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 🎻🎻Rocks High School💞

(Rockstar Next Door)



Episode 23



Ahh.. What?

This girl just broke my wall frame.

She think she can run away?

She must think she will escape this.

She have no idea I’ve been watching her.

She must be really stupid.

Now, I think I know my punishment for her..


“Elvin, don’t you think that Romeo has been staring at his laptop for too long?” I heard Jaden whisper to Elvin.

“I think so, what do you think he’s doing?”

“Watching movies?”

“No way, Romeo doesn’t do such, you know that.”

“What do you think then?”

“I don’t know. You can go check out.”

“I thought he’s your Mr handsome. You should know what your Mr handsome is so glued on.”

“I’m not interested.”

Seriously, I am curious too. Romeo has been focused on his laptop for so long without even raising his face up.

I wonder what that is..

And is that a smirk on his face?




At lunch break, Lala brought me lunch and left minutes after.

When school got over, She came and we walked out together. By then, my new ID had been announced on the school notice board.

“You can walk confidently now,” Lala said.

I smiled.

🚺She isn’t really leaving rocks high. She must be quite lucky🚺

🚺Rockstar Kelly signed and Angel Debbie too. She is indeed lucky.🚺

🚹But she is still a commoner, no matter what🚹

🚻Yes yes yes🚻

I sighed.

“Don’t listen to them.” lala said.

“I won’t,” I said.


(RocksAngels private study room)


“Wow, she’s not leaving rocks high after all.” Belina said.

“Yes she isn’t.” I smiled.

“Why do you like that girl?” Cassy asked.

“I like her smile and she’s worth to be in rocks high. Her voice is more than angelic. She wants to be heard.” I said.

“Shana doesn’t like her.” Cassy said.

“I’d like to see Shana’s reaction when she hears about this.” Belina said.

“Belina, we know you don’t really like Shana.” Rina said, coming to the window. “The girl’s pretty.”



“For the first time in a long time, someone couldn’t be expelled from rocks high,” Belina said. “I was getting tired of the expel anyways.”

“Me too,” Rina breathed.

“Where is Shana and Nuella anyways?” Cassy asked.

“Ask me one more time,” Belinda said.

“I wasn’t asking only you.” Cassy said.

“They are probably somewhere, keeping secrets.” Rina said.

“What secret?” Belina asked.

“I didn’t say that, girl.” Rina chuckled and walked away.

“Do you think Shana and Nuella keep secrets.” Cassy asked me.

“Everyone has secrets.” I said with a smile and walked to a couch.

“Argh.. I need a drink.” Cassy said and hurried to the fridge.

Cassy has this likeness for Shana and gets jealous of Nuella’s closeness to her.

The door opened and Shana and Nuella walked in. Shana look devastated.


“Debbie! how could you do such behind our back?” Nuella said.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Dont ask me such a question. You signed for that commoner to continue in rocks high and you didn’t let us know first. Have you forgotten the rule huh!”

I exhaled. “I did, I don’t really need an approval to do that, isn’t it?”

“You do.” she said.

“Sorry, I don’t. It isn’t in the rule.” I said.

“Come on girls. Debbie had the right to sign for the girl. Let’s no fight over this.” Rina said.

“That’s right.” Belina said.

I smiled.

I have my reasons. I would use her to get Kelly! I know exactly how to go about it.


That commoner is coming back to rocks high.

What do I do..

I have no power unless Zee is around but she isn’t.

What do I do.

I can’t stand seeing that commoner!

Debbie you are going to pay for this!



(Rocks high⭐) (next day)


The car pulled to rocks high and Lala and I got down from the car.

“Are you ready?” Lala asked me.

I exhaled. “Yes I am”

She held my hand as we headed to the homeroom.

“Don’t listen to whatever they say okay,” she said.

“I will try not to.” I said.

🚺The commoner is back!🚺

🚺Baby Edric. Who bears such a name?🚺

🚹Her parents must have been ill to give her such a name🚹

🚻Hahaha Haha🚻

Just as we were getting to the homeroom, they began screaming.

🚺The Rockstars are coming!🚺

🚺Oh my God. Pictures!🚺

🚺Oh my.. They look so hot🚺

I looked back only for our eyes to meet. Romeo’s and mine.

I looked away immediately. The person I wanted to look at was Kelly, why did it have to be Romeo.

Did he find out? Is he suspecting me?

Argh why’s my heart beating so loud.

We walked into the homeroom and I sat down on my desk and inhaled.

‘Just relax Baby and act like you did nothing’

“Are you fine baby?” Lala asked.

I smiled. “Ah yes I am.” I said.

I don’t know why I couldn’t tell Lala. I don’t know how to start from the beginning.

🚺Is that Soya? I mean the commoner?🚺

🚺Baby. She wasn’t expelled. She got another ID to continue.🚺

🚺I can’t believe how stupid commoners are.🚺

🚺it was better she left. She might commit suicide with all the mocking she’s gonna receive🚺

I covered my ears.

Just then the school bell rang for first class. I picked my history notes and walked out with Lala.

“Are you alright?” Lala asked.

“Yes I’m fine.” I said.

Immediately we entered the history classroom, I remembered that the rock stars are studying in the general class today.

My heart skipped.

Lala and I found a seat and sat down. I faced down.

Soon, the angels came in, then followed by the rockstars.

I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t see him. Why I’m I believing that he knows I did that.

I cant be the only one who knows the password to that room. Kelly do and I know there are others who do too.

“Baby, are you alright?” Lala asked.

I raised my face a bit and opened my eyes. “Yes I am, just that I’m feeling a bit weak.” I said.

“Oh my,” she touched my forehead. “Hold on ok. After this class, we are going to the school clinic.” she said.

I smiled. “No, I’m fine.” I said.


“Yes” I said and finally raised my face only for three bubblegum packs to land on my desk.

Romeo had dropped it on my table as he passed.

My jaw dropped.

I got both scared and annoyed at the same time.

“That guy! He’s so arrogant.” Lala cursed.

The people who saw it bursted into laughter.

I exhaled and picked it up and dropped it inside one of my textbooks. I will trash them after class.

I searched for Kelly and didn’t see him in class then I finally did. He was sitting next after Lala.

I exhaled.

History class went on and on until it finally ended.

Everyone began leaving.

I opened the note and took out the bubblegums and that was when I felt that something was inside one of the packs.

‘What can that be?’

I took it out to see it’s a small folded paper.


Lala was talking with one of her cheerleader team so she wasn’t looking my way.

I unfolded it and there was a writing.

📄You can’t run away. Be there at break time📄

My jaw dropped.

“Baby let’s go. What are you looking at?” Lala said. I hid the paper.

“Nothing, just the bubblegum packs.” I said.

“Don’t take it. Leave it there. It will be taken away.” she said.

“Okay.” I said, packed my notes and we headed out, with the paper in my hand.

“Romeo is really weird.” she said.

‘I’m more weird Lala. I’m sure if you found out then you are going be really mad at me’

We walked back into the homeroom and I dropped my books and looked at the paper once more.

📄You can’t run away. Be there at break time📄

He is suspecting me.. I can defend myself right?

Argh I’m not good at lying! What do I do.


The next class was Computer technology, I had barely sat down when Angel Debbie came over and sat beside me.

“Hello Baby,” she said.

“H..hi” I said, avoiding eyes contact.

“It’s okay. You can look at me. I have no problem with the fake identity and all the rest. We are friends, aren’t we?” she asked.

“We are,” I said.

She smiled and faced her computer. I did same.

Immediately the rockstars came in next, my heart flew that I choked and began coughing.

“Are you alright Baby?” Lala asked and rubbed my back.

It stopped and I nodded. “Ye yes I’m fine.”

“Sorry Baby,” Debbie said.

“Thanks,” I said.


Third class was Literature and I buried my face in the book that was being read.

Now I wish they never study in general classes.

Romeo had no other seats to seat but to seat next to me.

“Miss, can you please take the book off your face?” The literature teacher said.

Huh? Is she talking to me?

It can’t be.. Aighsh I can’t. He’s sitting next to me.

“Hello miss. Your ID says you are Baby Edric.”

I sighed and slowly brought down the book.

“Yes sir..” I said quietly.

The class bursted into laughter.

⭐Kelly pov⭐

“She’s cute” Jimin said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Baby,” he said.

I smiled.

“Do you like her?”

“Of course not.” he said.

“When will you quit being shy?”I asked.

“I don’t know.” he said.



Immediately bell for lunch time rang, my heart flew.

I folded myself on my seat.

“Baby are you not going to eat, let’s go.” Lala said.

I shook my head. “I’m not hungry. I would like to stay in class.” I said.

“But I don’t want to go to the cafeteria alone, you are sick Baby. Come let’s go to the school clinic.” she said.

“No, I’m perfectly fine. The thing is that, I’m having stomache cramp and I can’t move.” I said.

“Oh my God, what about-”

“Don’t worry, I know my circle and I prepared for it.” I said.

“Ah that’s a relief.” she said. “Then stay here OK, I will go get you a drink that I know helps.” she said.

“Alright but bring it while coming back from the cafeteria.” I said.

“Uhm okay.. Sorry OK, does it pain that much?”

“No, not so much.” I said.

“I will go and get you something then.” she said and hurried off. I grabbed my phone and hurried off to off-building.


I walked into the place and was shocked with all that I saw in there, littered torn papers, countless empty drink cans, bubblegum packs and snacks packs. Everywhere was messed up.

There was a note on the table, I walked over and picked it up.

📄Hey, stupid. You are too dumb to notice that there are CCTV cameras around there. I have the video of everything that you did yesterday. You broke my most expensive wall frame and there were other things that you did too which you wouldn’t like anyone else to see.

You are to pay the sum of 8 million won. Im taking out 2million because you found something very precious to me. You have only a month to pay it or else there is alot to expose📄


📄…but I can consider you because I know you are a commoner..turn to the next page.📄

I did.

📄..Since you can’t pay that, I will let you be my slave for two months📄

“Slave? Arghhhhh I’m going crazy.”

I collapsed on the floor.

📄You can start your slavery by cleaning the whole chamber and the room too📄

I threw the note away.

How could I have been so carefree!!

Wait! Did he see me open my shirt buttons?

What else did I do?

I gasped.

I recalled rolling up my skirt and scratching my butt.

I bursted into tears.

What did I do to myself!

How do I solve this problem now..

Ahh dying is better than facing this shame..

How I’m I going to tell Lala this? What do I do!

8million and slavery..

“Ahh,” I cried.

He saw my butt!


(Rockstar study room)


“Did you see Romeo smiling just now?” Jaden whispered.

“That seem like a smirk smile. He’s staring at his laptop again. What’s he watching?” Elvin asked.

They both glanced at theirselves and said the same time, “Porn?”

“I don’t think. You guys are always thinking dirty.” Lucky said.

“So what then? He’s not using headset and there’s no sound. What do you think?” Jaden asked.

“Guys, I really need to read.” jimin said, stood up and walked to the next seat.

“Did he just say read?” Elvin scoffed. “I’m hungry, what’s with those cooks?”

“Every Workers employed by Diamonds are always no good.” Jaden said.

“Look guys, he’s smiling again.” Elvin said.

“That’s not a nice smile. That’s a smirk smile.” Jaden said.

The door opened and the cooks walked in.

👩‍🍳”Here comes your lunch sirs.”👩‍🍳


(Off building)


‘Sitting here and shedding tears won’t solve the matter’

A tiny voice said inside of me.

“What should I do then.. How can that jerk tell me to pay 8million when… Argh I can’t be his slave either! I’m going crazy. That crazy jerk!! I just feel like dying. He saw my b” I closed my mouth.

Cctv! He’s going to hear whatever I say and see whatever I’m doing now.

I stood up and stared at all the mess.

Where do I start.

My phone began ringing and I took it out.

Lala. I sighed, exhaled and picked up.

“Hello lala,” I said.

📲”Where are you?”

“I’m.. I’m at the washroom.” I lied.

I touched my stomache.

“I’m purging.. I’m coming out soon.” I lied.

📲”oh my.. You need to go to the clinic Baby.” She said.

“Yes, I think I need to,” I said.

📲”be out soon OK.” she said.

“Y yes I will,” I said.

The call ended and I sighed and turned to the cctv at the ceiling.

“Im sorry but I can’t pay 8million won to you. I don’t have the money because I’m a poor girl. I know such money isn’t a big money to you because you have so much. I can’t be your slave either but I can clean up this place for three, four or five months if that will be my pay for the wall frame that I broke but you have to delete that video. You can’t keep it with you. Deleting it won’t stop me from cleaning this place for the many months that you want. ” I said and with that I began picking up the dirt.



“Baby, I waited for you at the restroom corridor till my legs ache.. Are you alright now?” Lala asked immediately I walked into the homeroom.

I nodded. “Yes I’m fine now.”

“You sure?” she asked.

I inhaled. “Lala, I’d like to tell you something later.” I said.

If I’m gonna become that jerk maid all of a sudden, then I have to tell Lala the truth.

“Really, alright. You can’t tell me now?” she said.

“No, I can’t now. Later at home.” I said.

“Alright then.”

The bell for fourth class rang.

“Let’s go.” she said.

I nodded. I’m going to see Romeo!

“You won’t stop nodding all the time, will you?” Lala said.

“Biane.” I said.

I took out my economics notes and we headed to the Economics class.

How I wish that Romeo wouldn’t be in class but my wish was worthless because once I got seated, they came in.

I covered my ears and faced down.

Someone who felt like Romeo passed and I shut my eyes.

‘God, I feel like disappearing’

I opened my eyes and saw a folded paper on my laps.

‘Did he drop it?’

I picked it and carefully dropped it inside a book, making sure no one saw me when I did.


When the fifth class was over, I headed to Bluebells class.

At bluebells, nothing much interesting happened, only practicing the the song for the Paradise trip.

The class got over and I packed up my bag to leave and that was when I remembered the paper.

I opened my bag, brought out the book and took out the paper.

I unfolded it and read.

📄You’ve been employed as a Rocksworld worker. Go to a woman called Mrs Joong and she’ll tell you your job.📄

What! How could he.. Rocksworld what!!

I can’t believe this.

Do I have to shout it to his face that I don’t want to be employed as a worker?

I can just clean the off building for as long as he wants till the money is completed!

What do I do!

“Hi Sunbae Baby, awwn I love your name. Can we switch name huh?” That was Jin ah.

I quickly dropped the paper back into my book.

“Hey, Hi.” I said as I dropped the book bag into my bag and zipped it up.

🚺Girls, guess what? Friday is Rockstar Lucky’s birthday.🚹

🚺Oh my God. That’s true.🚺

🚺Oh my…🚺


“Ah that’s right.. I really like Oppa Lucky. I’ll think of what to get him and I’m gonna get his autograph.. I’ve gotten his autograph alot. I wish to get Romeo’s but I haven’t tho. Everyone loves him so much.” she said.

“I will go now, see you tomorrow.” I said, stood up and left with my bag.

‘Everyone loves him.. Tch.. So annoying!’

I got to the homeroom and Lala wasn’t back yet. I headed to their practice room.

There she was dancing with her team.

She was teaching them some step.

I leaned on the wall and watched.

She turned, saw me and smiled.

I smiled back.

“Okay girls, I think we gonna end it here for today, see you all tomorrow.” Their teacher said.

Lala walked to me. “Wait a while, while I go change. You must be hungry, should we go to the cafeteria?” she asked.

My stomach grumbled and she heard it.

“Ah, it has answered my question already. I’m coming” she said and hurried off to the dress room.

🚺Rockstar Lucky’s Birthday is on Friday🚺

🚺What are you gonna get him?🚺

🚺Rockstar Lucky’s birthday is on Friday🚺

🚺It’s on the school page and bulletin board🚺

🚺Oh my God.🚺

🚺I really love Rockstar Lucky🚺

🚺He’s the second most handsome after Rockstar Romeo🚺

🚺Come on, it’s Oppa K.🚺

‘Really is that all they are going to talk about?’

“Hi Sunbae, I’m Vera.” A girl said.

“Hi Vera” I said.

She smiled. “I’m in second grade. I really like you Sunbae,” she said.

“Oh really, why?” I asked.

“Your voice, it’s amazing.” she said.

I exhaled. “Thank you.”

“Hey Vera. Could you Help me with my sneakers over there please?” Lala said, stepping out from the dress room.

“Sure,” Vera said and ran off.

“Argh, I messed my hair a little, right?” Lala asked.

“it’s still very pretty,” I said.

She smiled and touched my hair. “Awn you are so pretty.”

“Here it is Sunbae,” Vera said.

“Thank you.” Lala said and sat down on a bench to put them on.

“So as I was saying Sunbae Baby, I want to ask if you could teach me how to have such a voice like yours,” Vera said.

“You can’t have such a voice Vera. Come one Baby, let’s go.” Lala said and grabbed my hand.

“Bye, see you tomorrow.” Vera said.


After eating, we headed home.

“Now I remember you saying you gonna tell me something, what’s that?”

My heart skipped.

“Not not now, at home.” I said.





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