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 Episode 12

(Adventure 3 extra job)

My name is Lucy. A child born out of stupid horny irresponsible man and woman who I never got to know in my struggling 17 years of existence which is up to present. 

They left me in front of a chapel in a suburb where an elderly nun took me in, gave me for adoption, and now my adoptive parents divorced. None of them wanted to keep me, so I left home. If you can even call their house and family home, they always fight ever since I can remember. 

The man, my adoptive father, works away from home as a Mine Site Researcher. His job brings him to different places almost all year round. His wife is a businesswoman but a struggling alcoholic. 

They thought having a child conceived or adopted would change her, but it didn’t. She got more addicted, and it left the husband no choice but to divorce her. I have learned how to survive on my own even though people thought I have a family to raise me. At the young age of thirteen, I have already experienced earning a few bucks. 

The job was not difficult, but it wasn’t something anyone would be proud of. I was a minor, so normal jobs weren’t on the list. I did babysitting for my neighbors. House cleaning to some. Running errands and anything I could. People thought I was just earning to make use of time, for fun and experience. 

They didn’t know I was trying to make all ends meet to survive. Until this day, I had a bigger offer for something I didn’t know could also be an easy way to earn money. 

“Hey, do you wanna take an extra job for me” Mr. Benson, my babysitting baby’s dad, asked me one day as he was about to hand me my pay for the day. “What is it, Mr. Benson?” I asked back. Trying to think of what other job in the house he was referring to.

 “It’s confidential. Which means you cannot tell anyone. As in no one. About it.” He seriously answered. “I know what confidential means.” I sassed at him, annoyed that he makes it sound like I am a first grader. 

I really hate it. He laughed at my annoyed look and apologized. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. But I have to make sure you won’t tell anyone about anything if we agree with the job. Deal?” 

“What is it? I have to know before I agree. Are you a dealer? You want me to be your drug runner or something?” I asked in surprise as I realized what kind of job he was offering. 

“What?! No, goodness! No, no!” He was equally surprised, and he quickly denied it. “Don’t go saying that, not even a joke, as this city is under the surveillance of the Narcotics team.” He shivered at the thought of being falsely accused and arrested. 

I laughed at his reaction and believed it wasn’t really about something illegal, so I relaxed. 

“What is it then?” I continued.

 He looked around, making sure no one was around. Well, his wife is on a business trip, so the baby in the crib is the only soul in the house with him and me. 

“You promise not to tell anyone?” He sounded nervous.

 “Yes, I promise!” I assured him. “Whether you agree or not, this can’t be mentioned to anyone else, do you promise?” Again he asked. He was starting to really piss me off. So I assured him again.

 “I promise. What is it? Not something illegal or something that will bring me to jail, right?” “No, but if other people know about it, they won’t understand.” “Okay, what is it?”

 I felt relieved as he promised it wouldn't ruin me, or so I thought, just to be shocked beyond belief of his reply next. “I need a blowjob. Can you help me?” He finally spilled it out. Looking somewhat in between, hoping and worry about how I was going to react to it. 

“Why are you asking me? I can watch over the baby, and you go somewhere you can have your sex.” I bluntly suggested. I was just seventeen.

 I have heard of the word from other kids at school and around the community, but I haven’t seen how it is done. Not to mention trying it myself. Never. I am busy living my life to finish school and get the hell out of here. 

“I want your mouth on my dick. If not my wife, it’s only you.” He is a man with Mysophobia. He has an extreme fear of germs or contaminations. It was a miracle they kept me as their regular babysitter because they couldn’t find someone that he can agree with. 

Until I came. I am not mysophobic, but I feel uncomfortable with untidiness. I love the white color because I can clearly see when I am dirty and quickly freshen up. “Mr. Benson, I am only seventeen. Isn’t this a child abuse, not to mention sexual?” I tried to make him realize what he’s doing. 

My life isn’t a perfect one, but that’s the reason I strive hard. “It’s not abusing if I have your consent, besides I won’t touch you. Only you will touch me. And I will pay for your service.” He eagerly explained. 

Thinking about it, I can have an extra earning. He won’t touch me, nothing to lose, only gain. “How much are we talking about?”

 I frankly asked. “Fifty dollars.” “I’ll take a hundred,” I demanded. “Okay, hundred. We have a deal, right?” His excitement was so obvious. 

“Only my mouth, and you’re not touching me.” I reminded him sternly. As I know he is obsessed with cleanliness, I didn’t fear he would smell or taste bad, so I agreed after a thought.

 “Yes, you can tie my hands on my back if that will make you feel better.” He assures. “Okay, I’ll take the hundred first. Just to be sure, you might forget after, bad for my business, right?” I shrugged while holding out my open palm. 

He beamed and laughed at my childish rantings, yet he handed me another hundred aside from the babysitting fee he was supposed to give me.  

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