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 🎻🎻Rocks High⭐⭐

(Rockstar Next Door)⭐


Episode 32🌼



🌟Romeo pov cont.🌟

“Make way!!” J.d shouted at everyone as Kelly was rushing towards with her in his arms.

He rushed past me and my eyes followed them.

The Rocks High hospital nurses rushed into the scene with a stretcher.

They carried Baby from Kelly’s arms, lay her on the stretcher and hurriedly wheeled her towards the school hospital.

🚺Wow.. I’m confused.🚺

🚺What was she doing in the rockstars private jet🚺

🚺Rockstar Kelly carried a commoner🚺

🚺What was she doing in the rockstars private jet.🚺

🚺We must find out.🚺

🚺We must find out.🚺

When Baby had left the scene, Kelly turned and our eyes met.

“I hope she’s fine” Elvin said beside me.

I continued my walk into the school hallway, then turned to an elevator. The others joined and soon we were at the fifth floor.

“I think it’s flight phobia.” J.d said.

Once I entered the private study room, my phone rang. I took it out of my pockets and it was Shana’s call.

‘Why’s she calling?’

I picked up.

📲”Romeo, we need to talk.” she said immediately.

“Talk? Where?” I asked.

📲”Off building. Be there at lunch time.”

“Okay. See you then.” I said and the call dropped.

I sighed. I’m sure it’s about that girl! She’s being a trouble to me ever since she got into this school.

“Is she going to be fine?” That was Jimin asking Kelly.


“Stop worrying, it’s nothing serious.” Kelly told him.

“She better be.” J.d said.

I scoffed. ‘Everyone’s so bothered about her.’



I flung the phone away immediately I ended the call and drew close to the window curtain in rage.

“That girl!” I gritted.

“Well it’s obvious..” Nuella said standing beside me. “…that she was in the rockstars mansion, she slept there and…came to school with them. That commoner!”

“Is it possible that she’s a maid in rockstars mansion?” Cassy said.

I turned to her in a swift. “Never!!” I snapped at her causing her to flinch.

“Come on, you scared me. ” she said.

“I agree with Cassy.” Rina said. “..she might have been employed as a maid in rockstars mansion.”

I glared at her. The way she returned the look.

“That little brat.” Debbie said causing everyone to turn to her.

Did she just call Baby a little brat?

“What? Did I hear well. I don’t think I did.” Cassy said.

Belina grabbed her phone to do whatever.

“Debbie, who actually did you refer to, let me not believe it’s Baby right?” Nuella asked.

“You were like her guardian.” Cassy said.

Debbie crossed her arms.

“Not anymore.” she said. Our eyes met and there was a brief stare between us before she walked away.

I scoffed.


“Someone’s becoming cold hearted.” Nuella said.

“Arghhh. There’s no story about a new maid in rockstars mansion.” Belina said.



I opened my eyes and there was Lala staring with worried look.

“Baby, baby are you alright?” She was asking.

The smell of the place was what got to me first. Everywhere smell of medicines just like a hospital.

Wait, hospital?

I scanned around with my eyes and realize that I was really on a hospital bed.

“Lala, what happened? Why I’m I here?” I asked.

“You can’t remember? You fainted in the private jet.” Lala said.

I closed my eyes as a sharp headache attacked me. I placed my drip injected hand on my forehead.

“Baby, should I call the doctor?” Lala asked.

“No no, I’m fine. Just a headache.” I said then opened my eyes.

She exhaled. “Thank God you are awake now. You’ve been sleeping for three hours. The doctor said it’s plane phobia. How are you going to be coming to school if not with the rockstars. Rockstars mansion is quite far from the school.” Lala said.

“I don’t think it would happen again. I’m sure it happened because it’s my first time on a plane.” I said.

“I pray so. I wouldn’t want this to repeat again. I almost had a heart attack when I heard it.” Lala said.

I looked around for a clock or something to check time but there was none.

“What’s the time Lala… Classes must be going on now. We are absent.” I said.

She checked her wristwatch. “It’s 9:35am. And we have Ethics, it’s ending in the next five minutes.”

“Ahh we should leave now.” I said, sitting up.

“There’s no need.. We missed first class. Besides you can’t leave here without finishing your drip. I can stay here for the next fifteen minutes.” Lala said.

I looked at my injected hand. “Really?”

“Yes. please lay back, Don’t sit up.” she said.

I lay back down.

“I will be back in a minute. I have to go tell the doctor that you are awake now. I’ll be right back OK.” Lala said.

“O..kay.” I said.. She left.

Then I began recalling what happened in the private jet. I closed my eyes and placed my hand on my forehead.

«I was feeling so dizzy.. The rockstars were alighting the jet and I had to get up and carry their bags.

I didn’t trust myself to be alright if I stand up but I had no choice but to. And when I did and took just a step, all I remember was falling into the arms of rockstar Kelly.

“Baby, are you alright. Baby?” he had asked with a really scared face. Then I went blackout.»

I smiled at the thought of me in his arms.

What could have happened when I fainted? Did he carry me?

How was I brought in here?

There’s only two ways to find out..

One is asking Lala and two is hearing it from the students.

Which one should I do first? I’m so eager to know if Rockstar Kelly carried me or he didn’t. I’m eager to know how I was brought here.

It’s so great that I fell into his arms.

I smiled.

The curtain opened and a doctor walked in followed by Lala.

“Hello Miss Edric. How are you feeling?” he asked.

“I’m I’m fine now..” I said.

He came over, fixed his stethoscope into his ears and checked my heart beat, removed it and smiled.

“It was just a phobia for flight. Since it’s your first time being in a plane, it might not happen again or might. You can’t be discharged right now since you are on a drip. You will be discharged after it. That should be around 1pm.” he said.

“1pm? I’m going to miss classes today?” I asked, not pleased at all. Exam is approaching and I have to be at class all the time.

He smiled. “For today, yes. Please don’t move your right hand so much so you don’t interrupt the drip.”

“It’s fine Baby. I will focus very well today so I can tell you all that was taught. I will also record every teaching OK.” she said.

“Thank you Lala.” I said.

The doctor turned and left.

Lala sat back on the chair she was sitting when I woke up.

“I will soon be leaving for class. I will come by at lunch time OK.” she said.

I nodded. Then I recalled that I wanted to know how I was brought here.

Should I ask her? Wouldn’t that feel awkward?

Would she find out I asked just to know if it was rockstar Kelly that carried me?

No, no I can’t.. Rockstar K is her boyfriend.

“Baby, don’t you want to know how you got here?” she asked, shocking me.

Was she reading my mind?

Of course not.

She smiled. “Don’t forget to say thanks to Kelly and every rockstar. They got really worried. Well except Romeo. That one is always a minus.”

“Did did rockstar Kelly bring me here?” I asked.

“He carried you out of the jet. I think one of the rockstars called an emergency and you were brought here on a stretcher by the nurses.

‘He carried you out of the jet.

He carried me out of the jet.

He carried me out of the jet.

He carried me out of the jet.’

I smiled as my heart limped with an excitement of being carried by rockstar Kelly.

“Wow, she’s smiling. Good thing.” Lala said.

‘If only you know the reason behind my smile. I’m so sorry Lala. I will try my best to stop my crush on him. I will try my best.’

She checked her wristwatch.

“Oh my… It’s 5minutes left. Second class would soon commence. I gotta go Baby, please get enough rest OK. I will come at lunch time,” Lala said as she got up from the seat.

“Alright. I will. Don’t forget to bring me ice cream when coming.” I said.

She laughed. “I won’t. Don’t worry about food, Rocks High hospital meals are great. I already paid for a delicious meal for you. When you get hungry, make an order for the meal with the landline over there.”

I smiled. “thanks Lala. I will.”

She smiled. “See you.”

“See you too.” I said.

She left.

I smiled. ‘Rockstar Kelly carried me… He carried me… How I would have felt if I was conscious. The whole school must have seen him carrying me out from the private jet. I’m sure they all know now that I’ve been employed as a maid in rockstars mansion’

I wouldn’t be there if it isn’t for Romeo.

Romeo… I’m sure he was happy when I fainted and didn’t care when I was being rushed to the hospital.

He’s so cold hearted but I can’t blame him. It’s the reason why I’m now living in the same roof with him.

To save him. To stop him from being a cold hearted person.

He wasn’t born that way and he didn’t grew up that way.

It’s all the charms of that evil fairy that deceived Shana.

I won’t let them keep him chained forever! I must do something.

For everyone who cares about him, I will save him.

For Kelly and all the rockstars. For Lala, Quin and myself.

Wait, Do I care about him?



Once I got into the class, I was sorrounded by everyone in class.

They all had their phones in their hands.

🚺Lala, tell the truth. Why did Baby come to school in the rockstars private jet?🚺

🚺Then she fainted and was being carried by Rockstar Kelly. Isn’t that suspicious. Are they dating?🚺

🚺Why was she in the rockstars private jet🚺

🚺Why was she in the rockstars private jet🚺

🚺Give an answer Lala Mae Iris🚺

🚺Give an answer🚺

I ignored them and walked to my seat. They still surrounded me.

🚺You know why, so answer!🚺

🚺Is she dating Rockstar Kelly?🚺

🚺Why was she in the rockstars private jet?🚺

🚺The commoner is your friend. Tell the truth!🚺

I got enraged and sprang up from my seat.

“We ain’t friends anymore. We had a conflict so I threw her out and she got a job as a maid in rockstars mansion.. So don’t ask me anything about her.” I said.

I’m sorry Baby, I had to do this for a reason.


In few minutes, the news was on the school online news, both on Facebook group, Instagram page and WhatsApp groups and the school notification board.

/Lala Mae Iris threw Baby Edric out. Baby Edric now a maid in rockstars mansion./

/The Rich and poor friendship broken. Lala Mae Iris said she threw Baby Edric out for getting a work as a maid in the rockstars mansion /

/Lala and Baby’s friendship on split/

/Baby Edric now on her own.. Lala Mae Iris throws her out/

🚺What… Baby Edric, now a maid in rockstars mansion?

🚺She’s no longer staying with Lala.. She’s no a maid in rockstars mansion?🚺

🚺What did she do to Lala! She must have been a bad friend. Commoners will never get my help🚺

🚹Commoners are Bunch of idiots!! Ew!🚺


Hours later🕐, lunch break]


I was already in off building waiting for Romeo.

I need an explanation on why Baby was carried out from their private jet.

Is she living with them now? Was Lala saying the truth?

It mustn’t be.

I can’t stand believing that she now lives in the rockstars mansion.

Is that really why she came to rocks high. Then she better be prepared for me.

I will make sure she dies by my venom.

I cant stand and watch any idiot go close to my Romeo. He’s mine and will forever be!

Soon, I heard footsteps that sounded like his.

I got ready for him.

He walked in and settled on the chair.

“You are okay?” he asked.

“I’m not.. Do I look like I am? Why was that trash in the private jet today? Why was she carried out from the private jet? I heard something, was it really true?”

“I got to the mansion and saw her there. I have no idea how she got employed to be a maid. Kelly said it was B blizz. I can’t sack her.” he said.

“What’s her post?” I asked.

“Uhmm cleaner.” he said.

“Did she come close to you?” I asked.

He raised his brow. “Huh? Why would she come close to me? I warned her not to.”

“I don’t care if she’s a maid or whatever in the mansion. I’m going to make sure she is sacked.” I said.

He got up and came to me. “Come on, baby.. I hate to see her face in the house. I promise to kick her out.. She’s been a trouble to you.”

“No way! she can’t be a trouble to me.she’s only but a piece of rag.” I said then my eyes caught something that sent terrifying shock out of me.

The necklace which I was damn sure I threw into the stream, was on Romeo’s neck.

I flinched back in fright.

“Babe, are you okay?” he asked.

“That necklace..Why..why..” I was about asking why it’s on his neck but I can’t in order not to arouse suspicion. Not now that Zeekah isn’t here.

“…you found it?”

He touched the necklace and smiled. “Yes..You can’t believe babe.. I almost lost it but someone found it.. I almost went insane when I didn’t find it on my neck.” he said.

“Who..found it?” I asked with rage boiling inside of me.

He hesitated before answering.. “A junior student. He found it some place in the school. He didn’t tell me where exactly. I’m glad it’s back on my neck.”

A junior student! how possible! I threw it into the stream and no one could have possibly found it.

“Can you show him to me.. I’d like to give him a gift for finding my boyfriend’s treasured necklace.” I said and read his face.


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