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 Episode 8

(Extra Service)

The girl wasn’t surprised to hear the customer’s second order, for they are well briefed on this service job they have applied for. Denny didn’t want to wait too long whenever he would be here for relaxation that he declared his usual order to be given to him when he asks for it. It only changes when he is with some clients or with someone else to have fun in here. 

They will have to order what they like, and he would most likely get whatever they have. But when he is alone like this, he would ask for his usual order.  Denny Vero is from a well-respected family in the country. His parents are from generations of Medical practitioners and business people. His siblings are also with them.

 He even finished medicine to follow their family tradition, but his heart isn’t into it. He did well in his studies, and it was one of his goals to satisfy his parents with an impressive certificate. He was well praised. Being the youngest, his parents were even more proud of him, to the extent of almost paving his way into the peak of Medical career. 

But he didn’t want to. He is a man who loves sports. He is free-spirited by nature, but he wasn’t even able to spread his wings because his parents would always want him to do this and that. When he graduated from his studies, he decided to live independently and do whatever he wants with his life. He went to different places he wanted to go, lived his life to the fullest as he wanted to. He ignored his parents’ and family’s call for him to get back and join their family business until his eldest brother had a terrible accident. 

He lost his consciousness, and until now, he is still in a coma state. He was left with no choice but to take his place temporarily. He was one of the directors in their newly established medical facility. A position he is now asked to manage. A position he is very stressed dealing with. Because he also has his Travel and Tour business. 

Now he is like he needed to have a clone of his own. Damn! If that would only be possible, he would be less stressed than he is feeling right now. The good thing is, he might forget all his tensions, even for only one night. He waited for her to arrive sooner. He knew she just left, but he wants to see her again. 

“I will take the extra service while I am having my first bottle of beer. I had a bad day, and I need to blow some steam. Come over here and get on your knees.” 

He ordered as soon as the service girl returned with the tray of cut fruits, fish & crackers, and three bottles of beer in a bucket.  

“Yes, sir!” Placing a cushion under her knees, the girl lowered herself right in front of her client’s widespread legs. She took his still limp cock out of his boxers and started licking it like a kitten. She was a bit shy at first, but when she remembered her manager’s fierce face during her training days, she holds herself together and chants herself to do things right. It’s her first day on duty. She will be kicked out mercilessly if she fails to please this very valued client. 

The other service girls were already glaring at her at the counter when she fetched the order for Mister Vero. Now she had to give her best if she wants to stay in this job. 

This well paying job. And hopefully, just like the veterans in the bar say, she will enjoy it, too. But since her job is to please him, it wouldn’t matter if she is enjoying it or not. So she did as trained. She sensually touched him in his manhood. Caressed, licked, and worshiped him. She was surprised when she felt something strange in her tongue as she was licking him. She gave it a good look to check what it was. And to her surprise…! 

Denny smiled proudly and said, “It’s called a reverse Prince Albert piercing. Haven’t you seen one before?” 

He was taking so much enjoyment in her pleasuring touch that his throat was feeling dry even after taking gulps of it.  She has never had such a client as she had just started a few weeks on this job after a month of training working on the sides and listening to the manager’s advice from people’s experiences. 

She took his balls in her hand and started swirling her thumb around the base of his slowly erecting shaft while she focused on licking the thick mushroom head. In just a few minutes, he was as hard as a rock, and she took him as much as she could in her mouth, noticing it growing bigger by the seconds. 

 “Just like that...I want it slow….” Denny wants to enjoy this euphoric bliss as much as he can.  

She swirled her tongue around the head and flicked his slit to taste the beads of precum coming one after another. Flattening her tongue, she caressed the back of his cock head and went down, twirling her tongue around his cock, licking until she reached his balls and sucked on them one after the other. He was neatly trimmed. 

His masculine scent was adding effect to Trisha’s senses. She didn’t understand why she was enjoying what she was doing. She thought it would make her feel degraded, being ordered to do such thing as licking his manhood in exchange for a service fee. Yes, it wasn’t cheap, but it won’t be compared to a dignified collar or non-collar job. She was so lost in her dedication to pleasing him that she was oblivious of how the client was reacting. 

She gave him a quick glance from her position, looking up at him with his shaft still in her mouth. Just to see a different face of him. He looked like he was soon to devour or punish her for what she was doing that she was startled. She took a halt. And as if trying to appease him, she gently licked his cock from the base to the tip.  

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