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 Episode 14

(A Thank You Gift)

Mr. Benson was struggling to keep his hands behind his head, that he begs me to keep going. "Fuck! Fuck! 

Ffffffucccccck!"He kept cursing. I didn't understand why he would curse so much. I glared at him, but he had his eyes closed that he did not see me giving him a black look. I kept going.  

"Just like that, baby...Ahhhh." Mister Benson must have thought I was his wife that he even call me baby.

 "Don't stop, don't stop..." He begged, hands almost extending to reach out to me just to pull them back again, clenching his fist. Then pulling his hair. Grabbing the sheet. He must have done everything to keep his hands busy and never touch me.

 "Fuck!!!! Baby... Please, Lucy, honey, make me cum….” His hips were starting to bounce at me, at my face in a faster speed and motion. His butt almost elevated from the bed. Only his hands were leaning to support his body weight.

 It must have also been one of his ways to have control of his hands, keeping himself away from touching me. He knew I wouldn't hesitate to stop if he breaks our agreement.  

"I'm gonna cum, don't stop, please, please..." I realized he wanted me to go faster. I bobbed my head, up and down, with one of my hands rubbing the base of his balls, caressing, and my tongue flicking his humping cock inside my mouth. I tried to take him as deep as I can. I feel like he was almost in my throat. I gagged. He cursed. I looked up to see him flushed. His whole body was stiffening. 

I assumed he was almost to be done, so to end this extra job soon, I give my enthusiasm into it. Sucked his cock like a Lollipop, circling my thumb and forefinger at the base of his rod, and as if milking a cow's teats, I gave it pressure, just enough not to hurt him, though. I was also afraid it might be detached from its place. lol And just then, as if my efforts did not go wasted, I tasted something different from my saliva. 

It tasted sweet and somewhat salty. I felt his hands at the back of my head, holding me in place as his cum exploded in my sweet innocent mouth. “Ahhhhhhhhh, oh fuck! Hmmmmm! Fuck, Lucy baby, you make me cum so fucking heavenly.”With a loud groan, his body froze and shook. His cock made spasm after spasms inside my mouth. His cum came so much that as his cock stayed inside my mouth, I had to swallow so I could breathe. The rest that I couldn’t swallow dripped out of my lips. Making him groan at the sight of me. 

“You’re looking so damned sexy with my cum all over your jaw.”He was feeling out of this world. I can tell judging by his unalloyed delight. 

With his flushed, pinkish complexion, he was looking like someone coming down from heaven itself. I groaned. I will have to change my clothes. I hate stains. And above all, I don’t want people to know I have a cum stain on my chest! “Ugggh! Damn! My clothes are stained!”I groaned, still wiping my face for any drops and stains. 

Complaining and annoyed earning a chuckle from Mr. Benson. I’ll give an extra 50 dollars for the shirt.” “You better do. I am not as obsessive as you when it comes to cleanliness, but, man, I don’t see it sexy as you do as your cum stains my shirt.”

 I groaned in frustration. It’s like the baby spits milk after burping on me. Urrrghhh! Every job has its downside, whether it's babysitting or giving a damn blowjob! And that is how we started because it became a regular thing for an extra part-time job for me throughout the year as his wife became busier with her modeling career. Shooting here and there, she sometimes had to be out of the country to do her job. 

Leaving Mr. Benson to deal with his sexual release with me through a blowjob. He had suggested random flavors to encourage me as I got tired of doing the same thing and started to reject his offer of extra income. This has become our dirty little secret. 

Until the day I turned eighteen. I never really had the luxury to even celebrate my birthday, so I still went to my part-time jobs that day. I wasn't even mindful of it. During the whole day, ever since I woke up until now, no one knew that it was my birthday. I didn't care. I myself almost forgot about it. As usual, Mrs. Benson was in an overseas modeling gig. So I was called to babysit their baby after school. Their daytime nanny left and I ha to take over until the baby goes to bed for the night. 

Mister Benson came back home a bit early. He must have dropped by the grocery store on his way home. He cooked dinner while I was babysitting for his baby and ask me to join him. We had a nice meal, I never thought he could cook that well and he offered a toast of champagne. He lifted his glass to clinked with mine.  

“Happy birthday, young lady!”Much to my surprise, Mr. Benson knew it was my birthday. He asked me about it one time. He asked when my birthday was and I told him, not really expecting he would remember. 

And I smiled, saying thanks. In my life, Mr. Benson has been the only one to celebrate a birthday with me with a good meal. I felt grateful. I even expressed my gratefulness in a joke.

 “Mr. Benson, I am so happy today that in return, I might wanna offer you a free BJ if you want it right now,” I smiled at him. Aside from this idea, I didn’t have any way to express my gratitude.

 “How about you let me make you cum this time instead of you doing me?” He suggested. “I don’t think I’m ready for that,” I honestly answered. He knew my thoughts as we have been there before. He tried to persuade me to take the steps of our secret higher, but I declined his ideas.

 “Nothing to worry about. I just want to let you feel how you make me feel. I won’t do anything against your will.” He eagerly explained, although he was surprised that my rejection wasn’t as strong as before, he was still cautious about pushing things over and piss me off. “I promise!”  

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