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(So what if she’s good-looking?)

After greeting everyone, Ye Wanwan returned to the car and changed her clothes and make-up.

Professor Li Yue’s seminar was held in the multimedia hall located on the east side of Imperial Media University. When Ye Wanwan arrived, a majority of the seats inside were taken already, so she was met by a sea of people.

Aside from the actual students of the university, there were also many students from other universities who came, so the hall was abnormally lively.

When Ye Wanwan reached the entrance to the hall, the hall abruptly turned silent for a second before erupting into a clamor, and countless pairs of eyes landed on her.

“Sh*t! What major is that beauty in? How come I’ve never seen her?!”

“Our university has a beauty like her? Why didn’t I know! Is she an entertainer who’s already made her first public performance and doesn’t attend classes often?”

“If she’s an entertainer, there’s no way we wouldn’t know about her!”

Ye Wanwan spotted an empty seat in the third to last row. She walked over and sat down.

She was naturally aware of the stares and discussions around her.

Back when she first attended senior high school, she was ridiculed everywhere she went. But now that she changed her appearance, she received an instant change in treatment.

Ye Wanwan had just sat down, but there was already a guy trying to hit on her. “Hey, beautiful, what major are you studying? How come I haven’t seen you before? How about we exchange WeChat information?”

Before the guy finished speaking, a girl’s furious voice was heard from the side. “Xu Changdong! Do you want to die?!”

The guy was instantly startled. “*Cough* Yu Ya, didn’t you say you weren’t coming today?”

“So you think you can flirt with girls behind my back, huh?” As the girl spoke, she glared at Ye Wanwan on high alert.

The guy exclaimed, embarrassed, “No! I was merely curious since I didn’t know her…”

“What’s there to be curious about?! There are plenty of people like her at our school! There’re even run-of-the-mill girls like that in the neighboring school! They rely on the fact that they look a little pretty, so they’re preoccupied with trying to hook some rich men every day. How would they have the time to attend classes? Naturally, you don’t know her!” the girl snapped irritably.

Having been accused of living off a rich man for no reason, Ye Wanwan raised her eyebrows slightly. “Beauty, I don’t seem to have ever offended you?”

The girl angrily retorted promptly, “Not having offended me? You were seducing my boyfriend!”

The guy hurriedly tried to smooth things over. “Honey, don’t be mad, don’t be mad! Sigh, I like a girl who’s intelligent with good grades like you; how could I take a liking to barbie dolls like her?! I was really asking offhand just now…”

“That’s right, Yu Ya. Don’t be angry!”

Many people on the side also piped in. Their expressions were very disdainful when they looked at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan was quite speechless too. As if it wasn’t enough that she was discriminated against for being ugly back then, but she was still being discriminated against now.

So what if I’m good-looking? Why can’t I have good grades despite being good looking? Do I deserve to be discriminated against simply because I’m good-looking?

Thankfully, Professor Li entered right then. The hall regained its silence, and Ye Wanwan could finally focus on listening to the seminar…

“Students, everyone, hello! I’m very happy to have received an invitation to hold this seminar. The topic I want to talk about today is emergency public relations. I’ll summarize a few classic case studies from corporations and the entertainment industry from recent years and launch a discussion with you students…”

Professor Li’s seminar was very interesting. It was different from how most other people liked to talk about theory and knowledge – there was a lot of practical information in his seminar, and he cited classic examples from real life. Hence, all the students listened with keen interest, and even Ye Wanwan gained a lot from it. Soon enough, more than an hour had quickly passed.

On the stage, Professor Li glanced over everyone. “I have another example here that I’d really like to discuss with everyone. Does everyone here know about the ‘Han Xianyu molesting a young girl’ scandal…”


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