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 🎻🎻Rocks High💜💜

(Rockstar Next Door)💜

Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C


🌼Episode 33🌼



👑Shana pov cont.👑

He first gave a confused expression then covered it up with a smile. “Come on baby, I already gave him a lot.” he said and kissed me

“I missed you this weekend.” he said.

I faked a smile. “I missed you too. How are you preparing for the paradise trip?” I asked.

“I wish there was nothing like that.. It sucks.” he said.

I smiled and placed my fingers on the necklace.

If only I can take it out, dig deep into the ground and bury it there forever.

I must find a way to get it out of his neck, again.

“It keeps giving me thoughts that there is something I need to remember. I wish I can. I try so hard but I can’t. I’m sure if I keep thinking, I will.” he said.

I felt like tearing the necklace into pieces at that moment but I tried to control my rage.

“It’s okay baby.. I’m sure you will remember someday.. But I’m wondering how a necklace can give you such thoughts.” I said.

“It just comes sometimes when I hold it and look at the pendant.” he said.

I exhaled.. ‘I need to do something about this. Zee it’s time you come back.. It’s time you get back here. There are two things I need to take out of my sight, one this goddamn necklace and two, that brat!

I can’t stand them!



I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Lala’s news online just like every of the rockstars couldn’t as well.

We were baffled and wondered what could have made her make up such lie.

So I sent her a message immediately asking the reasons for her action and she explained.

💬None would believe I let Baby leave to work in rockstars mansion without no reason. They will know there’s a reason why she did and suspicions will arise. It’s better that they think I chased her out and because she had nowhere else to go led her into working in the rocks mansion. I will explain to her..💬

“But the bad comments are on Baby, not her. It’s terrifying.” Jimin said.

“It’s a nice idea but it gives me creeps tho.” Jaden said.

“Me too. This is going far more than I thought.” Elvin said.

“Sacrificing this much for Romeo. I hope he gets himself and pay Lala and Baby for sacrificing a lot for him.” Lucky said.

“Where’s he anyway?” Elvin asked.

“Where else than off building.” Jaden said.

“I have a feeling he’s with Shana.” Jimin said.

“This will go well. I’m tired of seeing Romeo this way.” I said.

“Me too. We need the old Romeo back.” Elvin said.

“We all agree to this..” Jaden said.

“..but K, are you serious that you saw the fairy with your two eyes, faires’s don’t exist except in movies.” Elvin said.

“I was shocked when she appeared. It was like I was in some barbie movie.” I said.

“I’d like to see her.” Jimin said.

“She can’t appear anymore to people like us.. She can only appear to those who carries the blood of magic like Baby.”

“Okay stop.. All this sound like a movie to me.” J.d said.

“Me too..” Lucky said.

We all laughed.



I waited for Lala but didn’t see her.. My lunch was brought to me and I ate while still expecting to see Lala since she promised to come see me at lunch break.

I finished eating but still she haven’t come. I heard the distant bell ring for lunch time over. It was then, I knew something wasn’t right.

For the past weeks I’ve known Lala. I knew she wouldn’t keep me in the hospital all alone. If she promised to come, she would have come.

“Something isn’t right.” I said.

The curtain suddenly opened and I thought it was Lala but it turned out to be a nurse.

“Miss Baby Edric right?” she asked.

“Yes ma.” I answered.

She stretched a folded note to me.

“A student by the name, Lala Mae Iris said to give this to you.” she said.

“Lala?” I said and took it.. “Thank you.”

She smiled and went out.

“Lala? Why did she send me a note instead of coming?”

I unfolded it and found a lollipop🍭 inside. I smiled and took it out then went on to read the note.

💬Baby, I’m sorry about something I said in class, now the whole school knows of it.. For now we ain’t friends..

Here is the reason for it. If we still act friends in front of this devils, they will question the reason why you went to work at rockstars mansion when you have a rich friend like me. They will stick to wanting to know the reason and you know the reason is a secret between us and the five rockstars alone.

We will be communicating via phone but we can’t talk to each other in the presence of people… It will end the day Romeo gets himself. I hope it is soon cos I can’t bear acting like an enemy to you. I love you Baby.. If you aren’t upset with me, lick this lollipop and show me the stick when you come to class tomorrow. Please don’t come to class today. Kelly would come to take you when school is over. I believe you have eaten. Take care of yourself OK. I love you friend💛💬

I smiled and I wiped the tear that rolled down my eyes.

“It’s okay Lala. I understand perfectly and you did a nice thing. I will miss you too. This would make me strife to accomplish my mission quickly so we can become friends in public again.”

I opened the lollipop and licked.

“It taste amazing.” I said with a smile.

The curtain opened and I quickly folded the paper. It was the doctor.

“Miss Edric, are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes, I am.” I said.

“You can leave now if you want to.” he said

“No I will stay here until school is over. Someone would come to take me.” I said.

“Alright.” he said and left.

I opened the paper back and smiled tearfully as I licked the lollipop.

“I can never find a friend like you Lala.” I said.



Shana came back from wherever she went to, looking really raged.

I walked over to her.

“Queen Shana. Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m not.. I’d like to be alone for now.” she said and walked pass to a couch.

Cassy came over. “What’s wrong with Shana. Is she alright?” she asked.

“I don’t think.” I said.

“Lala and Baby split. Baby now lives in rockstars mansion as a maid. This is really surprising.” Belina said.

ⁿIt does look suspicious.” Debbie said.

“How?” Cassy asked as she walked back to them.

“Don’t you think they planned this?” Debbie said.

“I don’t believe that.” Cassy said.

“Do you mean she went to work at rockstars mansion because of Kelly?” Belina asked.

“Of course not!” Debbie snapped angrily.

Nuella chuckled.

“Stop this girls! I need here to be quiet and no talk about that ordinary girl!” Shana said from where she sat.



It was hard learning alone without Baby. I missed her so much until I felt like crying.

Everyone was blaming her and when I couldn’t bare it anymore, I stood up and told them to put the blame on me because I started the conflict. Still, majority seem to hate Baby for just no reason.

It’s all my fault.

I recorded every lesson we did and stored it to send to her later on.

School ended and I trusted Kelly on getting her from the hospital.



School got over and I waited just like Lala told me to for Kelly.

I could go back to the school myself but I knew Lala knew why she told me to wait for Kelly. So I waited.

Soon, the curtain opened and he stepped me. My heart flustered by his sight.

“Are you alright now?” he asked.

I nodded.” Yes I am. Thank you.” I said.

“It’s okay. We should leave now.” he said.

I nodded and got up.

“You heard about Lala’s action today right?” he asked as we headed out of the hospital.

“Yes I did.. I’m fine with it.” I said.

🚺Oh my.. It’s Rockstar Kelly..🚺


🚺oh my goodness.. It’s him..🚺

People still screamed in the hospital.

It’s really nice to be a public figure. People notice you everywhere you go.

He waved at them and we walked out of the hospital towards the school.

They were so much crowd outside. None had left.

🚺Here she comes.. The ungrateful brat.🚺 They said.

“Don’t step close!” Kelly said to them.

🚺Oppa! she betrayed Lala. She deserves to be beaten until she cant breathe again.🚺

“I said stop it and leave the way.” he said.

They made way. He held my hand and pulled me along until we were inside the private jet.

“Thank you sir..” I bowed at him.

“It’s fine. Sit down and don’t look out the window.” he said then gave me a headset “close your eyes and listen to music.” he said.

I collected the headset and fixed it on my ears, then fastened my safety belt and closed my eyes.

‘It’s so nice to have your headphone on my ears.. The music sound so cool.’ I smiled within.

I knew the song playing, it wasn’t even their song.

I sang along with my eyes closed and had no idea when the jet landed in the rockstars mansion.

I opened my eyes and realize we are home.

I unfastened my safety belt and removed the headphone from my ears and let it stay round my neck.

Then I stood up and was looking for their bags when I saw Jimin packing them up. I quickly rushed over and collected them from him.

“You aren’t feeling fine yet.” he said.

“I’m fine.. I’m very fine. I will carry them.” I said.

He took three and left three for me.

“I said I would carry all of them.” I said.

He smiled. “No way. Come on, let’s alight.” he said.

I nodded and we headed downstairs.



I had barely gotten into my room when my phone rang, it was my mom.

Mom calling? Why?

I picked it up and placed it on my ear.

“Hello mom.” I spoke first.

📱”Darling.. How are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m fine mom.. You wanna talk to me about something?” I asked.

📱”It’s about your twin sister’s anniversary. It’s next week three weeks, 6th October? I hope you didn’t forget?” she said.

I quickly checked the date.

6th October, Saturday.

Oh.. Whatever, I forgot. Do I even need to remember?

📱”Shana, are you there?”

“Yes mom, I am. I will be home.” I said.

📱”Your dad and I will be expecting you.” she said.

I faked a sad voice.

“I can’t wait to tell her of how much I miss her.” I said.

📱”It’s okay Shana. Be strong.” Mom said.

“I will try to be mom.” I said.

📱”See you soon darling.”

“See you soon too mom.” I said and the call ended.

I scoffed.

It’s been a year already?

It was really a wonderful year and would continue to be without her.

“Rest well where you are, dear sister.” I said with a lopsided smile.



After Romeo alighted the private jet and went inside, he haven’t came out since then.

It was already 7pm dark and he haven’t eaten.

I got quite worried as I walked to and fro in my room, thinking of what to do.

Oppa K had told me not to worry, that he’d eat his food but I’ve been waiting to hear the sound of his room door but I haven’t.

“What’s actually wrong with him? Did Shana chain him from eating as well? Or.. could it be because of me?”

I shook my head. “How can it. He can’t skip his meals just because I’m here.”

I sat down at the edge of my bed and sighed in frustration.

“He should just eat… What do I do.”

After laying on my bed for awhile and it was already after eight, I couldn’t hold back anymore, I got up from the bed and walked out of my room and just as I did, I saw Jaden come out from his.

“Sir” I called.

“Are you alright?” he asked

“I’m fine but… Romeo.. he haven’t eaten right?” I asked.

“Yeah.. He locked his room as well. I guess he’s on starve tonight.” he said.

“For what.. Why?” I asked.

“I have no idea. He usually have a lot of bad days like this.” he said.

“Bad days.. Why would he suffer his stomach.. At least he should eat to continue facing the bad days. Starving won’t solve anything.” I said.

He chuckled. “You think so? Please let him know.”

“I would want to…but you said his door is locked.” I said.

He shrugged. “That’s the problem. Hey, we are playing cards downstairs, do you wanna join?”

“Cards? Ahh no..I’m..” I stuttered.

He smiled.” Don’t worry. Be free with us, especially me. Come on, leave Romeo. He’ll get back to himself soon.” he said and grabbed my hand.

“Gaja,” he said and tried pulling me along but I slide my hand from his and faced down.

“I..I..will join soon. I have to call on Romeo to eat.” I said.

He shrugged. “Okay then. Try your best. We’d be grateful.” he said and left.

I inhaled and walked to Romeo’s door.

‘..this is why I am here.. This is what i am here for. Romeo you are the reason why I’m here and you are the person I should focus more on’ I said within before grabbing the door knob and with the thought that it wouldn’t open, I turned the doorknob and gasped when the door opened.

Devil decided to play his mischievous games at that moment that it had to be that Romeo was about opening the door as well. He got hit on the forehead by the door and I wondered how I’m going to explain this.

“Ahrgh.” he groaned quietly, placing his palm on his forehead.

I gasped and before I knew it, I was fully inside his room.

‘Omg what I do now. How do I explain this.. What to do.’

I raised my trembling hands to touch his forehead. “Are you okay? I’m sorry.. I’m very sorry.” I said.

He flung my hand away with rage. “What the hell did you open my door for? What explanation are you gonna give about this?”

I bowed severally. “I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry sir.”

“You deserve to be fired!” he said.

‘I exhaled, raised my face and looked at him straight in the eyes. “I’d love to but I have no choice…sir.”

He raised his brows. “What. What do you mean by that?”

Still looking at him straight in the eyes. “I apologize again…sir. I came to ask why you decided to starve this night sir. Do you write a note note sir?”

His brows were still raised and his lip slightly ajar as he seem to stare at me with astonishment then he scoffed.

“What are you to come to my room and ask about what I do with myself? Wait a moment. Seeing me in rocks high weren’t enough for you that you had to come here?” he asked.


I scoffed and sneered my lip.

“Sir? Are you really serious right now? I am here to work and that’s all. You are having the negative thoughts….sir!” I said.

“Leave.” he said and walked to his dressing desk and started checking his forehead on the mirror.

I sighed then walked out and hurried downstairs towards the kitchen.

I saw the five rockstars all playing cards. They must be wondering the rush with the kind of eyes they looked at me with.

I entered the kitchen and they were three maids in the kitchen but not Lucy, thank goodness.

“Need something?” One asked.

“Yes, ice blocks.. And Romeo’s dinner. Please hurry up with it. He will eat in his room.” I said.

“Okay..” they said and hurriedly got to work.


The pain was quite much.. I pressed it lightly and regretted immediately.

“Ah it hurts.”

I sighed and pushed my hair back. It fell back again to the front.

I picked a black hair band and packed it up so I can see the hit well.

It was red and swelling.

I breathed out with rage and tightened my fist.

“That girl! I can’t stand her in this mansion. I’d make sure she get lost!”



In few minutes it was set. I carried it all in a large tray and hurried out..

I passed the five idols again and their eyes widened as they saw what I was carrying but no one said anything or ask anything.

I hurried upstairs and exhaled.

I hope he haven’t locked it. I tried opening it with my elbow and it opened.

He looked over and his brows furrowed in anger.

But I suddenly chuckled when i saw his packed hair.. He look so girlish with that but then I walked closer and saw the red mark and swelling on his forehead, I felt bad and gently dropped the tray on the table.

“What do you think you are doing? Get out of my room. I hate to see your face.” he said.

For a moment, I wanted to scream at him but I wondered how I was able to control myself.

I found myself smiling at him.

“That’s okay by me.. I would get out after dissolving the swell then after eating your dinner.” I said and opened the towel, placed two ice blocks on it and foldeded it.

“You’d need to lie down..sir.” I said.

He scoffed. “I’m so irritated that I feel like making you disappear from my sight. Don’t you get it? Get out of my room right now.”

I exhaled. “The ice are going to melt if we keep wasting time and you need to take your dinner….almighty sir!”


“I’m sure you don’t want to appear to the public tomorrow with a swollen forehead. Think about how your fans would laugh at the pictures.. What do you have to do about this…sir? Than getting it out before it’s too late..” I said.

He scoffed and turned back to the mirror but I could see him looking at me from the mirror.

“Fine… I would leave it for you to do yourself but it’d be pretty hard to do by yourself. Don’t forget to eat. I’m off. Goodnight…sir.” I said, as I dropped back the ice and went for the door. I grabbed the doorknob to open the door but got stopped by him.

“My face is worth more than gold.. I don’t want it being a laughing stock tomorrow. Lots of blogs are waiting for such things. I’ll let you do this. Besides you caused this.”

I chuckled and turned to face him.

“It’s nice you made the right decision quicker.” I said and walked back to the ice. He got up from the chair, walked to his bed and laid down.

I took the ice block wrapped in a towel and walked to the bed and waited for him to shift inner.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Could you please adjust a little more, I have to sit down to be able to do this….sir.” I said.

He rolled his eyes and adjusted. I sat down beside him and placed the ice towel on his forehead.

“Arghhhh… That’s cold and it hurt too.” he snapped.

I sneered. “Really?”

I removed it and placed it back.

“Argh.. That’s really cold.” he lamented again.

“Endure it…sir.” I said.

“Of course I have to. Now I’m thinking you purposely did this.” he said.

“What do you mean..?” I asked.

“It’s obvious that you wanted to be so close to me.. You are no difference.” he said.

I scoffed.


“I think I’m not pressing it well enough. I will add more pressure now….sir” I said, clenched my teeth and pressed it hard on his forehead.

“Arghhh what are you doing!! Get your hand off.” he shouted and flung my hand away.

“More pressure was added. Don’t you want it to go… It’s not like I’m sticking them into your head.” I said.

“What? What did you just say?” he asked.

I bowed. “I’m sorry..sir. I would continue without saying a word again… Please don’t too.” I said and placed it back on his forehead.


As she continued without making a single sound, my eyes were only looking at her even though I never want to.

While being so close, I realized something…

She’s got a nice lips and her eye lashes are pretty long.




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