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Episode 5

(Popping her cherry)

“Yes, baby girl, what do you want? Tell me,” he encourages her fondly like he can do whatever she asks of him from this moment on. Crawling his way up to kiss her passionately, he whispered.

"Do you want me to stop?" he didn't know how he was going to deal with himself if she said yes, but maybe he was also confident she wouldn't say she wants him to stop. To his relief, she didn't.

Instead of saying what she wanted to say out loud, she cupped his cloth-cladded cock, looking at him in the eye, pleading.

She looked so irresistible that Ethan can do nothing against her wishes but comply. He unbuckled his belt as Lexy unbuttoned his pants. She slipped a hand inside his boxers while the other hand unzipped.

Her actions were clumsy like she wants his cock out right away, so he helped her take off his remaining clothes.

He stood up beside the bed and took his pants and boxers all the way down. He stood there like a mighty warrior, all firm muscles, six-pack abs, narrow waist, visible v line with a trail of pubic hair from up his chest to the base of his throbbing magnificent phallus.

Lexy crawled to reach him, kneel on the bed to level her face to his, and kissed him. From his lips, torridly kissing him, trailing her kisses to his cheeks, to his ear, licking and playfully biting his earlobes, earning groans from him. She smirked as she suckles on the skin at the base of his neck, leaving hickeys to mark him. Making Ethan fist her hair lightly with a hand while the other was fondling on her tits. She moved down to his chest, flicking her tongue at his nipples.

“Baby girl….” Ethan kept groaning. She loved the sound of his endearment for her. She was feeling more eager to please this amazing man. She made use of her wicked lips and tongue in teasing and passionately torturing him. But Lexy enjoys knowing her ministrations torture him because she wanted him to feel how he made her feel just a while ago.

She kept her pace low as she kisses, licks, and playfully bites every area of his beautiful body. Her hands aren’t idle either, groping him wherever she could reach. His chest, his back, his ass, running them up and down on his sides like a feather making him bite his lips in pleasure.

While Ethan, on the other hand, cannot keep still, though he cannot kiss her, his hands are free to torture her back. He leaned over to reach her ass, making its cheeks bounce by lightly slapping on them one after the other, making Lexy squeaks on the first slaps, but soon she let him do whatever he wanted with them while he teased his glistening with precum shaft. She licked to taste him.

“Hmmmmm baby, so this is how it tastes?” surprised as it was her first time, Lexy verbally expressed. “It tastes sweet and salty at the same time.” She licked him like he was tasty ice cream, making Ethan growl even harder.

“Lexy, baby… don’t tease me," he pleaded. Earning a confused look from Lexy. She was not teasing him. She was really amazed at how his cum tasted.

She licked every bead of his cum that comes out, one after another. Looking at her questioning look, Ethan knew she didn’t know what effects her actions were giving him.

“Take me wholly into your sweet mouth, baby,” with a raspy voice telling her what to do, he sounded begging. Making Lexy comply even though she thought he was so huge he might not fit in her mouth.

“Lick, not just the slit." Ethan softly commanded. "Run your tongue from the base up to moisten the skin,” he guided her. “Take the head and make it wet with your saliva. Fuck! Hmmm."

He couldn't explain how she can make her feel ecstatic with her every lick.

"Now, swirl your tongue around it while inside your mouth. Yes, yes, baby, ohhh... you're doing so good.” Lexy was doing everything he said, sending him to the eighteenth depth of hell, burning him in ecstasy. “Relax your mouth muscles, and little by little take me into your sweet mouth,” holding her jaw, his fingers wiping on her outer lips to caress her.

Lexy did as told, and she took half of his hugeness into her drooling mouth, using her hands to hold the base, which she can’t cover with her lips.

She started bobbing her head to massage his vein bulging hardness, sucking on it as he did with her clit.

She is filled with the goal of giving him back what he gave her, so although she couldn't take all of him inside her mouth. She licked him from his balls to the base up to the mushroom-like head of his delicious cock.

Making Ethan bucked back at her mouth, he was in a euphoria that he fisted her hair tighter while he humps on her sucking warmth. He reached down her and rubbed on her clit. She groaned while he was deep in her throat that he could feel her squeeze his cock inside.

“Fuck, baby! I want you. I want all of you”, he pulled out from her mouth to kiss her hard and whisper seductively in her ear.

Lexy was no different. She wanted him. She wanted to feel him inside her. So she gently took his hand and tugged him to come up the bed as she lay herself like an offering lamb. Ever so willingly. Not to mention irresistible, she was deadly seductive.

She lifted her right hand and signaled him to come in a half-curled index finger. As a horny man can’t reject, Ethan complied. Crawling to reach her from her feet. He kissed her and there, leaving love bites on his wake until his cock hovered her dripping pussy.

He teased her a little more by brushing the head of his cock in between her pussy lips and ground at her sensitive nub.

“Ethan, please…. You’re teasing…” almost crying, Lexy moaned. The sound of pleasure and pleading is undeniable. It took all his willpower not to slam his cock and pounce into her to oblivion.

“This will hurt for a while, but I promise you will forget it soon after.” He reminded her. He lifted his body with his left elbow and knees leaning on the bed, and his right hand fondled her face as he kissed her lovingly.

Lexy gave a slight nod, trying to relax and welcome his offer of euphoric bliss. She has heard it will hurt. She is looking forward to the pleasure that comes after the pain. She knew with how Ethan made her feel heaven on earth with his mouth, his magnificent phallus will bring her to the clouds and beyond heaven.



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