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 Episode 18

(Adventure 4 Queen of bullies)

“What the fuck are you lookin’ at?!”  Nicole snapped at a nerd-looking boy as she passed by the corridor. 

Being caught by her piercing eyes, even if just by pure mistake or just an unintentional movement of the eye. She was having a bad day again today. 

Well, to everyone around her, she is always in a bad mood and always having a bad day. But today, she really had it her worst. Maybe it's her aunt flow's visit on its way coming over this month. 

Aside from that, she just found out. Her parents won't be home again for a month-long due to a business trip abroad. She is an only child. Her parents are the well-known business tycoons in the capital, so she is living and is treated like a princess. 

But they are busy all the time. She is full of superficial things, and she lives her life in luxury, but she is emotionally craved. Indeed, no one can have everything in life.  

Nicole Parker.  

She is hot, rich, and deadly smart. Being a genius with an IQ level of 153, she was accelerated from her classes that she graduated High School at the age of sixteen. Now, she's in her second year in Neurobiology, and she will be celebrating her birthday in two days' time, but her parents aren't going to be with her again. Yes, again. 

They always seem to be busy all the time, even on family events where they are supposed to be spending time together. As if they would starve if they ever take a rest and have a nice meal with her on her birthday. 

 As her way to retaliate, a way to get their attention, she became rebellious. But she is so rebellious that she seems to be angry about every little thing all the time. She would bully people around her. From home to school and everywhere she may be. 

Their maids and menservants couldn't last long working for them because she would always make things difficult and drive them to give up and quit. Only a few who had been with them ever since she was a kid can stand her tantrums, look over things, stay to serve her family, or serve her almost most of the time. 

Her nanny, now a lady in her early fifties, understands her more than her parents. And she is the only person Nicole ever gives in to, hears out, and trusts. She started making trouble at school when she was in mid-school. 

Ever since then, she has been known to be the "Queen of Bullies.” Nobody dares to reprimand, discipline, nor offend her. Her temper is the worst anyone can ever encounter.

 She is a bitch to everyone she has oppressed and bullied. Boys and girls. Students and teachers, no one has ever managed to win over her. She rarely, or rather, never smiles. 

She seems annoyed when she sees people with slow understanding. Even the teachers can’t escape from her measuring gazes when they are in front of the class lecturing. 

They feel like walking on eggshells during their lectures, uneasy, knowing they have to be very aware that they are sure their information is accurate, or else Nicole will absolutely interfere. And interfering means embarrassing them in front of the class. 

No matter how many or little the count of students there is.  Yet, despite all these facts, many boys drool over her. Men of all ages fantasize about being her lover. It is common knowledge for everyone that she sleeps with whoever she fancies sleeping with. 

There have even been gossips that she sleeps with the teachers when she feels like it. No one dares to come clean, deny or admit it. So no one except those who are involved can tell whether it is really true or not. 

Nicole doesn't care. Being talked about, even in this way, is already attention she would love to have. She deals with them in ways she will enjoy. She would even play along sometimes. 

While the men involved in the issue feel honored to have their names attached to hers on a gossip. It boosts their masculinity. 

Her bad mood needs to be appeased. She has to do something or find someone who she can vent her rage into. That poor nerd guy in the hallway was too misfortunate to get caught by her eyes, but Nicole lost interest in him because he backed down very quickly.  She arrived at her classroom, and a new face caught her eyes again. 

 “Hey, meet me at the gym later at three o’clock!” Nicole knocked on the desk of the guy she saw interesting today.  


 The guy was startled to look up and see her face.  

“Yes, you. Any problem?” With one eyebrow up, she provocatively asked. She liked that he is trying to reason out, unlike the other guy earlier who would easily fold before her. 

“I…. I still have a class at three,” the guy stuttered. He was surprised. He didn’t know Nicole as he just transferred yesterday from a distant city.  

 “Do you think I care? If you make me wait for even a second, I will make your life a living hell!” 

That was all she said before going to her seat. The students around quietly glanced at one another. They can’t even make a hissing sound as they know it would offend or annoy Nicole. If that happens, not only will the new guy be in a hot seat, but everyone else.  

The guy was unaware as he didn’t hear anyone say anything. He didn’t take Nicole’s threat as seriously as everybody else. A fact that he was totally clueless.  Mike Wilson. 

 The new guy at school. Strikingly handsome with a face that can replace a model in a top-rated fashion magazine. A deliciously sexy body of a swimmer athlete. Wide shoulder blades, firm chest, narrow waist, and long-legged feature. 

One could wonder if he came from Olympus and he’s one of the Gods himself. His piercing blue eyes are cold but inviting to stare at. His prominent nose accentuates the perfect shape of his face. His thin upper lips look equitable to his full lower lips. His curly raven hair intensifies his manly tanned complexions. He just moved to the new city because his only family, his big brother, was relocated as a swimming instructor at the Green Valley Senior High. He didn’t have to worry about being a newbie here. He was confident he could ask his bro for help in case he needed it.  

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