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(Get Back At Them For Me Mr. Mu (3)

Mu Yuchen did not make any promises. He closed his eyes without saying anything. Moments later, he grabbed the remote control and switched on the television.

Xi Xiaye stopped the conversation as she felt a little odd.

Things arent that simple between us. Its not like we can just meet up and talk it out. Even if Im willing to forget about what happened, they wont let me go so easily. There arent many ways to solve their hatred. The only thing I can do is to deal with them until the very end.

He was emanating a cold aura as he slowly let go of her and refilled his cup of tea before taking a sip. He then handed the cup to her, signaling her to have a taste.

Xi Xiaye was startled for a moment, but she took a sip as well.

The extreme bitterness filled her mouth, and she almost spat the tea out, but she managed to force herself to swallow it. She returned the cup with a frown on her face.

Mu Yuchen smiled at her as he finished his tea. He looked at the empty cup in his hand and said, This is Ku Ding tea. I only drank this when I was staying abroad. Su Chen frequently sent it to me. Its really nice to drink this during the summer.

Xi Xiayes eyes narrowed slightly.

During the years when I was abroad, Lingtian frequently appeared in my dreams, followed by the two of them. I had insomnia most nights when I was first abroad. I could hear Lingtian asking me Why? the moment I fell asleep while Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha were trying to take my life. Although Im not afraid of death, I

He then refilled his cup with more Ku Ding tea.

Xi Xiaye did not say anything. He had never mentioned anything during his stay abroad even after they had been together for so long. He hardly initiated conversations about himself, so these were probably secrets hidden deep inside his heart.

Because of this, Lingshi once tried to look for a psychiatrist, but I didnt go for the appointment because Id be exposing my weak points once I went. Su Chen said I was getting on edge. He told me to relax. Thats why he sent me this.

My intention was to start anew when I came back here, so I stopped drinking this. Afterward, you came along, and those unhappy memories were buried deep inside. Only until recently, I realized that open-minded individuals wouldnt have cared. Theres no need to abandon the past in order to start anew. Its only a proper closure if one can get through the hurdles from the past.

He stopped right there as he took another sip from his cup. Thats enough for now, and its the same thing. Ill respect my enemies if they respect me, but if they dont, Ill be sure to show them some blood!

His eyes turned cold while his grip on the cup tightened!

Mu Yuchen had lunch at home before heading over to his office.

He arrived at his office at 2 p.m. Li Si quickly came over and gave him a brief overview of his schedule that evening the moment he entered the office.

CEO Liao from Hua Dong International invited you for an afternoon tea by the riverside to discuss the Car City franchise. Mr. Yamamoto from Nagashima Technology invited you to participate in their opening ceremony at 4.30 p.m. At 8 p.m. tonight, there will be a large-scale charity dinner at Emperor International Hotel.

While Li Si briefed Mu Yuchen of his upcoming schedule, Mu Yuchen just listened. However, he frowned slightly at the very final event on the agenda. He looked at Li Si and asked, Charity dinner? Didnt I say to avoid attending such events?

Master, the dinner tonight is special. A lot of government personnel will be there, so its better for you to attend personally. Were donating a huge amount too. The organizers hoped for your attendance as well, and itll be a great help for Glory Worlds fund, Li Si replied.

Mu Yuchen asked another question, Do you have the guest list for the event tonight?

Yes, Master! Its here! Li Si handed the list of names to Mu Yuchen who glanced through it. He paused slightly when he noticed Qi Kai Corporation on there. He grinned as he put the guest list on his table.

Make preparations then. Call Ah Mo here right now.

A dim light glimmered in Mu Yuchens eyes as he walked towards the window and started watering the plants.

Li Si was startled for a moment. He realized his Master probably had some plan in mind, so he quickly nodded and replied, Yes, Master. Ill get it done right away! He then vanished outside the door.

There was a knock on Mu Yuchens door ten minutes later. Someone came inside.

Brother, you wanted to see me? Ah Mos voice sounded cheerful lately.

Mu Lingshi had just gotten pregnant, and he was going to become a father soon. He would have his first child, so he was overjoyed about Mu Lingshis pregnancy. Wang Hui had arranged two experienced servants to stay at their place to take care of them.

Mu Yuchen turned around as he heard Ah Mos voice. Nodding as Ah Mo arrived behind him, he also captured the smile on Ah Mos face.

You seem to be in a good mood lately. Hows Lingshi? Mu Yuchen walked towards his table.

Its been great after several days of rest at home. Grandfather and Grandmother come to visit every day and bring her a lot of tonics, but she still wants to go back to work after a while as she said shed feel bored at home. I couldnt win the argument so I agreed, Ah Mo said helplessly.

Make the arrangements then. Just give her a relaxed position in the company.




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