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 ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽปRocks High School⭐⭐

(Rockstar Next Door)⭐


Episode 31๐ŸŒผ




He blinked his eyes.

Then he turned and headed upstairs.


I don’t want to believe it.

She can’t be her.

She’s certainly not the Baby Edric i know.

There’s no way it can be her.

Argh I’m so exhausted.

I don’t wanna give a damn about any new maid.

I headed upstairs.



I watched Romeo walk up the stairs.

I exhaled and turned back to the rockstars. They were all looking at me. I cleared my throat, bowed and said, “I will work hard and keep to every rule.”

I could see their smiling faces.

I felt relieved.

They are all happy to have me here, especially Kelly.

“Can the new maid get me a glass of water?” J.d said, not taking off the smile on his face.

I smiled and bowed. “Yes sir.”

“Get mine too.” Kelly said.

I bowed. “I will. Sir.”

I ran off to towards the kitchen for it, led by Lucy.

We got to the kitchen and Lucy was giving me suspicious looks.

“This is the way to serve them water. Pour it into the glass cup and hand them when you get there.” she said, showing me.

“Thank you.” I said and carried the tray of glass cups and water jug. I walked out and back to the rockstars.

Lucky had left. The TV had been turned on and they were watching a TV show.

I dropped the tray carefully on the table, carried the jug and poured water into the two glass cups.

I carried one and walked over to Kelly and stretched it to him with a bow.

He collected it. “Thank you.”

My heart gladdened when he thanked me.

He just said ‘thank you’ to a maid.

Is he supposed to do that?

I carried the other glass cup and stretched it to J.d who collected it. “Don’t forget to know this. First to ask, first to serve.” J.d said with a smile.

I bowed. “I won’t.”

I understand. I heard served Kelly first when J.d was the first to ask for a glass of water.

I glanced at the TV and they were watching a rapping combat between two guys on a stage.

The guy in red bandana was giving the other guy a lot of savage insults and then he said a very funny line that caused the rockstars to burst into laughter and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing too.

Elvin and J.d where the first to look at me and I quickly clutched my hands on my mouth, bowed, carried the tray and rushed off to the kitchen.

I got to the kitchen and almost bumped into Lucy who was standing close to the kitchen door with her arms crossed.

“Oh my.. I almost bumped into you.” I said.

She stepped closer. “Did you read the rules well enough?” she asked.

“Of course I did.” I answered. “Why?” I asked.

“And you laughed with the rockstars?” she asked.


Can’t I laugh when there’s freedom of laughing in this country?

“I couldn’t hold myself.” I said.

“Then try to next time or consider yourself fired. They only ignored that today because you are just new. Don’t try any of such from tomorrow.” she said.


“Okay.” I said.

“Your dinner is over there. Don’t touch the plates after eating. It isn’t your duty to wash the dishes. The maids in charge of the kitchen will do that.” She said.

“Okay.” I answered.

She gave me another look before walking out.

I breathed out.

“She certainly have no idea that I’m quite friends with the rockstars or am I not?” I asked myself.

“What did you say?” her voice suddenly came by the door. I flinched and turned sharply.

She was back to the door.

“Nothing.” I answered.

She tilted her head, said “Okay.” And walked away.

I placed my hands on my chest and exhaled.


That night, in my new room, I called Alisa and we talked.

I told her of Romeo’s reaction when he saw me.

“He’d be shocked to see you in the morning.” she had said.

I told her i’ll be fine and I’ll call her the next day. We said goodbye and I dropped the call.

I slept off while thinking of my new job as a saver of an introvert idol who’s sleeping next door.

“I hope I will be able to accomplish my mission here.” I said before finally sleeping off.


๐Ÿ’ญMe: Romeo what are you doing in my room?

Romeo: I just regained my lost memory. Shana was the reason for my Cherie’s death.

I sat up from the bed.

๐Ÿ’ญMe: I thought we were supposed to kiss before you do.

Romeo; (He laughs) Why will I kiss you.

I stood up and rush to him.

Me: Please you have to kiss. Kiss me Romeo. Kiss me.

Romeo: (pushes me away) My Cherie. My Cherie.


I opened my eyes and realized I was dreaming.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes.

“What kind of dream was that? Why will I beg him to kiss me. I will never do that. Such an annoying dream. Tch.”

I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:30am.

I sat up on the bed and yawned.

“I don’t feel sleepy anymore. By the way, it’s six already.”

I got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. As I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I remembered Quin. The last time I saw her was on Saturday. I miss her.

I finished brushing and soon it was six o’clock am.

A knock sounded on the door and I went for it. I opened the door and seeing Lucy’s face, my stomache turned. She’s always putting on a hard face even this early morning.

“Good morning Lucy.” I greeted.

“Good morning too. Here is your uniform. You wear it each time you come back from school.” she said stretching the clothes to me.

I collected it. “Thank you.” I said.

“Be at the kitchen by 7am” she said then turned and walked away. As I was about closing the door, she came back. “Wait.”

Is she always doing this?

“Huh?” I said.

She pointed at my clothes. “Dress properly before showing up before the rockstars.” Then she left.

I sighed and closed the door. I looked at my pajamas.

“What do she mean by that?”

Then it hit me. I ran to the bed, dropped the clothes and placed my hands on my boobs.

“It must be a little transparent. Is my n**ples showing?”

I sighed and dropped my hands off it as my eyes went to the new uniform.

“I’m I really going to wear this clothe? I wonder how im going to look.” I said with a smile.

I’m wondering why I smiled.

I sat down to think about all I’m going to do this morning before going to school?

I have to take coffee to Romeo.. Romeo! Why must he be the first rockstar that I’m going to see this morning?

I wish it’s K.

I sighed and hit my forehead. “What’s wrong with you Baby. You are here to like Romeo and save him, and not Kelly!”

I have to dress the rockstars beds this morning, Serve them meals and go with them to rocks high.

I breathed out.

“Not much a work.”

It was getting to 6:40am when I realized that I was still on my pajamas.

I rushed to the mirror and gasped when I saw my n**ples poking out behind the silk fabric.

“Ahh I totally forgot where I am. I should be wearing Bra all the time but not in the night too. It itches me.”

I went to the closet, took out a pink bra, removed the top and wore it then wore back the top and rushed to the door, I gently opened it, peeped left, first at Romeo’s door then other doors before coming out. No one was in the corridor.

I closed the door and hurried downstairs.

Soon I was in the kitchen and met four maids in the kitchen with another older looking woman. She must be the main cook.

I bowed to her. “Good morning ma.”

“Thank you. You are the new maid?” she asked.

“Yes ma.” I answered.

“Right. Take the coffee to Romeo. Be careful.” she said.

“I will.” I said, carried the tray of coffee and walked out.

As I headed upstairs, my heart beat raised bit by bit. I can hear my heart beat.

I was nervous and frightened.

What is he going to say to me?

Is he going to yell at me?

It’s obvious that he will. He told me never to come close to him.

As I walked pass my door and got to his.

My hands began shaking but I tried so much to control it so the tray doesn’t fall off my hands.

I raised my hand and knocked on the door. Thirty seconds later, I knocked for the second time and when I heard no answer, I grabbed the doorknob and breathing out a short prayer of “God help me.” I opened the door gently and walked in.

There he was on his bed, sitting up with his eyes on his tablet.

He wore a brown hairwarmer and the design of his pajamas look so cute.

I inhaled and closed the door.

‘Oh my… He’s room is the most spacious and beautifully and expensively furnished bedroom I’ve ever seen.’

I thought he was going to look up when I entered but he didn’t even bother. And where do I drop this?

Okay, I’m seeing a stool. I walked to it and pulled it closer to the bed. I glanced at Romeo but he still haven’t looked up.

Now that I’m so close to him. I could see his handsome face.

Any day, any time, he never stop being so handsome.

But he must have been more handsome when he was an extrovert.

I dropped the tray but I guess it hit quite hard and some of the coffee poured out onto the tray.

My heart skipped that moment thinking he’s gonna look up but still he didn’t.

‘He’s master of introvert!’

I bowed and turned to leave. As I was heading towards the door, his words halted me and his question made my heart skip.

“The new maid?” he asked.

Without turning, I answered. “Yesss…..sir.” I hesitated before adding ‘sir’ then continued my walk but then he halted me again

“Wait.” he said.

“Turn” he added.

I shut my eyes and tightened my lips in fright.

“Turn I say.” he said.

I opened my eyes and slowly turned with my face down, when I finally looked up, our eyes met.

He was looking at me with shock written all over his face. His lips is slightly ajar.

He blinked twice then dropped the tablet he held.

“What..are you doing here?” he asked.

I swallowed, breathed in and out then smiled nervously at him. “I’m the new maid.”

“For the second time, what are you doing in this mansion?” he asked.

I inhaled and gathered enough courage to give a better answer.

“I am the new personal maid to the rockstars, employed by B blizz. I promise to work very hard because I am very hardworking. My name is Baby Edric and I school in Rocks high. Once again, I promise to work hard here as your personal maid. Thank you….sir” I finished the speech with a smile, leaving him staring at me.

“I will take my leave now sir and please I will be back soon to dress the bed.” I said then bowed and hurried to the door.

“Hey!” he called.

I stopped.

“Get out of this place. I don’t wanna see you here.” he said.

I exhaled, swallowed and turned to face him.

I smiled.

“I’m sorry…..sir, but I can’t leave without B blizzard being the one to fire me. You don’t need to worry, I will be a very good personal maid.” I said.

“You can’t stay here. I will make sure you leave today.” he said.

I smiled, bowed, turned and left.

Entering my room, I smiled widely.

Geez why I’m I smiling.

I should be upset or frightened but here I am, smiling.

He can’t fire me.


I got up, walked out of my room and batched into Kelly’s room.

He was playing guitar๐ŸŽธ

“Kelly how did that girl get in here? How did she get employed by B blizz ?” I asked.

He stopped playing and shrugged. “I got no idea.”

“Get ready to sign for her kick out, I’m telling the rest.” I said.

“Well I can’t sign and I don’t think the rest would want to. Having a personal maid was a nice idea by B Blizz.” he said.

(Written by Rejoice Jeremiah✅)



About thirty minutes later, I was still in my room thinking of what to do next and how to do it..

The landline on the bedside table rang. I went for it and picked it up.

๐Ÿ“ž”Hey new maid. What are you doing in there in your room? Get started with dressing the rockstars bed, they are all downstairs for breakfast! Hurry up!” Lucy’s voice barked.

๐Ÿ“ž”Ah okay.” I said, dropped the call and rushed out.

The first room I went to was Romeo’s, since he’s room is the only room I’ve entered.

I gritted my teeth as i threw the pillows on the floor and proceeded to dress his bed.

The second door I entered was Kelly’s. His pictures and things that speaks about him were all in the room.

I smiled as i carefully dropped the pillows on a couch and dressed the bed warmly and perfectly.

“I love your room Kelly.” I said, smiling.

The next room was Lucky’s, next was Elvin’s, then Jaden’s and lastly Jimin.

As I finally walked out of Jimin’s room, I exhaled at the corridor with my hands akimbo.

“That wasn’t that easy..” I said.

Then I heard footsteps coming up the staircase.

“The rockstars?” My heart skipped immediately and I hurried towards my room but before I could get to my room, the first person who appeared was Romeo! ROMEO!

Our eyes met. He didn’t look away and I was surprised that I was the one who did as I bowed and made to go into my room but he halted me.

“I thought that i told you I don’t wanna see you here.”

I breathed out and when I turned to give him my response, the others appeared. The first person my eyes landed on was Kelly.

He looked from me to Romeo and back to me.

“Are you okay Baby?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Go, prepare for school. Unless you want to go alone. It’d be a privilege to go to school with the rockstars.” J.d said with a smile.

I smiled within and my eyes went to Jimin… He look pale as he looked at me.

Romeo walked on first,, then Lucky, then Kelly, Jaden and lastly Jimin.

He’s always being the last.

But It seem Romeo was destined to always be lead in everything.

I exhaled and after watching them enter their rooms, I entered mine and closed the door.

«I thought that I told you I don’t wanna see you here.»

I scoffed.

Who do he think he is. That annoying jerk.

I’m surely going to deal with him.

“Will you stop being this way Baby… If you keep being this way towards him, you will loose him.. You will loose your destiny. You can’t save him by calling him names and hating him.”

That was Quinifa’s voice. I turned and saw her little self flying close to my face.

“Quin. You came here.” I said.

“Yes and I’m not going to take more than two minutes because you need to prepare for school.” she said and flew nearer.

“I told you not to think of his bad sides. I told you to ignore every rude word he throws at you. I told you to like him. Like him baby and act like none of his bad word affects you. If he tells you something like ‘get lost’ reply him with a smile saying ‘I will but not yet sir.’ Make sure you are around him. I don’t have to repeat myself. Remember the bracelets. I will leave now.” she said then disappeared but reappeared again.

“One more thing.. If you want to succeed on this, don’t let any other person distract you. bye..” she said.

“Wait Quin..” I called but she was gone. “What did she mean by I shouldn’t let any other person distract me?”

Then it hit me.

I have to prepare for school.. Ahhhsh I’ve not eaten yet. I’m so hungry.

I rushed into the bathroom.

_____________๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•Thirty minutes later๐Ÿ•

I tied my shoe lace.

“I’m I really going to rocks high in a private jet? Do I need to ask. Of course I am. The whole school is going to find out that I’m a maid in rockstars mansion. Those thugs!”

I grabbed my school bag and after a deep breathe in and out, I walked out of my room, stepping into the corridor.

There was no one in there, I turned and headed downstairs for my breakfast.

I got to the kitchen and the five cooks were there.

I bowed. “Good morning.”

“Here is your breakfast. Sit on the breakfast bar and eat it.” The main cook said to me.

I carried the food. “Thanks ma.”

She smiled.. I walked over to the breakfast bar and settled down to eat.


I was still in the middle of my food when Lucy walked in.

“The rockstars are downstairs. Leave your food and go.” she said.

“Ohh she haven’t even gotten to the middle.” The main cook said.

I rushed up. “It’s okay Ma. I will eat in school.” with that, I rushed out. As I was still close by the door, I heard something that sounded familiar.

“Mrs Hadley can you add more food into this. I will eat it.” one of the kitchen maids said.

“Sure, hand it.”

Mrs Hadley. That name sound like a name I’ve heard before, outside this mansion. I wonder where. I can’t recall.

I got to the sitting room and the rockstars were all there.

Their dressing today was a killer dressing.

I’ve watched some fans faint in front of this six idols just because they were able to come close to the six of them.

That was ridiculous.

Even if I have a crush on Kelly, Romeo is no doubt the most breathtaking among them.

Romeo was the first to leave, followed by Elvin.

They weren’t carrying their bags, that was when I saw all their bags on a couch. I looked at Kelly and he gave me a smile before walking out.

I sighed.

Do I have to carry all this…. Oh my.. This is exhausting but exciting as well.

I smiled as I picked Kelly’s bag first.

‘Awwn it’s so pretty but why is Romeo’s always the lead in everything, including pretty bags.’

I was about sneering at Romeo’s bag when Quin’s words hit me.

««Will you stop being this way Baby… If you keep being this way towards him, you will loose him.. You will loose your destiny. You can’t save him by calling him names and hating him.»»

I sighed.

“I’m not hating him. I’m only upset that he’s bag is more prettier than K’s.” I mumbled as I picked Romeo’s bag, then Elvin’s and the rest three.

They weren’t so heavy since they weren’t much books in their bags, but mine which was behind me was weighing me down.


I made it to the privte jet with sweats on my forehead and my arms.

I climbed the step and got in.

I didn’t have to be amazed again since it isn’t my first time of being in here.

But I’m really going to fly on air…

“Don’t keep standing, the jet is about to take off.” That was Jimin.

I dropped the bags on one seat, including mine and sat down next to the bags, on the seat beside the window.

Was that when I realized that I was sitting behind Romeo?

I had no idea he was on the next seat.

A pink headphone on his head..

It’s so pretty.

I fastened my seatbelt.

I could hear the music beat coming from Romeo’s headset.

Isn’t that too loud? Tch.. Why should I bother.

Oh I should.. I’m here because of him.

Can I ever stop myself from disliking him? What do I do? If I try to like him this minute, I end up sneering with disdain the next minute.

Arghhh Baby…. You won’t succeed if you keep doing this.. What to do!

“Are you okay?” That was Jimin’s voice.

I looked at him. “Huh…sorry, I mean sir?”

He was sitting opposite me.

“You were touching your forehead, closing and opening your eyes, shaking your head too. Do you have headache?” he said.

Huh.. Was I doing all that and didn’t even notice that I was?

“Ahh.. I’m fine.. I’m fine sir.” I said.

“O okay.” he said and faced his phone.

I turned to the window and sighed.

๐Ÿ”ˆThe Jet will be taking off in the 60 seconds, please fasten your safety belt now if you haven’t.๐Ÿ”ˆ

I’ve already don’t that. I’m smart even if it’s my first time.

When I glanced at Jimin, he was looking at me too. I looked away.

Kelly is so far.. I wish he was the one sitting opposite me.

There you go again Baby. Kelly! Ahh I’m going crazy.

The jet finally took off and soon, we were high up in the sky.

‘Wow… Is this how it feels to be an idol and go to school each day in a private jet?

Just like I see it in the movies, the houses have become so tiny.

Wow, it’s so beautiful. I can see the places very far away. I wonder if I’m seeing Bujong too and Alisa’s house.

Hey Jina, I hope you ain’t seeing me.

Hi Alisa, I’m on the rockstars private jet.



About five minutes later, I began noticing strange turnings on my body.

My stomach was turning, my head too, my eyes.

I was suddenly becoming dizzy. I was feeling nausea too.

What’s happening to me? I was all fine and then suddenly, I’m getting these.

Ahh my eyes are rolling. I feel like I’m going to faint soon.

I tried holding myself and just closed my eyes as I held onto the seat armrest for support.



What I’m I going to tell Shana about Baby living in rockstars mansion as the personal maid.

I wonder how she’s gonna feel and what she’s gonna say.

She told me to get that girl far from me. I did but how could it end this way.

How did she get employed into B blizz.

Why do I feel that Kelly is behind this?

Others refused to sign too. Do they all have a hand in this?

Are they tryna create an issue between me and Shana.

But wait, Baby don’t have to be a reason why Shana and I should have an issue.

She’s just a commoner who was lucky to get a bit close to me and nothing more.

Was she even close? Of course not. She disobeyed my order and entered off building. That led to her finding my pendant.

What again happened?

Ahh… This damn music is so loud.. I didn’t have to put it this loud.

I reduced the volume.

My pendant…

I touched it… It’s back on my neck.

If she didn’t find it this second time, I wonder if I’d have lost it forever.

I can’t stand loosing it.

๐Ÿ”ˆThe Jet would be landing in the next sixty seconds๐Ÿ”ˆ

I patted the pendant.



The Jet landed. I unfastened the safety belt, stood up and was walking out of the jet when I saw that she was sitting behind me.

And… Why’s she looking kinda pale?

I walked out and as usual, students all crowded around, making a hell of noise and their phones on the air, taking pictures.

Sometimes it’s sickling.

๐ŸšบOppa has arrived.๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบOppa you look so breathtaking.๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบI love you Romeo. I can’t live without you๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบYou are so perfect. ๐Ÿšบ

As I walked on, they made way for me.

Then the noise suddenly changed to something else.

๐ŸšบOh my God.. Is that Rockstar Kelly?๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบWho’s he carrying?๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšบIt’s the commoner!๐Ÿšบ

๐ŸšปThe commoner!! It’s the commoner!๐Ÿšป

Their phones changed positions and turned towards the jet.

๐ŸšปRockstar Kelly is carrying the commoner!๐Ÿšป


I turned and saw Kelly carrying Baby in his arms.

She looked like she was unconscious or something.




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