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🎻🎻Rocks High💛

(Rockstar Next Door)


🌼Episode 34💛

SEASON 1 Finale🎼



As she continued without making a single sound, my eyes were only looking at her even though I never want to.

While being so close, I realized something…

Her lips are pretty and her eye lashes are pretty long.

Shana’s are pretty long too or even longer.. She can’t be compared with any one.

Shana’s beauty can’t be compared nor her talents.

What I’m I even saying… This thing is ugly.

“It’s okay now… It will totally be cleared before morning.” she said and removed the ice towel finally from my forehead.

“That’s a relief. You should leave immediately.” I said.

“What about the food?” she asked.

“I will eat it.. Just leave.” I said.

“I will be watching closely to see if you did ate it.” she said as she carried the towel and the bowl and headed towards the door.

I scoffed. “What? I’m really going to fire you.” I said.


She opened the door, walked out and closed it back.

“Argh this girl!”

I touched my forehead and gasped as how smooth it had become.

“Ah she’s really good at this.”

I got up and walked to the mirror and was relief with what I saw.

I glanced at the meal on the table and exhaled. My stomach grumbled immediately.

Thank goodness it didn’t while that runt was here.

“I walked to the table and sat down on the rug around the table, crossed my legs and then opened the dishes.

The aroma filled my nostril.

“I never wanted to eat you tonight but I got no choice.” I said with a shrug

I was on my fourth spoon when my phone began ringing. I stretched my hand and picked it from the edge of the bed.


I smiled and picked it up.

“Hi babe,” I said.

📱Hi boyfriend. What are you doing right now?”

“Uhm…” I looked at the food in front of me. “…nothing special. I’m having my dinner.” I said.

📱Argh really, I wanna talk with you for a while tonight. I’m bored and can’t sleep.” she said.


“Why? You like sleeping on time. Are you okay? Is something wrong?” I asked.


📱I don’t know.. I think I miss you tonight and wanna be with you. I’m gonna call you back in the next ten minutes.” she said.

“Alright babe.. I’m gonna stay with you tonight.” I said.

📱Call put you on video call soon.” she said and the call ended.

I smiled and hurried up with the food.

I have to be through in the next eight minutes.



After putting away the ice and the towel, I left the kitchen and headed back towards the sitting room.

My intention was passing to upstairs but as I got there and their eyes had too many questions like when reporters and paparazzi who wouldn’t leave a celebrity until all their questions had been answered.

I scratched my hair and bowed twice to them and grinned awkwardly. “Hello.. Please enjoy your game.” I said and turned to take a step but got stopped by J.d’s voice.

“Baby, come over here. Let’s play together. A female in the game would be more interesting.”

I shut my eyes…

‘How can I play with you guys… Argh… I can’t believe it.’

“Baby, come over here. Hurry up.” That was Jimin’s.

I exhaled, opened my eyes, turned back to them and grinned. “I love playing cards alot. I’m afraid I might beat all of you.”

“Really? Let’s see then.” J.d said.

I shrugged and walked over to them. J.d adjusted immediately and gestured for me to seat in between him and Kelly. I gently did.

“Elvin and Lucky were out but we are starting over again.” J.d said.

“Who won the most?” I asked.

“Me of course.” J.d said. “..I’m a master in playing games.”

“I agree with that, including wom-” Elvin was about to say but J.d immediately clutched his hand on J.d’s mouth.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” J.d told him then removed his hand.

“I’ve won six times and Kelly 3, Lucky 2, but I’m sorry to say that Elvin and Jimin had gotten nothing.” J.d said.

Elvin rolled his eyes and Jimin faced down with embarrassment.

“Really? Then why do I think they are both going to reach the top this time around?” I said.

“Of course in their dreams.” J.d said.

“Baby words do come through.” Kelly said for the first time since I joined them.

At that moment I noticed a red mark on his forehead.

“Oppa. There’s a red mark on your forehead.” I said to him.

He touched his forehead and sighed. “You have no idea how many times I’ve been knocked by this heartless guy sitting next to you.” he said.

“What’s more redder than mine! I’ve been going out since. It’s frustrating.” Elvin said showing his.

All of them had except J.d. “Where is there none on yours, Sir?” I asked J.d.

He grinned. “No one can knock my forehead. I always win or make it to the second.” he said.

Oh really… “You really know how to play the game..sir.” I said.

“Yes Baby.”

“Let’s begin.” Lucky said and shuffled the cards.

He then shared them out and we began playing.


[Mae Iris mansion]


As I played game on my laptop, I wondered if Baby is alright.

I had called her five times but got no answer. I had sent messages too.

Have she slept? She must have.

I’m sure she’s fine. Kelly is there.. I shouldn’t worry too much. Just that I miss her. Now this house seem empty again.

I exhaled.

“If I win this level, then it’s a sign that she’s alright but if I fail then I have no other choice than to call Kelly.”

I got focused and I won the level which is always pretty difficult.

I got rest assured that she is alright and I would see her in school tomorrow.



The first person to go out of the game was Jimin, followed by Elvin, third was Lucky.

Now there were three players, I, oppa K and J.d.

“Get ready to go out of the game K. Baby is an empress in this game and I’m the emperor.” J.d said.

Kelly said nothing and focused on the game and when J.d lost the game, he couldn’t believe it.

“Wait… A minute. Did I just get out of this game?” he asked.

“What do you think? All thanks to Baby, the master of the game is going to receive a knock.” Elvin said.

Kelly smiled at Baby.

“Can you really beat me Baby?” Kelly said to Baby.

“Let’s see…sir.” I said.

🃏🃏🃏🃏few minutes later🕐

I won!

“Omg did Baby just win this game?” J.d asked.

I smiled.

Kelly took out his hand for a high five and I smiled happily as I hit my palm on his.

“You are the queen in this game now.” he said.

“And you are the king sir” I said.

He smiled.

“No way.. I remain the king in this game.” J.d said.

“Get ready for your knock.” Elvin said with a smirk smile at J.d then turned to me.”Baby, what are you still waiting for? Start with the person who left first.”

I looked at Jimin and could see the embarrassment on his face. I smiled and walked over to him.

“Don’t worry sir.. I will be gentle.” I said.

He nodded. I knocked him gently on the forehead.

“Ahh” he groaned.

“Bianeyo..” I said.

He smiled and I walked to the next person, Elvin.

“Be gentle.. I feel like my forehead is going to be burnt tonight.” he said.

“I will be gentle..sir.” I said and gave him a gentle knock.

“Ahh that still hurt.” he said.

“Biane.” I said.

The next person was Lucky.

“I’d appreciate if you be a little more gentle.” he said.

I nodded and knocked him gently.

“Ahh…it’s less painful.” he said.

I smiled and went to the last person, J.d.

He covered his forehead with his hand.

“I can’t receive that knock.. I’m the master in this game. There’s no reason to knock my forehead. I’m ahead of everyone.” he said.

I smiled and positioned my middle finger.

“Sir…I’m afraid this rule is not in the game. So please take your hand off your forehead.” I said.

“Ahhshhh whatever.. Just go on.” he said and removed his hand.

I gave him a pretty hard knock and he cried out.

“Ahhhh that hurt! Were you trying to bury my forehead into my skull? Why was mine so hard when you were gentle on them?” he asked.

“I’m sorry sir..but I think only my finger can give the answer.” I said and showed him my fingers.

The rest of the rockstars laughed. I gave Jimin and Elvin a wink.

The next game was surprisingly won by Jimin..

That shocked everyone and the knock he gave me was gentle.

I won two more times and the last game was won by Elvin.

J.d only got to the second twice.

It was fun filled.


Finally, I was back to my room and it was getting to 12am already.

I checked my phone which I’ve left on my bed and was shocked to see Lala’s five miss calls and Alisa’s fifteen missed calls. A text from Lala and five texts from Alisa.

I sighed and read Lala’s first.

She was asking about how I’m doing..

I replied, telling her how fine I am and what I did to Romeo and also the game I played with the five rockstars.

She must have fallen asleep cos they came no reply from her.

I read Alisa’s messages and it was all about the trending news of Lala and I not friends anymore.

I replied in the best explanation I can give and then retired to bed…

It didn’t take long before I drifted to sleep. 😴

I had a dream… In that dream, I saw myself and Romeo in a beautiful garden, the flowers are beautiful and colourful and danced to the friendly passing wind.

The Aura of the place looked like a countryside and Romeo and I were sitting in front of a piano at the middle of this beautiful garden.

I have no idea how to play a piano but I in the dream, I was playing the piano with Romeo while we sang together..

It was lovely and the wind blew through our hair.

Suddenly I stopped singing and he stopped too and touched my cheek..

“Are you okay, Cherie?” he asked me.

I raised my brows, astonished. “What? Cherie?”

Then I woke up.


I’m still so confused about the dream. I’m confused because he called me Cherie. Cherie!

I know that was only a dream but I feel something strange.

How could he call me Cherie?

Maybe my face changed into her or something?

I slapped my forehead and headed to the bathroom..

“Just snap it off Baby.. It’s just a dream. It’s nothing but a dream.”

But the dream seem to be stocked in my head.

“Argh now I need Quinfa.” I sighed.

I was expecting her to show up that minute but she didn’t.

I brushed and washed my face.

I changed my pajamas into a skirt and t-shirt and pull over, repacked my hair and heaved.

“This dream. I feel something strange. Quin I need you to give an answer about this.. Can you come please come.” I said to the empty room but I didn’t show up.

“She must be busy.” I said and opened the door, peeped out before walking out. None of the idols were at the corridor.

“Romeo’s coffee.” I quickly ran downstairs to get it. In a few seconds I was in the kitchen, Mrs Hadley was there with the rest of the kitchen staffs.

“Good morning Mrs Hadley, Good morning everyone.” I greeted with a bow.

“Here it is.” Mrs Hadley passed the tray of coffee to me. I carried it.

“Thanks ma’am.” I said and hurried out but careful not to cause a mishap.

While climbing the staircase, I saw Lucy coming downstairs. This girl, I don’t really like her.

“Hi Lucy,” I said.

“Hi Baby… Your eyes are swollen, did you sleep at all last night?” She asked.

“Really? Oh, I slept quite late. I was playing cards with the rockstars.” I said, smiling without realizing wide the smile was.

“Your smile tells how much fun you had.” she said then tried to walk pass and the next thing, I felt was a hot pour on my right.

“Ahhh” I cried and the tray fell off my hands.

“Oh my goodness, I really didn’t know what happened. I’m very sorry about this Baby.” Lucy said as she took my arm.

Her knuckle has knocked the coffee while she was passing and some had poured on my hand.

It was burning.

“I’m really sorry about this.. What do I do now.” Lucy lamented.

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. I will get another coffee and take care of the hand.” I said then bent down to pick the broken cup and tray.

“No no, don’t do that. Go take care of your hand, I will call someone to do the two. Go now.” Lucy said.

“O okay..” I said and headed upstairs.

“Ah my hand is really burning..” I groaned as I held it like an egg and was blowing air on it.

I got to the corridor and saw four of the rockstars; Kelly, J.d, Jimin and Lucky.

“What was that sound?” J.d asked immediately they saw me.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” Kelly asked and rushed to me. The others did.

“What happened?” Kelly asked.

“coffee poured on my hand. It’s just a little. I would take care of it.” I said.

“Coffee? You mean Romeo’s coffee?” Jimin asked.

Kelly grabbed my left hand. “Come and treat this.” he said and pulled me into his room, Jimin entered.

“Sit.” he said and walked to his wardrobe. I sat down on the single sofa.

“Does it hurt much?” Jimin asked.

“Yes..” I said.

Kelly opened his wardrobe, brought out a first Aid box and came back.. He dropped it on the table, opened it and took out the necessary aids.

Soon, he began applying them on the spot.

“How did it happen?” he asked.

“Actually.. one of the staff mistakenly knocked it at the staircase.” I said.

“Really? The staircase is wide enough.” Jimin said.

“It’s not her fault.” I said.

“She need to be questioned about this. The staircase is wide enough for such mishap to happen. What’s her name?” Jimin said.

“Sir.. It’s not her fault. Please don’t do anything.” I said.

There’s no way Lucy would have purposely done this..

“She said it isn’t the maid’s fault.. It’s not that much, it would be healed in few days, the scar might last quite long but I will get you a scar to clear the scar on time.” Kelly said.

“I will do that.” Jimin said. Kelly gave him a glance then smiled at me.

“Does it still hurts?”

I shook her head. “Only a bit. Thank you sir.”

He smiled and I felt butterflies my stomach.

My crush had saved me so many times. I can’t stop loving him so much..

Lala’s such a lady girl to have you Oppa.

“Go prepare for school.” he said.

I smiled, nodded and stood up. “Thank you sir.” I bowed at him and to Jimin too then left his room.

I entered my room, fell on my bed with a wide smile.


Once Baby left, I turned to Jimin.

“J, you gotta stop this feeling. I feel that Baby is for Romeo. Like they are destined. It’s obvious since she’s the one to save him. Since it’s her destiny to save him. Just like in the movies.” Kelly said.

“I don’t wanna believe that. I love Baby… I’m just waiting for the right time to tell her.”

“The right time.. Have you forgotten that we ain’t allowed to date anyone we want. No dating of non celebrity. It’s frustrating. You have no idea how hard it is for me.” Kelly said.

“So what’s the difference if Romeo and Baby end up together? He can’t be allowed to date someone like her too, isn’t it?” Jimin asked.

Kelly breathed out. “Yeah it’s the same.”

“Soon, I’m gonna get the courage to confess to her and I’m certain she won’t turn me down. We will date secretly.” Jimin said.

Kelly shrugged.



A knock came on the door and I was certain it’s her.


I touched my forehead and it’s perfectly good.

I pulled my feet on the slippers, picked one of my phone and let out a dull “get in.”

The door opened and it wasn’t her but another maid.

Why isn’t she the one?

Why’s it this one, Lucy or whatever she says her name is.

She bowed. “Good morning sir.. Here is your coffee.” she said and dropped it on the table.

“Where’s the one who supposed to bring it?” I asked.

“She’s a little hurt on the hand. She had to treat it so I took the post.” She said.

“Little hurt on the hand? What happened?” I asked.

Wait… Why I’m I even bothering about that girl? I should be happy she isn’t the one.

“Actually sir.. She…” she was about to answer but I cut her short.

“I don’t need to know. Leave.” I said.

“Yes sir..” she bowed and left.

I glanced at the coffee and at the door.

“She got a little hurt on the hand? What happened?” I wondered then pushed my head back.

“I don’t give a damn about that.” I said and carried the coffee and drank but it’s hot.

“Ah that’s hot.” I dropped it back.

“What kinda hurt could that have been? Ahsh I should have just let her finish…” I said with a sigh… But then I scattered my hair.. “Why I’m I still bothering about whatever happened to that girl.. Ahh! So annoying!”

I got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.



I took my bathe, and dressed up for school, I picked my backpack, put my phone inbedside and everything other thing necessary and walked out of my room.

No one was at the corridor. I looked at Romeo’s door and wondered if his coffee was taken to him.

I’m sure he was happy that I wasn’t the one.

“You annoying jerk. I just feel like kicking you out of whatever chain you are in this moment…” I sneered but devil has been playing games with me since last night, it choose that moment to open Romeo’s door and there was Romeo, at the door looking at me. My upper lip was still raised in a sneer.

He raised his brows and I quickly covered my lips with my palm, bowed and ran downstairs. As I ran downstairs, I recalled the dream that I had and when he mistook me for Cherie in the dream?

I don’t understand this dream at all. Only Quin can tell me the meaning of that dream. I hope to see her soon.

I got to the kitchen and Saw Lucy and others.

“Baby are you alright? How’s your hand?” Lucy asked.

“I’m okay.. The treatments were applied and I don’t feel the pain anymore.” I said.

“Did you do this yourself.. You must have a first aid box.” she said.

“No I don’t. Rockstar K did it for me.” I said with a smile.

🚺Wow…. Really?!🚺 A maid exlaimed.

🚺You and Rockstar K seem so close. He even carried you from the private jet yesterday. I feel like being you girl.🚺 another maid said.

🚺How did you get too close to the rockstars.. I want to know every detail.🚺 another said.

Lucy walked out. I had no idea why but she walked out… Anyway, she isn’t a kitchen staff.

🚺What’s up with Lucy?🚺 one asked.

🚺She seem vexed up.🚺

“That’s enough girls. Start taking the dishes to the dinning, the masters would soon be out.” Mrs Hadley, the chief cook said.

I dropped my bag on the breakfast bar and tried taking one of the dishes.

“No Baby, you are hurt on your hand. Let others do everything today.” Mrs Hadley said.

“No, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” I said.

She smiled.

I and three maids served the rock stars breakfast and waited on them to come downstairs.

About thirty minutes later, five of them did and settled on the dinning. We bowed at them.

“Enjoy your breakfast sirs.” One of the maid said.

Oppa K looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

Then the introvert jerk came and settled on a chair. We bowed at him, even though I didn’t want to. I have no choice.

I sneered at him and he caught me again, because he looked at me.

I quickly faced down.. ‘Ah why did he look at me?’ When I raised my face a bit, I saw his eyes on my right hand.

The three maids then turned and headed back to the kitchen, I followed them but his voice suddenly halted me.

“PM, get me water.” Romeo said.

“‘What’s Pm? And why is he requesting for water when he’s water is there already?’ I wondered.

I didn’t turn though but I stopped.

“Im talking to the Personal maid.. Get me water.” he said.

I inhaled and slowly turned.. when I did, I saw his eyes go down to my hand.

“There’s your water….sir.” I said.

“It doesn’t look clean to me. Get another one and take this away.” he said.

I sighed.. “Okay sir” I said and went to the kitchen.

I was given another filled up water jug. I took it and walked back to the dinning..

I replaced the new water and took the other. I saw him looking at my right hand. “Here is another one… Sir. I hope it’s very clean and purer than an angel’s garment.” I said.

Elvin was the first to chuckle then touched his forehead and said “Ah I wonder why this affected my forehead.”

Romeo gave me a light glare. I bowed at them all and headed back to the kitchen.

“I hope it’s very clean and purer than an angel’s garment..” One of the kitchen maids by the name, Kira said with laughter immediately I walked in.

“Can you stop that Kira. Don’t get into trouble.” Mrs Hadley said.

“Why would I? Baby who just said that to his face didn’t get into trouble.” Kira said the smiled at me.. “Oh I forgot, you are quite close to the rockstars. Oh I wish I had the opportunity to go to rockstars. I’m sure I’d be close to my Kelly right now. He’s so sweet and amazing.”

Kelly? Not my Kelly! I mean not Lala’s Kelly!!

“Ah I’m hungry..” I said.

“Sit while I get you your food. Master Kelly said you are a special guest here so you should be treated with alot of care and respect..” Mrs Hadley said.

Really? Really? Did he really say that? I’m a special guest here? Not just a maid but a special guest?

“Oh what was I talking about? He’s the most perfect among them all. I love him like the sun loves the say and the moon, the night.” Kira said.

“Stop day dreaming and help us our here.” One of the maids named, Ali said.

“As if you don’t.” Kira rolled her eyes and walked over.

Mrs Hadley brought me my food and I settled down on the breakfast bar and began eating.


Soon, I finished eating, I had to hurry up and finish before the rock stars.

“Thank you Mrs Hadley.” I said after the delicious breakfast.

“You are welcome. Have a nice day in school today.” she said.

“I will. Take care of yourself as well. And everyone too.” I said and carried my bag.

“Can I enter your bag Baby?” Kira said. I smiled. “If only you could, then come on.” I said.

She laughed. “Bye everyone. See you soon.” I said and walked out..

The rock stars were almost through but Romeo was through. I walked to their heaped bags.

I wore wore two at my front, two at my back, then carried two at my right hand, two at my left.. One was still remaining and that was Romeo’s.

I wanted to leave it and come back for it but somehow I didn’t. I dropped the bags back and carried four, Kelly’s, Romeo’s, J d’s and Jimin’s.

I carried them out to the private jet which was opened already. I climbed the step and walked in.. I dropped the bags in one seat, dropped mine as well. Admires the plane for awhile before alighting.

I got back in the house and they were done all done eating. I carried the remaining two bags and when I turned, I was surprised to see Romeo in front of me.

How did he get here so suddenly, he was right there at the dinning.. Did he teleport or something? And why’s he standing in front of me? Others were behind. When they saw Romeo in front of me, they stopped and watched.

“Don’t let what happened today repeat again..” he said.

What is he talking about?

Did he mean about what I told him?

‘I hope it’s very clean and purer than an angel’s garment?

Was that too scornful. Did I over say?

I was about to start apologising when he then said.

“Bring me my coffee every 7am and don’t miss a day without doing that. I thought of sacking you for that today but Im giving you the grace.” he said then left.

What? I even thought it was about what I said to him.

But I thought he should be happy that I wasn’t the one.

He just want to frustrate huh?

Who even took the coffee to him?

And did he say he thought of sacking me?


Talk about making mouth.

“Babe, Do you plan to stand there?” That was J.d’s voice. It shot me out of my thoughts and I quickly followed behind him.

Wait, but my name isn’t Babe but Baby.

Argh whatever..

We got to the private jet and entered.. I sat on the seat that I sat yesterday. There’s nothing to worry, it’s the same seat I sat while we were coming back. It’s like my favorite seat now.

Jimin sat opposite me.

I fastened my seat belt sneered when I saw Romeo’s head at the seat in front.

Is that his favorite seat?

“Here, take it.” Jimin said, stretching his earphone to me.

“Anio, im fine..” I said.

He smiled. “Cos it’s not from Kelly? You need it so you don’t get dizzy again.” he said.

“Uhmm actually, I want to overcome the phobia so I wasn’t planning to use that again.” I said.

He smiled.. “It’s okay. I hope it doesn’t happen today. I’m only concerned.” he said.

“Thank you for being concerned about me sir.” I said.

He smiled then connected the earphone to his phone and dipped the pads into his ears.

I smiled..

Few minutes later, we were flying towards Rocks high.

I was sure a lot of things are awaiting me in that school.

I hope to handle them all.




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