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 Episode 3

(But it's my first time....)

“Oh, Baby girl, I know just what to do to make me fit perfectly fine in you,” he nipped on her earlobe as he tried to bring her to the brink of arousal that she won’t be able to turn him down. 

“Mmmm…. Do you promise it won’t hurt?” moaning from his caresses, she softly asked.

 “It won’t hurt like the first time, I promise…” he is so turned on by her whimpering sounds that he can’t stop kissing her while his free hands were groping her everywhere.

 “But…. mmmm… It’s my first t….mmmm,” her words were cut off when he realized what she was about to say as he slammed his lips to kiss her harder and cursed. 

“Fuck! Please, baby, I need you to say yes before we go on. I will only feel at ease to make love to you if you let me.” He kept pecking on her lips as he tried to finish his words. His club has very strict rules against minors so he was confident she wasn't underage. But maybe if she is, he wanted her to agree and have sex with him consensually. He was out of his mind to care about the possibilities of anything. He was floating in the cloud of heat that his lower head is taking the lead. All rationality was thrown out the window. 

With a nod and a soft yes, Lexy answered. 

Ethan lifted her bridal style as he looked in her eyes with unadulterated lust. 

“Let’s get you out of here. 

You definitely deserve more than a couch for your first ti... Oh god!” Ethan couldn’t even say the word as he was overwhelmed with excitement. Good thing he has a unit for himself in this building where he used to rest when he’s too busy to get home to his pad. He brought her up to the penthouse through his private elevator, where he pinned her on the wall and kissed her fervently. Lexy was so putty in his arms that he could do whatever he wanted with her body. She has this indescribable feeling of confidence that he won’t hurt her or cause her any harm. His touches are so passionate that it burns any wall of anxiety in her mind. With a ding sound, they knew they arrived at the penthouse, and Ethan held her butt while she clung to him like a Koala, her both legs wrapped around his waist and her hands around his neck. Ethan held her head by a hand and fisted her hair just enough to bring their lips to each other for more soul-scorching kisses. 

When they got inside his unit, he slammed the door and pin her behind it, lips never parting. She learned to breathe through her nose to supply air to her lungs without breaking the kiss. 

He let her down to free his hands and search for the zipper of her dress. She led his hands to the side where the zipper was and let him decide what he wanted to do while she groped his chest, and when she wasn’t satisfied due to the clothes in between her hands and his skin, she started to unbutton his shirts. Ethan felt so hot that he couldn’t wait for the buttons to all be opened, so he grabbed the shirt from the opened button and snapped it open, making all the other buttons flew every corner on the floor. 

“Fuck!” Now it was Lexy swearing. Ethan didn’t want to reprimand her because he found it sexier that she is letting herself loose around him. Lexy’s touch is driving him crazier, accompanied by her constant moaning and mewling, fueled by her occasional cursing. He feels like a fire is lit around him that he is so hot. He is sweaty and fucking horny! 

He carried her on his shoulder. He wanted to lay her on his bed. He wants to do a lot of things, and to make her comfortable; she should be laid down on his soft bed.  

He had never brought another soul here. She is the first. He swiftly threw her on the bed, knowing it won’t hurt her. And he dove after her. He couldn’t get enough of her taste. He kneeled above her, keeping her legs in between his knees, and slowly zipped her dress down. Looking her in the eyes, he bit his lower lips when he saw her milky white skin as the zipper split up, revealing more of her skin. Lexy held his face, ran her hand down his jaw to his neck, his chest, and followed the centerline of his abdominal muscles down to the buckle of his belt. 

Ethan gasped as he felt Lexy’s hand and fingers cup his now aching, hard erection. He quickly disrupted her movements by tugging at her arms to take off her clothes, revealing her brassier-less breasts firmly standing with pink pebbled nipples inviting Ethan's lips to taste them. He tried to hold himself back. He had to take her clothes off all the way. 

He wants to see all of her hidden beauty. Lexy seemed to stop breathing when she saw how Ethan’s look of lust intensified. She bit her lips one after the other, moistening them as she felt them dry from her open mouth breathing. 

Ethan was as breathless as Lexy when he saw how more alluring and wonderfully sexy was the naked beauty in front of him. He crawled up to kiss her lips passionately. Pecked on her nose to her checks, kissed her earlobes down the side of her neck, making Lexy move her head to the opposite direction to give him more access. 

Then he made his kisses travel down to the base of her neck to her now bare shoulder blades while his hands were molding the fleshy mountains on her chest. They feel perfect in his palms that he can’t stop kneading them, and when his kisses reach down on one of her tits, he sucked on it like a baby hungry for milk. Lexy arched her back in pleasure. 

“Ahhhhh, mmmm” Lexy’s hands moved to cup his face on the left while her right hand held his head on the hair, scraping his scalp once in a while, making Ethan groan in pleasure. He felt tingles run down from the back of his head down to his spine every time her fingernails scrape his scalp. He can feel his cock twitch at her hands' movements.  

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