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🎻🎻Rocks High💛

(Rockstar Next Door)



Episode 27🧚


(Few hours ago) [Rockstars Mansion]


I took a shower, and walked out to the mirror and that was when I noticed that my necklace wasn’t on my neck anymore.

I touched my neck.

“Where did it go?” I rushed out to search through my shirt and trouser. Maybe it could have fallen inside one but I didn’t find it.

“Damn, I can’t loose this necklace. It’s really important to me.” I picked my phone and called Shana.

She picked up.

📲”Hello Romeo.”

“Shana, did you see my necklace, the one that’s always on my neck.” I asked.

📲”Come on, is that why you called me? I didn’t. I’m sure it might have dropped on the bed or something. Check the room tomorrow, I’m sure it would be there.” she said.

I sighed. “yeah I’m sure it would be there.” I said.

📲”Right, so just relax and get a sleep OK, see you tomorrow.” she said.

“See you too baby.” I said and dropped the call.

Yeah, I’m certain it would be in the secret room.

I’m certain. It can’t disappear just like. that, right?

For the second time, that necklace has gone off my neck.

The first time, that girl found it and that was last week.

If I grab it, I’m going to a blacksmith to stop it from going off it hook again.


🍀Back to Baby’s POV🍀

“Quin, you.. You are really here?” I asked.

She flew closer. “Yes I am. My father surprisingly forgave me and here I am, but I promised him not to stay more than two hours.” she said.

I sat up. “I’m happy you are forgiven. Thanks so much for coming. I’m so confused right now. I think I’m going nuts.” I said.

“What are you confused about?” she asked.

“Yesterday, I had a dream where you told me about being the only one to save someone who’s chained by a black magic and then just now, I had a dream where I saw some kind of revelation about an introvert and a she devil in rocks high school. I’m confused Quin.” I said.

“Today you wished for something? Can you remember?” she asked.

“Wish? I didn’t wish for anything and even if I did, I can’t remember.” I said.

“In the public bus today, there were somethings that you wished for.” she said.

I tilted my head in thoughts, then I remembered.

“It must have been the time I was complimenting the rockstars who have been very nice to me then it lead into me wishing if there’s anyway I can change Romeo and bring him back to his old self. Romeo is the introvert idol in my school. Lots of things are really happening and he’s the one I dreamt of with his girlfriend and a blonde girl I guess was Cherie.” I said.

“Because you wished for that, all that were revealed to you.” she said.

“What? How?” I asked.

“You see, for everyone who’s supernaturally gifted, there’s always a mission for that person. You have the blood of Jungshimam in you and you were given a mission while still in your mother’s womb by the great jungshimam who sees the future.

You are the one assigned for this mission.” she said.

“What mission?” I asked, feeling rather scared.

“To save him. To save Romeo. It’s your destiny to save him and that is why everything that is happening to you, is happening to you, right from the very day Lala met you and saved you from the street. Even right from when Jina became your foster mother. You were being led to Romeo.” she said.

I was speechless and just stared astonished at her.

“Shana isn’t a descendant of jungshimam nor does she possess any magic power but she met a dark descendant of jungshiman that deceived her into doing evil things. This dark fairy deceived her into having Romeo by all means. She is the curse of her twin sister’s death. That dark magic controls Romeo into doing whatever Shana says and Romeo is caged by this dark fairy’s magic. But right now, this dark magic fairy is no near Shana. She left to join her kingdom in fighting their enemy and might not be back anytime soon.

You are the one to undo the spell casted on Romeo. You are the only one. It’s your destiny.” she said.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Tomorrow morning, at rocks high school. At the back of the school, there is a stream. That was where Shana threw the necklace. It’s a necklace Romeo cherish so well even though he have no idea why.”

“Do you know why?” I asked.

“Cherie gave it to him on their one year dating anniversary.” Quin said.

“But quin, how did you know all this?” I asked.

“I’m a magic fairy, have you forgotten. Whatever I want to see, is revealed to me.” she said.

“So how do I save Romeo, he doesn’t even like me. And I don’t like him either.” I said

“First, go to that stream and make sure you find the necklace, take it to him… And how to save him. This is it.. Open your palms.” She said.

I did and she settled on my palms and her yellow wings went behind her back.

“First, You need to like him, ignore every of his manners and whatever he might have done to you and develop a likeness for him,”

“I should like him?”

“Yes, then you need to get closer to him. The four things that is needed to undo Romeo’s spell are this; Like him, be around him all the time, hold his hand at least once in a day and make him like you. It isn’t possible that he can fall in love with you because he is being controlled but he can like you if you be close to him and do whatever it takes.

The day he confesses to you that he ‘likes you, grab his two hands and kiss him on the lips and he will get himself. That is the only way to undo his spell.”

“Really? How can all that even be possible? Starting from me liking him to being close to him, hold his hand, kiss him the day he confesses to me that he likes me. This is funny Quin. How I’m I gonna be able to do all that?”

“It will be possible and you can do it because you are his fate and he is your destiny.” she said.

“How can we get closer to each other and how I’m I going to make him like me and even get to hold his hand for a second everyday. I can’t kiss him. He can’t be my first kiss. It’s impossible Quin.” I said.

“Like I said, it will be possible because you are his fate and he’s your destiny.”


“Yes. Tomorrow, you are going to find a letter at the offbuilding. At night, after the party, tell Lala about me and about everything I’ve told you. I’ve read her mind and saw her sincerity and pure heart.

She will need to tell her boyfriend because that would be the only way you can get close to Romeo.”

“How do you mean Quin?”

“You will have to live with Romeo. Never get far from him. We will need Lala’s boyfriend help on this to get you employed at B blizz or Diamond and if you do, Romeo can’t sack you. The job will be for you to live with the rockstars as their personal assistant. It’s more like a maid but you’ll have the opportunity to go around with them and in that case, you will be always around Romeo.. I will make all that work.” she said.

“Live with the rockstars? How can I leave Lala to live with the rockstars? This is not funny Quin. I can’t do it. Lala won’t like this.” I asked.

“She will have no option than accept. I would have to reveal myself to her and also to her boyfriend if necessary. Meeting me too was part of your destiny.” she said.

“Can you really reveal yourself to them?” I asked.

“Yes, with a particular spell, I can.” she said.

“Isn’t that taking a risk?” I asked.

“It will be worth it. You have no other choice Baby, it’s your destiny and you must follow it.” she said.

“And if I save him, what happens next?” I asked.

“I don’t know yet.” she said.

“But you just said, anything can be revealed to you if you want.” I said.

“That is where my revelation ends. I have to go now, don’t forget all I told you to do. Tomorrow night, tell Lala about me and all that I told you. Don’t forget to Find Romeo’s necklace and get ready to live with the idols.” She said and with that she disappeared but reappeared again. “I could have made you to sleep off but I think you need to think tonight but remember you can’t run away from your destiny Baby. Bye.” she said and disappeared.

‘My destiny? To save Romeo is my destiny? If it’s my destiny then I can’t run away from it.

No wonder so many things are happening to me. Now i understand why I was given a nice voice.

Now I understand why I met Lala and she insisted that I go to rocks high school.

Now I understand why I went to that off building and found Romeo’s necklace.

Now I understand why he saved me, cos I’m his fate.

How do I feel knowing all this now?

I have to save him by liking him, being around him and making him like me.. Then kiss him the day he confesses that he likes me.

That’s the way to save him.

It’s so unbelievable but it’s true. I can’t doubt Quinifa’s words.

It’s my destiny and I have to follow it. I can’t run away from it because it will keep haunting me.

I have to save Romeo. It was something that I wished for in the public bus.

Now I’ve been told the way to save him.

Isn’t it a privilege to be the only one to save Romeo. I guess it is. I have no other choice.

I have to uncage Romeo from the dark magic spell.

I know Shana will realize her did after that.

She was deceived and unless Romeo is saved she won’t be able to be free too.

Tomorrow, I’m going to find the necklace and after the party, I’m going to tell Lala about Quin and everything she told me.

I have the believe that she will let me save Romeo.

She has always felt sad for him. She knew it wasn’t something ordinary.

And Kelly? I’m sure he will want to do everything it takes to save his brother.

I have to do this.. And I’m going to do it.


((Next Day)) [Rockstars mansion⭐]


“He’s still sleeping.” Elvin whispered.

“Of course he should. This is still 6am.” J.d whispered back.

“Who’s waking him up, it’s you Jimin. Go on.” Elvin said.

“I will,” Romeo said, surprising us.

Elvin held a camera and was videoing.

Romeo collected the balloon from Jimin walked over to Lucky’s bed.

I held the cake and my gift for him. The others held their different gifts for him, including Romeo.

We did a fast little decoration to his room while he was asleep and still is.

Everywhere became silent as Romeo used a pin and pierced into the balloon and it bursted, cursing a loud sound which woke Lucky up.

He sprang up from the bed, looking scared.

“What’s that?” he asked, frightened.

We laughed, including Romeo.

It’s nice to see Romeo doing this.

He has always loved birthdays.

“Happy birthday!” We shouted.

Lucky laughed. “Oh my God.. This is amazing. How did you guys do this.. Romeo, Kelly, J.d.”

J.d played the guitar as we began singing.

🎶Happy birthday to you.🎶

🎶Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you, Lucky.

🎶Happy birthdayyyy to you…🎶

“Woahhh, I’m blushing guys.. Come on, how did you do all this?”

I walked over to him. “Make a wish and blow the candles off.” I said.

He drew nearer, closed his eyes, made a wish, opened them and blow off the candles.

“Ohh woah. Happy birthday.” We cheered and presented our gifts to him. Romeo was the first to present him his gift. Then the rest of us did.

“Wow, thank you guys, I feel really special.” Lucky said.

“Time to eat the cake.” Elvin said, still videoing.

“It look beautiful right? I had a hard time searching for it. It was worth it right?” I asked.

“Yes it look like me, huh.” Lucky said.

We laughed.

Romeo had a bit from the cake and we wished that there will be birthdays everyday.

Romeo’s birthday isn’t far tho.

“How old are you now lucky?” J.d asked.

“I’m older than you.” Lucky said and we laughed.



[Rocks High school⭐]


I got down from the car and turned to Lala. “I’m going to off building.” I said.

“Okay. See you in homeroom.” she said.

I nodded and hurried away with no other place in my mind but the stream at the back of the school.


(At the stream)

I finally got there and exhaled.

‘How do I find the necklace inside this stream.’

I dropped my bag, pulled off my shoes and socks, breathed in, breathed out and walked into the river.

The water was reaching on my thighs. I covered my nose and lowered down to start the search for the necklace.

It was a small narrow stream and I believed I would find the necklace without much stress.

If my hands can touch the pendant on the necklace.

I just wish to find it. Romeo can’t loose this necklace.

I searched and searched until I think I was loosing my breath.

“Oh where can it be! Where exactly!” I sighed.

I lowered down again, searching. Then I felt something like the necklace. It was the pendant. I grabbed it and raised it.

“Oh my God, it’s the necklace.” I said excitedly and jumped out of the water.

My body was wet, my uniforms soaked.

I pulled on my socks and shoes, grabbed my bag and walked away, very happy that I found it.

I used the way where no one would see me until I got to off building.

‘Where do I drop it, in the secret room..”

I walked into the secret room and dropped it on the table.

I looked at myself in the mirror, happy that I found it.

I looked up at the CCTV camera and I have no idea when I smiled.

I guess I’m too excited.

“I found it.” I said. “Don’t be annoyed Romeo, I need to use your bathroom to clean my soaked uniforms.” I said and with that, I walked into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and used it in wiping my hair, body and uniforms. I checked the ceiling and walls and found no CCTV camera.

Of course why would he fix a CCTV camera in a bathroom.

I kept wiping until the wetness had dried a little. I dropped the towel and walked out, took a brief glance at the necklace.

‘I hope you find it before she does’

I grabbed my bag and walked out. I got to the off building to start cleaning up and I saw a paper on the table, then I remembered that Quin had told me that I would see a letter at the off building.

I walked over and picked it up. I opened it and read.

📄You are sacked Baby Edric, from Rocksword. Don’t get close to off building again or the fifth floor.


“What?” I exclaimed.

Tch.. Really?

I looked up at the CCTV camera

“Really?” I asked. Then I remembered what Quin said.

«You will have to live with Romeo. Never get far from him. We will need Lala’s boyfriend help on this to get you employed at B blizz or Diamond and if you do, Romeo can’t sack you. The job will be for you to live with the rockstars as their personal assistant. It’s more like a maid but you’ll have the opportunity to go around with them and in that case, you will be always around Romeo..»

‘I’m sure Shana made him write this, Romeo wouldn’t have the kind heart to forgive me anytime soon. What really happened yesterday?’ I wondered.

I looked up at the CCTV camera again. “Fine then. Thank you so much for forgiving me. I’m so grateful. Now, I understand how kindhearted you are,” I said, smiled and walked out of off building.

She have no idea that this is only going to make me get closer to him.

Who does she think she is huh.. Who does that dark fairy think she is?

Quin and I will surely defeat them! It’s my destiny to save Romeo and I’m going to do just that.


I got to class and saw the homeroom in uproar of rockstar Lucky’s birthday tonight.

Every part of the homeroom was decorated with ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rockstar Lucky’ and many more.

It seems there’s won’t be classes today because of an idol’s birthday party tonight.

I walked over to Lala and she was watching a video on her phone which was making her smile.

“See this Baby,” she said. I sat down beside her and did.

A video of the rockstars surprising Rockstar Lucky with birthday presents and song.

Romeo was among which baffled me.

“He bursted the balloon. Romeo really did that. Haha. It’s so funny. Look how scared Lucky was.” Lala said, laughing. I joined in.

It seems everyone in class was watching same video over and over again.

🚺Omg, rockstar Romeo looked so sweet here. Oh my god, look at his smile when Rockstar Lucky said, he’s blushing.🚺

🚺The cake looked so beautiful and tantalizing.🚺

🚺Oh my god.. haha, look at Rockstar Kelly laughing. He look so cute.🚺

🚺Omg! Rockstar Romeo’s voice alone had made my day.🚺

Lala and I looked at each other and smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” she asked.

“huh.. You smiled too.” I said.

“You said your friend is coming for the party right?” she asked.

“Yes, she is.” I said.

“I would like to meet her tho.” she said.

I smiled.

She replayed the video again.

“Romeo look more sweet when he smiles.” she said. “It’s bad that he doesn’t smile unless he is with Shana. He always smile to everyone the times Cherie was alive.” she said.

I exhaled.

‘I wonder how, I’m going to tell her everything tonight.

Bell for first class rang.

“Let’s go to Literature class.” Lala said.

They were grumblings everywhere. It seem none of them want to go to classes today.

I took out my literature books. Lala did too and we walked out to Literature class.

We haven’t settled in a seat when screams of “THE ROCKSTARS ARE IN SCHOOL” broke out in the hallway and classes and everyone rushed out, leaving the literature teacher with agape lips.

“Let’s go.” Lala said and we followed them.

Everyone rushed out to the school premises.

The rockstars came down from the jet in their customized uniforms.

Cameras and phones went up.

🚺Happy birthday Rockstar Lucky🚺

🚺Happy birthday Rockstar Lucky🚺 Were being shouted from every angle.

The rocks angels arrived at the same time.

🚺Please can I have your autograph Oppa.🚺

🚺Oppa, I love you. Happy birthday.🚺

Rockstar Kelly took their books and began signing.

Kelly joined, J.d, Elvin and Jimin but Romeo didn’t.

Romeo. He look really handsome today. He always do.

The rockstars began leaving towards the school building. The rocks angels followed behind them.

I saw Shana, with her hair flapping as she walked.

‘She must be feeling like the whole world is under her palm. Her cups are going to be filled one day and the dark magic too.’

She collected few books and signed including the other angels. Then they walked away.

When they finally went into the elevator, everyone went back to the class they were. Lala and I walked back to the literature and sat on a different seats this time since the one we sat have been taken by two boys.

“Can we begin the class now?” The literature teacher asked out loud.

Only few answered. Others were busy uploading pictures of the rockstars, taking pictures of the idol’s signature on their book and uploading.

“I think it would have been better if today was free class day.” Lala said.

“I think so too.” I said.

The rocks angels didn’t come to class.



I left to off building to search for the necklace and walking into the secret room, I found the necklace on the table.

I smiled in relief and picked it.

Shana was right, it’s in here.

I thought I lost it.

I decided not to wear it until I take it a blacksmith to fix the loosed hook.

I walked out of the secret bedroom and walked to the chamber.

The paper wasn’t there anymore. She had seen it.

“Shana is always right. I should fire her.” I said and turned to walk out but then I recalled something.

‘How she must have felt and what she said when she read the letter. There’s only one way to knoa, going through the CCTV video record.’

I walked out and soon, I entered the rockstars study room and walked to my laptop.

The boys were playing a song.

I opened my laptop and accessed today’s footage.

The video showed when she walked into the secret bedroom and dropped the necklace. She look wet.

She looked at the camera and smiled. “I found it..Don’t be annoyed Romeo, I need to use your bathroom to clean my soaked uniforms.”

What? Does it mean that she stole my necklace and decided to bring it back?

No, I don’t think. She didn’t steal it the first time she saw it.

Did it fell off my neck while I was leaving off building and she found it? Again?

Why’s she wet?

I didn’t go near any water.

No, I think she took it because she knew it’s precious to me, she must have thrown it inside a water, then decided to find it and bring it back.

But then on a second thought, There isn’t anywhere in the video that she came to the secret room and took the necklace.

I went to yesterday’s footage. She didn’t come to the secret room at all.

It must have fallen off my neck and she found it. Again?

How can be she the one to find it again? Is she some monitoring Angel?

Now, I think she really deserve my forgiveness for finding my necklace again.




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