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 Episode 11

(Tu vuex Ma bite)

“Please what, babe, tell me. Hmmm? What do you want?” 

With all the simulations and teasings they have had, Denny now wanted to please her more than anything. He teased her more with his slowed thrust. 

He intentionally slid his cock out to rub on her engorged clit, making her jump in ecstasy. It was as if a live wire was touching her with a bearable voltage. It makes her clench, and Denny would stab his shaft inside her dripping cock-hungry pussy. 

"Tu veux ma bite?"(Chu vu ma bit?)/ (You want my cock?) "Plus Rapide?" (Pluyou hwapid) (Faster?) "Ahhh, fffffuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she couldn't keep cursing as there were no accurate words to express how she was feeling right now with her client's every teasing move. She can't describe it, but his words sound even more seductive to her. She doesn't even have a clue what on earth he was talking about, but she can feel him driving her even wilder with his words. 

"Aimez-Vous? (Aime vou) (Do you like it?)." He pounced on her. Balls-deep as he felt her tightening again. He felt like sex had never been this enjoyable and delectable as he had ever had before. 

To say that he isn't up to date would be a joke, but this girl is like his perfect gloves. She can make him bend and even eat her out on the very first encounter, which is a thing that never happened to him before. 

He would usually do that on the second or third meet but never on the first. He believes that a girl will need to prove to him her worth in bed for him to please her with his talented mouth and tongue. He doesn't even call the girl any endearment. 

He doesn't even ask for their names. But with this girl, Trisha, he wanted to create a connection with her in ways he can't even explain. Moaning like a cat in heat, she touched him even more boldly. Kissing him in his jugular, nibbling, and kisses crawling up to his earlobes, she whispered. 

“Please... Faster…. Harder… more….” She begged. 

Just as she finished her words, his subconscious mind complied with her requests. Pounding on her like no tomorrow, creating loud sounds of skins slapping at each other, not to mention their moans and growls of carnal delights, anyone listening nearby would no doubt reach its own orgasm. 

She was in an explicable joy that her walls were squeezing his cock as it slides in and out of her even more narrowing pussy, deliciously hitting her sweet spot, making her toes curl soaring high as her orgasm is building. When he reached out to strum her clit she was a goner. 

“Fuckkkkkkk!” She bit her lower lip so hard as she felt herself creaming his cock all over his balls. She was shaking in ecstasy as he kept ramming and slamming his cock, chasing for his own orgasm.

 “Ugggh! Ugggh! This feels so good."Denny was never one to praise a paid sex. He always believed that he is paying, so he deserves all the pleasure he can get. But today, he was so vocal to express his reactions.

 "I love this tight little pussy! Fuck!" He could feel his end dawning. "I don’t wanna end this yet, but the night is still young." He was actually convincing himself to let go. As for the girl, she would just do whatever her client would wish her to do. "But, we can do it all over again. Would. 

You. Like. That?” He said in his bedroom voice in between his thrust. She just came, but she can feel a new sensation of orgasm building up again. “Yes. Ohhhh... fuck!!!" She felt him pounding on her mercilessly, but she felt even more heavenly. 

"Please… make me cum”. She didn't know what she was asking. All she could say was what her body was yearning for. Her first sex with her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, felt so painful that she could swear she never enjoyed it. Now she was feeling way too different from how she felt then. 

She is mewling and swirling her body, feeling his huge girth amazingly inside of her. Letting his strains free, he exploded inside her after a few more powerful thrusts. Staining her walls with his sticky blasts of seed. Both of them were panting and sweating despite the cool air blowing out of the air conditioner. His grip on her was so tight he might leave prints on her skin, no doubt about that.

 “I am so sorry,” she suddenly panicked, looking at the bite marks she left on his shoulder. “I didn’t notice I was biting you. Please forgive me”. She was so scared her client might complain, for sure the boss will nag at her. 

“No, it’s okay. I would love to see something you can remind me of what a good fuck I have got!” He chuckled while reaching for the towels on the rack under the tables. 

She wiped him clean, trying hard not to leave any mess behind. And seated herself next to him to serve his drinks. The music continued playing while they enjoyed their after coital glory.

 Him rubbing the sides of her arms while she snuggled in his embrace feeding him fruits once in a while. 

“I want you to serve just me from now on.” He whispered to her seductively. “You know I can’t decide about that, sir.” 

Knowing her place, she politely replied. “I know but don’t worry. I will talk to your manager about that. Your body. Your service. Your sweet little pussy will only be mine.” He calmly but irrefutably declared. 

“Yes, sir. I am all yours. I would surely love that, too!” Knowing she doesn’t have to fear she might get an ugly, stinking and abusive customer in the future, she was more than willing to oblige. Forget about the far future.

 She is still looking forward to how they might end the night as he promises to fill it with more earth-shattering orgasms!  

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