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 Episode 7

(Adventure 2 Sweet Haven)

"Welcome to Sweet Haven.” The receptionist sweetly greeted the arriving guests by the entrance desk. “I made my reservations, right?” The man asked, looking tired and needing booze. He is just at the right place to be in, right now. His favorite spot to hang out when he is drowning in work-related stress and fatigue. 

“Of course. We have kept the VIP room reserved for you, Mister Vero.” 

The lady receptionist answered with her sweet smile never fading. Mister Vero is one of their employer’s close friends. Aside from that, he is never rude. 

Although he isn’t friendly or flirty either, he is still respectable. 

No one has ever complained serving him. As a front desk receptionist, she was just supposed to stay on her post, but she would always stand elegantly from her seat to personally guide the guest towards his booth when it comes to this VIP. “Please make yourself comfortable. I will send our new service girl to assist you very shortly.” 

The guy nodded as he sat on the black leather-covered couch. He spread his arms on the backrest and lend his back till his head was almost laid on the backrest, too. His body lightly stretched. Actually, his body was still feeling things to be bearable, but his mental stress was killing him, so he came here to get a breather. Nothing good will come out of his bad mood at work. 

He remained in his position even though he heard the door opened and shut. He could feel someone was watching him with a little distance. He was waiting for her to come even closer, but she remained in her stand. He remembered what the receptionist said. She will send the new service girl. 

He understood why she wasn’t as clingy and entertaining as the others do in these scenarios. But he didn’t feel like he still has more energy to be mad, so he lazily raised his head to give her a look. He was stricken by the beauty that welcomed his sight. 

She was indeed new. He hasn’t seen her here or anywhere before. She was tall and fleshy, not in a fat way. She was curvy and damn! They were in the right, no, no, they were in their perfect places. 

“May...” The girl cleared her throat. It was evident for the man to see that she was trying to keep her cool and appear confident. A sight so enchanting to him. 

“May I take your order, sir?” asked a young service girl. She was actually startled at how the guest seated on the couch reacted when he sat straight to look at her. 

She wasn’t sure if it was a gaze of approval or disgust. All she could say was, it was intense. It’s her first encounter with her own client. 

She prayed for a man easy to handle and serve. Now she wasn’t sure if her prayers were answered or not. He was even more fascinated to hear her sweet voice. It wasn’t shaking, although he could tell she was nervous like hell. 

He had been in this place for almost years now. He had seen a lot of service girls. New and veterans. But this girl is way beyond their charm. He couldn't even answer her question right away. He was savoring the moment of seeing her for the very first time. 

His stares were making the service girl feel uncomfortable. She can feel like he was eye raping her, but he was not saying anything, so it was making her doubt her thoughts were right. 

She was torn between running away or approaching him even more seductively. Imitating her trainers. But right now, she was burning hot in both embarrassment and the way he is lustfully gazing at her. 

Seeing her exposed skin turned fiery red, he was starting to feel aroused. 

He kept his look fixedly at her as he lifted his right hand’s index finger in a come over here gesture. She sauntered her way to him. Her mind was different from her body. She was mentally aware she had to make this man pleased with her, but her body was so timid. She was a view of confidence and hesitation all in one. Denny Vero was even more entertained. 

He was convinced this girl is brave. A beautiful and courageous kind of girl. It turns him on even harder. When she was only a few steps closer, she stopped, and he checked her posture. He checked her out without concealing his ogling stare. The girl was even more embarrassed. She might even faint if she wasn’t brave enough. 

“Turn around…” Denny commanded in a low voice. And she did, abruptly. As if it was her chance to hide her face from him. “Again. Slowly this time...” 

And she did. She felt her confidence came back with just a quick breath with her back to him and came around again just like how she was trained. She turned around and stopped. Facing him with a bright smile. She was smiling, but her heart was pounding. She really hoped she was able to hide her less confident mien. 

“What’s your name?” Denny asked. He wanted to touch her, but he was still trying to hold his sanity as he still needs to know her name and tell her his order of drinks. 

“Trisha, sir. My name is Trisha.” The service girl answered politely. Gaining her poise, she was already feeling a bit comfortable. She was trained, and this situation had been in their training. The only difference is how his reactions are more intense, making her feel even more nervous. 

But looking at how he is pleased with her beauty, her confidence was boosted. 

“Hmmm… Trisha...I’ll have my usual order….” He almost cursed when he saw her smile as he called her name. 

“And... an extra service,” his voice was low, almost growling as he asked for the additional order. “Right away, sir.” She answered politely and gracefully left to get the ordered drinks. This isn’t a usual bar. This is a music box with privacy for extra service.  

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