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 🎻🎻Rocks High💛

(Rockstar Next Door)


Episode 29🍒




But my question got answered when a hot dressed guy came forward and grabbed my hand and Lala’s.

It was no one else but Kelly.

“You shouldn’t stand in this queue for even a minute.” he said and pulled us along.

‘Wait a second? Rockstar Kelly is holding me. He’s really holding my hand. I don’t think I’m going to wash this hand for days.’

🚺what’s that? Rockstar Kelly took them out of the queue.🚺

🚺What’s this. I’m taking a picture.🚺

🚺Oh my.. I wish I could get this kind of luck.🚺

🚺Baby is close to Rockstar Kelly, but what about Lala?🚺

I sighed.

We got to where they are.

They all sat on a black long couch which contained the six of them. They all wore Red suits but Lucky had white.

Kelly joined them on the couch and my eyes first went to Romeo.

Korea is right. He has the best look.

And did our eyes just meet now.

I quickly looked away and my eyes fell on J.d who was looking at me with his glass of wine at his lip.

I could feel his eyes on my chest.

I looked away and saw Jimin. He’s stare was unlike J.d’s and I had no idea his facial expression.

I looked at Kelly and his eyes were on Lala.

I smiled within.

I can’t help crushing on him. He’s so cute.

“Happy birthday Lucky.” Lala said first and handed him her gift for him.

Lucky smiled, got up and kissed her on the cheek.

I froze.

Wait, why did I freeze at that?

Do I think he’s going to do same to me?

Tch.. I must be some joke box.

“Thank you Lala.” he said. “Do you want an autograph?” he asked.

Lala laughed. “I forgot a note.” she said.

“I’m glad you didn’t forget my gift.” he said.

She smiled and shifted for me to step in.

I swallowed. “Ha..happy birthday Rockstar Lucky,” I said and stretched my gift to him. He collected it.

“Thank you Baby, wow you look really beautiful tonight.” he said.

I faced down with barrasement. “Re..really?.. Th..thank you.” I said.

I think I heard someone mutter. “Tch.. Beautiful my foot.”

Who could that be?

It came from the left..

I looked left.

It can’t be Kelly, of course never!

It it can’t be Jimin.. Could it be Romeo or Jimin?

Romeo of course!

That jerk! I gritted my teeth.

Why do he keep making me hate him when I should be trying to like him!

My eyes went wide when Someone suddenly hugged me.

“Thank you Baby.” he said. It was Lucky.

He withdrew and I swallowed.

“It seems you want an autograph,” he said and collected the book.

“Wow, Baby you look really beautiful tonight. Here, I will offer you my glass of wine.” J.d said and handed me his wine.

“Thank you.” I said to J.d with a little bow.

Elvin collected the book after Lucky signed.

I looked at Lala and saw Lala’s eyes on Kelly’s wine.

I decided to do something but J.d was fast enough to overtake me.

“I think Lala wants a wine too.” he said.

I looked at Kelly and he stretched his wine to her. “Here, you can have mine.” he said.

Lala smiled and collected it. “Thank you.” she said.

Jimin stretched Alisa’s book to me. I collected it and gasped when I saw five autograph. All of them signed except Romeo.

“Let’s go.” Lala said.

We turned and left.

Somehow I wished Kelly told me that I look beautiful but why couldn’t he even say that to Lala?

It won’t mean to people that they are dating.

J.d and Lucky said that to me.

I think I have to do something about this.

🚺Wait, the rockstars gave them their wine🚺

🚺What, are they flirting with the rockstars?🚺

🚺They were flirting with the rockstars.🚺

“Ignore them. Let’s walk faster.” Lala said to me and sipped her wine.

We finally made it back to where Alisa was and she grabbed the book.

“You were lucky enough, you got five autograph.” I said.

She gasped and looked at my wine. “And that wine, it look different from the one everyone here is holding. Let me see, is it from the rockstars?” she asked and collected it. She sipped and licked her lips.

“Wow, it’s totally different.” she said. I collected it back from her.

“Don’t be unfair enough to finish it.” I said.

“Let’s have a seat.” Lala said.

“Oh my.. I think I need to find where the bluebells are. We have a song to tonight. I will be back.” I said.

“Okay.” Lala and Alisa said together. I walked away.


Once Baby walked away, Someone I’ve seen somewhere approached us where Alisa and I sat.

“Hello Lala. Do you mind a dance with me?” he asked.

“Excuse me?” I said and that was when I remembered him.

He’s the guy at the sports center.

“Do you remember me, I’m Davis. The guy you met at the school sports center.” he said.

“I don’t want that, please excuse me.” I said.

He smiled and sat beside me.

“Why? Don’t you like dancing? You are all alone and I am too. Why don’t we make tonight fun enough?” he asked.

“I am not all alone. I am with someone.” I said and turned to Alisa. “Come Alisa, let’s get to the dance floor.” I said, stood up and pulled her up. “I know you want to dance. Come.” I added and pulled her until we got to the dance floor.

“Just save me from that guy.” I said and she glanced at him before turning to me. “I will.” she smiled.

“Let’s dance then.” I smiled.

“Yes, let’s dance.” she smiled.



We were getting really exhausted by the continues coming of gifts.

“When is this gonna end, I’m so sick of their faces.” Romeo mumbled.

I could hear him because he was right next to me.

“I need a break.” he added, stood up and walked out through the back.

🚺Oh my, Rockstar K, I have this for you. Please accept.🚺 the girl said and dropped her book.

I collected the hair band. “Thank you” I said and signed on the book.

She gasped and collected it. “Thank you. I’m so honored.” she said and walked away.

Another girl moved over.

🚺Oppa, please can you give this to oppa Romeo. I’ve been dreaming of giving him this. Please.🚺

I collected it. “I will.” I said.

She smiled. “Thank you so much Oppa. I love you.”

I exhaled.

I need to be with Lala.



“Where is the bluebells practicing? I can’t find them!” I sighed.

‘What if they are practicing in class?’

I should have thought about that since. Ah, my leg hurts.

I can’t walk anymore. I need to sit for awhile.

I found a step and sat down on the third tread.

“Arghhh I will never wear heels again! I swear.” I cried.

“Taking the shoes off for awhile would be better.”

I took the first shoe off.

“Ahh.. That’s a lot of relief.” I sighed and was on the second one when someone suddenly emerged to my front.

My eyes fell on his shoes and then slowly began going up, he wore red trouser, red suit.

I fling when I finally got to his face. It’s Romeo.

My hands got stuck to my shoe.

‘Why’s he here? What is he doing here? Was he looking for me? Ahh that’s stupid.

Why would he be looking for me.

Tch.. Why’s he so handsome. He should be the ugliest man in the world.

Ahh Baby! Are you even going to do what Quin said, if you keep hating this guy. I should like him.. I should just try and like him.

“How long should I stand waiting?” he suddenly asked.

“Huh?” I said.

“Get out of the way.” he said.

“What?” I gasped.

Oh he was going to pass.

I looked at the step. There is still a lot of space. I’m not fat.

Oh, I forgot who he really is.

I picked the left shoe I had removed.

I stood up, wearing only one.

I tried moving away but then I missed step.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I cried out and shut my eyes, with all thought that I was going to land on the floor in a horrible fall but I ended up on the arm of a perfect body.

‘Perfect body?’

I swift my eyes open and shocked when I saw it was Romeo holding me.

‘Uh??? Romeo caught me??

I blinked my eyes severally to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

It’s really him.

Why’s his eyes blue.. Did he put eye lens?

Why’s his lips so pink, did he apply lipgloss?

His face is so smooth.. And his blonde hair fit him so perfectly.

‘They say you are my destiny. Is it true?’

He rolled his eyes and the next thing, he pushed me to my feet.

“Let’s not meet again.” he said and walked away.

I touched my cheek which felt hot.

‘Romeo had saved me the second time. Even if he had the ugliest manner, he saved me twice.

Do I have to keep disliking him?’

I smiled.

‘I don’t have to anymore.

From now onwards, I’m going to like Romeo no matter what. I’m going to do all that Quin said. Now, I’m confident enough. I will do it.’

I bent to pick up my shoes and I saw something on the floor.

It looks like a necklace. I picked it up and realized it’s a wristchain.

I gasped. “It must be Romeo’s!”

It must have fallen off when he saved me.

I was about running after him when a heard voices behind me.

“Baby, the bluebells are about to present their song.”

I turned and it’s Jin ah and Alisa.

“Why are you here? The girls were all happy that you are not going to sing especially Nadia. She felt like some heroine. Come on, let’s hurry up.” Jin ah said.

I glanced at the wristchain.

‘What do I do?’

“Baby, come on!” Alisa said.

‘I looked at her then the wristchain again.

“I’m sorry, my throat feels sour tonight. I can’t sing. See you soon girls.” I said and ran off to catch up with Romeo.

Alisa and Jin ah called me but I ignored them and ran up, with my shoes in my left hand and the wrist chain on the right.

I ran through the dim light corridor.. but there was no sign of him anymore.

“Argh where is he. Where did he suddenly go to?”

I halted.

“Where do I find him now.” I sighed and looked at the tiny wrist chain.

It glittered in the half dark corridor.

I folded it back in my palm and began walking towards.

‘Maybe I could find him around the corner, but what’s he doing here, leaving his team?’

As I walked a bit farther, I began hearing the soft singing of a song.

I halted to listen carefully and get where it’s actually coming from.

It was coming from the right. The right and it was so unique. I wondered if it’s an angel singing.

Then it hit me, it must be Romeo. That sound like he’s voice when singing.

“Gosh. Why’s his voice so amazing. He’s so good at everything including being mean.” I mumbled to myself as I silently followed the voice.

🎶Where you go, is where I wanna go..

Where you stay, I would stay with you.

If life gets so hard, let’s laugh out aloud.

Holding hands, and whispering along.

No matter how life pricks, we never gonna part.

Nothing’s gonna change, I’m never gonna change.

If we stay together, live together, we can still the raging storm.

Our love can conquer the world.🎶

My jaw dropped as I finally got to the balcony he stood, singing that song.

I stood far away, not wanting him to notice me and stop the song.

I was glad enough that he didn’t because he sang on.

His voice felt like an angel singing down from heaven.

I was mesmerized and lost my breath.

I quickly got out my phone from my purse and clicked on record.

🎶You are my Juliette, I am your Romeo.

But our last page’s never gonna end in pain.

We keep on fighting, loving and journeying.

Through life’s day and night, we are happy.

Loving each other, dancing together.

Nothing’s gonna stop us, not even the rain.

We keep on dancing, kissing and playing

Through life’s day and night, we are happy🎶

I couldn’t help not clapping. I dropped my phone back into my purse, then dropped my shoes on the floor which caused a sound and that made him turn.

I clapped my hands, smiling.

Air blew through his blonde dyed hair and his eyes sparkled in the half dark.

Everything on him shone causing him to look like the Greek god or maybe an angel.

His face changed from stoic to anger when he realized it was me.

I didn’t mind. I don’t mind anymore.

“Twas a very beautiful song sang with the most amazing voice.” I said.

I wondered if I was really the one who said that.

“Get lost.” he said plainly, causing me to halt my clapping with a dropped jaw.

‘This guy is impossible! But I am determined now!’

I swung my hands and rubbed my hand on my neck with a sigh.

“I don’t feel like.” I asked.

He slide his hands into his pockets and began walking towards.

Is he coming to me?

But he walked pass. His cologne alone was exotic.

No, I can’t let him leave!

I quickly turned to him as he walked away.

“I brought something which belongs to you.” I said.

He didn’t stop.

“Your wrist chain.” I said.

He didn’t stop.

I exhaled. “I will keep it then, or better still, sell it. I know it will worth a lot of money.” I said.

He stopped.

I smiled. I got him!

I ran over and came to his front.

He was looking ahead. “Here,” I said and stretched it to him. “It’s pretty. I’m so annoyed. I feel like stealing it.” I said.

He grabbed it and then looked at me, he stared into my eyes with a threatening gaze.

“This should be the last time we should ever meet.” he said and walked away.

I scoffed then smiled as I watched his back.

“I’m sorry, it’s not going to be.” I muttered.

He finally went out of my sight. I exhaled and took out my phone. I played the record and smiled.

“His voice is the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard. And the song….uhmm..” I tilted my head. “Did I see emotion on his face the time he turned before he realized it was me and changed his face expression.”

I breathed out and paused the record. I dropped back my phone in my purse, picked my shoes and headed out.



The bluebells came out to present their song.

I knew that girl is in Bluebells class and I searched with my eyes for her but found out that she wasn’t among them.

Really? But I saw her few minutes ago.

Why isn’t she singing with her team?

I felt something isn’t right.. I remembered Romeo left but haven’t returned.

I stood up and headed out but then saw him coming towards.

“Where did you go to, I was about looking for you?” I said.

“Just went out for a nice atmosphere. I’m back,” he said.

I gave him a long look, before heading back to my seat and he, to his.

That girl isn’t singing with them.

I hope it isn’t what I think.

I can’t stand that brat anymore. She has to leave as soon as possible. I need to see dad face to face.

I will do that tomorrow.

🎶A happy birthday to a special someone.

A joyful celebration on this wonderful day.

We wish you a happy birthday rockstar Lucky

A happy birthday and a happy more years..

We love you so much and we are so glad to say

Rocks high is so blessed to have someone like you.🎶

I felt like doing something to her tonight.

I overheard people saying she looked beautiful.

Tch. I scoffed.

Beautiful my foot!

I’m going to make that feeling of looking beautiful turn into a nightmare.

I told her that her life is gonna be hell here!

I picked my phone and sent a message to one of the G.Gold worker, working as a waitress tonight.


There’s a girl in the party, wearing a golden gown and red heels. Her purse is red too and she has fringe hair. Her name is Baby. Ask anyone in the party to point her to you. If you see her, make sure you embarrass her. Don’t fail.


I sent it and she replied a minute later.


I know her already. I will do just that.


I smiled and looking at the girls, I saw Rina looking at me in a strange way.

She looked away the next second and grabbed her glass of wine.

‘What’s the strange look about?’



I got to the hall and peeped in.

I sighed when I saw and heard the bluebells singing already.

“Ms Cece is going to kill me.” I sighed.

I had wore back my shoes.

I headed back into the hall, being careful enough not to bump into anyone.

I walked carefully, heading to where Alisa and Lala, trying to hide myself also from Ms Cece’s eyes.

But how unfortunate I was, someone knocked me down and worse of it, wine poured on me from my head down to my feet. It’s a waitress, carrying a tray of wine glasses.

🚻🚻Wowwwwwww, It’s Baby. 🚻

🚻ohw this is the worse embarrassment. 🚻

🚻everyone,move away from the broken bottles!🚻

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry.” The waitress apologized but I can see a smirk smile on her face.

I noticed that the bluebells stopped singing.

Everywhere became noisy.

🚻Oh it’s really Baby. She’s always unfortunate.🚻

🚻Good for her. This serves her right!🚻

I felt tears gather in my ears and before I could hold it back, they dropped.

“Baby are you okay?” That was Lala’s voice.

“Baby,” that was Alisa’s voice.

Mocking laughter’s sounded from every corner of the hall.

🚻She spoilt the bluebells song.🚻

🚻She’s so annoying!🚻

🚻She had to end the song the bluebells were singing.🚻

🚻She look so helpless now🚻

Lala grabbed my left hand. Alisa grabbed my right hand and they pulled me up.

A glass had pierced my arm and my leg as well.

“Be careful.” Lala said as they pulled me along.

My tears poured. I had no idea why I was shedding tears but the tears were refusing to stop.

“It’s okay, don’t cry. Don’t let them see your weak side.” Lala said.


I smiled as her dearest friends took her away from the hall.

She looked like a total mess and they didn’t make it easier for her too. They all attacked her with their hateful words.

I smiled…

‘This is just the beginning. If she doesn’t leave this school. It’s gonna be hell for her!’

‘The sooner you get out of rocks high Baby, the better for you.’


I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I feel sorry for that girl.

I don’t think she deserve this harsh treatment.

I looked at Shana and saw her smiling and sipping her wine.

There’s no need thinking twice.

She did that..

I turned back to the scene and saw the girl in total mess with Lala and another girl taking her out of the hall.

‘Shana, you shouldn’t have done this’ I found myself whispering within me.

Kelly and J.d suddenly stood up and headed out.



We finally entered a restroom. Alisa closed the door.

“I’m sorry that this had to happen to you.” Lala said.

“Oh my, blood on your arm. You were pierced by a piece of glass.” Alisa said.

“My leg too.” I said and wiped my tears.

“It’s okay, I will take the piece of glass of.” Alisa said.

“Be careful.” Lala said.

“I will,” Alisa said and took my hand. I inhaled as she took it out.

It wasn’t painful. Nothing can be more painful than being embarrassed in front of that crowd and they all spat on you.

Alisa squatted and took the one at the leg out.

“I’m taking you to the hospital. The party is over for us.” Lala said and grabbed a tissue.. She cleaned my bleeding hand and leg with it.

“Take those shoes off.” she said and I did. Alisa picked them.

“Let’s get outta here.” she said. She look so annoyed and enraged.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me along.

“Oh.. I have to call Ji woo.” she said and took out her phone, she made a call telling him to hurry over in the next ten minutes.

“We should wait here for him.” Lala said, pointing at a bench nearby.

We walked over and sat down.

“Is it hurting a lot?” she asked me.

“No, it’s not.” I said.

“It’s really true.” Alisa said and exhaled. “This I’m school is a total bully.”

“You are right Alisa.” Lala said.



We walked out of the hall but didn’t see them.

“They should have gone to the restroom.” J.d said.

We headed to the restroom and getting to the passageway, We saw them sitter on a bench.

Lala was the first to see us before Baby and the other girl who’s jaw dropped at seeing us.

We walked to them.

“Baby, are you okay?” J.d asked as he bent and took Baby’s hand. “You should go to the hospital.”

“Sorry about this Baby.” I said.

“Ani, I’m totally fine. It’s just a little injury.” Baby said.


Ji woo came few minutes later after Rockstar K and J.d left.

We left to the hospital…

I got treated and we left to Mae Iris mansion, including Alisa cos it was already late.

We got in and Mrs Lala rushed to me.

“What happened to you Baby,” she asked.

“I’m fine Ma.” I said.

“Don’t lie to me child. I saw the news already.” she said.

How fast news spread in rocks high school.


(Nuella’s siesta room, fifth floor)


“Here have a drink with me,” I said.

“Why are we here?” Lucky asked.

“Come on. I only wanted to tell you something important. The hall is still so lousy and crowded. I wanted a quiet place and here is a nice idea.” I said.

He hesitated before collecting the wine.

I smiled.

“You look exceptionally handsome tonight. Happy birthday.” I said.

He sipped from the wine which I drugged.

“I told you Nuella that, you should forget about trying to get my heart. I can’t get myself to love you. I know we had sex that night but it didn’t stir up any feelings from me for you.” he said.

“But I did. I’m in love with you Lucky. I can’t stop my feelings for you, especially after that night.” I said.

He sipped from the wine.

“Tell me lucky. Tell me exactly the reason why you can’t love Me. Are you in a secret date?”

” I have to go back to the party.” he said and stood up but staggered and fell back on the bed.

I smiled.

“Nuella, did you drug that drink?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, there was no other way.” I said. He tried getting up again but sat back on the bed.

I smiled as I pulled off my shoes and climbed on top him.

“Get off me.” he said.

“I can’t. Just relax. This is my birthday gift for you.” I said and pulled off his suit.

“Get off me Nuella.” He said.

“Come on, don’t act like you don’t want it. Besides-” I went to his ear, “-I can feel you getting hard already.”

“Get yourself off me.” Lucky said.

“Shh.. I’ve missed kissing this lips” I said and crushed my lips on his as my hands fondled with his shirt buttons.

I got control over him.


(The party hall )

💄Debbie pov 💄

From where I sat, I stared at Kelly as he sat down with only Jimin…

Romeo had left with Shana and Nuella had taken Lucky away.

Elvin and J.d are dancing at the dance floor with two well known models who were invited.

And over here, Shana and Nuella is gone. Classy and Belina are also dancing at the dance floor.

It was just Rina and I.

I kept staring at Kelly until I decided to go and ask him for a dance with me.

I stood up, walked over and sat beside him.

“Let’s go for a dance, I’m not asking for too much or am I?” I asked.

“You should tell that to someone who feels like dancing, I don’t.” he said.

I signed.

“You are being so cold to me. It’s unfair.” I said, stood up and walked back to my seat.

“Have you ever wondered how Shana and Romeo’s love began?” Rina asked causing me to look at her.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She smiled and sipped her wine.

I sighed and poured a wine into my wine glass.

“Tonight, I just feel like getting drunk.” I said and drank from the glass of wine.




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