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 πŸŽ»πŸŽ»Rocks High SchoolπŸ’ž

(Rockstar Next Door)


Episode 22⭐



I smiled. “Maybe I should give it to you right here,” I touched his lip, “..on your lips,”

He smiled. “I’m driving.”

“Uhm it’s been awhile I’ve seen my superstar driving himself. It’s been his driver driving him or a private jet.” I laughed.

He parked the car, turned my face to his, leaned closer and smiled.

“Let’s have that kiss here then, babe,” he said.

“Awn you are so cute boyfriend,” I smiled.

“And you are so beautiful girlfriend,” he smiled. “Come here,” he added, pulled me closer and we kissed.


Romeo, you are mine. No one can take you away from me. Cherie was lucky to have you and was the first and only. I have you in the center of my palm. You are mine forever baby.’

He withdrew and stroked my hair.

“With the ice cream. It tasted more sweet.” he said. I smiled and touched his cheek.


“Yes babe.”

“Tonight, I feel like spending more time with you. I’m so excited. I don’t wanna go back to that mansion soonest. Let’s spend more time together tonight ok?” I said.

He smiled. “Alright my lady, so where and where do we go. I don’t want somewhere so crowded. They might notice us.” he said.

“But that’s not a problem. Fans all know that we are dating. I love them to see us, take pictures and videos of us together.” I said.

He smiled. “Actually I don’t really want fans noise tonight but-” he touched my lips, “..for you, I don’t care about anything else in the world.” he said.

I smiled. “Here, more Icecream.”

He took some.

“First let’s go to an ice skating. It’s been years I’ve gone there.” I said.

He smiled. “And then?”

“We go to a quiet restaurant and have dinner then we go back home,” I said.

He smiled. “Alright babe, then we go.”

I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

He started the car and drove off.

“Today I feel strangely too excited.” I said.

“Today, I felt strange too,” he said.

“About what?” I asked with a smile knowing it will be about me.

“I don’t really know babe but it’s kinda weird. I think there’s something I need to remember but I can’t. Something keeps telling me. It seem strange right?”

‘What’s that? What’s the something tryna make him remember things he’s forgotten?’

“Babe, ain’t you gonna say something?” he asked.

“Uh what’s that, that reminds you that there’s something you need to remember?” I asked.

“It’s quite funny but, it’s my necklace.” he said and touched the pendant of his necklace.

I inhaled.

“uh, I think you shouldn’t try forcing yourself to remember anything. It won’t be healthy for you. Don’t try OK,” I said.

‘What?! Then I have to get rid of this necklace. Gosh I need Zee’s help but she isn’t around now. How do I solve this.’

“Are you alright babe?” he asked.

I smiled. “Yes, I am.”

“Dont worry about what i just told you. I will sort it out myself or maybe not try thinking about it. We will soon get to the ice skating.” he said.

I smiled. “It will be better if you don’t stress yourself thinking alot OK.” I said.

He smiled. “That’s right, I don’t have to. Since I have tried so hard but can’t remember anything,” he said.

I smiled.

▶▶▶▶▶▶πŸ•minutes later.

🚻That looks like mr Romantic🚻

🚺That’s right. It looks just like him and that.. must be angel Shana, queen of Rocks angels.🚺

🚺Even with their tinted glasses and bandana, I can recognize that he’s the one. I’m taking some picture.🚺

“Awwwn they look great together. And they skat so well. Omg, perfect! Some pictures.🚺

I smiled at Romeo. “Seems they know already.”

He smiled and held my hand tighter. “Here we go!”

I laughed.

In few minutes crowd gathered with phones up.

🚺Awwwn I feel like getting their autograph!🚺

🚺I can’t believe I’m seeing Mr Romantic Romeo It’s my first time. Oh my.. See the way they are holding hands. It feel so amazing.🚺

🚻Rockstar Romeo… We love you!!🚻

🚻We love you both, you look great together!🚻

We looked at eachother and smiled.

‘Aha.. Feels so sweet.’

My eyes went to the necklace on his neck.

‘I will sort this out. I can’t let you remember what happened Romeo or there will be a great disaster.’




[Mae Iris mansion🏒]


I sat on my bed going through comic pictures on my laptop. ‘Ah, first time I’m actually using it.’

I laughed. “That’s a funny picture. I’m sure Lala would laugh alot if I show her this one and…this one too. Ahh. This one is really funny too. Haha.”

I heard sounds of car drive in.

“Lala!” I smiled excitedly, jumped down from the bed and rushed to the window. I drew the curtains and yes, it’s Lala and her parents. They are back!

Awn I missed alot.

Lala’s mom really wanted me to go with them but phew I had to take things to Jina, see Jeon and stay with Alisa for awhile. I really missed them all.

Again I felt uneasy around Mr Mae Iris. He look scary to me. Haha, a little but I like him.

After being so mean, he later considered to help me.

Maybe Alisa is right, I’m quite lucky.

I smiled and closed the curtains, rushed back to the bed, shut my laptop, wore my slippers and hurried out.

Getting downstairs, they walked in with lots of bags that the maids carried.

I bowed thrice. “Welcome ma’am. Welcome sir, welcome Lala,”

“Young madam, should I take your bag to your room?” A maid asked.

“Yes please,” Lala said.

Wait, she didnt get annoyed for being called ‘young madam?’ Ahh her dad, her dad. That’s right.

Lala’s mom came and took my hands. “Oh my Baby, you missed a lot. You should have come with us. We had fun going so many places. We went to an amusement park because Lala wanted to.”

I looked at Lala. She smiled. “Ah I missed that, I’m so sorry for myself,” I said.

Lala’s mom laughed. “And we went to an art gallery and saw many art works. It was so beautiful that daddy had to buy one of the paintings. Here, show it to her Vin,”

“Yes madam,” Vin unveiled the gallery.

“Wow, isn’t it beautiful? The painting of a busy night city in Seoul. Wonderful right?”

“Oh yes, it is. I love the stars, the moon and the tall houses and the cars and lights,” I said, smiling.

“Oh my! That’s awesome. Then we went to shopping and Lala and I bought you lots of things. Ha ni, let her see the bags,”

“Yes madam” Ha ni said and raised the two shopping bags up.

I gasped. “Oh my! Madam, you didnt really have to buy that all.” I said.

She smiled “That’s okay dear. You have to have all that and even more. And then lastly, we went to see a movie. It was super interesting.” she finished.

I smiled and clapped my hands. “It was a wonderful outing.” I said.

They all laughed, including Lala’s dad.

I felt happy.


(In my bedroomπŸ›)

“Ahh.. Mom bought a lot for me and I’m so happy but did she really had to buy bras.” I smiled.

“She wouldn’t listen to me to leave the bras. My mom doesn’t listen when it comes to doing what makes her happy and seriously Baby, my mom really likes you.” Lala said.

I smiled. “After so many years of not getting a motherly affection and love, I finally found it here. This big house is a house full of love and affection. I’m really happy to be here,” I said, admiring the crop top.

“Wow, that top is soo nice, mom has really good eyes. I think I’m gonna get the pink color of this same crop top.” she said.

Mine is yellow.

“You love pink so much, even your bedroom is the spelling of P I N K, pink.” I said, giggling.

She giggled with me.

“Ahh, why not try this gown too and that shoes. You have pretty small legs like mine. Size 38..hmm small,” Lala said and we laughed.

‘I think from today, I would start writing a diary of the happiest days of my life. Yes!’

πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘šπŸ’šπŸ‘• πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘šπŸ’šπŸ‘• πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘—πŸ‘ 



[Rockstars Mansion⭐]


“Guys where is Mr Handsome?” Elvin asked, stepping down the stair.

“Everyone here is Mr Handsome,” Jaden said.”so who are you asking about..Oh myy, do you mean I?” he asked with a smirk smile.

Elvin chuckled. “Of course not. You are aware of the only person we call Mr handsome in this house, where is he huh, I can’t find him in his room. Where did he go to?”

“Oh my? You went to Romeo’s room. When last did you?” Jaden laughed.

“Stop laughing. It’s not funny.” Elvin said and collapsed on the couch Jaden is sitting on.

“I know. The last time I did was three months ago and you Elvin?” Jaden said.

“Three months also,” Elvin said.

“Lucky you?” Elvin asked.

“Four months ago,” Lucky said.


“Six months ago.” Jimin said.

“Ah yours is really bad. And you Kelly?” Elvin said.

“Do you need to ask. He goes in almost everyday. An advantage of being a brother to.” Jaden said

“Just like us, right?” Elvin asked.

“Right what?, tch.” Jaden sneered.

“That’s right.. Brothers of WAABA” Jimin said.

We looked at him.

“Huh? What does that mean, jimin WAABA?” Elvin said.

“Women ass and boobs association,” Jimin said and they bursted into laughter.

“Wait, Jimin when did you become this bold to say out those two words. Ahh our virgin boy is getting quite naughty this days.” Jaden said.

“That’s right bro,” Elvin concurred.

“Kelly did you hear Jimin say that?” J.d asked me.

I smiled.

Jimin shifted closer to my ear. “Did it sound weird?”

“No, it didnt. That’s what they are anyway,” I said.

He smiled.

The door opened and Romeo walked in, ignored everyone who’s eyes were on him and headed upstairs.

“Arghhh! I don’t think I can endure this anymore!” Elvin said.

“Endure what?” Lucky asked.

“His behavior!”

“I will turn on the TV please, since there’s nothing to talk about.” Jaden said and switched on the TV.

A news Channel appeared immediately.

Pictures and videos of Romeo and Shana at an ice skating and at a restaurant followed.

The headline said. ‘The young Rockstar Romeo also called Mr Romantic by his fans was seen tonight with his beautiful girlfriend, queen Shana, the RockAngel’s Queen at an ice skating and also Crestal staurant tonight. It was a lovely moment.’

“Huh? Really?” Elvin said.

“This guy has some really cute smile. Look at the way he was smiling at Shana there. This isn’t the fake camera smile but real that came right from the deepest part of his heart.” Jaden said.

“We know already. Women got power.” Lucky said.

“Women you say? Not to me. And this isn’t ordinary. Remember how it all happened and how it started. I don’t even wanna remember cherie,” Jaden said.

“And talking about Cherie, her death anniversary should be in three weeks time. 5th of next month,” I said.

“Yeah that’s right. I don’t think Romeo would care at all. He never want to talk about her.” Jimin said.

“Ahh why the sad Aura. Common guys, let’s cheer up and watch something else,” Elvin said, grabbed the remote from my hand and changed the Channel to a movie.


(Next Day,)



‘Uhm.. It feel so beautiful today.. I still can’t believe I’m on my way to Rocks high school. This is like a dream. Actually, why I’m I so excited? Why?

I’ve never wanted to be here, but leaving isn’t what I want either.

Now I want to stay and not go away.’

I smiled.

‘Having rockstar Kelly to sign for me, that is just too amazing. I’m quite lucky right? Quin, I think this is all your doing. Where are you, come soon and tell me how you did this.’

I smiled.

“I wish you can keep smiling like this,” Lala said.

“Huh?” I said.

She smiled. “I know you are happy about continuing your last year in rocks high. I’m happy you are staying back.”

I smiled. “It’s all your help Lala. Thank you.”

She smiled.


The elevator took us to the fourth floor to the principal’s office.

We entered the office that might be mistaken for a sitting room than an office.

“Oh my! Welcome Sir and Mrs Mae Iris and Mr Song Joon. It’s a pleasure to see you in Rocks high school today, please have a seat,” the principal said, smiling.

They all did. I don’t know why I decided to stand until Lala pulled me to seat with her on a two-sitter sofa.

“I received your message sir. About signing for Miss Soya, I mean- Miss Baby Eric For the change of her ID. We need five signatures, two must be from the parents and two from a rockstar and a rocks angel.” The principal said.

“Rocks angel? Can’t I sign for her?” Lala asked.

“No, miss Mae Iris, you can’t. Don’t you worry, there’s a goodnews,” he smiled. “..We have two signatures already. One from Rockstar Kelly and one from Angel Debbie.” he said.

I gasped. Angel Debbie? How did she know about it?

“Angel Debbie?” Lala said.

“Yes, so now we need three signatures. Other signatures would be the school staff’s. Here it is, sign please. Thank you.”

Lala held my hand. “You know what Baby?”


“Now I wish I was an idol.”


“Because someone else have to sign for you instead of me. I’m not happy about it.”

“What..I’m sorry about that but you are also an idol. You are the best cheerleader in rocks high school. Everyone knows you.” I said.

“I’m not an idol. Now I wish I am.” she said.

“It’s all done now. But I’m really sorry, she can’t be in classes today.” The principal said.

“Why, the signatures are all signed.” Lala said.

“Each teacher from her subject classes will have to sign and the vice principal too. That can’t be done this minute but it won’t exceed today. I’m sorry Sir and mrs Mae Iris and Mr Song Joon.”

“It’s okay.. As far as she is not getting expelled. She can Start tomorrow right?” Lala’s mom said.

“Yes, she can.” he said.

“I thought you are going to be in class today,” lala said sadly to me.

I smiled. “It’s okay. It’s only for today. I can hang around the school and wait for you, because I don’t want to stay at home without you.” I said to her.

She smiled. “Are you still scared of my dad?”

“I guess,” I said.

She chuckled.

“Where do you think you are going to hang around in school. I don’t want those thugs, troubling you. You are still unsafe since your new ID haven’t been announced. I think you should just go home.” Lala said.

“That’s fine. I’ll be fine.” I said.



Lala’s parents stood up and Mr Song Joon also.

I stood up and bowed to them. “Thank you so much.” I said.

Lala’s mom took my hands. “It’s okay dear. We have to leave now. Are you coming with us, since the principal said you can’t be in classes today.”

“No, I’m fine. I will stay around the school and wait for Lala.” I said.

“Are you sure you will be fine?”

“Yes I will,”

“Alright. We shall leave then. Bye OK, be careful.”

“I will.”

I gasped when she pecked my cheek, then turned to Lala and did same. I touched my cheek.

“Bye daughter. Make sure Baby stays in a safe place OK,”

“Okay mom. Bye.”


Her dad came over. “Be careful dear.”

“I will.”

They left and Lala turned to me. “Let’s go. I have a safe place you will stay.” she said, took my hand and we walked out.

“We are using the staircase. Rocks high students are pretty lazy to use staircase. We will use it to get to the siesta rooms, it’s on the second floor. You will stay there OK,” Lala said.



We finally managed to get to the siesta rooms and entered an empty room with six single beds, three at the left and three, at the right.

“It’s empty. You have to lock the door and if there’s a knock. Don’t open. I will come by during lunch break.” Lala said.

I nodded.

“I will go now OK. I will get you lunch when coming. See you then,” she said.

“See you soon Lala,” I said.

She smiled, turned and left. I hurried over and locked the door.

I looked around. “Wow, I had no idea there’s something like siesta room. There are sure so many things in this school. I need to look more into the school magazine.”

I walked over to one of the beds and sat down, dropped my bag.

“This is cool” I said and layed down.

But I’m not feeling sleepy. It’s just morning. What do I use to pass time?

Uhmm.. Book. Yes.

I opened my bag and got out a novel. “I will read this.” I smiled.




” “…there’s no going away from you Aloe. All I am living for is for you. If you let go of me.. Im going to dive into the sea and drown. Would you want that to happen to me Aloe?” Hady asked as he finally lost control of his tears and they poured down.

Aloe knew she has no other choice. She have to love Hady and be with him no matter what had happened between them. To err is human, to forgive, divine.

“I know you are gonna hurt me Hady but i hope it wouldn’t be my heart. I’m going nowhere again because I’m going to stay with you. I love you Hady, ”

“I love you more Aloe,”

They ran into each other’s arm and kissed.

If you must know, they lived happily ever after.


Wow.. I smiled.

That was an awesome story. I closed the book and exhaled.

I checked my wristwatch and the time say ‘8:40am.’

Everyone would be at classes now.

I stood up and walked to the window and drew the curtains.

“Rocks high is really a beautiful sight.” I smiled but then my eyes caught that building. It’s the off-building.

‘That room. It was really cool. That jerk must love white things.

And talking about that jerk. Why did he save me?

Was Lala right about him still having a little of his old self in him?

Why should I be the one he did it for

Is he liking me?

Oh nonsense. Baby stop thinking rubbish.

I wouldn’t even want him to like me. I’d rather want Kelly to.

I smiled.

‘But this off-building, I feel like going there.

I’m going. I would be back before lunch time.’

I closed back the curtains, grabbed my bag and unlocked the door. I peeped out and there’s no one at the corridor.

I walked out and hurried down the staircase, making sure I was careful.

I finally got to the first corridor I took on Friday and hurried out. I walked with my back to the wall until I got to the high step. I used it and hurried until I was at the entrance he pushed me into that same Friday.

I smiled (I had no idea why I did) and entered.

It was the chamber. Those bubble gum packs and drink cans were still there.

I shook my head.

“I might as well call him rockstar pig. What type of a stupid idol mess up everywhere. Chewing gum 24hours. Such a jerk. Pig would have suit him well for a name.” I hissed. “For one thing, i would pack them up,” i said and turned to the door.

“How did they do this? It seem just like a wall.” I walked over and exhaled.

I pressed the button and it turned red. “Use the door,” I said and the red light turned green and the door opened.

I smiled and walked in. The door closed.

“Woah.. Here I am again.”

I dropped my bag on the table and jumped on the bed.

“Owwww! This feels so soft and big, more than the siesta bed.”

I sat up, stood up and walked over to the wall frames.

“Beautiful.. I love this piano and butterfly more. I’ve always wanted to learn piano.”

I touched it and caressed it.

“It’s really beautiful. Can it be removed?” I tried and it removed.

“Wow… I feel like stealing it. It’s unique.” I sat down on the bed and placed it on my laps.

“Hey beautiful butterfly, can you teach me how to play piano?” I said to the painted butterfly.

Weird. Haha. I dropped the frame on the bed, stood up and walked to the full length mirror.

Ah, I’m so excited and i feel like dancing.

Music, music…

I rushed to my bag, took out my phone and played a music.

I began dancing.. I can’t dance. Lala dance so good.

She always dance like this, I took out my left leg and pushed my waist to the right. took out my right leg and pushed my waist to the left.

“I’m getting it. U hmm why I’m I so excited today huh?” I laughed and continued the dance as I stared at the mirror.

Ugh I’m so bad at dancing. Ugh, I’m sweating already. I unbuttoned my blouse, revealing my white singlet.

“Haha, this mirror is so nice,”

‘Aighsh.. What’s itching me on my butt?’

I pulled up my skirt and gave the side a scratch and continued my dancing but just then it rang in my head.

“Time!” I checked my watch and realized that it was 9:30am.

“Oh my God! I need to get back to the siesta room before 10”

I quickly unbuttoned my shirt, stopped the music and rushed to the wall frame. I carried it.

“Oh my.. How do I keep it back. I didnt even think of that.”

I searched around. “The table, the table.”

I pulled the table closer, climbed on it and put the frame back but the worse happened.

The frame fell and scattered on the floor.

I gasped.

“Oh my God! What just happened. I’m in trouble! What do I do? What do I do?”

I squatted and tried touching the frame but a glass pierced my palm.

“Aighh!” I cried and took the piece out.

I stood up.

“What do I do.. I have caused a problem for myself? How would I fix this… Wait.. he didn’t see me right? Can I lie that I didnt come here? That’s the only thing to do. I have to leave here now.” I grabbed my phone and my bag, rushed to the door, pressed the button and said “exit”

The door opened and I rushed out, leaving the bubblegum packs and drink cans.

I can’t take them. That would be an evidence that I came here.

Oh my goodness.. Baby, what did you do! If he finds out, then I’m as good as dead.

I shouldn’t have touched that wall frame.

I shouldn’t have even gone there.

Argh! baby what have you done!!




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