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Episode 9

(Delightful Indulgence)

“Fuck!” Denny’s head felt limp, falling backward to lean on the backrest of the couch. He felt all his stress of the day leave his tired body and mind as he floats in the ecstasy of her service. He didn’t have to tell her what to do. He felt like every move of her was what his body just needed. She is new, but she knew just how to take his soul away from his tired and stressed body. He groaned and growled his reactions to her sensual ministrations. And when he felt like he was soon to burst out, he asked the girl to sit on his lap.

Just right above his cock, rubbing it against her still cloth cladded pussy. She obediently obliged, honestly, because she felt her legs are starting to cramp kneeling for quite a while. He started to caress her breast as she began to take off her clothes. Her smooth and aromatic skin added fuel to his excitement and urged him to knead her everywhere he can reach and touch.

The service girl started moaning in pleasure, but her every move holds coquetry that teases Denny even more. Her erotic reactions don’t make him rush to finish this heavenly taste of delectations but made him want to enjoy teasing each other for a more explosive ending. She started grinding slowly on his cock, from small circle motions to slow up and down rub.

Extra service has boundaries. If the service girl is okay with all the way, the client can do anything he pleases, but if a service girl has declared a limit, clients can only have blowjob, cock in between tits fuck or lap dance or rubbing as what they are doing now.

Instead of asking verbally, his hand started to find out for himself what he can get from this service girl whom he is enjoying so very much. His left hand kept kneading her right breast while his tongue devours her left pebbled pink tits. His right hand went down her left thigh, teasing her skin with a slight and ever light scratch of his fingernails running up and down the back of her knees to her ass, then to her inner thighs, to the crotch of her tiny piece of underwear.

Her coquettish response to his pleasurings gives Denny a clear sign that she is willing to take this deal somewhere he wishes to go. He replaced his cock with his fingers, slipping into her panties. He lightly rubbed her now-so-wet and dripping pussy.

From the down upwards, he teasingly ran his fingers. Avoiding her aching clit, making her moan in pleading request. Rubbing her core to his touch for more frictions. She was enslaved by his magical erotic touch that she can feel herself burning in carnal desires. She was young, and yes, she was new to all of these heavenly tastes of pleasure. And so she begged for more. More of this delightful indulgence.

"Please...?" She was unaware of what she was asking for. But her body was more direct and honest. She was swirling on his lap as he seemed to press every igniting button that she herself was not aware they were even there.

Denny whispered, “Patience, little one, I can give you more than that." He nipped on her earlobes as he seductively whispered to her now flaming red in arousal ears. "And I am sure you will love every bit of it.”

Then he guided her to stand up. He needed to moisten his throat as his arousal seemed to burn him. He felt his whole being was in a divine and bewitching spell of enlivening virility. He took a few gulps of his drinks with ice to comfort his scorching throat.

As a service girl, she can only take the client’s lead, so she gave him a pleading look hoping he’ll give her what she wants sooner. “Take off your clothes. Slowly right in front of me. I wanna see you strip.” He commanded while leaning back on the sofa. One hand with his glass of drink spread wide on the backrest while the other was gently rubbing his now ever so hard cock.

She obediently complied. Just the way she was trained, eliciting movements pleasing to the client’s eye.

Sensually. Seductively. Timidness was vaguely visible, but the burning desire was even more evident. She cannot deny the fact that she was beyond aroused. She was not just doing these things because it was her job, just like she felt earlier.

Now, even if her boss would barge in and stop her, as long as her client does not push her away, she would still do what she was doing at the moment. Soon she was naked, standing in front of him with heightened arousal but restrained freedom to submit unto the client’s will and desires.

“Fuck! I loved the way you looked with your dress on, but this is a beauty of perfection!" He exclaimed. He was right to expect that underneath her dress was a delicious youthful body.

Delicate porcelain skin that he cannot resist decorating his marks of love bites on it if she would allow him. Fleshy boobs standing firm and delectable.

Her mound was waxed, just like everyone else of the service girls that work in this place. "Turn around slowly." He spoke with his jaw clenched. Her enthralling beauty extremely triggered his sexual appetite.

She did as told. She felt just like when she was on her training. She sensuously swayed her hips as she moved, pretentiously covering her private parts when her purpose was actually to entice him coquettishly. Denny was like burning in great arousal with her bewitching body and flirtatious movements that he can feel his excited shaft twitching in his grip.

"Merde.." (shhhhhit )he groaned. He cannot keep himself using his mother tongue. Yes, he was born here, but his family roots are European. And no one in the family is not fluent in French. They use their mother tongue in family conversations. Business or casual, they are more comfortable using the language at home.



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