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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 19🎯



[Mae Iris Mansion]


πŸ“±”…I’ve been calling her line but it’s been unavailable,” I said into the phone.

πŸ“±”You can’t because her phone got burnt by the fire. But she’s alright, just a little burn on her hand. She’s taking a drop right now..” Kelly said.

πŸ“±”ah God, I’m really worried about her. She must have been so scared to death. I couldn’t have bear it if it was worse than this. I don’t ever wanna see Baby hurt or in pains,” I said.

πŸ“±”Don’t let it give you give you a sleepless night. Baby is fine, okay.. I’m sorry I can’t give her the phone to talk to you right now but I will try later,” he said.

πŸ“±”It’s okay. I’m glad that she wasn’t hurt that much. What about Romeo?” I asked.

πŸ“±”Uhm he’s fine.. He wasn’t hurt but he doesn’t look that fine. I think he had his trauma..and Baby must have seen him,” he said.

πŸ“±”Oh…that’s bad. He was already overcoming it and now this…but Baby isn’t someone who’d say just whatever. I’m sure she understands,” I said.

πŸ“±”Uhm yeah I think Mr Abbey talked to her about it…”

I heard a car drive in.

Since I was close to the window, I drew the curtains and saw it was Davis car.

‘He’s here..’

πŸ“±”How’s your ankle? I miss you do kuch,” he said.

I closed the curtains.

πŸ“±”I’m no more using the crutches and it’s healing fast. I’m happy I’ll be able to start school on Monday. I miss you so much too and I can’t wait to see you,” I said.

πŸ“±”I’m happy that you are recovering fast… I can’t wait to see my beautiful girlfriend on Monday,” he said.

πŸ“±”Oh..yeah I can’t wait to see Baby too…I miss her and I know she misses me too.. She must be lonely without me there,” I said.

A knock came on the door.

πŸ“±”I know that.. I’ll let her know that you were worried about her and that you miss her…After today then, it’s only a day left and we’ll be back to Seoul,” he said.

πŸ“±”Yes.. I can’t wait..”

The knock came again.

πŸ“±”Oh..I can hear someone knocking..you should answer that,” he said.

πŸ“±”Ah yes, I’m sure it’s my mom.. We’ll talk later then… Bye,” I said.

πŸ“±”Take care of yourself too, bye”

The call ended and with careful steps, I walked to the door and opened it.


“Young Ma’am, the guest, Kim Davis is here,” she said.

“Okay.. I’ll be downstairs shortly,” I said.

“Yes Young ma’am but your mom asked for you not to waste time,” she said.

“I’ve heard,” I said and closed the door.

“I don’t even have an appetite for dinner.. How can I care about a dinner when Baby’s hurt and worse I can’t reach her.. It’s so frustrating.. My mom and Davis should better don’t get on my nerves this evening.”

I walked to the wardrobe to grab a jacket.

(8mins later)

I got downstairs and saw my mom and Davis already on the dinning with my mom talking and smiling with him like she had known him for years.

My mom’s eyes and I met and she smiled out broadly.

“Oh she’s here.. Lala, your friend, Kim Davis is here for the dinner. He’s such a sweet guy with great personality,” mom said.

I walked to the dinning.

“Be careful sweetie,” mom said but Davis stood up and rushed to me.

“Let me help you to a seat,” he said and tried to take my hand but I removed his hand.

“If I needed your help, then it would have been right from out of my room and down the staircase,” I said.

He smiled. “I know you aren’t in a good mood. I saw the news too,” he said.

“Oh really…”

“Lala please don’t be harsh on him.. It’s not his fault that Baby got hurt,” my mom said.

“Mom, that wasn’t a nice thing to say!” I snapped at her.

“Biane,” she apologized.

“Ma’am, it’s fine. Baby is my friend too so I’m really sad for her but I couldn’t miss this dinner. I have to see another friend who I really really like,” Davis said.

“No, you can’t sit there, sit here instead,” my mom said pointing to the chair opposite Davis.

Davis was back to his seat.

“Omma, what’s wrong with me sitting there..” I asked.

“You have to sit close to Davis so you would hear him clearly. You can’t stay that far from out guest, that’s being mannerless,” my mom said.

“What…our guest? You were the one who invited him, I never did,” I said.

“Why are you being like this Lala? Davis missed a fun school Trip just to be a true friend to you and you’re treating him this way?” Mom asked.

‘Okay, i’m getting annoyed’

“I never asked him to be a true friend.. We aren’t friends,” I said.

“You are and so you are going to treat him as a true friend… Baby whom you are so worried about went to the trip and never bothered about you needing her..” Mom said.

“Mom! How could you say that. She wanted to and I told her to go.. I thought you liked Baby!” I said, vexed up.

“I do.. but she chose a Trip over you.. What kind of friend would do that? But Look at Davis here –”

“Mom..” I cut her short. “Do you know that you’re embarrassing me in front of your guest? We were never like this.” I said and heaved. “..Ahh.. I thought I could have at least a spoon of the meal but I don’t feel like anymore.. Excuse me,” I said, stood up and began walking away.

“Lala, don’t walk out on me,” mom called but I didn’t stop.


I kept going towards the staircase but before I could get there, Davis showed up in my front.

“Get off the way,” I said.

“I know but I don’t think going up there would make it feel any better,” he said.

“So what?” I asked him with raised brows.

“Uhm let’s forget about the dinner for now. Let’s go for a ride.. It’s fun to ride when one is sad, you could scream out as loud as you want and no one would know who did, ” he said.

I scoffed. “Are you trying to show off the true friend title that you got from my mom?”

He smiled.

“And after the ride, whatever you tell me to do, I’m gonna do just that, trust me,” he said.

I scoffed again. “Look at him trying to buy me into going to a ride.. I don’t need a ride. Are you going to get off the way or should I call security?”

He breathed out and moved closer.

“What are you doing, step back,” I warned him.

“Kelly is lucky to have you,” he said inaudibly.

I gasped in shock and fright.

My breath stopped

The blood in my vein stopped flowing.

I felt I was going to go unconscious soon, soon.

“Hey, Lala. Are you okay?” he asked.

“I..I..think…I need…wa…ter,” I said weakly.

“Is there a problem?” I heard my mom ask.

“She needs water, water please,” he shouted.

“Why do she need water…” I heard my mom ask and began calling on Bamie.

Davis grabbed my shoulders.

“Hey Lala.. Look at me.. It’s okay.. Come on..”

(You’re reading Rocks High by RiRi Books. Enjoy😊)


[Paradise Trip| Shana’s room ]


“A secret admirer?” I asked Debbie.

“Yes, she clearly said that and I could see the truth in her eyes and her voice. She said a secret admirer sent her the bag but she haven’t found the secret admirer yet..” Debbie said.

“That’s nonsense.. A secret admirer? How possible is that? It look as if the person knew of our plan and got ready for us. A boy? No one but Nuella, I and the girl who did the job knew of our plan… then could it be the girl?” I said and looked at Nuella.

I noticed her focus wasn’t really with us.

She was busy with her phone as if she was expecting a package there.

“Nuella did you hear me?” I called her.

She looked up at me. “Yes? Oh yes… Wha..what’s that?”

I scoffed. ‘This brat is getting on my nerve’

“I will answer that Shana,” Debbie said and turned to Nuella. “Shana was wondering who the secret admirer could be.. Since it was just three person that knew about the plan, then could it be the girl who did the job?”

Nuella cleared her throat. “How..it can’t be her. I..think there’s more to this. Maybe there was a fourth party who we didn’t see,” Nuella said.

I scoffed. ‘Tch..just like this idiot next to me saw us while we drowned Han Lia..

I’m going to make her regret ever stepping on my toes… She must believe so much that I used a Talisman to get Romeo and she want one too so Kelly can be hers.

Tch… She’s such a fool.

Just a little time and Zeekah would be back and i’ll show her a little lesson. Two things I will never do is render mercy to anyone who messes with me. Two, let anyone know about Zeekah.. ‘

“I think Nuella has a point. I think a fourth person is involved in this and that person must have knew the plan and then did that but it also could be her secret admirer who want to do anything to protect her,” Debbie said.

“So who the hell is this secret admirer?” I asked.

“We’ll have to start with the girl who did the job. Did she come to the trip?” Debbie asked.

I looked at Nuella who should answer that but again, she was looking lost.

“Are you not going to answer that Nuella?” I asked her.

She looked up. “Oh..yeah..the girl is a G Gold staff. She isn’t among the staff who came,” Nuella said.

“We’ll have to contact her,” Debbie said.

“Nuella…” I called.

“Yes Shana?” she answered.

“Is there something I need to know?” I asked her.

“Not you, but we.. I’m here remember,” Debbie said.

‘Tch… This brat is irritating me the more’

“So tell us Nuella, you look moody and lost.. Is there something we need to know?” Debbie asked her.

“Nothing.. I’m fine.. I’m just having a slightly headache,” she said.

“Why don’t I feel like that’s true?” I asked her.

“It is Shana,” she said.

‘I don’t think that’s true… I know you are worried about something. Could it be about Debbie knowing about Han Lia’s death or is it about Lucky?… I have to find out..’

“So…when do we contact the girl?” Debbie asked.

‘This brat..such an interfering busybody! I never liked her..’

“We can do that after the party tonight,” Nuella said.

“Okay. Good. We should then,” Debbie said.

I rolled my eyes in anger.

A knock came on the door.

The face of my makeup artist showed up at the door monitor.

“Oh.. I think it’s time to get dressed for the party. I hope you look good Shana. You always do. I’m sure my makeup artiste is knocking at my door right now.. I gotta go, you too Nuella,” Debbie said, stood up and hurried out.

I scoffed. “Oh she annoys the hell out of me..”

Nuella stood up. “Shana, I have to go dress up too.”

“Why are you lost? Is it because of Debbie?” I asked her.

“Yes, I don’t feel comfortable about her presence,” she said.

“Just like you weren’t with Han Lia…but what can we do this time?” I asked her.

“Your makeup artist is still knocking. We’ll see in an hour,” she said and left.

The make up artiste walked in.

“Hello ma’am… I’m Sung Jena I’m here to dress and make you up for the party,” she said.

“Don’t I have to take my bathe first?” I asked.

“Of course you would. I would arrange the dress and the makeups while you do that,” she said.


(Baby’s room)


After a long thought on what Mr Abbey told me earlier, I concluded that I was going to do it.

If I don’t do that then Romeo is certainly going to get mad at me and it won’t be a good thing.

I’m sure Romeo want this so I’m going to do it.

If I have to protect his image and protect his career, then I will do it.

It’s not a big deal for me.

Even though it’s not the truth, I’m going to say it.


Baby you can do it!

The Landline on the bedside table rang.

I picked it, wondering which of the rockstars is calling.

It must be Kelly?

He certainly wants to tell me about Lala seeing the news and worried about me.

Ahh I can’t get in touch with Lala because I lost my phone to the fire.

πŸ“ž”This is Baby Edric, do you need my service sir?” I spoke first.

I haven’t received a call on the landline so I had no idea which of the six rooms were calling.

πŸ“ž” Mr Abbey must have told you about the interview tomorrow morning” Romeo’s voice came on the landline.


I scoffed.

Is he calling me just to confirm that?

πŸ“ž”Yes he did…sir” I answered.

πŸ“ž”He told you what to say, didn’t he?”

I breathed out, trying to calm down.

πŸ“ž”Yes he did and you don’t have to ask me more questions, I’m going to do it” I said.

πŸ“ž”Sure, you have to.. You’re a B Blizz worker after all. You have to do what the company want.. That is why you are being paid,” he said.

I inhaled.

πŸ“ž”Okay…sir..Then I’ll hang up now because it’s affecting the drip I’m taking,” I said and dropped back the landline. ☎

‘Tch…he’s so like this…so annoying..’

A call came again.

Sure, it was him again.

I wanted to swear not to pick but I did after it rang for a long time.

πŸ“ž”Yes sir?”

πŸ“ž”How dare you hang up on your master? You wanna get fired?” he asked rudely but his voice was calm.

πŸ“ž”I told you the reason why sir” I said.

πŸ“ž”Tomorrow, you don’t need to say that I saved you.. You just say that we escaped the fire together.. You cant say I saved you or they might have wrong thought that I like you and saved you because of that, which of course, I will never do.

Again, whatever you saw me do today –”

I knew what he was about to say so I cut in.

πŸ“ž”I know and I will not say anything about it..” I said.

πŸ“ž”You couldn’t even let me finish what I have to say?” he asked.

πŸ“ž”I’m sorry sir.. I just thought you shouldn’t stress yourself saying it..” I said.

πŸ“ž”Good then…” he said and hung up.

“Tch… he’s so so annoying.”

I glanced at my injured hand and breathed out.


[On the road| Inside Davis car]


“Ahh I can’t believe it,” I said… Tears gathered in my eyes.

He was speeding, but not much.

The car roof was open so the air I was getting was really amazing that my hair danced to it.

Just like Davis had said earlier about screaming during a ride, I wanted to scream out my lungs with my hands spread wide.

But I’m too shocked.

Too speechless and I think I lost my voice too.

“If you want to scream, do that…” he said.

But I couldn’t….even though I wanted to.

He knows my secret relationship with Kelly.

How can I just scream instead of asking him how he got to find out, when, where and why he came to me saying he has a crush on me?

I wanted to ask him so much.

But then, he made a rough drive thus causing my heart to skip.

“Hey!!!!” I screamed at him.

He stopped the rough drive and laughed. “Now, you just screamed at me… I got scared that you’ve lost your voice…. Should I scream first then?”

“Why would you?” I asked him.

“I’m going to then,” he said and then screamed out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! this air feels so gooooood!!!”


He laughed and asked me “Did I scream loud enough?”

“You really did that?” I asked.

“Yesssssssssssss!!! Do you agree with meeee Lala!!!!!!” he screamed again and smiled. “Answer me,” he said to me.

“Uh what…”

“Go on, trust me you’ll feel better after that,” he said.

‘I don’t think’

“Go on now, first of all, inhale,” he said.

“O..kay..” I said and inhaled.

“Exhale,” he said.

I did.

“Now scream,” he said.

I raised my head and screamed out. “Yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!! The air feels so gooooooooooooooooood!!”

He laughed. “Woah you got it… You can let out your heart to the air,” he said.

I closed my eyes, raised my face and screamed louder.

“Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Why must I be in a secret relationship with Kelly….. I hate it… I’m so annoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyed!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Damn celebrity life… Damn the rules… Damn all of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!”

“I’m Kelly’s girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you hear meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!”



(Ten minutes later)

I was panting from screaming so much.. I thought I’ve finally lost my voice.

I looked at Davis, our eyes met and we bursted into laughter.

“Do you feel better now?” he asked.

I caught enough breath then answered him.

“A little,” I said.

“Well a little is better than none… Let’s grab a tea. We can’t have coffee so you won’t stay up all night. There’s a tea shop close.. I will get it, you can wait for me in the car,” he said.

I breathed out.

“Davis, for how long?” I asked.

“It won’t take long, just about four to five minutes,” he said.

“Not that.. I mean.. Kelly and I,” I said.

“Oh… That, not too long.. We’ll talk about it over a cup of tea,” he said with a smile.

His smile wasn’t dangerous, threatening or smirky.

It was kind of an assuring smile that everything is alright.

I breathed out.

“Oh yeah, we are here… I really like this tea shop. Their tea is superb… You’ll like it,” he said and pulled to a stop.

“Which one do you want. More milk flavored, more Chocolate flavored or moderate,” he asked me.

“Moderate is okay,” I said.

“Okay.. I love chocolate,” he said as he unfastened his seat belt.

“I’ll be right back. Just be cool okay..” he said with a smile then went out of the car.

I heaved a sigh as I watch him enter the tea shop.

‘I feel so nervous and scared…what do I do about this…’




The door opened and the customer showed up.

“Good evening ma’am, here’s your Pizza delivery, please sign here,” I said handing her the pizza and the sign book,”

“Oh okay,” she took the pizza pack and sign book and signed on it.

She gave me the book.

“Thank you for buying from Pizza-Fan . Please order from us again,” I said, bowed, and turned to leave but she called me back.

“Hello miss, is it free?” she asked.

“I don’t get ma’am,” I said.

“Are you not going to collect your pay?” she asked.

I gasped. ‘Oh my God..’

“Oh my God.. I’m so sorry ma’am and thank you for calling me back..” I said.

“It’s okay… You must be new to this.. Just be careful,” she said and handed me the money.

I bowed. “Thank you ma’am. The thing is that my friend got hurt in a fire accident so I’ve been so worried,” I said.

“Oh.. I see.. Sorry about your friend. I hope your friend recover soon,” she said.

“Thank you ma’am,” I said, bowed and left to where my motorbike is, climbed in, wore my helmet and drove off.

‘I’m so worried about Baby.. The news is all over the media. I’m so worried because I can’t even get in touch with her.

Her number isn’t available and Lala isn’t even picking my calls.

Ahh I’m so scared…. I don’t know what to do… How did she and Romeo get into such..

I’m so scared.. I won’t be able to live if anything happen to Baby’

Then I saw someone who looked like the guy from yesterday and in the morning.

The guy who sent me money to repair my phone screen.

It’s him. He was coming towards.

There was no way I was going to drive pass him so I stopped, took off my helmet and called him.

“Hey…” I called but he didn’t stop.

He had walked pass me and was walking away.

A headphone on his ears.

“Why cant he stop, he should know I stopped because of him,” I muttered, came down from the motorbike and hurried to him.

‘Geez I don’t even know his name,’

I got to him and touched him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me,” I said.

He stopped and turned.

I smiled and wave.

“Hi, you remember me right?” I asked.

He pulled down his headphone to his neck.

“I don’t think, who are you?” he asked.

‘Tch…he’s certainly lying..but I’ll play along..’

“I’m the girl, the Pizza girl and also the girl who you bumped into in the morning and her phone screen broke,” I said.

“So?” he asked.

‘What? He must be really rude.. That’s one of the manners of boys from rich homes’

“I…I..just wanted to say Hi..and to tell you that’s dangerous to walk around this area by this time,” I said.

“Do you like me?” he asked.

I raised my brows. “What?!”

“I don’t talk much and I don’t talk to strangers,” he said and turned to leave but… Tch.. Why would he sound so rude and I let him go, just like that?

Alisa, you can’t.

“Why are you so rude. You have to know that you aren’t the only rude person..” I asked him.

“Aren’t you working?” he asked without turning.

“I’m done for the day and ah.. I’m so relieved because I’m really in a bad mood today.. My best friend got into a fire accident with a top celebrity today.. Did you read the news?”

‘Wait, I’m I trying to brag about Baby getting into a fire accident with Romeo?’

“What news?” he asked.

I hated that his back was on me so I walked to his front.

‘Ugh… He’s so cute’

“My best friend is a rocks high student but someway she got into a fire accident with Romeo Young, rockstar Romeo, you must know him, everyone does,” I said.

‘Okay, Alisa, you are really bragging about it.. Baby would kill me if she hears this..”

“I read the news. Now excuse me,” he said.

‘Tch.. Just that? Won’t he try to know why I’m a best friend to the rocks high student who got into a fire accident with Romeo? Arghsh he’s annoying’


I know and I’m so worried too.. The more I think about it, I should have gone to the Paradise Trip.

But I wanted to see my mom because it’s been months.

I hope she’s fine…

I’m relieved she’s not hurt much.

But why must it be with Romeo?

“I should get going then, bye..” she said, turned and began walking to her motorbike.

‘Should I just tell her that I know Baby?’

‘I think I should just tell her…’

‘But not now…’

Just then, I heard gunshots.

She heard it too because she halted and turned.

The gunshots were becoming louder and it seem it was approaching the side we were.

“Oh my God… You have to run and hide!” she said and ran to her motorbike.

She climbed on it,

“Come in, let’s get out of here!” she said, telling me to join her in the motorbike.

But then, it seem like the motorbike wasn’t starting as she kept trying to start it.

I ran to her.

The gunshots were so close and wasn’t stopping.

“You can’t keep trying this, let’s get out of here,” I told her then, I grabbed her hand and dragged her down from the motorbike.

“But…I can’t leave the bike.. It’s a company’s bike…” I said.

“It’s gonna be there,” I said and began running to find a hideout while dragging her along.

“You don’t know this area as much as I do.. That bike would be gone,” she said, running with me.

“I see you choose a bike over your life..” I asked.

“I’m just scared.. The company –”

I cut her short. “Stop talking and run faster…”

“Do you even know this area? Where do you think we’ll get a hideout. I should be the one leading… You are probably from a wealthy home who’s in Bujong for something.”

“You know, you talk too much for someone who’s running from gunshots,” I said..

“Okay.. Sorry,” she said.

We ran faster to a hideout in my mind.

(Background music: 🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢

Eternal Love- Michael_Learns_To_Rock )🎢🎢🎢🎢


🎯To be continued.



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