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(Wish you belonged to my family)

Seeing that the mercenary was silent, the little boy’s gaze swept over the tattoo of a symbol on the side of his neck and he mumbled to himself, “Noise of Dragons mercenary group…”

When the mercenary heard that, he was taken aback. How could a four or five-year-old recognize Noise of Dragons mercenary group’s symbol?

I must’ve heard this little boy wrong…

According to their investigation, there were no children in the house, so how did this child coincidentally appear there…

Whatever it was, it was better to be safe than sorry – they should probably take him with them first.

The mercenary immediately grabbed the little boy and threw him into the car.

He wasn’t sure if the little boy was frightened or traumatized, but the boy didn’t make a sound and simply allowed the mercenary to put him in the car.

At a spot hidden away, two figures suddenly got up and were about to take action. However, they were forced to retreat when they saw the little boy’s eyes and went back into hiding once again.

“Captain, I just saw a little boy. He appeared at the garden out of nowhere… I…”

At first, the mercenary wanted to ask Tang Long for instructions, but he had already entered the frontmost car and while he was asking, Tang Long sped off, making him swallow a mouthful of dust.

At the moment, Ye Wanwan was stunned as she looked at the boy who was suddenly thrown into the car.

Weren’t these people here to capture me… why did they capture a child as well?

I’ve never heard of mercenaries in the kidnapping and extortion business eh…

Furthermore, Tang Long doesn’t look like the sort who likes doing this kind of business.

Then… what’s with this little boy?

Ye Wanwan was deep in thought. Very quickly, all her attention was on this little guy.

The little boy was wearing a stunning sapphire blue little suit with a pink bow tie. His posture was upright and he had a pair of unbelievably beautiful phoenix eyes – the outer corners of his eyes were slightly inclined and they carried a tinge of arrogance and loftiness. Coupled with a sharp nose and thin lips, he was simply alluring and adorable.

Whether it was his temperament or attitude, this child was different from ordinary children – he had a noble air around him that only a well-off family could foster…

Damn! This little boy will destroy the country and cause suffering [1] when he grows up for sure…

What sort of heaven-defying combination of genes produced a little child like him, huh?

Uh, wait a minute…

Ye Wanwan looked at the boy a bit longer and was suddenly stunned. Aside from his eye-catching clothes today, this child seemed really familiar, like she had seen him somewhere before…

But what made Ye Wanwan surprised was how calm and composed he was after being thrown into the car.

While Ye Wanwan sized the child up, the little guy was also looking at her.

Ye Wanwan obviously noticed the little child’s gaze on her. *cough* “Which family do you belong to? Why did you get captured too?”

The little boy’s eyes lit up slightly. “You don’t know me?”

Ye Wanwan blinked. “Huh? Do we know each other?”

But the more I look at him, the more it seems like I really do know him…

The little boy looked at her and his gaze turned slightly colder. “Which family do you think I belong to?”

This question…

Is really strange, isn’t it?

Ye Wanwan was totally confused. But… wow! Too… too cute! He’s even cuter with this icy look!

My claws…

Why do they feel like they’re losing control…

Hang in there!

Seeing as Ye Wanwan was silent, the little boy’s eyes turned gloomy.

After some time, Ye Wanwan finally calmed down. She rubbed her chin, looked at the adorable little boy and smiled. “Oh, although I don’t know whose family you belong to… I really wish you belonged to mine!”



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