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 πŸŽ»πŸŽ»Rocks High SchoolπŸ’ž

(Rockstar Next Door)



Episode 24🌿


(Later at night)

(rocks angels MansionπŸ‘‘)


“Shana, now I think you should just let the girl be. There’s no need trying to get her expelled from rocks high. She has been re-registered with supportive signatures. Seriously, I don’t think what you are planning would work.” Nuella said.

“So are you tryna stop me huh?” I asked.

She went over to a couch and sat down. “Of course not Queen Shana. I was already saying.”

“Then your saying isn’t needed.” I said and clicked on my phone.

“So are you really calling your dad?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said and put a call to my dad.

He picked up.

“Hello dad.”

πŸ“²”Hello daughter. You don’t sound fine to me. Is there any problem sweetie?”

“Dad, I’m not fine. I need you to do something for me.” I said.

πŸ“²”You are not fine, what’s wrong sweetie and what do you need me to do for you?”

I cleared my throat.



(Rockstars mansion⭐)


“One two three!” Jaden shouted and we opened our face cards.

“Aha.. Up Elvin, danger coming!” We shouted, laughing, except Elvin who covered his face.

“What’s my punishment?” he asked.

“Seal Tape, seal tape his face.” Jaden said.

“No, no not that.” Elvin said.

“You have no choice dude,” Jaden said.

Jimin got the seal tape and four seal tape got plastered on his face.

“Ahh, endure it, It’s really going to be painful.” Lucky said.

“I know, just pull it off softly, please.” he begged.

We laughed.

“Im pulling first,” Jaden said and harshly pulled off one. Elvin groaned. “Ahh that was painful.”

“I’m second,” I said and harshly pulled off one just like Jaden did.

“Ahh, Kelly you are no difference from Jaden.” Elvin said.

“Aigoo.. See his face is turning red.” Jaden laughed.

“My turn,” Lucky said and pulled off one.

“Ahhhhh, I feel like my face is splitting into five!” Elvin cried.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna be very easy on you, trust me.” Jimin said with a grin but he used the force he has to pull of the last seal tape.

Elvin screamed and covered his face. “Ahhhhhh..!”

We laughed.

“You should be lucky we ain’t five.” Jaden said.

“I wish he is,” Elvin said.

“Well he can’t. He always get the head then, remember?” Lucky said.

“Yes we do. He was really sweet then. I miss him.” Elvin said.

“Me too,” I said.

“Me too,” Jimin said.

“We all do.” Jaden said.

“Your turn to Reset the cards, Kelly.” Jaden said.

I brought the cards together and reset them.

“One, two, three!” I shouted and we opened our cards.

Lucky got it.

“Wowww danger coming! Danger coming!” We sang.

“Argh why me!” Lucky lamented.

“What should we do to our birthday guy?” Jaden asked.

“Give his forehead a knock and say ‘In Addy to you big forehead.” Elvin said, laughing.

“Ah I don’t have a big forehead.” Lucky shouted.

“Oh I remember, the plastic surgery took it away.” Elvin said, and fell down, laughing hard. We laughed too.

“Apart from Romeo and Jimin, we all went through the knife. Come on, I didn’t have a big forehead. It was the nose, I couldn’t stand it.” Lucky said.

We laughed.

“Come on, Lucky is joking around to skip his punishment. Don’t laugh to his jokes, just give his punishment. He really pulled the seal tape harshly from Elvin’s face.” I said.

“Ah yeah that’s right.” Elvin said and got to his feet.

“I will go first. Lie down Lucky, ” He said and Lucky did. Elvin grinned and gave Lucky the loudest knock I’ve ever


Lucky yelled out.

“Oh my.. That was a loud knock” Jaden said.

We laughed.

I wonder what my own punishment would because I’m having a feeling that I’m gonna be the next.



(Mae Iris Mansion)


πŸ“²”Why didn’t you let her know all this while?” Alisa asked.

“I never thought it was necessary. She’s really going to be mad at me.” I said.

πŸ“²”Of course she would. You were going to see Romeo all this while and you kept it away from her. Hm, I really don’t know what her reaction would be but whatever it may be, you have no choice than to let her know what’s going on.”

“Yes, I know.”

πŸ“²”But seriously Baby, how could you touch the wall frame to the extent of removing it?” She asked.

“I have no idea what happened. It seem I was drunk and did things without thinking. Maybe because I was so excited of not getting expelled from Rocks high.” I said.

πŸ“²”Not only the wall frame but you also showed him your innerwears. That’s heartbreaking.” She said.

“I didn’t show him. I had no idea there’s a CCTV there.”

πŸ“²”I know but come on girl, if he leaks the video that’s what everyone would think. No one would believe that you had no idea that there’s a CCTV there.” she said.

“I’m going crazy Alisa. I told him to delete it but I don’t trust that guy. I don’t trust him.” I said.

“πŸ“„He saved you on Friday.. If he did, then I don’t think he will want to do such a thing. A person who saved you didnt want you to get hurt right?”

“I think so,”

πŸ“²”It’s the truth so if he doesn’t want you getting hurt then he wouldn’t do anything that hurt you.”

“Alisa stop making up such fantasy. Romeo can’t care if anyone is hurt or not. Now I believe he set a trap for me and I fell into it. Now I have to be some Rocksworld worker. I’m no better than a dead person.” I said.

πŸ“²”Well for me, I don’t think being a rocksworld worker is the worse thing. They don’t really do so much and you might be able to get really close to the idols,” she said.

“Alisa, I can’t believe you are saying something like this.” I said.

πŸ“²”Don’t mind me. I’ve been watching too much of their videos lately. It’s kind of affecting me. Go now and tell Lala all that she needs to know. Wait, I’ve you heard that one of the idols birthday is on Friday? I heard there will be a Rockstar lucky & fan party and the ticket would be really cheap.”

“Really? I know of the birthday but didn’t hear about the cheap tickets. What are you thinking?”

πŸ“²”Of course I’m gonna come. It’s only two hundred tickets so I have to be at the gate as early as possible, and wow, i would get to see my one in a million Crush, J.d and maybe get his autograph as well. Awwn I’m blushing already. Uhm you are so lucky Baby, you have every access into the school. Now im wishing I was you.” She said.

“You would regret being me if your wish come true.” I said.

She laughed and I smiled.

“πŸ“²Come on, go now before she sleeps. This is your chance to let her know.” she said.

“Alright. I will call you back after OK,” I said.

πŸ“²”Alright, im still awake.” she said.

I dropped the call and exhaled.

“Of course I have to now. I can’t give excuses anymore.” I said and with that, I left to Lala’s room.



(Rocks angels mansionπŸ‘‘)


I stared at Shana for a long time before clearing my throat.

“So did he accept to do that?” I asked.

“Of course he have to. I’m his daughter and he does whatever I say.” she said.

“Oh I know, only daughters are really lucky. You are lucky girl.” I said.

She smiled. “He’s the CEO of Diamond. With his position, he will get the others into signing for her to be expelled. The industries are the only people that can finally expel her from rocks high.” she said.

I exhaled. “That’s a nice idea but don’t you think you are going too far with that commoner? She really didn’t step on your toes.” I said.

“She did by using a fake identity. I hate commoners especially those who think they have some special voice!” She said.

I smiled. “Are you like, some kinda upset about her voice or if I should put it this way, jealous?” I asked.

She glared at me and scoffed. “Jealous you say! She is no match for me in any way.”

“Come on, you just said you hate-” she cut me short.

“I think it’s time you get out of my room. Goodnight.” she said, stood up and walked into the ensuite.

I sighed. “Okay Shana, Biane. I’m sorry Ok.”

“Did you hear me, I said, I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted. Goodnight.” she said from the ensuite.

I smiled. “Thank you Queeny. Goodnight.”

I stood up and left.

‘Why do I feel there is more to Shana’s hate on that commoner.’

I met Cassy at the corridor.

“Ella, You were with Shana. We were gisting about Lucky’s birthday on Friday and we were guessing what you gonna give him for his birthday.” she said.

“Uhm.. I don’t know yet, i have lots of things in mind. He won’t appreciate it anyways. I gotta go to sleep. Goodnight.” I said and entered my bedroom.



(Mae Iris Mansion)


“…I’m really sorry Lala for keeping it away from you. The first day that I went, I promised myself not to go there again, then he forgot his pen on the table the day we sat together at the biology lab. I had no choice than to go there.

I shouldn’t have gone into that room again. I had no idea what came over me. I’m really sorry for keeping it away from you Lala.” I finished my confession as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Come on, stop crying. That’s childish.” She said.

I looked up at her. “Huh?”

She chuckled. “Did you think I’m gonna get mad. Of course not. Now, the answer to the reason why he saved you on Friday has been revealed.

Actually, the money is quite much but I’m sure you don’t want to be a rocks world worker. I’m going to talk to my mom, she and I will do something about the money and as for the video, trust me, he wouldn’t dare leak it. Romeo might be heartless for a year now but he won’t try such I’m matured act, trust me.” she said.

“Lala no about the money, I can’t let you be involved. If it’s to work for him. im going to do that. Please don’t talk to your mom about anything. I’ve accepted the work. Tomorrow I’m going to meet a woman by the name Mrs Joong. I think she’s the one to give me a post.” I said.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked.

“Yes I am. I caused this myself so I will fix it myself, please don’t worry about it. I beg of you.” I said

She exhaled and shrugged. “Okay then. Meet Mrs Joong first. Let’s know your work. If I don’t like it, then you won’t be able to stop me from paying that introvert human the money.” she said.

I sighed. Why are you this nice Lala?

I hugged her. “Lala, I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” I said.

“Thank you, sister.” she said.

Tears rolled down my eyes.


(Rocks high⭐)

πŸ’šBaby BabyπŸ’š

Today is Wednesday and it’s a relief that the rockstars will be studying privately. I won’t have to see that heartless human called Romeo.

The morning classes went all quietly and I wasn’t able to seat beside Debbie but I did say ‘Hi’

When lunch time bell rang, Lala and I headed to the cafeteria to eat.

“Lala, I’ll be going to see the Mrs Joong after the lunch.” I said.

“Alright, no problem.” she said.

At the cafeteria, the place was quite noisy because everyone was talking about Rockstar lucky’s birthday party.

“Are you thinking of giving him something?” lala asked.

“Is it necessary?” I asked.

“Kind of. It’s a birthday and it’s nice to present a gift to the celebrant.” she said.

“Okay.” I said.

“Don’t worry. We gonna get him something.” she said.


Soon, I finished eating, drank water and stood up.

“I will go now before lunch break is over.” I said.

“Uhh, alright. I’m sure any worker you ask would take you to the woman.” Lala said.

“Alright.” I said and with that I left.

I saw a worker and called on her.

“Excuse me ma’am.” I said.

She stopped, then raised her brow. “Did you just call me ma’am?”

“Huh?” I said.

“Oh, you must be a commoner. Only commoners have such respects. This rich kids no nothing about respecting a cleaner here.” she said.

“What do you want anyways?” she asked.

“I need the direction to Mrs Joong.” I said.

She gave me a ‘from-toe-to-face’ look. “May I ask why you want to see her? did you apply to be employed as a rocksworld worker?” she asked.

Of course I wouldn’t. It’s that Jerk called Romeo.

“Yes I did,” I said.

“Oh poor child. Come with me then, I’ll take you to her.” she said and I followed behind her as we headed towards where Mrs Joong would be.


πŸ’¬K, Baby had been employed as a Rocksworld worker by Romeo for his wall frame that she broke. I don’t like this idea. Baby can’t become that. I tried telling her but she wouldn’t listen.πŸ’¬

I sent to Kelly.

Minutes later, he replied.

πŸ’¬I have no idea about this. I’m gonna talk to him.πŸ’¬

πŸ’¬Please do. Thank you KπŸ’¬ I sent.



“This is your regular rooster. Every morning before 8:00am. You are to clean the rockstars study room and the angels study room also.”


“And clean them also when school gets over. And during lunch break, you are to go to off building and clean it up. Romeo haven’t let anyone not even a cleaner go there. I guess he’s changed his mind.”

“How will I be able to manage this rooster and my classes. I might miss classes.” I said.

“You chose the job, didnt you?”

I didn’t, he did!

“Ah yes ma, I did.” I said.

“Very well then. One last thing, one of the idol’s birthday is on Friday. Be there as a worker and take care of the event with the rest of the workers. Your work begins today.

Don’t forget that you are to refer to the idols as sir and ma. You may leave now,” Ms Joon finished. I picked the rocksword workers shirt, stood up, bowed and walked out.

‘That jerk!’ I cursed within as I made my way back to class.


(Rockstars study room)


I waited for the English class to get over and once it did and the teacher walked out, I got up and walked over to Romeo where he sat with headphone on, going through a book.

I wonder how someone can read while listening to music. Romeo had always been able to do that.

I sat on the sofa opposite him.

“Romeo,” I called.

The rest of the boys turned to our direction.

He looked up and raised his brow.

“I gotta talk to you.” I said.

He removed the headphone.

“What?” he asked.

“About Baby Edric.. Did you really employ her as a rocksworld worker?”

“She is paying her debt with that.” he said.

“What? Baby a rocksworld worker?” Jimin said.

“What debt?” Jaden asked.

Romeo wore back the headset and raised the book to his face.

“She broke one of his wall frame. So she’s paying by working for rocksworld.” I told them.

“Really? That’s a pity. Romeo won’t accept apology.” Elvin said.

“She must have gone to offbuilding.” Jaden said.

“Yeah she did. That frame is quite costly.” I said.

“Guys, what do you think we should do to help her?” Jimin asked.

We looked at each other.



“Are you really going to do all that?” Lala asked me as the fifth class ended.

“Yes, I will. It’s not really a hard work. I’m well mastered with those kinds of work” I said.

“Are you sure, don’t you think you should let me help out?” she asked.

“No, you can’t. I mean, you don’t have to.” I said.

She shrugged. “Alright. So how are you going to be coming to school so early?”

“Argh I thought about it… I can come by bicycle. I’m a fast rider.” I said.

“Ahh.. That will be really stressful.” she said.

“Its not at all. At Bujong, I always ride for hours selling beads and never get exhausted.” I said.

She exhaled. “I’m still concerned about you working for Rocksworld as a cleaner. That’s quite harsh. And im gonna miss riding to school and riding home with you.” she said.

“Me too, but I promise to make it up once I’m back home. It’s all my fault. Biane Lala” I said.

She smiled. “That’s okay. Ga ja” She said.

We picked our books and headed out of the Korean Lang. Class.

At homeroom, it wasn’t long before bell for Talent class rang, I picked up my bag as Lala did same.

We headed out.

“So how’s it gonna be?” she asked.

“You can head home. I have transport fare. You don’t have to wait for me.” I said.

“And what if I decide to?” she asked.

“No please you can’t. You will feel really famished and tired. I will be fine and cleaning them might take really quite long time. You can’t wait for me.” I said.

She smiled and shrugged. “Alright then. I will leave. You call me if you get bothered OK.”

I nodded.

“Then I will go now. See you at home.”

“See you too Lala.” I said.

She walked away while I turned towards bluebells.


(Rockstars study room★)


“Let’s go meet him now.” Jaden said.

“You can go first,” Elvin said.

“No, K should lead the way.” Jaden said.

“Are you guys scared?” Lucky asked.

“Of course we can’t be, right J.d?” Elvin said.

“I don’t think so.” Jaden said.

“Okay guys, I will lead,” I said.

“Of course you should. You are the only one really close to him.” Jaden said.

I walked over to where Romeo sat, pressing on his phone with his legs on the table.

I sat opposite him. The others lined up behind me.

“Okay Romeo, once again. We need to talk.” I said.

“What’s that?” he asked without raising his face.

I cleared my throat. “Uhmm”

The guys urged me to go on.

“Well, we just want you to consider Baby. She really didn’t mean to break the wall frame. Can you resign her?”

“Why should I? It’s my stuff and I choose how to deal with it.”

“We know, but you should just forgive her or better still, we can contribute and give you back the money.” I said. “Right guys?” I asked.

“Yes yes,” they concurred.

He raised his face to look at us.

“I don’t need. I can’t get that wall frame anywhere in this Korea. You guys have no clue how I got it. Moreover, the commoner accepted the work so why are you bothering yourselves. You should be thinking of how to celebrate Lucky’s birthday and our photoshoot on Sunday.” he said and faced his phone again.

We sighed and left him.

“Ah he remembered my birthday. Isn’t it wonderful?” Lucky asked, grinning.

“Stop grinning. He did last year.” Jaden said.

“What do you think we should try again? Any other alternative?” Jimin asked.

I can see it in his eyes, he really like this girl.

“Hey Elvin, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Jaden asked Elvin who looked at him and asked, “What?”

“Don’t you think Jimin is taking this issue really serious?” Jaden asked. I chuckled within.

“Huh. What do you mean?” Jimin asked.

Jaden went closer to him, smiling. “Why do I think that you are liking this girl?”

“Huh, what are you talking about? I can’t like her. Im only concerned about her.” Jimin said.

“It’s still the same. You are being extra concerned because you really like her,” J.d said.

“So aren’t you concerned about her too?” Jimin asked.

“Of course I do and there’s no need to hide it, I’m very straightforward you know. I like her and won’t it be sweet to have her for a night huh? I think she really have a nice face but she’s always putting on the school suit so I can’t imagine how her skin would be. Seems it would be nice since her face is really pretty.” Jaden said.

“Stop dreaming. You can’t have her.” Jimin snapped.

“Awwwn, why will he think so? J.d can get any girl he wants. And Baby isn’t even some superstar but a commoner, just one word from him and she’ll go unclad.” Elvin said.

“You are so right Elvin. You know me so well.” Jaden said and hit hands with Elvin.

I chuckled. “You two better quit right now. Baby isn’t such a person. She’s a commoner but smart enough to know her dignity as a woman.”

“When you say dignity, do you mean she’s a virgin?” Jaden asked.

“Ah, well I’m good at treating virgins easily. J.d I think I should take the exam for you, what do you think?” Elvin said.

Jaden shot him a glare. “Don’t you dare.”

“I’ve told you two. She’s different.” I said.

“Yes she is,” Jimin said.

They gave us suspicious stare.

“Wait, what’s going on between you two. Protecting Baby, defending her. What’s up? Okay for K, I can say he’s doing that for his girlfriend but you Jimin. You like her, be truthful.” Jaden said.

“I don’t. Excuse me,” Jimin said and walked away.

“And you K, I know you are doing this for Lala but what’s about defending her like you’ve known her for so long?” Jaden asked.

“Cos it isn’t nice if you two try to make fun of her.” I said.

“We ain’t, she would be really lucky to have a kiss and a night with me. She might even go on her knees to thank me.” Jaden said.

“You are wrong.” I said.

“Really, okay, let’s make it a bet.” he said.

“Bet?-Bet?” Elvin and Lucky said together.

I saw Romeo look our direction and back to his face.

“Yes bet.” Jaden said.

I chuckled.

“Who’s agreeing to this bet?” Jaden asked.

“I am!” Elvin said.

“Let’s see then.” Lucky said.

Jaden smiled. “A bet it is. I will ma-” he got cut short by an awkward knock on the door.

It kept knocking and knocking.

“Is it one of the chefs?” Jaden asked

“It can’t. Who knocks this stupid?” Elvin said.

“But it can’t be the cleaners. They don’t come this time,” Jaden said.

Then the door began opening little by little until a head popped in and it was her. Baby Edric.

She flinched as she saw us.




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