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🎻🎻Rocks High School💛

(Rockstar Next Door)


Episode 30🌼



(Mae iris mansion)


Alisa had called her mom explaining why she won’t be coming home tonight. Her mom surprisingly didn’t make an upset sound. And now, here are the three of us, sitted on my bed as I told them the story of I being destined to save Romeo.

Alisa wasn’t surprised when I mentioned about Quinifa. She knew about Quin already but her astonishment was my destiny with Romeo. Lala was the most shocked.

She wasn’t believing a thing about a fairy princess.

“The truth Baby,” She began.. “..is that I believe that Shana is behind Romeo’s lost memory and introvert attitude but you being the only one to save him and all the talk about the fairy. I’m not so sure, I can’t believe that. And Shana being involved with a dark fairy.”

“If you believe that Shana is behind Romeo’s change then you should believe the rest.. How did you think I got to know everything including the reason why he treasured that necklace. How I found it. I told you everything without leaving anything.” I said.

“I believe all you said Baby.” Alisa said.

“It’s fine.. I think I have to believe.. If this is the truth, then I have no choice, we have no choice. Destiny can’t be changed. It’s your destiny to change Romeo so you have to follow and fulfil your destiny.” Lala said.

I smiled.

“You are smiling?” she asked

“No, I’m not.” I lied, clutching my hand on my mouth.

“You smiled. Anyways I wish I can see your fairy. That will convince me more and also Kelly cos he’s the only one that can help you get a job at the B.Blizz. if he’s convinced, I’m sure he will make that happen.” Lala said

“I want to see her too.” Alisa said.

“Well, she promised to show herself to you.” I said.

“Really! – Really!” they both said together.

“Yes I did.” That was Quin as she appeared in front of us all.

“Oh my Goodness!” Alisa gasped, stating with shocked eyes at Quin.

Lala rubbed her eyes and blinked twice to make sure she was actually seeing her real.

“I can’t believe I’m finally seeing you.” Alisa said.

“How are you all? My name is Quinifa but you should just call me Quin.” she introduced herself to Alisa and Lala.

“Wow.. This is really unbelievable. I still find it hard to believe that you actually live and not just on the fairy tales we read and animations we watch.” Lala said.

“We exist and here am I.. Actually I had to use a very strong ancient spell to review myself to you both who ain’t descendants of jungshimam and that spell can only be used two times for each fairy. I have used one to show myself to you, the second time i am going to use it is to reveal myself to the one that will get Baby into B blizz.” Quin said.

“Oh my.. Really?” Lala asked.

“Yes.” Quin answered.

“Wow you look so beautiful.” Alisa said.

“Thank you.” Quin said and raised her hand when she brought it down, two beautiful butterflies appeared in both Alisa and Lala’s hands.

“It’s to prove to you about the existence of fairy and magic.” Quin said.

“Wow.. The butterflies are really pretty. Seems mine is prettier.” Lala said.

“It’s mine.” Alisa disagreed.

Before they can start arguing, the butterflies flew away from their hands and disappeared.

“Oh no, bring them back. They are too beautiful.” Alisa cried.

“Hush, bring down your voice. Someone might hear you.” Lala said to Alisa.

“It’s okay. I’ve soundproof this whole room. No one passing will hear any of our conversation. And I can’t bring them back now, I’m sorry” Quin said.

“Now that I’ve seen you.. I believe fully Now but I’m gonna be sad and lonely if she leaves.” Lala said.

“She has to fulfill her destiny or else it will haunt her.” Quin said.

“How is it going to haunt her?” Alisa asked.

“If she doesn’t save him, in the future, she will die by the hands of the person she was destined to save. An event must surely occur that would make him kill her. It’s the punishment for every descendant of jungshimam who ran away from their destiny.” Quin said and that left me in shock and fright.

“Woah…. What kind of punishment is that. It’s far from karma. I can’t let Baby face such horrible punishment in the future.” Lala said.

“Then if you don’t want to. Let her stay close to her destiny and save him. That’s the only way to escape such future.” Quin said and flew closer to me. “What happened to your hand and leg?” she asked.

“I got knocked down by a waitress in the party.” I answered.

“She did this to you. She must be really controlled by that evil fairy.” Quin said.

“You mean the waitress?” I asked.

“No, Shana.” Quin said.

Wait, Shana planned that with the waitress?” Lala asked.

“Yes she did.” Quin said.

“She did! How did you find out?” Alisa asked.

“I’m a magic fairy.” Quin said then turned to Lala. “Let’s make hay while the sun shines. We have to act fast and get a little far before the evil fairy returns.” Quin said.

“Are you scared of the evil fairy?” Alisa asked.

Quin looked at her. “I’m not.. I just think Baby needs to get a bit far with Romeo before her return.” she said.

“Then, I will text my boyfriend all that he needs to know. I’m sorry but we can only meet at night, if we do, then you have to appear to him if he doesn’t believe anything I tell him. I will make sure Baby leaves to the rockstars mansion before the middle of next week.” Lala said.

“Nice. Your heart is truly sincere and pure. You deserve a great future and you will have it. Actually I have to leave now.” Quin said.

“Wait, before you leave. Can you tell me a little about my future with Kelly?” Lala asked.

Quin tilted her head then smiled. “Trials are coming, but you will overcome if you both love and believe in each other. You will fight through.” Quin said.

Lala smiled. “We will.”

“What about me, Fairy?” Alisa asked.

“I don’t think you would want to hear it.” Quin said.

“I want to. Please tell me.” Alisa said.

“I will next time. My father needs me now. I have to go.” Quin said and with that, she disappeared.

“Wait, why couldn’t you tell me mine.” Alisa said with a broken heart.

“It’s okay Alisa. I’m sure she will tell you tomorrow. She is in a haste. She was recently forgiven by her father so she wouldn’t want to anger him again.” I said.

“Really. That’s okay. Tomorrow then.” Alisa said.

Lala grabbed her phone. “I think I should start texting K now. There’s no time to waste.” She said.


(Rockstars mansion🌟)


Only I, Jimin and Romeo came home last night.

I was even surprised that Romeo did. Shana’s spell didn’t hold him for long tonight.

I was expecting to see Lucky but was surprised to see Romeo enter the limo.

For those two Jaden and Elvin, they are masters in the game but Lucky, I know something isn’t right.

He went away with Nuella. Anyways, if he’s with her.. Then there’s no cause to be worried. At least he’s safe.

It was getting to 12am when the limo pulled into the mansion and we got down.

The others will find their way back home in the morning. I mean, the limo would go and pick them.

We walked in and Romeo headed straight upstairs.

I followed, with Jimin behind me.

“I’m so worried about her.” Jimin said.

I knew who he is referring to already. He had said that uncountable times at the party hall and now he’s starting it again.

“She’s fine. It was only a little injury on the arm and leg.” I said.

We first got to his room. “Goodnight K.” he said, looking pale.

“Goodnight J.” I said and turned into my room.

I dropped my phones and pulled off my clothes, remaining only the boxers. I walked into the bathroom to take a bathe.

In the bathroom, it was hard not to think about Lala. I missed her today even though she was at the party.

I wanted moments with her. I couldn’t get it.

We just have to continue this way. It’s three years left to serve the industries.

But I’m I really sure that I can keep enduring this secret relationship?

I breathed out. “I don’t know.”

🕜 I finished bathing, pulled into a bathing suit and walked out.

I walked to the dressing table to apply creams on my body and apply my face cream.

As a public figure and idol, We care very well for our skin and beauty.

Tomorrow night, we have to do the smooth facing procedure before going for shoots the next day.

I applied the face cream first.

I was still applying my creams when the door opened and Jimin popped his head in. “Can I sleep here tonight?” he asked and walked in.

“What’s wrong, scared?” I asked.

“Yeah.. Only the three of us up here. I feel kinda scared.” he said.

With the way his hair was looking wet and his changed dress, he’s had his bathe.

He lay down on my bed immediately and began using his tablet.

I finished applying the creams and stood up from the chair. I walked to the wardrobe and grabbed a sleeping wear.

I pulled on the trouser then took off the bathe suit and wore shirt.

I flung the bathe suit to a sofa and walked to the bed. He he shifted and I lay down and rolled the duvet to my waist.

The bed is wide enough to contain four people.

“What game’s that?” I asked, taking one of my phones on the bedside table.

“Subway surf.” he said.

“Aren’t you sleepy, I am.” I said as I unlocked my phone and saw a new SMS from Lala.

“I’m not.” Jimin said.

I opened the message and read.


K… Please you have to read this. Romeo needs our help and the only way we can help him is through Baby…


What’s she talking about?

Anyways, I continued.


…I know you might find it funny or hard to believe but all I’m writing is true. Romeo is being controlled by a dark spell of an evil fairy. It was this same fairy that deceived Shana. That spell controlling Romeo made him notice only Shana and caused him to be an introvert. Every change he became is from the spell.

Baby is a descendant of a certain magic. She has the ability to see Fairies and she has a destiny and her destiny is to save Romeo. It was actually this fate that led her to rocks high. She recently found out tho and she wants to do anything she can to save Romeo because if she doesn’t, in the future, it will cause her, her death. K, you have to believe me. Baby’s fairy appeared to us this night and told us everything. She is willing to show you herself. All she want is for you to help her get a job at B blizz to work at rockstars mansion. The ways to save Romeo is by her being close to him. She has to fulfill her destiny. Let’s meet at our usual spot at night. We have to hurry up. Please keep this a secret. I love you.


“What!” I exclaimed after reading it. “Is this possible?” I asked before realizing that jimin was beside me.

“What’s that?” He asked, trying to look into my phone. I quickly sleep the screen and sat up.

“Nothing.” I said.

“Sure?” he asked.

“Yap.” I said.

🕜Later that night, when Jimin had slept off, I pondered on the message Lala sent him.

I had replied her that ‘we will see in the night then.’

‘Is this true? Could it be destiny that brought Baby to rocks high? To save Romeo?’

I trust that Lala is saying the truth…

If it is, then I’m ready to do anything to see that Romeo goes back to his old self and his memory about Cherie is returned..


(@ Romeo’s room)


I opened the drawer and took out the necklace.

I touched the pendant.

“You are back from the blacksmith man. This time I’m going to wear you and nothing will ever cause you to fall off my neck again.” I said to it then wore it and sighed in relief.

“I’m glad you were found. Your founder is someone that I don’t wanna be seeing. I don’t understand why she’s always showing up in my front. I wish it was Shana finding you not her. That girl is really annoying.” I said before realizing that I’ve even talked too long about her.

I suddenly recalled what happened to her at the party.

I recalled feeling pity for her.

Her dress got messed up.



⏩⏩Fast forward: Two days later⏩⏩


“I got the job.” I told Alisa as we sat down at the frontage of their bungalow.

Her mother wasn’t around. She’s always not home on Sundays.

“Really? So you are going to live with the rockstars?” She asked.

I exhaled. “Yes.. Lala is so sad about it but she’s really letting me go.” I said. “She’s the nicest girl I’ve seen.”

“You are right.” Alisa said. “So what work did you get in the mansion?” she asked.

“Well, Rockstars personal maid.” I said.

“What? What are you going to do being personal maids to six boys?” Alisa asked.

“Nothing much. I would be in charge of tidying up their rooms and go whatever places they are going so far they want me to go with them or B blizz want me to go with them. Also if they want anything. I’m the one to get it whether food or anything.” I said.

“Wait, do you mean you are going to be the cook too?” she asked.

“Nop but I’ll be the one taking care of serving them. Other maids clean the house and other things and anything general.” I said.

“Woah.. That’s nice. So That means you will be able to be in each of their rooms everyday?” Alisa asked.

“Stop that. It’s a tiring work. I have to be the one to clean all the six rooms. It’s not going to be fair. But i had to accept it tho. Since it’s my destiny.” I said.

“Yeah it is. I wish you good luck. I hope Romeo welcomes you when he sees you in the mansion tomorrow.” Alisa said.

“I’m moving in tonight. Kelly said the rockstars would be going on their photo shoots today and Romeo would be too exhausted to ask questions when he see me. So it would be best if I move in tonight.” I said.

“Nice idea..” Alisa said.

“I pray hell doesn’t loose in the morning but whatever it is, I’m ready to face it and I’m determined to. The other four rockstars knows about it already.” I said.

“I’m going to wish you goodluck again Baby. It won’t be easy staying in the same roof with Romeo but it’s a nice thing that K and J.d are nice.” Alisa said.

I smiled. “Yes.”

“I hope he gets back his lost memories in no time. You can do it.” Alisa said.

“I hope so too.” I said.

“Fighting!” Alisa said, raising her fist.

“Fighting!” I said, raising mine.

We smiled.


(Rocks angels mansion)


I was heading towards Cassy’s room when I suddenly felt a voice inside Shana’s room.

I halted and listened.

It was her, speaking inside her mind.

Apart from my grandmother, no one knows that I can hear what people says in their mind if I’m very close to them . Not just everyone but people with evil thoughts. And Shana is one of them.

‘Since the necklace has been long gone in the river, I can now be in peace. Romeo would never recall anything. I have him in the palms of my hands and as for that little brat. She will never know what hit her by the time she is kicked out of rocks high I hell pains. I will make sure of that.’

I shook my head and passed.

If only I can be able to get what she meant by ‘Romeo can never remember anything. Something tells me that it has to do with the death of Cherie. I wish Cherie didn’t die even though it gave me the opportunity to become a rocks angel. Everyone in rocks high loved her. She had millions of fans and the way she sings was hundred percent better than Shana. But I don’t want to believe that Shana have a hand in the death of her twin sister.’

I opened Cassy’s door and met her dancing.

I walked in and she stopped and turned.

“Rina.” she said.

“What are you doing dancing all by yourself, come on, let’s dance together” I said.

She laughed. “That’s right.”


(Hours later|7pm)


A B blizz driver came to take me..

It was like I was leaving a paradise and going to hell.

I didn’t feel like leaving Lala or Mae iris.

I almost told the man to go back when Lala didn’t stop hugging me.

Lala’s mom was annoyed with me. I broke my promise of staying with Lala all the time.

I made a promise to always stay with Lala like a twin sister but today i broke that promise because of a destiny I still don’t understand how it’s going to end.

She didn’t talk to me. She just stood, staring at me as Lala and I kept hugging each other like it’s going to be forever.

“Come on, go now. We would be seeing each other in school.” Lala said but still didn’t stop hugging me.

Then she did and they were tears in her eyes “I will miss you baby.” she said.

“I will miss you too Lala.” I said.

“Go now.” she said.

“I will.” I said then turned to Lala’s mom who stood a bit away.

I bowed to her. “I will be leaving now. Ma’am. Thanks for letting me go.” I said.

She didn’t answer me.

I bowed, turned and entered the car. The driver got in and Lala waved at me.

I waved back as the car drove out of the house.

I wiped my tears.


(About thirty minutes later)

The car pulled into a place I mistook for a paradise than just a mansion.

“Excuse me, is this the rockstars mansion?” I asked the driver who answers “yes.”

I gasped. ‘Wow.

It was exceptional. The compound was so beautiful.. And I can’t lie, it was much more beautiful than Mae Iris.

And over there on the field, is the the private jet.

Even though it was dark already. Everywhere was bright with beautiful lights.

The driver stopped on a long spacious garage with fleets of cars lined up.

“You can get down now.” he said. I opened the door and walked down from the car.

Ten cars. I counted plus this one, eleven.

The car boot opened and I carried my luggage.

“Use the step at the door porch to get to the sitting room. The maids will see to your welcome.” he said.

I bowed. “Kasamnida.” I thanked and dragged my luggage along the marbled walkways as I headed to the front porch he said.

I climbed the steps and when I got to the door, I saw a doorbell and rang it.

Just a minute and the door opened to reveal a maid in black pinafore and white shirt.

“Are you the new personal maid?” she asked.

“Yes I am.” I said.

“Come in.” she said. I dragged my luggage and entered the super spacious and expensively furnished sitting room.

This sitting room is eighty percent more spacious and expensively furnished than Mae Iris mansion.

“Come with me.” she said.

I followed her as we climbed up the stairs and got to a wide and long corridor.

“The maids have their rooms on the first floor but because you are the personal maids to the rockstars, this would be your room so it would be easier to attend to their needs, anytime, any day.” she said and opened the door.

It’s the first room on the corridor.

“This wasn’t supposed to be your room but that door over there but on some reason I don’t know, Rockstar Kelly said you should be given this room. It’s pretty unlucky cos the next door is rockstar Romeo’s.” she said.

“Why is it pretty unlucky?” I asked in pretence.

“Oh did I say that? Pardon my manners. Come in.” she said and walked in and I followed.

The room was much more spacious than mine in Mae iris mansion and it was really beautiful.

“Welcome to Rockstars mansion. Well on that table is the written note of rules and regulations guiding this whole mansion and the distance relationship between the maids and the rockstars that you must follow to avoid getting fired. Also, your work as a personal maid to the six rockstars.”

I looked at the table and saw the written note.

“Really?” I said.

“Yes. Well my name is Lucy. Once again, welcome to this mansion. When the rockstars arrive, please present yourself to them and introduce yourself. Your uniforms will arrive tomorrow morning. You go to rocks high. Remember you will also be their maids even in school. You will read everything in the note. Please come downstairs in an hour time to introduce yourself to every maid in this mansion.” she said and with that, she turned and walked out.

I walked to the table and picked the note.

💬Rules and orders to follow as a maid in rockstars mansion

1: Always wear the maid uniform.

2: Always refer the rockstars as ‘sir’

3: Don’t get close to rockstars. Stay very far away from rockstar Romeo.

4: Bow your head when you are in their presence.

5: As a personal maid, make sure you knock and receive an order to come into any of the rockstars room. Don’t if you don’t receive an order to.

6: Clean the rockstars room once a day and the bed twice a day. The ensuite isn’t excluded. It should be cleaned regularly.

7: Every morning, take a cup of tea to Rockstar Romeo at 7:00am. Don’t miss it.

8: You must only speak when you are being told to.

9: No display of feelings about being a fan.

10: Be neat.

Orders made by the Rocksworld team.


“Really?” I scoffed. “All these? They must see them as some gods.”

I dropped back the paper and walked to the bed, checking out the room. I walked to the ensuite and checked. It’s really beautiful just like mine in Mae iris mansion.

I wondered if this is really a maid bedroom.

I walked back to my luggage to start unpacking.

“I wonder how Romeo would react when he sees me.” I said. Somehow, I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

It’s so nice that I’m going to live in the same house with rockstar Kelly.

I smiled and picked my phone to call Lala.

She picked up at the second ring.

“Hello Lala. I’m in rockstars mansion now and my room is nice.” I said.

📲”that’s good. Have you seen the rockstars?” she asked.

“Not yet. They haven’t come back.” I said.

📲”Alright. Be careful OK. Tolerate whatever he does to you and don’t forget to develop a likeness for him.” she said.

“I will do my best.” I said.

📲”I’m gonna call you later.” she said.

“Okay Lala.” I said and dropped the call. I will cal Alisa later.

(1hr later🕐)

I was done unpacking.

I headed downstairs to make the introduction to the maids.

It’s nice…I would be able to see all the maids in this large house and get to know their names too.

I admired the stair handrail as I walked down the staircase and soon, I was at the sitting room and saw Lucy and up to five other maids.

“The new maid is here.” Lucy said and when she did, six other maids walked out making them twelve


That’s pretty much. They are only six maids in Lala’s house.

“🚻Welcome!” they said.

I bowed. “Thank you. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Baby.” I said.

They introduced their names one after the other and their post in the mansion.

“It’s nice to meet you all. I will work hard.” I said after they were done.

Just then the sound of a car drove into the compound. Immediately the twelve maids scampered to their posts. The three in charge of the kitchen ran to the kitchen..

The rest began placing the throw pillows in the right place and searching for even a grain of sand.

I was marveled. The maids in Mae iris, don’t really get this frightened.

Lucy dragged me to the center of the sitting room. “Stand right and don’t move an inch.” she said.

Four ran off, outside while Lucy and two others stood by the door.

As I looked out the floor to roof glass window, I saw it’s a black limousine.

Then they began getting down one after the other.

First was Elvin, second Lucky, then J.d, Kelly, Jimin and lastly Romeo.

Their dressing code was super hot.

Romeo looked like a sun god in his blonde hair.

But I admired Kelly.. His pink hair fitted his cute face.

Jimin wore eyeglasses.

The four maids outside bowed at them and walked into the limo. To get their things, I guess.

The rockstars began walking towards and I breathed out to calm my nerves.

I shouldn’t be scared of him.. I shouldn’t.

I assured myself.

The door was opened by Lucy and Elvin walked in. He saw me and I saw no expression.

Lucky walked in and saw me. I saw no expression too.

J.d was next and when he saw me, he smiled.

Kelly was the next to walk in. When he saw me, he gave a sweet warm smile that made my heart fluster.

His smile and he, himself always give me hope.

Jimin was the next to walk in. When he saw me, I saw a light up on his face.

The last person was the introvert. Romeo.

He didn’t notice me at first. I guess he doesn’t bother to look at the maids but as he was heading towards the staircase, he halted but didn’t turn.

“She is the new maid sirs” Lucy said.

Introduce yourself.” Lucy said to me.

I swallowed. “My name is B Baby Edric. I’m the new maid. My duty is to be the rockstars personal maid.” I said.

He then turned and our eyes met..




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