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 Episode 4

(Euphoric feeling)

In return, he wanted her to feel the tingly sensations she is giving him so he moved his other hand from her tits and touched her still cloth-cladded crotch. He could feel wetness on the fabric. 

He kissed her down south from her breasts. He teased her navel as he passed it by, then he playfully bit on her pubic bone still covered with her lacy black thong underwear. 

Lexy tried to move away from his mouth, so she moved to her side but failed as he was in between her thighs. Ethan slowly pulled her panties down her legs as he lustfully gazed at her, and threw them down somewhere on the bed. 

He started showering kisses from her ankles to her knees and thighs, making Lexy shiver and tries to move away as he goes up and up. But Ethan held her thighs by both hands, he wrapped his arms around her thighs, and he nuzzled on her hidden cavern. She smelled divine, and he wanted to taste her, but at the same time, he wanted to savor the moment. 

His hands rubbed lightly on her exposed skin that he can reach. From her breasts, her sides, thighs to her legs. He peppered small kisses around her hairless mound. Lexy started waxing when she was fifteen because she doesn’t like the feel of the sticky flow of blood on her pubic hair every visit of the month. 

Revealing her pink lightly puffed pussy. A sight so irresistible to Ethan, he can see her clit as soon as he peaked on it. He could no longer hold his eagerness to taste her that he licked her leaking sweetness down her back door up to her inviting clitoris. 

“Ahhhh….mmmmm….ahhhh,” Lexy couldn’t help but release her moans and groans of pleasure as she felt his warm tongue licking her core.  

Her kept safe possessions. She had never let anyone aside from the lady who waxes her see that part of her body. She was told to try oral sex if she didn’t want to do all-the-way sex, but she declined the idea. She feared she might get so turned on and not be able to stop. Now she feels so good she doesn’t want Ethan to stop whatever he was doing. She almost stopped breathing when he suckled at her clit and playfully bit on it once in a while. 

She held his head and fisted and tugged his hair alternated by scraping his scalp as he deliciously ate her out. Lexy couldn’t help lifting her butt so he could lick, lap, and suckle on her aching and very wet core. Her hands and writhing were driving Ethan wild, that he wanted to let her feel how much she is making her feel. He moved his hands away from kneading her boobs to spread her pussy lips, giving him a good view of her swollen clit and her so narrow hole. Fuck! It looks so small he doubts even his thumb won't seem to fit in there. He will already make her feel sore if he penetrates her with it now. So he has to make her totally wet and ready to keep his promise that it won’t hurt so much by making her feel the best pleasure his sex skill can offer. It is one magic of nature that no matter how small a woman’s vaginal entrance is, as long as she is well stimulated, physically and emotionally ready, the pain won’t be avoided, but it will be replaced by incomparable ecstasy when penetrated, even by a huge penis. He just has to make her cum to prepare and stimulate her to the fullest. 

“Ahhhhhhhh baby, that feels so good,” her voice has turned husky. Her throat has gone dry from her constant gasping, moaning, and groaning. 

“Scream, baby girl, I wanna hear you scream my name,” Ethan lifted his head to look at Lexy in the eye before he dove back to suckle on her clit, nipped, hold between his teeth, and flicked in his tongue, driving Lexy to countless times she had mini orgasms. 

Sweat and tears all mixed in her beautifully flushed face and body, making her looked even more ravishing in Ethan's eyes. He couldn't stop admiring her wildly enchanting look along with her clearly visible arousal. 

“Eth…. fuck….stop… Ethan! Baby….” Lexy was a mess. Her thoughts and words overlapped. She didn’t know what to say first. "Ethan! Eth... Oh, my god! Wait...Fuck! Please!...." 

“No!” Ethan let her left thigh go so he could make use of his right hand. He made circular motions on her clit, making her cream more, and he made use of her wetness to moisten his index finger and trail the rim of her now clenching hole. 

Eliciting more groans and moans from Lexy. Her body was arching, toes curling, heels kicking the sheets, and eyes rolling back on their sockets as Ethan kept drawing circles on her clit with his hardened tongue while his finger did wonders trying to prepare her for his girth to fit inside her tightness. And when Ethan fervently suckled on her now super sensitive clit, she screamed his name. Cursing in a soul-shattering orgasm. 

“Hoooooly fuuuuccckk! Ethan! Ohhhhh, Mmmmm…Ethan baby, Fuck! Ahhhh! 

Fuck! Oh my god!” She screamed so loud. She was mindlessly blabbering as she groaned and moaned in pleasure.  She panted and couldn’t help swearing in a euphoric feeling that she has never ever had in her whole life. She felt drained, weak but heavenly. 

Ethan lapped on her juices, avoiding to touch her still sensitive bud of nerves to wind her down. He made his index finger in her as she reached her climax, making him able to massage the walls of her entrance but, damn! she was so tight, not to mention she was clenching her walls as she reached her peak. But because of her cum, she is soaking wet, flooding instead and her walls are ready for his now proudly and excitedly standing manhood. 

He was so caught up pleasuring her that he forgot his aching cock for a moment. She is so enchanting that he feels like his main reason for existence is to pleasure her. He wants to keep pleasuring her until she begs her to stop. 


He was startled. He quickly sat on his heel, still in between her legs, and looked at her in the eye lustfully. He was startled that she would ask him to stop now. But he was equally surprised with himself that he was ready to do whatever she would say right now. He was like under her spell.  

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