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 Episode 13

(I can tell you how to do it)

“Let’s get started!” I grinned at him. 

As if what I was going to do was just the usual. Well, for me, it was just another way to add my earnings. I may not be a professional, but I have my own work ethic. 

I am paid, so I will do my part to serve as expected, not just as required. It is what keeps me being called again and again by my usual clients. 

Then I remembered something making me stop on my spot. He noticed my actions and stopped, too. 

“What is it?”Startled as I halted. He walked around to face me and worriedly asked. 

“I don’t think I know how to do it? I just heard of it from the kids around school and the community, but I have never seen or heard how it is done.” I didn’t know if I should keep the hundred or hand it back to him. 

I want the money, but I can’t do the job, crazy, right? ‘Grrrrhhhh!’ Inwardly groaning, I closed my eyes and gave him back the hundred. 

“I can tell you how to do it.” I heard him say softly. As if trying to make me get on with the deal. “Is it okay with you?” 

I hesitated. “I might disappoint you.” 

“Of course it’s okay, and no, you won't. I love to tell my wife what to do to please me. I can do the same for you.” His voice was so soft, as if coaxing me to agree. 

“Alright then, I guess I can do this. But you can’t blame me if I do wrong, it’s my first time, and I really don’t know anything.” I pouted at the thought of him getting mad at me just in case.

 “No, no, of course not. As long as you don’t intentionally bite my source of heaven off, we will be just fine.” 

And he chuckled. Making me chuckle with him. We headed to one of the empty rooms. Then he started directing instructions. “Get a pillow and kneel in front of me.”

 I silently did as told. “Slowly open my pants and take it out of my boxers.” I stared at his penis. It was starting to get hard. I was sure it wasn’t as hard as it is right now when I saw it a while ago. I found it amazing how a boneless thing can be as hard as a pipe. 

“Hold it from the base, right here.” He showed me to hold from where it connects to his body. I did as he led. 

“Now close your eyes and think of your favorite ice cream in a cone or a popsicle. Lick as if it's melting and run your tongue from the bottom to top, then around it.”

 I did as he instructed, making him groan. “With the head, think of your favorite lollipop flavored candy and suck it till your cheeks look deep from the outside view.” 

Mr. Benson was telling me things to be done in a very simple way that I put my mind to it. With my eyes closed, I picture myself licking my favorite ice cream and sucking on my favorite Lolli that I heard him moan. He sounded in pain, so I looked up with his stick still inside my mouth, and just my eyes bulged to see his face. “Oh, girl! You look beautiful. 

Just like how imagined you would look like on your knees before me.” He lustfully groaned.

 “Ohhh... Mmmmm..." feeling glorious, he couldn't hold his moans of pleasure. "Keep going, Lucy, baby, just like that.” And he kept groaning. His body stiffens once in a while, and his hands grip his hair to keep them from reaching out to me. Growling and cursing as he keeps his hands on his head. I told him no need to tie him up. 

Just hold his hands behind his head. If he lets down, I will stop. 

“Don’t forget my balls, lick them, suck and caress them with your hands, if not your mouth.” I let my saliva drip from my mouth to moisten his now hard as a baseball bat ramrod.

 It became impossibly huge that I needed to widen my mouth to take him all in my mouth. “Why did it become so big? It wasn't this big a while ago.”

 I asked him. Rubbing his manhood from tip to his balls.

 “Because you’re doing it so well, Lucy,” with a scrunched face of ecstasy or pain, I am not sure, but he never asked me to stop, so I took it as he was liking it. “Take me whole in your mouth. You can do it, little by little.” 

His voice has turned hoarse from his grunting and groaning. His arousal was inconcealable. His complexion has turned flushed.

 I stared at his now very angry red, veiny, and hard as steel manhood. I was a bit afraid it would rip my lips if I didn't take it slow and with care. I feel like I am about to put my favorite coffee tumbler on my mouth.

 I used both my hands to hold his rod. I interlock my fingers around his dick with my two thumbs caressing the slit on the top as my hands rub up and down, from the tip to the base and back, while I gather more saliva in my mouth and shake my jaw to try and take him in. 

“Hmmm, I love your fingers, Lucy. I know I will love the warmth of your mouth, too.” His throaty pleading urged me. 

When I felt my mouth was wet and ready, I slowly took his head, sucked on it, licked it, and then I moved my lips inches more into his length. Letting my saliva drool to moisten him more, I pulled back then took him in again, adding another inch deeper as I rolled his balls in my left hand. My right-hand fingers circle the base of his cock, massaging, tugging, and rubbing up to the parts where my lips cannot reach just yet.  

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