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 Episode 20

(Her weakened defenses)

His other hand cupped his slapped face, and with burning eyes, he held her both hands and kept them behind her with one hand. 

Then his hand moved from his own face to cup her face, looking like he was thinking how to give her back the slap she gave him when suddenly he pinched her chin and unceremoniously kissed her. 

He was mad. Had she been of the same gender with him, he would have punched back. But since she is a girl, he had to think of ways to get back to her physically but not through hand-in-hand combat. 

She tried to escape his advances but her hands couldn’t break free from his tight grip and he hugged her so close that even if she lifted her legs to kick him it didn’t reach anywhere fatal to his body. 

She tried biting him, but he pinned her jaw and chin down that her teeth couldn't grab the flesh of his lips to bite. 

He must have been so enraged that he did not let her get any chance to slip off from his punishing hold and kisses. When he paused for a breath, she was about to cursed him, but her mouth was attacked again by his deepened, invading kisses. Mike loved her taste that he couldn’t let go of her. 

He was just going to punish her for that one slap she successfully gave him but having a taste of her drove him to the desire of wanting more. His kisses changed from being oppressive to inviting. Massaging her tongue with his, enticing sword fight with each other. 

Nicole, who was furious at his insolence that she really wanted him dead right now, became equally punishing. She fought him back by mimicking his every move. 

Their kisses turned burning hot, passionate, torrid, demanding, and intense. They both demand to surrender, but no one wants to be the first to back down. Nicole got lost in his kisses that she didn’t notice herself kissing him equally fervent back. When Mike noticed her giving in to his kisses, he slowly let his grip loose. 

Their hands moved around, touching each other. Mike found her firm rounded breasts under her clothes. He played with her nipples between his thumb and forefingers.

 They turned pebbled and practically hard in arousal. He lifted her shirt to taste her tempting pink tits, making Nicole moan softly in pleasure. He was so lost in the ecstasy of her beauty that he couldn't help wishing to see more of her refined pinkish skin. It was undeniable to see that her way of living is above the ordinary. 

The softness, the fragrance, the texture of her whole body stands witness to her claim of being a rich girl. He looked her in the eye as if asking for her consent to let him undress her. And being lost in the delight of his warm kisses and touch, she nodded. 

Biting her lips in a more profound excitement. She was petite with round squeezy boobs. Nicole has her mom's genes of having double D cup sizes for her breasts. She actually disliked it being too large for her liking as they can also be so heavy and finding size for her clothes when shopping can be very tiring. She has to do yoga to maintain her body posture, or else her spine might bend due to her breast's weight. 

But seeing how Mike was worshipping them with his touch, tongue, lips, and even teeth, as he playfully bites on them, she is feeling heavenly. Mike slowly laid Nicole down on the floor. It was the end of summer so the cemented floor was starting to get cold, but with the burning fire of passion consuming them, they couldn’t feel any cold.

 Nicole feels good. If she would even be honest to herself alone, she is feeling divine. She has tried making out with anybody she wants to make out with, but Mike’s touch was different from any of her previous experiences.

 He was burning her from the inside out. Her defenses weaken at his every touch. Lips and hands. She wants to feel more of him. She loves how Mike brings her over the moon with his lips and tongue.

 “Mmmmm….ahh...mmmm”, were the only sounds audible around them as Mike explored her desirable body. Her skin feels so smooth and smells divine to touch. Seducing him to cover with kisses and love bites. 

Nicole felt so hot that she took the initiative to take off her remaining clothes. Only her panties remained. Mike stared at the beauty underneath him and with pure lust he ran his fingers on her skin. From her delicate and already flushed red face, down her neck to her chest following the centerline of her abs to her navel and down her thighs giving Nicole an indescribable feeling of longing for more of his sensual touch.  

“Please…. Touch me, kiss me…” she pleaded with hooded eyes. Her hands moved to caress him everywhere she can reach. From his face, his chest, his butt, and she slowly moved her hands to his abdomen, going agonizingly down... farther... down south...  

"Fuck!!!" He groaned in delight. He reached out for her hand, which was about to touch Mike. 

He led her hands to his now bulging erection inside his pants. "This is what you do to me, do you know that?" His voice cannot hide the lust in him. He was flushed, and the wanton in his eyes was apodictic. 

There was even a shade of emotion that tells Nicole, in a lovely and convincing way that, "he needs her." She felt sweet being needed. She had never had such a warming sensation of being needed by someone. 

Not even by her parents. Adding to that, because of her well-known character and personality, no one wants to befriend her. She had never felt such a feeling before. And it fascinates her so much. She traced the contour of his erect manhood, still inside his pants.  

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