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 🎻🎻Rocks High💛

(Rockstar Next Door)


Episode 28🍒



[Rocks High ⭐]


The two more class before break went with a lot of noise and less concentrations.

The whole students jumped up and ran out immediately the bell🔔 for lunch break rang.

“What do you feel like eating?” Lala asked me.

“Anything you eat, I will eat.” I said.

She shrugged and smiled. “Alright. Let’s go.”

We stood up and headed out..

Today’s school was in great fuss about Rockstar Kelly’s birthday.

🚺What are you gonna give Rockstar Lucky?🚺

🚹I can’t just wait for tonight’s party.🚹

🚺Are you going for red or gold?🚺

🚺I wanna be the most beautiful tonight.🚺

🚺I heard Rocksworld made a cheap ticket for his fans. This whole school is gonna be buzzed with so many people🚺

“I think my ears are about to go block.” Lala said.

I smiled.

We dropped our books. I took my phone and we headed out.

Funny right?, today I decided to hold my phone.

We had fantastic lunch at the Cafeteria and decided to seat around the school sports centre.

They were guys playing basket ball and some playing tennis.

It wasn’t up to three minutes that we settled down with a bottle of milkshakes when a junior boy walked over to us, me.

“Hello Sunbae, I was given this paper to hand to you.” he said, stretching the yellow folded paper to me.

“By who?” I asked.

“By a senior, I don’t know his name but I think someone else gave it to him but he passed it to me.” he said.

I collected the paper.

“That’s okay. Go on.” Lala said to him, he bowed and walked away.

This folding looks exactly like the way Romeo folds papers.

I thought of not unfolding it but I didn’t want Lala seeming suspicious so I unfolded the paper and read.

💬At off building, 12:30pm💬

it’s his handwriting.

I checked my wristwatch and it’s only five minutes to 12:30.

Why is he asking me to come.. Didn’t he write that I should go near it anymore?

“What’s that?” Lala asked.

“I..actually, it’s from Romeo.” I said.

“Really, what’s that. Can I see?” She said.

“He wants me to be at off building by 12:30. I have to go now.” I said and stood up.

“Wait,” she said and stood up.

“Don’t let him order you around. I told you not to work for rocksworld.” she said.

I breathed out. “I’m fine, really. I will be back.”

“Wait. Is he really going to talk with you face to face?” she asked.

“I don’t think. I will tell you when I’m back.” I said.

She shrugged. “Alright. You should go.”

I nodded then turned to hurry away but then stopped and turned back to Lala.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“There’s something I would need to tell you tonight.” I said.

“Tonight? Can’t you tell me now before night?” she asked.

“Night would be the right time.” I said.

She shrugged. “Alright. I’m rather curious.”

I turned and hurried away.


I smiled as I watched her hurry away.

Why I’m I having the feeling that she likes Romeo?

I kinda saw it on her face.

I’m not sure tho.

Well, it’s okay to start crushing on someone you hated before.

Only those who didn’t know how sweet Romeo was before would hate him now.

I know there’s something behind his change of attitudes and I have a feeling it have to do with Shana but I can’t tell how it happened.

But I do wish I can find or anyone else can find a way to bring him back to his old self.

We need the old Romeo back.

“Hi,” A masculine voice said beside me. I turned and saw a quite handsome guy sitting next to me.

I turned my eyes to the tennis players.

“Hi,” I responded.

“My name is Davis. I got admission into Rocks high a month ago and I’m in your class..”

“Really?” I glanced at him. “I haven’t seen your face tho.” I said.

“I know but I know yours anywhere even if you wear a mask, I’m gonna still know it’s you. The most beautiful thing I like about you is your name.” he said.


“Yes, I’ve been dying to talk to you Lala. You’be been my crush ever since I got into this school.” he said.

“Sorry, I’m kinda exhausted now, I’ll take my leave,” I said, stood up and walked away.



I got to off building and walked down the double staircase.

And there he was, sitting on the seat, typing on his apple laptop.

I walked over and stood at his front.

He tied a yellow and black design bandana on his head, which matched to his yellow shirt and black trouser.

My eyes went over to his neck and there was no necklace, I couldn’t help but ask, “Where is your necklace?”

Haven’t he seen it!?

That was when he looked up at me.

‘He is so handsome.’ I confessed in my heart.

“What business do you really have with my necklace?” he asked.


“I almost lost it twice, but you found it. Why was it always you?” he asked.

I was taken aback by his question but then again, he wasn’t sounding upset nor happy about it. I couldn’t detect how he felt about it.

Wait, shouldn’t he be grateful that I found his necklace? Of course he shouldn’t be upset about it. Anyways, I’m glad he found it before her.

“Answer me!” he half yelled.

“You don’t have to shout!” I said. “I think it’s the way it was supposed to be. I don’t know why it had to be me but I did find it and you should not let it miss again. It’s something precious to you. You should check it every minute. I don’t want to go through the stress of finding it again for you.”

He raised his brows.

“If there’s nothing more to say, I will take my leave.” I said but then something halted me.

It was Quin’s words.

«You need to get closer to him. The four things that is needed to undo Romeo’s spell are this; Like him, be around him all the time, hold his hand at least once in a day and make him like you»

But I can’t start this minute right?

I should wait until I get to live with the rockstars.

“You are relieved of your duties. I haven’t really thought of being nice to someone before but I did that twice for you. Though you broke something really expensive but you found something really special to me as well so I’m given you my forgiveness. Argh, I hate talking much, so leave this minute and don’t get close to this building or close to the fifth floor or me again. Let nothing make us meet again.”

I got choked and began coughing. Still coughing, I walked away.

Immediately I got to the basement, I got myself and fell on my knees.

“God, how I’m I supposed to do this? It’s clearly vivid and written all over the walls and sky that he hate me and wouldn’t like to see me around him. How would he even feel when he sees me in the same house with him? Ah, how I’m I supposed to save him!”

“You have to believe in yourself and be determined.” A familiar voice said behind me. I turned and it’s Quin.

“Quin” I said.

She smiled and flew closer.

“You have to know that he is being controlled. How he is behaving and all he is doing, he really doesn’t know anything about it. I told you all this Baby, please listen to me and do this.. Trust yourself that you can.” she said.

“Can I really, you mean I should stick with him no matter what? I should do whatever it takes no matter what it takes?” I asked.

“Exactly. That is it. You must save Romeo, you can’t run away from your duty. Please understand that.” she said.

I stood up. “I will save Romeo Quin.”

“Yes you will and I will be of help when my help is needed. Here, I have a gift for you.” she said, raised her hands and brought it down, two yellow bead-made bangles appeared on my wrists. They glittered like diamonds.

“Woahh.. It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I said.

“One is for you and one is for him. Take my promise, any day you succeed in putting one of that on his wrist, I will gift you something much more special.” she said.

“No, I want something else,” I said.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Promise me that, if I succeed in putting this bangle on his wrist, you will find out where I can locate my real family. Jina told me that my parents died in a car accident, I think she said the truth but I don’t want to believe it, even if they did, then I must have some relation somewhere in this world and finding them is what I want you to do for me.” I said.

She tilted her head in thought. “That might be very difficult, but I make that promise, I promise you. I would do whatever it takes to find them.” she promised.

The bell for End of break rang🔔

I smiled. “Thank you Quin. I will go now.”

“Go then. Bye.” she said.

I hurried away.


I got back to the homeroom and sat beside Lala.

“I’m back,” I said.

She nodded. She doesn’t look cheerful.

“Is anything wrong? You don’t look happy.” I said.

“I’m fine. We can’t talk about it here.” she said. “You should tell me yours.”

“We can’t talk about it here too. Let’s hold it until we go home.” I said.

She smiled and hit me playfully. I smiled.


[Rocks angels 💄]


“Someone is gonna look extremely sexy tonight to see if someone can finally fall in love with that someone.” Belina joked and gave Nuella a wink.

“Come on B, stop joking around.” Cassy said.

Nuella stood up and turned around. “Yes, B is right. I have a plan and it’s certainly gonna work. He think he could mess around with my feelings for him. He’d better watch out.” she said.

“What do you intend doing?” Cassy asked.

She scrolled through her phone gallery and showed them a dress. “This.” she said.

“Come on girl, you’ve wore things more sexy looking than this in his front.” Cassy said.

Debbie is sleeping, Rina is reading.

Nuella came over to where I sat and showed it to me. “How does it look?”

I zoomed it. “Perfectly sexy. But is that the only plan you have?” I asked.

She smiled. “Of course not. I have a plan of getting him out of the party, give him a drugged drink. He will get drunk and I’ll do the needful.” she said.

I smiled.

‘I wish I can introduce you to Zeekah but unfortunately, I can’t. It’s I alone that will know about Zee in this house.’

“What a plan. Good luck to you baby girl.” Belina said.

Nuella smiled.

‘Some people are struggling to get the man they love to love them back and date them but I, I have him inbetween my fingers.

He’s my toy. A toy that have to stay where I drop it and land where I throw it and do whatever I say and order. He’s like my robot, going errands and obeying my orders.

I felt a move on the couch Rina lay. I looked over and saw her eyes on me. She looked away and sat up.

“This couch is so uncomfortable, I’m going to the siesta room.” she said, stood up and walked away.

I turned to my phone to go through my Instagram.

My recent picture has gotten 4million Reactions 👍 and than 10k comments 💬

I tapped on Romeo’s picture and zoomed it to give the necklace on his neck a brief glance.

I smiled, knowing it’s no more on his neck.

It’s beneath the water where no one can ever find it again.

I smiled triumphantly knowing that nothing can make him remember a single thing.

Power of magic.



Bell for talent class rang.

Lala and I said ‘bye’ and headed to our different classes.

I got there and met the class in fuss about the birthday party in few hours.

“Hello girls, can you all keep quiet now.

I think the noise and talking is enough.

Hello! Hello everyone!

Can you hear me??!!” Ms Céce kept calling but no one listened.

I got to my seat and sat down. She looked at me. “Since no one is listening except Baby Edric, I would give her the leader of tonight presentation.” She said. I raised my brows.

“Presentation?” They all chorused, everywhere became less noisy.

“Yes, a presentation by the bluebells to our idol, Lucky. I heard yesterday that the Pinkfly class is going to present a song to him and a flower crown. We should do same. Our song is certainly gonna be more awesome than theirs. We’ve always been the best. And Baby here is going to lead in the presentation.” she said.

Mutterings and murmurs began.

🚺Not her Ms Cece. Let Nadia lead.🚺

🚺Yes, Nadia🚺

🚺We want Nadia🚺

I exhaled.

She looked at me with eyes like -I’m-sorry-Baby’

I smiled.

“Alright then, Nadia will lead.” She said.

We learnt the song, it was lovely. I’m certain that Lucky is going to like it but somehow, I’m scared of standing in front of the rockstars to present a song.

I’m glad, Nadia was chosen as the leader.

Class got over and I walked out before anyone else did and that was when I recalled that I’ve been fired.

I exhaled and headed to the homeroom but someone came over and blocked my way. It was Nadia

“Hey Baby or whatever..” She said with a smirk smile.

“Nadia. What’s that?” I responded, sensing trouble.

“I’m sure that you can see it clearly that you have no place here. No one wants you or want to care if you have a nice voice. Everyone in that class are my fans. They wanted the leader for paradise trip to be me and i got it and today, they showed you as well. Girl, You have no fan. You are the most irritating person I’ve ever come across. You are so ugly too and short.” she said and walked away.


(Mae Iris mansion)


Ji woo pulled into the mansion and we got down.

We walked into the mansion and Lala’s mom is home. She was going through a newspaper.

“Hello mom” lala greeted.

“Good day ma’am” I bowed.

She smiled. “Welcome girls. Today is Lucky’s birthday. You should go prepare.” Mrs Mae Iris said.

“of course mom.” Lala said.

“I’m expecting a friend.” Mrs Mae Iris said.

“No problem. Let’s go Baby.” Lala said and pulled me along as we hurried upstars.

“I’m going to have my bathe, you do same. Once you are dressed, come over to my room,” she said.

I nodded.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Not really.” I said.

“Uhm, I am.” she said. “We should eat first.”

“We should drop our bags and go eat.” She added.

“Okay,” I said and walked into my room. I dropped my bag, removed my school jacket and pulled off my shoe. I wore my flip-flops and walked out. Lala came out and we headed


“Sorry girls, I almost forgot about you having your meal.” Lala’s mom said.

“That’s why we are here.” Lala said and we moved over to the dinning.

We sat beside each other.

The maids came with our meals and served us.

‘I feel so special in this mansion. I’m being treated like I belong here. Like I’m part of this family when I’m not. I can’t believe my fate. Leaving here to live with the rockstars. I will really miss here.’

“Are you okay Baby?” Lala asked, shooting me out of my thought.

“Ye yes I’m fine.” I said.

“I remember, you said you are going to tell me something.” she said.

“Oh,.. Actually, I will tell you after the party.” I said.

“Really?” she said.

I nodded. “Please let it be after the party.”

“Aigoo, you are making me curious.” she said. “..but it’s okay. I can hold on for few more hours.” she smiled. “Come on let’s eat up and prepare for the party. I wouldn’t want us to be late.” she added.

I smiled. ‘I love you Lala’ ❤

(Few Hours later🕜🕜)

I looked at myself and wondered if I was still the same Baby Edric. Lala had made me look so different.

“Wow, you look so beautiful.” she said.

“Argh, I think my shoulders are too exposed.” I said.

“Ahh you keep saying that, the hands ain’t that slim. Look at mine. It feels like I’m sleeveless.” she said.

I faced down. “We..you can’t compare yourself to me. I’m very embarrassed with my body. I’ve never wore something like this before.” I said.

She stood up and her hands went akimbo, “what are you ashamed of? You have a wonderful body OK and you shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. Look at yourself once in the mirror and you will see that.” she said.

I turned to the mirror once more. “Really?”

“Yes.” she smiled.

“You.. You mean I should really wear this?” I asked.

“Exactly. Now, put on your heels.”

“I can’t wear this long heels. I will rather wear sandals or flat shoes.” I said.

She slapped her forehead. “Ah, Baby.. How do you think you’ll look wearing flat shoes or sandals in this dress. Come on, try it on. You have nice long legs. Oh my.. They will look so good on your feet. Check it. Besides they ain’t long heels at all.” she said.

I exhaled and wore the heels.

“Try getting up.” she said. I tried getting up the chair but fell back.

“Aighhhh..” I groaned.

“Ah I totally forgot to train you on how to wear heels.” Lala lamented.


[ROCKS HIGH SCHOOL | Lucky’s Birthday Party🎉]

The whole school was buzzing with so much humans and music as we came down from the car.

I couldn’t walk well because of the heel I wore.

I feel like my legs are going to cut off in the next minute.

Lala had to make me wear this for the first time in my life.


“Be careful.” she said.

I nodded.

“Let’s go in.” she said.

“I wonder where Alisa would be. She was lucky to get a ticket.” I said.

“Of course she will be inside.” Lala said.

We headed inside. I wonder how awkward I was walking but I know Lala was covering me up.

I can’t wear this again! Never! I’ll just endure it for few hours. Yes, I can do it. For Lala.

We got to the hall and everywhere was dazzling more than the outside. Soft music played, and many were dancing with their partner, while many sat down.

“You should call her. It would be hard to find her in this crowd.” Lala said.

I opened my purse to bring out my phone and that was when a hand tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and it’s Alisa.

She dressed nice enough.

“Omg! I could have forgotten it was really you Baby!!” she shouted.

Eyes turned to us.

🚺Is that Baby?🚺

🚺Wow, her cloth is so beautiful. Why I’m I jealous?🚺

🚺Is that Baby?🚺

🚺Wow. She’s looking different.🚺

🚺Who’s that girl?🚺

“Alisa, why the shout?” I asked.

She clutched her palm on her mouth. “I totally forgot how popular you are in this school. Gosh i’ve been going around this school for hours. I feel so excited to be here.” she said.

I exhaled. “Alisa, meet Lala Mae Iris.” I introduced.

She turned to Lala and gasped.

“Oh my! I’m so happy to meet you.” Alisa said, and bowed severally to Lala.

“Lala, this is my best friend, Alisa.” I said.

Lala smiled, went closer and hugged her causing Alisa to open her eyes wide in shock.

“Nice to finally meet you Alisa. Baby told you quite a lot about you.” Lala said and withdrew the hug.

“Huh? Oh yes, she told me so many, so many about you. I’m so honoured to receive a hug from you. I’m really honored.” Alisa said.

Lala chuckled. “Stop talking like I’m some idol. Look over there,” lala said, pointing at a corner in the hall. We followed her eyes and saw the rocks angels sitter there.

They all looked like they fell from the sky. They wore the most glittering dress I’ve ever seen.

“They are the idols, and fans say that to them.. I’m honored to receive your autograph. I’m honored to touch your hand and so on. I’m not an idol. Come on, let’s get a seat. No, I forgot.. We got something to give to the celebrant.” Lala said and opened her bag. She brought put two small gift box and handed me one.

“Let’s go.” Lala said to me and turned to Alisa. “Wait here for us, we’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Alisa nodded then grabbed my arm. “Wait,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“I’m unlucky to gift the rockstars anything. But can you take this book. I heard that they sign after handing him a birthday gift.” she said.

“Really?” I said.

She nodded. I collected the small book.

“Okay then, I will do it for you.” I said.

She raised my hand and kissed it. “Thank you, my bestie. ”

We headed to the corner Lala said that the rockstars are.

🚺That looks like Baby🚺

🚺Ofcourse she is. That’s Lala.🚺

🚺Why’s she beautiful tonight?🚺

🚺It look like she can’t match heels. She’s walking so clumsily. 🚺

I exhaled.

‘It’s none of your business, you Jezebels!’

As we were getting close, I could see them, my heart began beating.


I don’t know why but seeing the rockstars tonight made my heart beat rise.

But why?

Could it be because of that person who my destiny is to save him?

Or my crush who I want to stop crushing on?

I exhaled.

‘Whatever it is.. I shouldn’t develop a fast beating heart. Calm down Baby. Calm down.’

We finally got there and they were queue.

I sighed.

‘Ahh, do we have to stand here.. I feel like my legs are pulling off. My leg bones are about to break.’

Lala got out her phone and operated on it for a few seconds.

“The queue is quite long Lala.” I lamented.

She smiled. “Don’t worry.”

‘I shouldn’t worry? When I feel like pulling off this heels and throwing them into the sea.’




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