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(Officially recognized as daddy)

Ye Wanwan didn’t speak while the other two sitting beside her also didn’t speak up. In the end, silence filled the car.

The adult and child pair were both comfortable with silence.

In the end, no one spoke up throughout the entire journey. The car finally reached the Little House of Rose.

Xu Yi got out of the car and with heavy steps, he opened the passenger door then glanced at the three people before him.

His master was standing with Miss Wanwan and the little boy. It was hard to believe but the picture before him was very pleasing to the eye and even gave him the impression that they were a lovely family of three…

A… family of three?

When he became aware of his thoughts, Xu Yi suddenly became very scared.

I must be going crazy!

This little boy seemed to be about four or five years old and Miss Wanwan was twenty this year. If this child was really Miss Wanwan’s, wouldn’t that mean Miss Wanwan got pregnant while she was still underage?!

If that was the case, his master was such a beast!

That was impossible! It was absolutely impossible!

How could he have such frightening thoughts…

But the child personally called Miss Wanwan ‘Mommy’ and Miss Wanwan personally said the child was 9th master’s…

“What’s going on here? Where did this child come from?” Xu Yi asked Tang Bin and Song Qiang, who were following them in the back.

The duo were very in sync as they shook their heads.

If this question had to be asked, the question should be directed to the child’s father, no?

After returning home, Ye Wanwan couldn’t hide it anymore.

Si Ye Han sat on the sofa while Ye Wanwan brought Nie Tang Xiao opposite him and shamelessly reintroduced them. “It was a bit rushed earlier, but let me officially introduce you both. Tangtang, this… this is your daddy!”

After hearing Ye Wanwan’s official introduction, the little fella raised his head and looked at Si Ye Han.

Si Ye Han had no visible reaction.

Ye Wanwan hurriedly hinted to Si Ye Han and begged him with her eyes. You said you would work with him! Don’t just stay silent!

Thus, under coercion from Ye Wanwan, Si Ye Han finally looked at the little fella and said, “Nice to meet you. My name is Si-Si Ye Han and I’m your father.”

“…” Ye Wanwan’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor…

Why does this opening line sound so familiar?

It’s practically the same as what Tangtang said when he first introduced himself to me!

Damn! I’m about to suspect that the little fella is actually my illegitimate child with Si Ye Han!

After Si Ye Han finished speaking, Ye Wanwan nervously glanced to see Tangtang’s reaction.

The little fella pressed his lips together and after a while, he said, “Mommy…”

Ye Wanwan immediately replied, “Mommy’s here. Does Tangtang have any questions?”

Nie Tang Xiao: “Mommy, you’re sure he’s my daddy? Is there nobody else?”

Si Ye Han: “…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

He’s asking…

Ye Wanwan replied confidently, “Of course. Your Mommy has only ever loved one person in my life and that’s your daddy. So of course you could only be born from me and your daddy!”

After she finished speaking, she didn’t forget to glance at Si Ye Han.

However, Tangtang still didn’t look like he believed her completely. “But Mommy… Uncle said you liked a lot of people before…”

Ye Wanwan nearly choked to death on her own saliva. “…!!!”

Damn! Nameless Nie, that bastard… How could he make a trap for his own sister?



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