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 Episode 16

(Clit rub)

“As much as I love to see you in your white undies, I need them out to do my job”, his moves became even more sensual. His words suddenly sounded so sexy. His eyes convey pure lust towards the beauty in front of him.

 I felt overwhelmed. I have never seen this side of him. So attractive. He is a man, but I dare to say, he is bewitching, irresistible, and deadly seductive. I think all my known adjective words to describe him right now do not give him justice. He was somehow a mixture of ferociously fierce and sweet. 

Playful and dedicated. How can even two opposite things be in one and still result positively. He looked passionately aroused yet so careful to touch her. As if she was a porcelain doll that would break into pieces if not being careful. He started showering kisses all over my toes, up to my legs, knees, thighs, and all around my lower body. 

I let him do as he wanted. Until he finally reaches the very center of my being. He marveled at the look of my untouched possessions. Shaved and I am sure as I have seen it when I shave, the outer lips are puffy and pinkish while the inner lips are thin and brighter reddish pink. He pecked kisses around it.

 Just around, as if saving the best for last. He ran his fingers on my now sensitive lady parts. His touch was so soft that it tickles me more. How I wished he would just slap on it instead. But I didn't want to interrupt him. Just like I didn't want to be interrupted when I am busy. 

I can feel my pussy pulse in anticipation. Not to forget that I am still feeling shameful of him looking at me down there, my latent mind tells me to cover up. , 

“You are lovelier than my limited mind had ever imagined.” 

His voice was so hoarse and low as if he was talking to himself alone. His touch became as light as feathers running on my skin, tickling as he never put any pressure on it. Then his lips took over what his hands were doing and he peppered kisses on every inch of skin he could reach. 

He whiffed and sniffed as if he could smell something that pleased his senses. I can feel myself getting wet and wetter as his moves get more intense and eager. He darted his tongue out to trace the lines of my pussy lips, making the line in between open for it to find my sensitive bud of nerves.

 His move made me stiffen my body, held my breath and a soft groan left my mouth. 

“Do you feel that, Lucy? That is what you do to me whenever your warm tongue runs around my rod.” He uttered erotically. I felt hot not just by his tongue but his words of unhidden lust as well. I grabbed the bedsheets when he hardened his pointed tongue to flick my clit. 

“Ahhhhhmmm….” I couldn’t hold my moans. “Yes, it feels heavenly, right Lucy?” He wrapped his lips around my clit, suckled, and playfully bit on it. Making me arch my back trying to clamp my legs close but cannot as he is in between them. 

His attacks became heavier as if he was becoming even more eager and over passionate to make me cum. He lifted my legs and threw them around his neck and my heels bore into his back as an indescribable feeling of euphoria devours me.

 I realized how it feels to have an orgasm for the first time. He kept licking, suckling, and lapping around my core.  

"Fuck! Fuck! Wait, ohhh fuck!!!"

 I can feel myself stiffen, writhing and breathless from all his amazing ministrations that I felt my voice hoarse in my throat as his every touch made me moan and mewl in indescribable mixtures of sensual pleasure.

 But as if he was deaf from all my pleas, he kept going. Vehemently devouring me. He lapped and sucked as if my juices were the most delicious desert he had after dinner tonight. 

I was groaning and moaning, trying to sit up from the bed to detach his tormenting lips and tongue from my poor but gleeful pussy. I believe I tried everything but to no avail. 

His sexual exuberance was so profound I didn’t notice myself dancing in the flame of ecstasy with him. I wasn't aware this is how I make him feel when I thought I was simply sucking him off for an extra buck to earn. My hips started to move in their own initiative trying to chase his touchy tongue for more frictions.

 “Lucy baby, do you know you’re face fucking me now with your moves?” He looked up at me, seductively asked while his chin was making circular motions on my pubic bone. “Would you like me to rub you better?” 

“Lucy baby, do you know you’re face fucking me now with your moves?” He looked up at me, seductively asked while his chin was making circular motions on my pubic bone.

 “Would you like me to rub you better?” 

"Wha... what?" I was floating in the clouds of blissful delight that I didn't know if I heard him right on whatever he was talking about. 

 "I can show you," he kept playing with my super sensitive clit with his hardened tongue.  

"What? How...?" Still dazed, I couldn’t decide how to respond, honestly, for one thing, I didn’t know what he meant and another, I don't know if I can do it. So, with a questioning look, I gazed at him. A gaze that expresses request and reluctance, all at the same time.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything you’re not willing to do." He assured me. "I promise!" His mere words seem to comfort me. "I will just rub my cock head on your clit and I know it would feel better for you.” He coaxed me to agree as he started to pull his pants and boxers down. 

"You won't need to give me a blowjob, too." I felt a slight fear but lust was overwhelming. As long as he didn’t penetrate me, it would be safe, right?  


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