Romeo gave me a funny look.

But I didn’t think I should tell the man the truth.

“Oh I see…” Mandok said.

I was freezing.

“I really think he should get those drenched clothes off his body and you too… I will make some hot tea,” Mandok said.

“We don’t need it,” Romeo snapped at him.

‘Did he say…We?’

“Oh…that’s fine.. Then I will make for myself alone,” mandok said and walked to a part of the workshop.

I turned to Romeo.

“Sir, I think you are being quite rude to a man who’s trying to help us and remember we are not in the rain right now all thanks to his workshop,” I said.

“I never mentioned, wanting to be here,” he said.

“Fine then, you don’t want to change shirts, you don’t want coffee.. Well at least I need to change.. I will do just that….sir,” I said, dropped his own shirt and headed to the room.

I took off my wet top and wore the thick top then came out and saw Romeo already wearing his.

‘Tch… I thought he was being stubborn minutes ago’

Mandok had also changed and was gathering sticks together.

“What’s that for sir?” I asked him.

“I have to make a fire so this place could get warm,” he said.

“Oh okay. Thank you sir,” I said.

“You only call people sir when you don’t know their name, remember you know mine, Mandok,” he said.

“Yes sir…no Mr Mandok.” I said.

“It would be more nicer if I know yours too,” he looked at Romeo. “And yours too.”

“My…name is Baby Edric,” I said.

“Baby? That’s really your name?” he asked.

“Yes…” I answered.

“Wow.. That’s really nice.”

He turned to Romeo.

“Can I know your yours Mr?”

“I don’t tell strangers my name,” Romeo said rudely.

Mandok smiled. “Sorry Mr no name but I can’t call you sir..”

Mandok turned to me. “I see that he’s a rude introvert.”

I sighed.

“Well at least he changed into the dry clothe. He won’t get sick.”

I looked at Romeo and he was focused on his phone.

He didn’t look alright.

I walked to the table and sat beside Romeo.

“Are you okay sir?” I asked him.

He said nothing and kept on typing on his phone.

“He want to put a fire we could get warm.. Don’t worry sir, you are going to be fine,” I said.


[The Kim’s residence]


I smiled as I stared amazingly at my outfit for the dinner at Lala’s place.

It hung perfectly on the hanger and I couldn’t stop staring and imagining myself in the outfit and at Lala’s place.

I whistled a song as I went for what shoes to wear.

I danced perfectly to whistling.

The door opened and my grandmother walked in.

“Hmm you’ve been looking so excited today. What’s her name?” she asked.

I chuckled. “Halmeoni you won’t stop surprising me.. You always guess right.”

(Note: Halmeoni mean Grandmother in Korea)

“That is why I’m your grandmother. An old woman sees so many things, now tell me her name, she most be really beautiful to capture your heart,” she said.

I turned to her and smiled.

“You’re really amazing Halmeoni.. Now, Her name is Lala and you are right, she’s extremely beautiful,” I said.

“Lala? That’s a beautiful name but doesn’t she have a surname?” she asked.

I came closer to her. “She’s the daughter of a politician. Mae Iris. But you have to keep this from mother for now,” I said.

“Why should I? Your mother would throw a big party if she hears that her son’s girlfriend is the daughter of a wealthy politician,” Halmeoni said.

“That’s right and that is why she mustn’t know yet because she’s not yet my girlfriend. She’s just my crush,” I said.

“Oh I see… But that outfit. Are you going out to see her? You want to ask her out?” she asked, pointing at the outfit on the hanger.

“Not really.. Her mother, she likes me already and invited me to dinner,” I said.

“You’ve met your crush mother already? Wait… Is that the reason why you missed your school’s trip?”

“Yes halmeomi. The thing is that, she got hurt and I really couldn’t be there at the Trip without her there.. I went to see her yesterday and I met her mother and she liked me just in few minutes.. Woah I’m really cool right halmeoni?” I said.

She smiled. “Sure, you’ve always been a cool grandson.. Well Good luck and be careful,” she said.

I smiled and hugged her. “Thank you halmeoni”

She patted my back. I smiled and withdrew the hug.

“I want to stroll around the yard a little with Mara. Then I will leave you to prepare for your dinner night,”

she said.

“Really? Alright.. Have fun grandmother,” I said.

“You too grandson,” she said and left.

I jumped up with excitement.


[Mandok workshop]


The fire had been set on the sticks and in no time, the workshop got warm.

It was still heavily raining.

Mandok went to make himself a hot tea.

I really wanted this hot tea but since my master had refused, there was no way I would have it.

Thank Goodness for the fire. I wasn’t feeling so cold anymore.

‘Mandok is such a good man’

“Sir are you feeling warm now?” I asked Romeo but got no reply.

I looked at him and saw his eyes closed with his head moving east to west.

He was sleeping while sitting.

I chuckled. ‘Look at the introvert master sleeping with his head moving about..’

I watched him…but just then, his head went back too much and he could have fallen if I hadn’t caught it.

I gently placed his head to my shoulder and he slept on.

His thick dark hair brushed on my cheek and the scent of his hair filled my nostril.

I smiled..

His hand brushed mine and then I wanted to hold his hand.

I did but Mandok was coming so I withdrew my hand.

It would be awkward if he see me holding Romeo’s hand.

“Wow.. The introvert is asleep but was it necessary for you to put his head on your shoulder. I could help him lay on the table…” Mandok said.

“It’s fine Mr Mandok.. But do you have any blanket.. I would need to cover him up,” I said.

“Sure I do… Just give me a minute,” he said and walked into the room where I got changed.

I glanced at Romeo and smiled.

He was sleeping just like a baby.

But his temperature was a bit hot. I hope he doesn’t sick.

Mandok returned with a brown blanket.

“Here,” he said giving it to him.

I collected it. “Thank you Mr Mandok.”

“You are welcome Baby,” he said.

I unwrapped the blanket and covered Romeo with it.

“He’s getting rising temperature so I really have to cover him,” I said.

Mandok smiled.

“You know I’m not a kid Baby… I know there’s something more to you calling him sir and caring for him like this but really, I don’t have to know about it… You mustn’t tell a stranger everything,” Mandok said.

‘Oh he caught me…’

“Yes you are right but I don’t really want to tell you about it,” I said.

He smiled. “It’s alright.. Ahh this rain doesn’t want to stop… It’s really frustrating… I’m so sleepy.. Is it alright if I leave you two here. I have to go inside the room to get some sleep,” he said.

“It’s fine but…don’t you need the warm from the fire?” I asked.

“I don’t think so… I’ve been exposed to coldness all my life that I don’t feel it anymore,” he said.


“Yes… Then.. Let me get a little sleep, if you are scared, I could close the door,” he said.

“No, it’s fine…I’m not afraid,” I said.

“Okay,” he said and went into the room.

I looked at Romeo and then I held his hand, under the blanket.

I smiled.

‘I think I’ve held this hand a lot today’

As the adventures of today ran through my mind, I felt happy, but began to feel sleepy too.

Really sleepy.


[Paradise Trip camp]


I sat on the center of my bed, covered in sweaters and warmers with a hot cup of tea.

‘Today wasn’t so great…with Lucky.

Well I actually did tell him my feelings at the forest.

It was hard to say but I did.

I told him that I was sorry and I can’t look at him in the face because I feel so ashamed.

I told him I’m not desperate for his love anymore but I really would appreciate if he finds a place in his heart to forgive me and treat me nicely and accept me as a friend.

But his reply wasn’t so nice.

He told me he’s just so disappointed in me because he never expected me to be the new Nuella that I am…and not the one he knew at the Training school years ago.

I replied him, saying it’s the celebrity life that changed me.

But he replied saying, he would only try to be a friend if I finally begin to live more kindly and quit the Jezebel human that I’m turning into.

“Only then would I see you as Someone who can get close to me Nuella,” he said.

I felt so broken and angered.

But it wasn’t long before the rain started and both of us had to seek shelter under a tree.

I made the call and in no time, securities came with a helicopter and umbrellas.

And now I’m in my room, drinking a hot cup of tea and thinking about our moment in the forest over and over again.

Tch… I wasn’t even interested in finding the crown nor was he.

I just wanted to be with him unlike him.

I wonder which group found the crown. There’s no news yet about it.

I wonder if it was found anyway.

“Trrrr Trrrr” my phone beeped of a new message.

I picked it up and widened my eyes when I saw the sender.



I opened the message and read.

๐Ÿ’ฌ “Take care of yourself. Don’t get a cold.

Do not Reply”๐Ÿ’ฌ

I smiled.

“Why can’t I reply? I want to reply.”

“He’s worried about me? What does that mean? That he didn’t really hate me right?”

I smiled more widely.

“I guess so… Ahh I can’t believe this why’s he texting me if he don’t want us to be friends unless I change? Tch…”

The door opened and Shana stormed in, looking so vexed up.

“Queen Shana?” I called.

“Where the hell is Romeo? He isn’t back,” she said.

“What? Really? What about Baby ?” I asked.

“She can go to hell. Why is Romeo not back yet? They say they haven’t found him yet,”

“What!” I exclaimed.

“Romeo can’t still be in that forest with the idiot!” I said.


[Mandok’s workshop]


~ It was like the duet competition and Instead of Shana on the stage with me, It was Baby Edric instead.

She appeared so pretty on the yellow gown she wore and she held the mic like a real singer.

It felt like she was meant to be there.

The instruments began playing and she begin to sing first.

๐ŸŽถI can’t do anything without you….

Love doesn’t count just one but two…๐ŸŽถ

I watched her in shock.

I’ve never heard a voice as melodious as the one singing right here on the stage.

It was the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard.

It could heal the sick and mend the broken heart.

It was unique, perfect, mesmerizing.

๐ŸŽถEvery inch of me want you always.

I’m so impatient, I can’t wait..

Let me take your hand my dear….๐ŸŽถ

She took my hand.

I glanced at our hands.

I began to sing.

๐ŸŽถI’m not on this Love Boat alone…

Though the ocean’s so wide and long.

But I’ll sail on because you are here with me..

Love can make things work…yeah..I’m sure๐ŸŽถ

I stared into her eyes.

๐ŸŽถ Because I see hope there in your eyes..

Your smile gives me strength to carry on

I’m so lucky to have you…I..

I got cut short by the screams of the audience.

Smoke was everywhere like a tear gas had been spread.

The thousands of crowds were running heather skelter.

“Romeo, are you okay?” Baby asked me.

I looked at her but couldn’t reply because I began coughing.

“It’s okay Romeo.. I will get you out,” she said and grabbed my hand tightly.

She pulled me along.

“I will get you out of here, Romeo. I promise,” she said but I tripped and fell, coughing hard.

I couldn’t see clearly.

“Oh my God.. Romeo, are you okay!?”

“Romeo!” she called.

“Romeo wake up!”

“Wake up sir!”



I opened my eyes and saw Baby in a frightened state.

Everywhere felt so hot and I felt so weak even in my eyes that I was struggling to open them clearly.

I was coughing.

I could hear a loud noise of burning sticks and the sound of rising flame.

Baby was trying to drag me down from where I sat.

She wasn’t in the beautiful yellow dress anymore but on the blue thick shirt that that man, Mandok gave her.

That was when I realized that I was dreaming then but not anymore.

This was reality.

“Sir… Thank God. You are awake… I have to get you out of here sir…” she said in a really frightened voice.

It was then I saw the smokes and the fire.

My heart flew.

I began to breathe so hard..

My head began to spin.

I grabbed my head, shut my eyes as I began to have a flashback.


I couldn’t understand what was suddenly wrong with Romeo.

I was relieved when he woke up.

The log cabin has got fire and I wanted to get him out..

But suddenly, he shut his eyes tightly, grabbed his head and began to scream. “Dad!! Mom!!”

The next thing, tears were dropping down his closed eyes.

I didn’t know what to do…

I can’t just stand here and watch us get burnt.

I have to get Romeo out of here, which ever way I could.

With all the strength I could get, I dragged Romeo down from the table and we both fell to the ground but luckily, the fire hasn’t gotten to that side.

I sprang up and pulled Romeo up.

He was crying and calling on his mom and dad.

I had no idea how I was going to get him out but I have to get him out.

I dodged the falling woods, I dodged the fierce fire and made sure he doesn’t get hurt.

I made it to the door but as I was about to open the door, a burning plank fell..

It was falling on Romeo but I covered him with my hand and the plank fell on my hand.

“Arghhhh!” I cried out in pain as the fire from the plank burn my hand.

I threw the plank off and dragged Romeo out.

I pulled him far away from the log cabin and gently dropped him to the ground.

He had stopped calling on his parents but was still crying.

“Are you okay sir? Sir, are you alright?” I asked, shaking his shoulder.

But he said nothing and just kept crying with his eyes shut.

I left him to cry.

And it was then I remembered Mandok.

“Nan Mandok!” I gasped at the burning Log cabin.

The fire had covered it but I must still go in and save Mandok but as I tried to take a step, I was grabbed by the hand by Romeo.

I turned to him.

He had opened his eyes but they seem weak and he had stopped crying.

“Don’t ….you hear… the …helicopter coming?….don’t feel…like a heroine. You’ll… get hurt,” he said weakly.

“But Mandok is in there… He’ll die if I don’t go and help him out,” I said.

“Don’t go… The log cabin…is already….surrounded… by fire, it’s too.. late,” he said.

“No, I must go and help him out, Just stay here, I’ll be back,” I said and with that, I ran off towards the burning log cabin.

“Baby… don’t.. go!” Romeo called me but I ignored him.

I got to the door, and pushed in.

The whole place was on fire except for little corners.

I walked in carefully and looked at the room Mandok is in.

The door of the room had got so much fire and I feared that the fire had entered into the room.

It was then I heard Mandok’s voice crying for help.

“Mr Mandok!!” I cried out and made my way towards the room.


[Rockstars Lodge.



“How could they get lost in the forest, they had walkie talkie with them…” Jaden said.

“Romeo is smart enough to get lost in a small forest… We can’t blame them but the rain..” Jimin said.

“But they have walkie with them,” Jaden said.

“Something is wrong. They can’t have the walkie talkie with them and won’t call,” Lucky said.

“Who knows… They might just be having a good time and we are here worried sick,” Jaden said.

“This isn’t a joke J.d,” Elvin snapped at him.

“I’m just guessing,” J.d said.

I sighed..

My phone rang.

Mr Abbey was calling.

Mr Abbey went with the search team to look for them.

I picked up the call, putting it on loud speaker.

“Hello Mr Abbey?” I spoke first.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”We just found a trace of them….but something is bad about it” he said.

“What is it?” I asked.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”The trace leads to a log cabin but there’s a huge smoke coming out of the log cabin right now. I think the log cabin is on fire and I don’t want to believe that Romeo is in there..”

“What?!” I shouted.

“Oh my God! What the hell!” Jaden followed.

“This can’t be!” Shouted Elvin.

“Oh no!” Shouted Jimin and Lucky.

๐Ÿ“ฑ”We are there right now and I’ve called the fire service.” He said and hung up.

I covered my worried face with my palms.

“Romeo cant be inside that log cabin, right?” Elvin asked.

“I don’t want to believe that he is,” I said.

‘A fire from a matchstick scares Romeo. He can’t be in a burning log cabin…no!..’



“Oh my God!! Romeo!!” I heard Mr Abbey’s voice.

I turned and saw him running towards with so many securities.

Also a helicopter was flying above.

Mr Abbey ran to me

“Romeo…. Oh Romeo… Are you okay?” he asked, kneeling in front of me and checking if I got hurt.

“Go… and save Baby… She went back there,” I said.




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