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Episode 6

(Sawing Into her like a stubborn log)

He made sure she was wet and ready before he pushed his way into her tight honeypot with her consent.

"Fuck!" Both groaned. One in pain while the other in pleasure. He was aware he was huge, and she was so tight, so he made her feel as less painful as possible. But as it was her first time, she couldn't avoid feeling the tearing pain inside of her as she welcomed his now as hard as steel manhood.

"Lexy, baby..." He felt divine. Funny as it may sound, and women may not understand it, but men like it when their thing is feeling almost squeezed to its possible or maybe beyond limits.

It's an incomparable delight. It is even indescribable. No words would perfectly define it. "Fuck!" He couldn't help groaning in pleasure. He was also cautious not to cause her more pain, so he slowly pulled out of her just to be stopped.

"Wait... Please stay for a while." She whispered as she grabbed him by the waist with her arms as her legs felt numb.

They couldn't move a bit. He pushed in little by little until he felt the tight barrier that seals her maidenhood. He slipped his hand between their bodies and pressed on her engorged clit. Making her lose focus on the pain. Feeling a mixture of intoxication and torment, creating a moaning mess of her. “Ahh..E, mmmm…

Ethan, please”, her pleading and moaning were like buttons pressed for Ethan to go on. "Fffuckkkkk!!! Ethan!" Making Lexy groan and scream his name, eyes tightly shut as she felt the pain of tearing deep inside of her. Her nails dig into Ethan’s shoulders, clawing their way down his back, but Ethan didn’t mind. He can tell these are nothing compared to what pain he made her feel just now. And honestly, he was wrapped in euphoria as his shaft was clenched around her walls.

He gave her time to adjust, not moving at all, except kissing her lovingly and passionately, just he did right when he first tried to push all the way into her. But unlike earlier, him popping her cherry finally made her scream. He just waited for her to tell him when to move.

Lexy held his face looking him into his eyes, and he knew what she meant. He pulled his dick out till only the tip was in and pushed back in gently, slowly, savoring the delight of her tightness while his right hand’s fingers still doing magic on her sweet nub. Lexy’s feeling of seventh heaven multiplied, making her forget the pain and chase that enchanting feeling of paradise. “Ethan, more…”

“Baby, I don’t wanna hurt you more than I already did.” He wanted to only make her blissful. “No, please, baby, harder…
faster…” she kept begging that made Ethan lose all his reins of worry to cause her pain and slammed into her. “Ahhhh, I am cumming, baby, don’t stop, please, please….”

“Cum for me, baby let go,” Ethan urged her. Grinding his pelvis into her, hitting her sweet spots, and with his circular massage on her clit, she caught up with her explosive release, making her shake and writhe under his touch and caresses.

“Yes, baby, coat this cock with your sweet juices,” with her cum, he smoothly slides in and out of her tight cavern of paradise.

He took one of her tits in his mouth and slightly chewed on it, tugging it in between his teeth one after the other. Lexy arched her back, tugging on his hair while her head thrashed back on the bed.

The only sound you can hear in the room was their moaning, groaning, and the flesh slapping of their bodies. Ethan kept his promise of forgotten pain and only pure joy of carnal satisfaction.

“Get on all four, baby. I want to take you from behind”. He pulled out of her only to turn her around and slammed right back in. Lexy moaned as she felt him bigger doing her doggy style. His balls slapping on her clit as he goes deep as he can get inside her snatch.

“Ugh! Ugh! Fuck!” Ethan loves the feel of his girth sawing into her like a stubborn log.

“Ohhh my...Fuck! That feels damn good, Ethan…I’m gonna cum again! Fuck!

Fuck!” Lexy screamed nonstop as he rammed her to the dawning promise of ecstasy.

“I want to feel your pussy milking my dick, cum for me, baby,” he let go of his hands on her hips. The left hand pinched her nipples while his right hand reached for her clit, flicking it with his fingers. Lexy froze in a breathtaking orgasm.

Her knees felt weak that she slumped on the bed, legs widespread, ass in the air as Ethan was holding her around her hips, he kept pounding on her ragged doll-like body, yet her walls kept squeezing him inside her, sending Ethan to chase after his own end of sweet savoring completion. With a loud grunt of; “gggggghhhhhhhh,” his load spurted inside her warm, velvety walls like a fireman’s hose of an extinguisher to a roaring fire.

He felt like the last time he had such bliss was centuries ago that his cum was piled up, and now Lexy is willingly taking all of them.

“Mmmmm...ohhh”, almost inaudible moans came out of her as she felt his fluids fill her womb. Ethan stayed still until all his balls’ contents were loaded inside her and slumped right next to her.

She felt so spent that her eyelids grew heavy and felt her consciousness was dragging her to a peaceful slumber.

She turned to face him, caressed his face with a single hand, and whispered thank you before she succumbed to surrender. Ethan saw her face with a faint smile as she drifted off.

“Take a good rest because I am still not so done with you, baby girl.” With a triumphant smile, he lovingly traced the contour of her delicate face with his hand. I am not sharing you with anyone, and I am never letting you go. Not now, not ever!



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