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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 16🎯




I’ve been in my room for more than an hour and in so bored of it. I need a fresh air outside so I left my room with my phone and headset and shockingly, I met Debbie at the corridor.

“Debbie? What are you doing here. Shouldn’t you be in the forest with Kelly?” I asked her.

Her face held no smile at all.

I asked myself, wondering what really happened.

‘Why did she come back? Did Kelly return too?’

‘What happened between them?’

I left the corridor, Still wondering. I got outside and I saw Jimin outside too. I was about going to him to ask him about Kelly but on for the two reasons, I couldn’t.

‘Wouldn’t he be curious on why I wanna know if Kelly returned? Moreover I don’t wanna talk to him. I don’t know why but my heart beat differently when I see him this times. I don’t want it becoming what in thinking. I like Jimin, I’ve always liked him but I don’t want it to exceed likeness. I don’t wanna fall in love with him. I’m not ready for it’

I headed to one of the benches under the sunshade trees. Beautiful flowers surrounded the trees making it appear more beautiful.

I sat down, wore my headset, clicked on Audio mack and Music filled up my ears drums.

But just then, a girl in glasses walked up to me. I reduced the volume of the music.

“Hello Angel Rina. I’m your biggest fan. Please can I get your autograph please?” she asked.

I smiled. “Sure”

She gave me the small book and pen she held.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“My name is Mary Ahn from Eleventh grade,” she answered.

I worote, “I heart you Mary Ahn


Rockangel Rina ”

“Here, thank you for being my fan,” I told her, handing the book and pen back to her.

She smiled excitedly. “Thank you so much angel Rina. I’ll never stop being your fan. Please can I take a picture with you too?”


She came closer with her phone up.

“One, two, three,” she counted and took a selfie.

“Thank you Angel Rina. I love you,” she said and left.

I volumed up the music but another girl came.

I sighed.

This is all because I’m alone,”

I also signed on her book and we took a selfie.

She left, excited.

Then another person came, this time from behind me.

“Hello Angel Rina,” it was a boy’s voice.

Actually a familiar voice.


I turned and saw him behind me.

“Um can I sit?” he asked me.

My heart beat changed. It beat faster in some other way..but I tried to control it.

“Yes, sure,” I said.

He came over and sat down on the same bench but a little distance away.

He wore a white face cap but then he turned the front to the back.

“You don’t really need to do that,” I said, having the thought that he did that because of me.

“Yeah I know. I just feel like,” he said.

I faced my phone. ‘Tch.. What are you thinking Rina? He can’t change his cap position because of you’

“I don’t know if I’m the on my one who notice this but it’s really atmospheric here,” he said.

“Oh yes ..I do too. The atmosphere here is great,” I said.

“And you’re here to get some of it,” he said.

“Yes… It was getting too boring and stuffy inside,” I said.

“Same here,” he said.

I glanced at him and because he was looking at me, our eyes met but I quickly faced my phone.


[Debbie’s room]


Inside my room, I thought of what to do.

How to make Kelly become mine..

How to make him fall for him and never look back.

I wondered the reason to his coldness towards me.. His attitude, and why he can’t develop feelings for me yet.

I was sure something is fishy but what is that.. How do I find out.

Something tells me it isn’t Baby Edric but I can’t be so sure of it because from the very first day that she walked into Rocks High, Kelly defended her and saved her.

He said that he knew her and she’s from a wealthy family. He lied to save her from being bullied.

Could they be in some secret relationship?

“I can’t just sit back and watch! I have to act. I’m going to find out the truth……but I can’t do it alone, I know I can’t.. I need help and who would that be?”


“Shana is the only person that can help me… She wants to get rid of Baby, and so do I want to find out the truth about she and Kelly… I’m going to make a deal with Shana, If she could get Romeo who was head over heels with his late girlfriend Cherie then I too can get Kelly to be mine..”

I walked to the full length mirror.

“And the more I think of it…. I think something is odd somewhere in Shana and Romeo’s relationship.

How can Romeo make Shana his girlfriend just two weeks after the death of Cherie and say it’s because he think of Shana as Cherie?

Isn’t it even more suspicious that the Cherie whom Romeo won’t stay a day without when she was alive, after her death was never spoken of by Romeo. He had never said anything about her for a year now. He gets so angry when her name is being mentioned to him and Shana says it’s because he goes crazy whenever he do.

How possible is that?”

‘For all I remember, Shana was crushing on Romeo when Cherie and Romeo were dating. During a home party two years ago, after Shana drank so much, she said she had thought of snatching Romeo from Cherie and had also dreamt of and fantasized about making out with Romeo. Cherie was there when Shana said all that but she never took it to heart.

Cherie was this pure spirited girl who doesn’t take things to heart.

She laughed with us about what Shana confessed’

I breathed out, staring at myself in the mirror.

‘It’s really suspicious. Something is really off somewhere. Romeo became Shana boyfriend.. Even when no one knew about Baby’s background, Shana was the first person to say that she’s a commoner.

How did she find out?

We asked her but she never told us but stuck to her point that baby is a commoner.”

I widened my eyes as a thought stroke me.

“Could…it…be…that..Shana is a witch who can win someone’s heart and also sees what others can’t see?”

I chuckled. “No, she can’t… Now way… I don’t even believe in those stuff. I know Shana had done a lot of unjust stuffs but she can’t be a witch.”

I left the mirror and stared at the door.

“But whatever it is, I’m going to get Kelly to be mine… He’s going to be mine” I said and with that, I left my room to Shana’s room.


[Shana’s room]

👑Queen Shana👑

“You need my help?” I asked her.

“Yes Shana, I don’t know how you are gonna think of this but I really have the strong feeling that you can help me,” she said.

I chuckled and came off the bed.

I slowly walked to her.

“What help do you want from me? As you can see, I’m not in a really good mood” I said and smoked the cigarette the puffed the smoke out to her face.

She didn’t react to it since she smokes too.

Only Rina and Cassy doesn’t smoke. Nuella too until I taught her how to and now she’s a goddamn expert.

That idiot. She went into the forest with Lucky and left me alone here.

She better don’t get on my nerves or else…she’s really gonna get herself into a big mess.

“I know… Romeo is hurting you just the way Kelly is hurting me,” she said.

I laughed out.

“Romeo hurting me? Never… He cant do that Debbie… It’s just a game and it will be over today…. I’m only a bit upset that it had to be that brat but it’s okay.. I’ll teach her a really big lesson for daring me,” I said and drank from the glass of Gin.

“I’m going to help you get rid of Baby Edric and in return you help me get Kelly to be mine,” she said.

I narrowed my eyes at her for few seconds, trying to recollect what she just said and when I did, I bursted into a loud laughter.

I laughed to my heart content and then raised my brows at her.

“What makes you think I can’t get rid of Baby Edric myself? And what makes you think I can get Kelly to be yours?” I asked her.

“Because I have a good plan to get rid of Baby..

Because Romeo became yours because you wanted him” she said.

“You have plans?” I asked, ignoring the other one she said.

“Yes… We are friends so she will never know what hit her,” she said.

I moved back in thought.

“I will make her disappear off your sight and Romeo’s sight even Kelly’s sight and you will make Kelly become mine,” she said.

“And how do you want me to make Kelly become yours.. I am Romeo’s girlfriend because he want me. Kelly doesn’t want you so why are you stressing yourself trying to have what doesn’t wanna be yours.. Oh well I can’t help you Debbie. You want Kelly, fight for his love… You should leave now,” I said and returned back to the bed.

“I promise that I’m gonna be more than what Nuella is to you. Whatever you want me to do, I’m gonna do it.. All I ask for is your help in making Kelly mine and mine alone,” she said.

I gazed at her.

I could see the determination in her eyes.

She really want it but…..there’s no way I can reveal Zeekah to anyone else.

She’s mine and mine alone.

I can’t share her with anybody else.

“I can’t help you Debbie and I don’t need you to get rid of that brat for me… She’s just a little cockroach under my foot. One step on her and she’s gone… So you leave now before I get angry,” I said.

She stood still for awhile before turning and heading to the door but getting to the door, she turned back.

“I really never want to say this but you leave me no choice than to,” she said.

I stared at her, wondering what she’s about to say.

“..Do the name Han Lia ring a bell?” she asked.

I sat up, startled by her mention of that name.

“Now I can see you are now interested in what I wanna say… I know about Han Lia. You thought no one saw you and Nuella drown her? Well someone did, I did… It’s been your soul secret for years now and I also kept the secret because I didn’t like the girl either but now I think her parents wouldn’t wait to hear what really happened to their beautiful daughter. Remember it’s not been up to ten years so the case would gladly be accepted to be refreshed.” she said and let out a threatening smile.


[In the forest🌳]

🍂Baby Baby🍂

We’ve climbed up the hill and then down the hill but we…no, I.. couldn’t find the lost crown.

I was getting really exhausted.. I know the situation of Romeo isn’t any different but he wasn’t showing it.

He kept walking ahead but really slowly.

I was so thirsty that I had no idea when I drank all the water in my bottle and left just a drop.

Romeo’s bottle was almost filled up.

He has only drank just a little.

I guess he’s not so tired as me because he isn’t looking for the crown but me.

When one is doing two things at the same time, it gets really exhausting. That was my case.

“Do you need water sir?” I asked as I hurried to meet his pace.

He said nothing and walked on.

‘God… If only you would touch his heart have it…but oh.. I know it’s never going to happen’

As I was getting close to him, he halted..

I wondered why he did but then his eyes went somewhere.

“‘Wait… Could it be that he has seen the crown there?’

I ran over to him.

“What is it sir?” I asked and that was when I saw what he was looking at.

A bamboo bench built at a cleared part.

I gasped in surprise.

“Oh my Goodness, that”s a bamboo bench.. How did it get here?” I asked.

“Stupid question,” he said as he walked to it and sat down.

I gasped with my hands to my mouth…

“Sir.. You just sat on a bamboo bench that you don’t know how it got here,” I said.

“Dummy, you’re aren’t smart enough to know that this is part of the search Game. Who do you think built it?” he said.

I removed my hands from my mouth.

“Are you serious sir?” I asked.

“Get me my water and the snack,” he said.

“Okay sir…” I said and opened the bag.

I took out his water and a snack.

I opened the bottle and gave it to him.

The first time I gave him the bottle without opening it, he requested I open it.

So bossy!

He collected the water and drank.

“Should I open the snack too sir?” I asked.

“What are you supposed to do then?” he threw back.

“Oh yes…” I quickly opened the snack pack and handed it to him.

I picked one snack for myself too.

Argh I’m so tired. I should have a seat too.

I sat down on the bench but ofcourse not a distance from him.

It’s only but few inches away.

“Arghhh it’s so exhausting. Two hours and thirty seven minutes gone.. It’s only an hour left to find this crown…” I said as I bite from the sweet snack. “…but sir… I think we are really going to find this crown because I think this bench is a sign” I said.

“First was the hill and now the bench..” he said and scoffed.

“I really believe so sir,” I said.

Then he looked at me and because I looked at him too, our eyes met but I didn’t look away.

I have a mission to accomplish and shying away won’t help.

His eyes could is something that takes one breath away.

His double eyelids would make one wish to be reborn looking like just him.

His lashes would get even a girl jealous.

His thick eyebrows was just perfect for a handsome man like him.

His smooth face even without makeup made me think of the smoothest and softest silk in the world.

His red lips so attracting…..but two snack particles were stuck on those lips.

I felt the unresisting urge to wipe them off.


She gazed at me just like I did too.

Her eyes were pretty but can’t be more pretty than Shana’s.

But she has this type of face that needs to be in a magazine cover.

But she’s just too dummy to be there.

I saw her eyes go down to my lips and just then a tiny leaf flew down to her hair and got stuck in there.

“Your h…” I wanted to say it but halted.

“Sir?” she asked and that was when I noticed her hand go down to her thigh.

Was she trying to raise her hand before?

“Don’t you..think you are sitting too close to your master who doesn’t like you at all?” I asked, dropping off what I actually wanted to say.

“Huh… Oh i’m sorry sir” she apologized and shifted a distance away.

I faced front and ate from the snack pack.

“Here sir, you have snack particles on your mouth,” she said handing me a tissue piece from the bag”

I collected it and wiped my mouth.

Just then, a lightening stroke and it immediately began getting cloudy.

‘Damn! it’s going to rain’


The lightening stroke and it began getting cloudy.

I looked up at the sky and I saw the rain coming already.

“Sir…It’s going to rain very soon.. We need to get shelter from it,” I said to Romeo.

But he said nothing.

I glanced at him and saw him drinking from his water.

It’s almost finished but just like mine.

“Sir… We really need to…” I was cut short by a drain drop on my hand.

“It’s dropping already sir.. What do we do?” I asked him.

“What do you think we should do personal maid?” he asked without looking at me.

I sighed.

“We have to look for somewhere to take shelter,” I said.

“Under the trees?” he asked, less concerned.

It began drizzling.

“Sir let’s find a shelter before it begin to rain heavily,” I said, standing up.

I took few steps forward and searched around with my eyes to see if I could see a big tree with thick leaves..but there was not really anything like that…

It was turning into a big rain.

I moved a little further and looked around and that was when I saw a house- a Log cabin.

“Sir sir… There’s a log cabin over there” I called , pointing at the direction that the log cabin is.

I turned and ran back to Romeo who was up and covering his face from the rain.

“Sir, I found a log cabin over there. It’s not far.. Let’a hurry up or we are getting drenched,” I said.

“Are you crazy!? You saw a log cabin and you wanna go there? Do you know who owns it? Log cabin are where dangerous people live.. Can’t you stop being a dummy!?” he barked at me.

“Sir… I don’t think there’s any danger there.. Log cabin are mostly owned by hunters or carpenters.. We would get shelter there… Don’t worry sir, nothing is going to happen to us… Let’s go,” I said.

The rain was pouring so hard now.

Sir we have to run now,” I said.

He was reluctant so I had no other choice than to grab his hand so tight.

“What are you doing?” he asked me.

“Sir, for me, I’m okay being in this rain but for you sir you can’t be in the rain… You are someone who takes good care of yourself and your health.. If you get sick, millions would be worried sick and your contracts would get postponed or even canceled. Don’t be afraid sir, let’s go,” I said and with that I pulled him along and he ran with me.

We ran towards the log cabin.

But we were already drenched in the heavy rain.

But it’s better to get shelter after getting drenched than never.

We were close to the log cabin but we didn’t stop running.

We finally got to the log cabin and rushed into the small balcony but that wasn’t enough shield because the rain was still coming to us.

“Sir… I think we should knock on the door. The rain is still pouring in us,” I said.

He said nothing.

He was so drenched…

I tried to go to the door and that was when I realized that I was still holding his hand.

I glanced at our hand and then I withdraw my hand.

I walked to the door and knocked but the door was unlocked so it opened up a bit.

“It’s unlock sir….” I said and gently opened the door.

“What…are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m trying to see if the occupant is in,” I said and took in my head.

It turned out to be a large workshop, a carpenter’s workshop.

But there was nobody in.

I took out my head.

“Sir, it’s a carpenter’s workshop but there’s no one in… I think we should go in.. The rain is really fierce,” I said.

He scoffed. “I’m not going in there.”

I sighed and walked over to him.

“Sir… You can’t stand here.. It’s just like being inside the rain. You can’t run all the way here just to still be in the rain. Let’s go in,” I said to him.

“Are you trying to act brave? Do you know the dangers of breaking into someone’s house without permission?” he asked.

“We are just getting a shelter, besides it’s just a workshop and we are even lucky enough that the door is open.. Let’s go sir plesseeee. Believe me nothing is going to go wrong,” I said.

He said nothing more and I let out my hand.

“If you’re scared sir, I would take you in.. Just hold my hand,” I said to him but he gave me a stern look and walked pass.

He waited for me to open the door and I did then went in and he came in.

“You see that it’s just a carpenter’s workshop. I guess he had gone into the forest and the rain started..” I said.

There were new made tables, planks, woods and working materials all over the place.

“Let’s sit on the table sir,” I said.

I shifted dirt and working tools off the table.

“You have to jump on to the table sir, since it’s quite high,” I told him.

He jumped on the table and sat. I followed suit.

“This is much better sir… I think the rain is going to end soon,” I said and hugged myself.

I was so cold and drenched.

“I can’t stay in here.. Get the walkie talkie” Romeo said.

I opened the bag and searched for the walkie talkie but I wasn’t finding it inside the bag.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I…I can’t find the walkie talkie sir.. I can’t find it in the bag,” I said.

“What do you mean? Look for it,” he said.

I had to take out everything in the bag but there was no walkie talkie.

“Sir… I think…they didn’t put any walkie talkie in this bag,” I said.

“What!?” he snapped.

“I think we should try calling with our phone,” I said.

He took out his phone from his pocket socked with water.

He cleaned the screen and made a call.

But it wasn’t going.

No service.

“What the f**k is this!” he cursed at his phone.

“sir.. Give it to me.. I will try and get service into the phone,” I said.

“You better do!” he said and dropped the phone in my hand.

I jumped down from the table and began moving about with the phone high up until my hand was almost about to fall off my shoulder.

But still, I couldn’t get a service.

“Sir… There’s no single service here sir… But I will keep searching,” I said, totally exhausted.

Just then, Romeo sneezed.

It was the second time he’s sneezing.

“Sir… Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Keep searching for service!” he barked at me.

“Yes sir but I think we should wait when the rain stops, we would try it…” I said.

“There’s no waiting! Keep searching. I want service in that phone!” he snapped.

“O…kay sir,” I mumbled and went on with my punishment.

‘God…please bring service into this phone…I’m tired of my poor hands up high…’

I kept praying inside of me.

Romeo sneezed again and again and the rain fell heavier and heavier while I kept searching for service which never came.

Just then, the door opened and a man ran in looking heavily drenched.

He didn’t look scary so I got relieved.

He most be the carpenter and owner of this workshop.

Romeo looked frightened.

The man didn’t look surprise on seeing us.

“H..hello sir… We are sorry for coming into your workshop. We just needed a shelter from the rain sir,” I said.

He smiled. “There’s no problem.. I saw a lot of kids in the forest today.. They told me you guys are here on a school Trip and are on a search Game, that’s really nice but It’s unfortunate that rain had to fall..” he said.

“Oh and if you are looking for service, forget it.. There’s none here… You’ll have to go up to the hill to get it,” he said.

Romeo sneezed.

“Oh.. Your handsome partner most be really cold. It’s fine.. I have some clothes here.. You’ll need to change because you both are so drenched,” he said.

“No way, I don’t need your clothes,” Romeo said.

“Really? Don’t think they are unclean. I washed them okay and by the way, my name is Nan Mandok, nice to meet you guys.. Just a second let me get you some clothes to change in,” he said and dashed off to a room with a door.

I turned to Romeo who stared sternly at me.

‘Why’s he staring at me like that? It’s not like it’s my fault’




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