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 🎻🎻Rocks High School💞

(Rockstar Next Door)



Episode 25🌿



🕐Some moments ago🕐

The bluebells class ended and I headed out.

‘Where do I head to now? Should I go to the rockstars or rocks angels?’

I sighed.

‘I really don’t know but I can’t go to the angels now. I don’t want to see that she-devil. Ahh what do I do. The he-devil isn’t someone I wish to see either but there is Rockstar Kelly and angel Debbie. They are angels I’d be so glad to see. I think going to rockstars first would be better. I can’t miss seeing rockstar Kelly today. ‘

I smiled and headed to the rock stars but first I Branched at the cleaning store. Picked up everything I need and headed to the fifth floor upstairs which is the last floor of the building.

Climbing the stairs was death. Do the rockstars climb this everyday?

I read on the school magazine that the last fith floor is only for the idols both the rockstars and the rocks angels.

That there are two studios too and bedrooms for them to have nap.

Those people are placed so perfectly like they don’t go to the toilet. Tch.

But if they have bedrooms to get naps, why then did Romeo get a bedroom at off building?

Ahh, why should I care about that?

Aigoo, my legs are hurting so badly.

I’m not sure the idols take this staircase everyday.


I gasped. What was I thinking? I should have remembered there’s something like elevator!

There’s no way I can go back.. Ahh I’m really so stupid.

Anyways, I’ve made it to the fourth floor, I can take it one more time. Yes. I can.

Then two girls ran pass, giggling and then stopped.

🚺Huh? That’s the commoner. Why’s holding those cleaning stuffs?🚺

🚺What do you think? Is she going to the fifth floor?🚺

🚺No way?🚺

🚺What do you think.. I think she’s…🚺

🚺What! A cleaner!?🚺

🚺Let’s take a picture of her! Ohh im not with my phone.🚺

🚺Me too. How do we get an evidence?🚺

🚺Let’s follow her.🚺


I breathed in, out, stopped and turned to them.

“What do you want to find out huh? Well, I’m a rocksworld worker. Are you satisfied now? And I’m going to the fifth floor to do my work. You can follow me if you want to, to be sure. Since you have nothing better to do with your time.” I said, turned and continued my walk.

🚺Huh! She deserves it anyway! So irritating🚺

🚺She is really a cleaner.🚺

🚺Come on Ji A, let’s go.🚺

🚺I think the whole of rocks high needs to hear this.🚺

I sighed and when they finally left, I was more than grateful.

“You can tell it to the whole world if you want. Tch, so arrogant.” I hissed and finally got to the fifth floor.

“Thank goodness.”

The corridors seemed confused and I prayed not to see the she-devil and gladly, I didnt..

I finally got to a door with a sign on top. ‘Rockstars private classroom.’

“Yeah this is it.” I breathed out. Ahh my legs.

I breathed in, then out before I knocked.

I knocked again and again and again.. I kept knocking and when I heard no approval of me to come in, I decided to.

My heart began beating loudly as I grabbed the doorknob and opened slowly, I decided to peep in first and got shocked when I saw ten eyes on me. I saw Kelly’s eyes first. I felt safe.

I slowly walked in and closed the door.

‘What do I say.. They are all staring at me’

“Baby,” A voice I can remember anywhere called me and I looked at him.

“Ye yes si sir,” I answered and bowed.

“What are you doing here, you shouldn’t be here.” he said.

“Wrong time. You are to be here at 5pm. Ms joong should have told you that.” The heartless voice said.

I looked at him and he was glued to his phone.

I sneered. ‘I feel like eyeing you to death. Tch!’

“Then I will leave and come back by 5.” I said and turned to leave.

“Why is your leg shaking?” A voice asked. I’m not familiar with that but when I turned back, it was J.d.

I looked at my legs and truthfully they were shaking.

“Huh.. There are really shaking.” Another person said. It’s rockstar Elvin.

I shook my head. “I’m fine, I’m fine really. I would just go. Sir,” I said.

“Wait,” J.d said and moved closer.

What? He look so cute.

Why’s he coming really close.

“Did you use the staircase?” he asked.

“Get out and return at 5.” The he-devil said.

I inhaled.

“Okay, ssssir” I mumbled, glanced at Kelly who was looking at me with some eyes I couldn’t understand.

“Your legs are really shaking, come,” J.d said and the next thing, he took my hand and pulled me to a chair.

“Seat here until it’s five. Walking will make it feel worse.” he said.

I looked at Jimin and he look sad and annoyed.

Romeo’s face was on his phone so I couldn’t really detect his mood but I think he didn’t care.

Elvin was chuckling and Lucky had a surprised smile.

And me?

Well, how do I feel?

It can’t be J.d… No way.


I felt speechless, I couldn’t believe J.d is being so nice to me.

Does this mean that all of the rockstars are nice except Romeo?

I looked at K and he was looking at Romeo. Why?

“Here, have this.” J.d said giving me an energy drink.

Huh? Why’s he being nice to me?

I took it. “Thank you.” I said.

He smiled and walked away.

I stared at their faces, Kelly was smiling as he looked at J.d this time. Elvin was smiling at J.d too.


Lucky was playing dart at the far end so I couldn’t see his face.

Romeo’s eyes were glued to his phone.

Then there was one who’s eyes was on me, Jimin.

Our eyes met and he looked away.

Geez.. I feel so uncomfortable.

I inhaled, exhaled and opened the drink then wrapped my ten fingers tightly on it, not wanting it to fall off my hands.

Elvin stood up and walked over to Lucky. Jimin stood up and walked to a seat were a guitar sat, took it, sat down and began playing the guitar but then, he glanced at me again.. Our eyes met and he looked away, swiveled the chair and turned to the other side.

He seem cold.

I like Kelly and J.d.

Next Sunday, I’d tell Alisa to go on crushing on J.d. He’s nice.

He’s a playboy.

What if he’s trying to make me his prey?

Tch.. No way, I’m not even the kind of girls he does all that with.

I shouldn’t even be thinking of that.

I sipped the drink and prayed that 5 clocks soon so they’d leave for me to start cleaning.


She’s really cute.

I wish I can talk to her but I Can’t even look at her.

J.d is already acting nice to her.

That pervert.



Five finally clocked and the rockstars began packing up their bag to leave.

I watched them.

Elvin went over and carried Romeo’s bag. Then J.d walked over to where I was still sitting.

“Baby, are you going to be okay?” he asked.

Huh? Really?

I nodded. “Yes.”

He smiled. “Alright. See you tomorrow.”

I nodded and he walked out.

Lucky followed behind him.

When I saw Kelly walking towards, my heart beat increased.

He’s my crush. I can’t help it.

“Be careful,” he said, gave me a smile that melted my heart and walked away.

I smiled.

His smile was amazing.

Lala is really lucky.

A bag suddenly thrown at me caused me to flinch in fear. I grabbed it so it doesn’t fall before even realizing it was Romeo’s bag.

I looked up and saw Romeo with Elvin behind him.

“Take it to the private jet.” Romeo said and with that, he walked away followed by Elvin and lastly by the cold Jimin.

He’s movement was slow and his eyes on his phone as he walked away but then he got to the door, stopped and turned.

Our eyes met.

I couldn’t figure out his face expression but it didn’t appear cheerful.

“Are…. you okay?” he asked.

He just asked me if i’m okay.


Baby what is generally happening in your life?

“Ye yes I’m fine.” I said. He turned and walked away.

I raised Romeo’s bag. It isn’t heavy at all.

I bet not more than five books are in the bag and whoa, the bag is really a beauty.

I tiny voice told me to open the bag but I held myself, got out of the chair and walked out to an elevator.

I can’t forget there’s an elevator here ever again.

I held the bag carefully. Once I’m out of this elevator, what would they mutter this time seeing me holding Romeo’s bag.

Maybe those two girls have spread the news already.

‘But why would he tell me to take his bag to their jet huh!’

Ah it’s true. I suddenly forgot I’m working for him. I forgot.

Arghsh it’s not going to be easy.

Once the elevator landed on the first floor and I walked out.. The students around all let out a gasp.

🚺What! Why’s she holding Romeo’s bag.🚺

🚺That’s Romeo’s bag🚺

🚺What’s she doing with his bag🚺

I ignored them and walked on. They followed behind me.

🚺What? She’s heading to Rockstar’s private jet🚺

🚺Everyone listen. She’s working for rocks world.🚺 That was one of the two girls I met at the staircase.



🚺It’s true. We met her at the fourth floor about an hour ago. She said so herself. A cleaner.🚺


I sighed and finally got to the private jet.

I was about climbing the staircase when i halted.

‘Wait, I’m I really going in there? I’ve never went into a public airplane talkmore of a private jet.

Baby, I can’t believe you are going inside a private jet.

That made me smile.

I climbed the stair and once I got in, my mouth dropped open at the beautiful sight.

“Wow!” I breathed out before I even realized it. I covered my mouth immediately as they all turned to me, including Romeo. His face was stoic as he had a headphone on. Kelly wore a smile which made me feel a little ease. J.d wasn’t smiling. He was looking at me with some strange eyes.

Elvin and lucky were the first to turn back, followed by Romeo.

Jimin turned after Romeo did.

“Ain’t you going to drop the bag or you wanna go with us?” J.d asked and I quickly removed my hand off my mouth and used my eyes to search were to drop it.

‘Where exactly should I drop this now. Every place seem so special.’

“Drop it at the seat next to Romeo, It’s his.” J.d said.

I nodded and counted my steps as I walked to the Romeo.

‘What do I do exactly when I get there?’ I asked myself.

‘Do I give it to him or stretch my hand and drop it at the seat. Worse he isn’t seating on the seat next to the window.

How do I stretch my hand enough to drop this.

Agshh this is crazy.

When he finally looked up at me, I realized that I’ve standing all this time, thinking of what to do.

He collected the bag and dropped it on the seat.

I raced out of the jet and once I got down from the stair, I halted to catch my breath.

When I finally did and looked up, I saw students gathered around me.

🚺You commoner, are you really a cleaner here?🚺

🚺Why did you take Romeo’s bag to him. Are you his maid?🚺

🚺Are you really cleaning the rockstars study room?🚺

🚺First rockstar K saved you, now you clean their study room and take Romeo’s bag. What do you think you are you commoner!🚺

🚺Aren’t you going to talk huh?!🚺

I walked pass them and headed to an elevator.

🚺Ugh! I feel like strangling her! I cant stand her.🚺

🚺Being a cleaner. That’s what suits her anyway.🚺

🚺Where’s Lala?🚺

The elevator door finally closed and I exhaled.

I pressed on the 5th floor.

Soon, it got to the fifth floor. The door opened and I walked out and entered the rockstars study room.

“Wow, this place is more than perfect.” I said and

Proceeded to touch the tables and sofas.

There’s a bookshelf. I touched the books and walked over to the refrigerator. I opened it and saw so many types of drinks, icecream, chocolates and snacks.

“Wow..” I breathed out and closed back the refrigerator.

I walked over to the guitar Jimin held, took it and played some rubbish.

I have a nice voice but knows nothing about playing instruments.

I dropped it back and went to the games..

No, I won’t touch it. They might find out I did. I will just go ahead to clean. I have to clean the rocks angels private room too.

Wait, the rocks angels, have they gone home?

I hope so. I wouldn’t want to see Shana.



That girl!

How did she suddenly become a rocksworld worker and Romeo’s maid who carries his bag?

I can’t believe what I just saw.

I have to see Romeo today and I’m calling my dad again.

I can’t stand that girl close to Romeo. I can’t just stand it, I don’t know why.

I just have this crazy feeling that she isn’t supposed to get close to Romeo whether she’s some maid or whatever.

“Girls, I’m so curious. How did Baby become the rocksworld cleaner and the rockstars maid? I’m really curious?” Belinda said.

“I’m curious as well.” Cassy said.

“Let’s say she’s quite lucky. Being close to the rockstars would be such a honour to a teen commoner.” Rina said.

“Can you girls stop talking about that girl!” Nuella said.

“Is it annoying? It doesn’t look like it is.” Belina said. I glared at her.

Gosh! When is Zee coming back!



🕐🕐An hour later:


I paid the taxi driver and he drove off. I entered Mae iris gates and soon, I got into the mansion.

There was Lala’s mom on a couch going through her tablet.

“Hello ma’am.” I greeted with a bow. She looked up and gave me a smile.

“Welcome Baby, how was your day in school today?” she asked.

“It was fine ma’am.” I said.

“Go upstairs and come back with Lala for dinner.”

“Yes ma’am.” I said and headed upstairs.

It’s true. Lala’s dad left today.

I got upstairs and went straight to Lala’s room. I knocked on the door, opened and walked in.

Lala was sitting on a sofa, going through her laptop.

She saw me and smiled.

“Baby, goodness you are back. You must be really hungry, go change so we can go some food.” she said.

I smiled.

“Alright Lala.” I said and with that, I walked out.


Hours Later:🕐🕐

[Rockstars Mansion ⭐]


⚡Im in a room, the room is dark with dim lights..

Why I’m I in this room and what room is this?

Then the door opens and Shana walks in, smiling.⚡

I woke up.. It was a dream.

My phone began ringing.

Shana was calling. I turned on the bedside lamp, picked up the phone, picked up the call, placing the phone to my right ear.

“Hello babe.”

📲”Romeo, we need to talk tomorrow. We will meet at off building.”

“Are you okay babe?” I asked.

📲”I’m fine.. Really fine.” she said.

“Alright. I’m relief.”

📲”What do you mean by that? Are you alright?” she asked.

Should I tell her about the dream?

No, it isn’t necessary.

“Nothing.. I’m fine babe, I feel so sleepy. I’ll see you tomorrow OK?” I said.

📲”Alright. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight. I love you.” I said.

📲”I love you too.”

I dropped the call and sat up.

Why I’m I sweaty.



[Mae Iris Mansion ]


⚡I opened my eyes and saw myself in a different world. A different and very beautiful world.

“Where is this place?” I asked as I saw so many types of tall flowers used to construct a house and the rivers pure without a single and the fishes inside, glittering like diamonds.

Large colourful butterflies emerge from the flower houses and I was amazed. Then it hit me, the large butterflies are fairies.

Does this mean I’m in a fairy kingdom. How did I get here?

I was still in thought when a familiar voice called my name behind me.

I turned and it was it was Quinifa.

“Quinifa!” I shouted, elated to see her.”

“Baby, I tried the best magic to bring you here and it’s not just to see you and vise versa but there’s something I’d wanna tell you.” she said.

“What’s that Quin. I’m so happy I’m seeing you after so many days.” I said.

“She flew nearer. “Open your palms.” she said and I did. “bring them together” She said and I did. She lowered herself on my palms.

“Have you seen that person who needs you to come alive again?” she asked.

“Huh. What do you mean Quin?” I asked, confused.

“There’s someone who you alone can bring back to life. Right now that person is lifeless and chained in the cage of a dark magic. You are the only person that is able to set that person free from that dark magic.” she said.

“Quin, I’m confused. Who’s this person that only I can bring alive from a dark magic. Can you tell me who the person is?” I asked.

“You will find out and when you do, don’t let go of that person. You are like a savior to this person.” she said.

“How I’m I? And I will ask again, who is this person? Do I know him or her? And is the person a he or she?” I asked.

“I’m sorry but I can’t call names to you. You have to find out yourself.” she said.

“How I’m I supposed to find out myself Quin?” I asked.

She looked down at my hands. “Here is the answer. Your hands.” she said.

“My hands?” I asked.

“Yes, your hands is the power to set this person free.” she said.

“I’m still confused Quin.. How can my hands be the power to set this person free of a dark magic?” I asked.

She spread her wings and flew out of my hands.

“It won’t take long for you to find out, I can feel it. Be careful and stick around him. Never leave him no matter what. My father hasn’t forgiven me yet, I hope he does soon so I could visit you like I always do. Be careful and do the right things. I have to go now, Bye Baby.”

Then she flew up. “No, don’t go yet Quin!! Please.” I called but she was gone already.⚡

I woke up and turned on my bedside lamp.

“Someone only I can save from a dark magic? And didn’t she mention ‘him’ on her last words? Yes she did.

Who is this person and didn’t she say it won’t take long?”

Is this just a dream. Of course it can’t be just a dream. Not when it’s Quin.

This was a message.




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