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 Episode 15

(Mystery solved)

“Are you sure?” I narrowed my eyes at him. I have known him for quite a while now, so I am feeling more comfortable and trusting towards him already. Anyways, he also knows never to offend me. I am not someone to push around, and he knew that too well. Being someone who always felt abandoned, I have learned to love myself. 

I no longer allow people or even situations to manipulate me in any way. Hell! I might as well kill myself if I don't have that self-worth anymore. And Mister Benson is aware of all of my thoughts. There are times when we also talk about serious matters, not always about jerking him off. Like, what do I look forward to? What keeps me going despite all my difficulties. 

And sometimes, I am also glad he is around to talk to. He is a sensible man. Aside from being rich, he is wise and, not to forget, devilishly handsome. Mister Benson is actually a businessman, he said. He is a corporate raider. He even asked me to be one of his clerk staff when I turn of legal age.

 But insisted on keeping our secret deal the way it is. Until his wife quits modeling abroad and decides to be home most of the time, he cannot fool around as he also loves his wife. I am totally just a diffuser. And I agree with it. We have no feelings attached. It was like, aside from the fact that he ejaculates when I serve him, there is nothing that would interpret our connection more than a business deal.

 I can tell him my honest comments about anything and everything. He, on the other hand, can tell me what he wishes and how he wants things done regarding my services.  

“I am sure. Anyways, you can finish me off with a blow after I make you cum. I won’t have blue balls. 

That is already enough for me.” He raised his right hand to swear. When he saw that I couldn’t decide to agree or disagree, he decisively took the lead and brought me to the sofa. The light was dim, and only the sounds of the television could be heard around us.

 He sat and made me sit on his lap as he lifted my chin to look me into my eyes. I can see his gaze was so intense. His eyes never left mine as his hands softly traveled around my arms and legs. I wondered what he was thinking when he suddenly spoke.

 “You are so beautiful,” his right hand cupped my face, and with so much care and tenderness, he started a quick peck on my lips which became heavy as I did not resist his touches. But when his hands went over my breasts, I stopped them. He did not insist.

 “I did not do these things to you. You only said you would do the things to me as I did to you”, I reminded him. 

He chuckled at my remark. Amusement was more readable on his expressions than an annoyance. 

“I know. I’m sorry. I have long wished to kiss you. See for myself how my cock loves that pouty mouth and lips you have. Now I know”, he looked as if a mystery was solved in his mind. “And what do you know now?” 

I was curious to find out what he was going to say. “Just as I expected, your lips feel heavenly and taste divine. Warm, soft, and sweet. 

I am sure your other lips will be equally the same if not better”. He smiled mischievously. I blushed red when I realized what other lips he was referring to.

 “I never thought you had such a naughty side of you,” I lightly slapped his arms as I made myself sound stern, covering shyness over me.

 “Now let me give you back my thank you card for your birthday dinner,” and he helped me lay down on the sofa as he pulled my black pants down. Revealing my white panties covered with both my hands. 

“So lovely…” he sniffed on my legs, from the knees to the inner thighs. His moves were so slow as if he was savoring every inch his lips and nose could explore. He sat on the floor with his upper half body hanging over me, lying on the sofa. Realizing his position won’t be so comfortable in a while, he lifted me up like a sack of potato.

 Scaring the hell out of me as he didn’t say anything before doing so, I shrieked. “Hey!!! What the hell….?” 

I grabbed his shirt to keep myself from falling as he started walking into an empty room. “I need to put you in bed so we can be more comfortable,” he chortled as he put me down on the soft bed. And as if we didn’t move from the sofa to the bed, he continued to do as he did a while ago. He planted gentle kisses on my thighs until he reached my center. He sniffed so deep that I held my breath. I am not sure how things are down there. I mean, I am shaved as I don’t like the feel of tissue sticking on my pussy when I wipe after a pee or something, but I washed it a few hours ago. 

I don’t know if I still smell as I feel fresh. I tried to move his head away, but he held my hand on his and pinned them on my sides. He started to grind his chin on my pubic bone area, hitting a specific sweet spot I did not know what. 

Then his lips took the place of his chin, tracing the way down to the very center of my being. I started to grasp as his moves seemed to quell my hesitations and choose to indulge. 

His hands loosen their grips, and I tried to cover myself again, but he grabbed my hands with his left as his right hand pulled my panties all the way down, taking them off from me. 


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