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 🎻🎻Rocks High🌟

(Rockstar Next Door)


Episode 1⭐



In no time, we landed in Rocks high school. I looked at Jimin and smiled.

‘I overcame it.’

He smiled back and gave me a thumb up. Then the rockstars all went out, leaving me with the bags. I carried the bags, three in one hand and three in the other then went down the private jet to see crowd gathered around me. The rockstars were ahead. They passed through but I couldn’t.

Phones and cameras were held up, taking pictures.

I can’t believe this is a school! The cameras were actually focused on me.

🚺Baby Edric, tell us what happened between you and Lala Mae iris and why you ended up being a B blizz worker?🚺

🚺What is your relationship with rockstar Kelly?🚺

🚺Give an answer🚺

🚹explain to us.🚺


I faced down. I have no idea of what to say. My hands were getting tired, I need to drop the bags I held but the crowd won’t let me pass. I was stock in the middle and unless I say something, there’s no passing through for me.

🚺Did you fight with Lala to become a b blizz staff and work in the rocks mansion?🚺

I didn’t fight with Lala. It’s something I can never think of doing.

🚺was it because of Rockstar K?🚹

No, it isn’t.

🚹Speak… Answer.🚹

I closed my eyes and thought of what to say… I should tell them that I fought with Lala because I wanted to work in rockstars mansion and she wouldn’t let me.

What’s so bad about working there? There are others who work there to, why should only me be questioned.

I was about to talk when Lala’s voice cut through the crowd. “I told you all that I chased her out and she had no choice than to become a B blizz worker!!”

🚺Then how could it turn out that she was posted to the rockstars mansion?🚺 A girl asked.

🚺Yes! How!!🚺

🚺She could have work anywhere not Rockstars mansion!!🚺 they shouted.

Lala passed through and got to where I stood. “If you want to ask such question, then go to the rockstars mansion and start to question every worker there how they turned out to be posted in the mansion. You can’t start from Baby. We might not be friends anymore but I can’t stand the humiliation you give her. If you don’t mind, let us pass through.

They finally made way and we walked side by side and passed through.

The rockstars were still there, but ahead, watching. The angels too. When my eyes met with Debbie, I saw her smile but her smile seem different this time.

Shana looked monstrous..

I got to the rockstars and turned to Lala “thank you.” I said.

“It’s okay.” she said, smiled and walked away after exchanging a brief look with her boyfriend.

Without looking at any of the rockstars, I turned towards the elevator. I opened, entered and pressed on floor 5.





The elevator stopped and the door opened. I walked out. I got to the rockstars private room and dropping the bags.

Ifelt like a heavy load has been lifted up my body.

I collapsed on a chair to rest my feet and arms for awhile.

“This school itself is the devil and 90 percent of students are the demons. Only few could be described as angels.” I muttered and rubbed my forehead. I’m thirsty.

I stood up and walked to the fridge. I paused and listened to hear if there’s any foot step coming. I didn’t, I opened the fridge, grabbed a bottle water, opened it and drank. I had the urge to pick one of the rich snacks I saw inside there but I shook my head and closed the fridge and immediately I did, the door opened and Romeo was the first to walk in.

Without raising his face off his head, he walked farther to a couch that he loves to sit.

Kelly, and the rest of the rockstars then walked in. I glanced at the bottle in my hand since Kelly and Jimin’s eyes went there.

“Ah Biane.. I was thirsty and took one of this from the fridge.” I said.

I saw Kelly chuckle. “Are you okay with just one?” he asked.

I nodded.

“School today is so crazy.” J.d said as he sat down.

“I will leave now.” I said and bowed. Somehow, my eyes glanced at Romeo before I turned and left.

Soon, I was in an elevator and in no time, I was at the homerooms hallway.

Soon I got to homeroom 012 and entered.

I saw Lala on her desk, busy with her phone.

All the devils eyes faced me, announcing my arrival.

Lala looked up and our eyes met.

Her eyes spoke ‘everything is going to be fine’ to me.

I believed her.

I walked to my desk and sat down. I went through the time table and first class is Math.

Math subject reminded me of what Romeo did to the poor math teacher last week.

It was so unfair. He was sacked.

‘Romeo needs to wake up from this heartlessness that some evil fairy put him into.’

I sighed. ‘I just have to wake him up, since I’m the one to. I just have to’

Bell for first class rang and I picked my maths notes and every necessaries and after a glance at Lala who wasn’t looking my way, I stood up and left the homeroom towards the math class.

‘Now I’m on my own. Baby you are really on your own now and I don’t like this.. I don’t’

As I entered the class, I recalled that the idols would study with us today.

Nay, I didn’t have a fast beating heart this time around.

I stood as I scanned around with my eyes to find an empty seat. I was about taking a step after seeing a good desk when someone bumped into me from behind and her elbow pushed my books off my hand.

I turned to her and she smirked a smile at me.

“Oh my bad Baby. Deal with it,” she said and walked away.

I breathed in, holding back my anger.

I bent down and picked up my books but before I could get to the empty seat I wanted to occupy, the girl was already on it.

There were other empty seats so I headed to another one but the girl sitting at the next desk dropped her books on the desk.

I looked at her and she rolled her eyes and said. “It’s already taken.”

I said nothing and went to the next empty seat but a girl suddenly rushed at it and sat down.

‘Wait, what is happening?’

I could hear giggling around me.

I was about going to the next empty seat when the rocks angels walked into the class and screams erupted.

Well that didn’t stop me from going to the empty seat but guess what?

It happened again.

The boy sitting at the next desk rushed at the chair.

“Nope, you can’t sit. It’s for my Queen Shana,” he said.

I scoffed. ‘Queen Shana?’

‘Okay for the last time, where do I sit?’

Another empty seat my eyes went to was the one next to a boy in glasses. He looked like all these nerd boys in glasses and he looked quiet.

Our eyes met and I wonder if I could read eyes but I think his eyes gave me the sign to come sit at the empty desk.

Well, I went and I did sit.

The Angels all had their seats and that boy, his queen Shana ended up not sitting there but one of the angels,…what’s her name again? Uhm Ca.. Cassy.

She sat there.

The rockstars were next to enter the class.

Elvin first, then J.d, Kelly, Jimin, Lucky and lastly, Romeo.

Shouts erupted, phones went up, then finally the class became quiet after what seem like forever.

“Hello students, welcome to Math class…thank you for the quietness,” The new math teacher, Mr Adams said.

Through out the math class, Lala never looked my way.

I was the only one glancing at her from time to time.

I felt really sad.. But what baffled me again was angel Debbie.

She didn’t look my way like she use to talkmore of giving me her smile.

Romeo was at the back so I couldn’t see him nor did I hear him through out the teaching.

The only rockstar that was close to me was Jimin but he didn’t look my way either.

Math class ended in a really boring way and we all trooped out and back to the homeroom.

Second Bell rang, Biology. I took my books and headed to the biology class.

And just like math class, Biology class went uneventful with Romeo sitting behind me and Lala not looking my way.

But the third class appeared different.

Rocks angel Rina was my seatmate.

In subject classes, seats are always double with one desk (two chairs, one desk) unlike in home room where each desk is for each person.

Since I became a student in rocks high, it’s my first time sitting in the same desk with angel Rina.

The one who love to keep purple hair.

I said nothing to her..

Wait was I supposed to say something to her before?

The last time I checked, she isn’t angel Debbie.

Romeo wasn’t behind me this time but at my front but not the next seat tho.

He and Shana sat together and sincerely, I hated the sight. I wish they never sit together.

Lala sat behind me this time so I couldn’t see her and just like the two previous classes, angel Debbie gave me no glance.

It made me wonder if something is wrong somewhere?

“The newest student in here, please stand up and tell us what you think a ‘figure of speech’ means to you,” the English teacher suddenly said.

‘Wait, did she say newest student? Who? It certainly can’t be me right?’

But unfortunately it was me. All eyes landed on me, Baby Edric.

‘What is this right now? I can’t do this…’

Finally, angel Debbie looked at me, but Lala didn’t nor Romeo but Kelly, Jimin and J.d did.

I faced down, scared to look up.

“I guess you are the one miss, please get up and tell the class what you understand by ‘figure of speech’ in English dictionary’

‘I can’t speak English talk more of defining what that means, what I’m I to do now? I should have canceled English language in my subjects!’

🚺She can’t speak English. She’s a dummy🚺

Someone said.

🚺She can’t say anything. She’s an illiterate🚺

🚺Answer the question, dummy!!🚺

Tears gathered in my eyes but I struggled to hold them back.

“No, I don’t like this.. This shouldn’t result to insults on her.. It’s fine. Anyone who knows it should answer it,” he said.

A girl sprang up.

“A figure of speech which can also be called ‘rhetorical figure’ is an intentional deviation from ordinary language, chosen to produce a

rhetorical effect. Figures of speech are traditionally classified into schemes , which vary the ordinary sequence or pattern of words, and tropes, where words are made to carry a meaning other than what they ordinarily signify. Example of a figure of speech is simile;

Rockstar Romeo is as sweet as chocolate ice cream.”

The class bursted into laughter.

She smiled proudly and sat back down.

“That was a good explanation and well, nice example too.”

I blinked my tears back.

I was supposed to answer this but I messed up.

What I’m I to do?

The class went on but I felt something thrown at me. It was a roughly folded paper.

I picked it up, unfolded it and read.

📃Bitch!! Rocks High would be hell for you, dummy! Fake bastard..📃

I inhaled, tore the paper, gathered it and dropped on the floor.

‘I will overcome this’ I said within me.

English class finally ended and an assignment was given.

I wrote them down.

Bell for break time rang.

Everyone trooped out of the class but as I was about to leave, a girl walked to me.

She has dark hair and she’s not too slim.

She’s pretty but I know she came for trouble.

“Hey Baby,” she called.

I piled up my books as I answered her. “Hi”

“Can we be friends?” she asked.


Sounds like a joke right?

I gave her no answer and packed up my books into my hand.

“I’m serious Baby, let’s be friends. I like you,” she said.

I looked at her.

“You like me?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said with a smile. “My name is Ninah. Let’s go to lunch together,” she said.

I wanted to say refuse, but she put up her hands in plea. “Please don’t say no. I’m not one of them, trust me,” she said.

I gave her a long stare, then decided to go with her.

If I needed one thing right now, it’s someone to go to the cafeteria with and here is someone, offering to be that person.

“Okay,” I said.

She smiled. “Let’s go.”

And that was how Ninah and I headed back to homeroom 012.

“We are homeroom mates too. I’m sorry about the way the students here have been treating you,” she said as we headed to home room 012.

I haven’t fully trusted her so I didn’t kick up farther conversation with her. I just answered. “It’s fine”

We entered the homeroom and kept our books.

Her desk were at the back. The last roll.

Lala wasn’t in.

I miss her so much.

Ninah returned to me.

“I’m set and I’m so hungry,” she said.

“Me too,” I told her and in the next minute, we were on our way to the cafeteria.

“Considering that you and Lala are having some misunderstanding so I’m thinking you are gonna be alone so you need a friend and that’s why I’m here,” she said.

I looked at her. “Thank you”

I hope she’s for real.

“I like your name,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Uhm you aren’t free with me yet. You don’t trust me yet?” she asked.

I inhaled. “I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s hard to see an angel in this school, 99.9 hates me,” I said.

“I don’t,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said.

Soon, we got to the high steps to the cafeteria when she suddenly stopped and turned to me.

“Geez! I almost forget. My sister told me that she has something to give me and I should come get it before going for lunch. Please Baby, you gotta accompany me,” she said and put up her hands in plea.

“And where’s that?” I asked.

“Uhm the old ballet hall. She always practice her ballet dance alone there during break time,” she said.

Seriously, I had no idea where the old ballet was nor hate I heard about it but that moment.

“It’s not far okay, it’s just behind this cafeteria,” she said.

“Oh…okay then, let’s go.” I said and soon, we were heading to the old ballet hall.

(You’re reading Rocks High by RiRi Books, Enjoy)

Just like she said, the old ballet hall wasn’t far but lonely.

I had no idea there was an old school building behind the cafeteria where the old ballet hall is located.

There was no single student around there. My head told me to stop and turn back but I decided to be brave and follow her.

“We are there already, it’s the second door over there,” she said pointing ahead.

“Okay,” I said.

“I guess you’ve not been here nor do you know about here,” she said.

‘Yes I don’t,” I said.

“I know,” she said with a smile and soon we were at the door and we entered.

But there was nobody in the big dirty hall.

The hall was so dirty with littered drink cans, nylons, snacks packs and so on, including packs of unfinished foods.

The hall looked like Dustbin.

“Jeez, why’s here so dirty and where’s my sister?” Ninah asked, looking around. I joined her.

“You. You said she do practice here?” I asked.

“Yes but here has never been this dirty,” she said.

“Where’s your sister then?” I asked.

“Sister!?” she called.

“Shh! I’m not your sister,” a girl said as she emerged from a door that got opened.

I quickly remembered her.

She’s one of the girls that follow the red haired girl.

I looked at Ninah and saw her smirk smile.

“Is she your sister?” I asked.

She shook her head, still smiling. “Nope, I don’t have a sister. I have just a brother who’s still in elementary school,” she said.


“Then why are we here?” I asked.

She laughed and the other girl joined her.

Just then, the door opened and four more girls came out, among them was the red haired girl.

Now I know My head was right. I should have followed it.

This was a trap.

“So you are among them?” I asked Ninah.

She scoffed. “Of course, what did you think? That someone like me would want to be a friend to a wretched commoner?” she asked and rolled her eyes.

“Hi fake ID,” the red hair girl said as she walked to me.

I took few steps backward.

“I’m leaving here,” I said and turned to leave but got pushed down by another girl who was standing behind me

“Where the f**k do you think you are going huh?” she said.

I landed on the dirt and managed to sit up.

“Why are you girls doing this?!” I asked them.

“Oh..great she’s questioning us!” The red haired girl chuckled and the next thing, an empty can landed on me.

It hurt a little.

“How dare a mere worker question us?” Ninah said.

I stood up and dusted my skirt.

“Baby Edric, a B blizz worker.. This is your job,” the red haired girl said and pointed at the dirt on the floor. “Clean it up and you have just five minutes,” she said.

I turned to Ninah. “This is what you planned with your crew?” I asked her.

“Your time is going, five minutes,” Ninah said.

I smiled and asked her. “I hope you are having enough fun?”

She smiled. “A whole lot of it.”

I turned to the red haired girl but suddenly I got drenched in water.

A bucket of water had been thrown on me.

🚺Start picking the dirt you little slut!🚺 they shouted.

🚺Do your job, you homeless bastard🚺

🚺If you were born to clean dirt, do it right now🚺

🚺work you slut!!🚺

🚺Pack the dirt!!🚺

They threw the bucket at me.

“Bitch! This is gonna be the last warning to you,” the red haired girl said, stepping forward. “If you don’t wanna die before your miserable time, get lost out of the rockstars mansion and never go close to rockstar K,” she said.

“Do you have a death wish!” Ninah asked. “If you don’t, then save yourself from death by getting your miserable self off rockstars mansion, we can tolerate you being here but not living in rockstars mansion! Gosh! You disgust me!” she said.

🚺You better do that bitch!🚺

🚺You are in big trouble if you don’t do that🚺

🚺It would be hell for you. Worse more than this!🚺

One after the other, they left the hall, leaving me to my drenched and cold sef.

I hugged myself as held myself from crying.

I can’t cry because of this.

I’m a strong woman.

I can’t let this little thing get to me.

I hugged my self tighter and squatted down.

I felt all alone, No Lala, no Kelly, no Quin, no one, just me.

I raised my wet phone and sighed.

I shut my eyes and tried to control my emotion so they don’t get the best of me.

If I start to shed this tears, they might never want to stop pouring.

I shut my eyes right.

‘Today is just something else’

“Hey, are you okay?” I suddenly heard a soft masculine voice in the hall.


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