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(Pitch Dark)

Why did Tangtang suddenly ask me this question?

Ye Wanwan felt it was rather strange and asked, “What is it, Tangtang? You… don’t like that yellow jacket Ge ge?”

The little boy’s expression changed several times before he finally let out a breath. “No, Tangtang likes him a lot.”

As long as Mommy likes him, then I will like him as well.

Ye Wanwan expressed her suspicion. Why does Tangtang appear so… burdened?

After Gong Xu finished eating, he felt bored, so he insisted on heading towards the bar. Ye Wanwan was with a child so she couldn’t go, but she suggested that they go on without her.

Gong Xu was naturally not willing and instead changed the destination to a KTV place.

Ye Wanwan noticed Tangtang interested in going, so they headed over together.

On the top floor of the KTV.

There was only one reserved room on the top floor which was remote and private, ensuring that outsiders couldn’t barge in.

Inside the reserved VIP room, Gong Xu was hogging the microphone while wailing like a ghost and howling like a wolf.

Ye Wanwan sat to the side while peeling almonds to give Tangtang. The little fella sat obediently next to her. No matter how loud and full of laughter the room got, he didn’t complain or move from his spot.

He completely defied Ye Wanwan’s expectations and knowledge of the creatures known as children.

Han Xian Yu casually asked, “Are this child’s parents very busy?”

Ye Wanwan didn’t reply and the corners of her lips twitched. If they were busy, that would just be mocking this child…

Where on earth could there be such irresponsible parents? Both of them had abandoned this child and went only heaven knew where….

At that moment, outside the doors of the KTV.

A black Cayenne had soundlessly parked outside.

Xu Yi hurriedly got off to open the passenger door on the opposite side. Because of his momentary carelessness, he nearly tripped.

“Special assistant Xu, are you alright?” The driver asked in a panic.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing…” Xu Yi wiped his sweat as he rushed over to open the door for his master.

How could it be nothing?!!!

Nothing is okay!

The incident this time is too severe!

Even if I’m scolded afterwards, I still need to inform Miss Wanwan first…

Inside the reserved room, Ye Wanwan was chatting with Han Xian Yu when her phone rang.

It was an incoming call from from Xu Yi.

Why would Xu Yi call me at this hour?

Ye Wanwan took her phone and told Tangtang, “Tangtang, I’m going to take a call. Be obedient and don’t go anywhere!”

Nie Tang Xiao: “Okay.”

“Go, I’ll watch him for you,” Han Xian Yu offered.

“Thank you!”

Thus, Ye Wanwan went outside to take the call.

As she was leaving, Gong Xu immediately dropped his microphone to follow Ye Wanwan. “Ye-ge ge, Ye-ge ge, are you going to the washroom? I’ll come too!”

Ye Wanwan was speechless. “I’m taking a call!”

But Gong Xu still tagged along.

Gong Xu kept following her and asked, “Ye-ge, how come I’ve never seen you use the washroom?”

Ye Wanwan: “…” Why is this b*stard focusing on small things like this?

Gong Xu tugged on Ye Wanwan’s arm. “Ye-ge ge, let’s go together, let’s go together!”

Ye Wanwan had a headache. “I’m taking a call. Go by yourself, okay…?”

Right when Ye Wanwan was about to answer, she felt something was off.

In the next second, she looked up and saw someone who would never come there.

The man was wearing a black trench coat and had traveled a long distance to be there. An extremely violent storm was brewing around him.

The quiet hallway suddenly became pitch dark and ice cold.



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