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Episode 10

(To The Abyss Of Sanity And jouissance)

Baise-moi!!! Groaning, he cursed. (Besmwoa)(fuck me) "Now, come closer. Mon chéri" (Mosheri)(Sweetie). He put his drinks on the table and leaned his head on the armrest of the couch, making his body lay flat on it with one of his legs up on the seat while the other was still stepping on the floor.

"Sit on my face, I wanna have a taste of that sweet-looking pussy." He ordered.

A command Trisha was not sure how to obey. She has never heard those commands in her training. They were trained to please the client, not the receiving end of pleasure.

But in fear that her client would be displeased, she did as commanded, reluctantly. But her qualms faded when she felt his warm tongue fervently devouring her aching core. He teased, licked, and sucked everywhere his mouth and lips could reach, even to her butthole. She could feel the intense fervor of his enthusiasm eating her out that she could not help not to make erotic sounds of pleasure.

"Ahhhh, ummmm... Sir... ahhhh, oh my god," she was holding her mouth with both hands to suppress her voice coming out so loud. She felt like he was sucking the life out of her. While Denny felt like she is the sweetest he had ever tasted, food and sex alike. He ate her out with intense and burning passion.

He yearns to have more of her. He sat up to level his face with her and kissed her passionately. He pulled his trousers all the way down and commanded her. "I want you to ride my cock. Slow and easy." He was almost breathless as he guided her how he wanted her to do things.

"I want you to feel my piercing as I get through that sweet pussy of yours.” Denny, who is now drowning in lust, commanded in a husky, sexy voice. The service girl felt her cunt gets wetter listening to his, literally, “fuck me” voice. Making her forget her little worried mind about the piercing he has. With obvious anticipation and flirtations, she positioned herself like a motorcycle driver on his lap, feeling his poking cock on her core. As he asked for slow and easy service, she teasingly rubbed pussy lips on his cock with her wetness to lubricate it, making her moan in pleasure as his piercing strummed her clit in the process.

"Fuck!" She shivered in elation at the feel of his rock-hard, magnificent manhood. Damned! She felt like she might cum even just from that. But she wants to serve him for his satisfaction. Being the service girl that she was, she was here to please him. Her pleasure isn’t the main concern right now. When she felt his cock was lubricated enough, she slowly slid it into her velvety folds. She had difficulty at first. She couldn't help complaining in a sweet, timid way.

"You're so big." She had to try a few times before she was able to slide him in. She had to pause for a few seconds to get him in, full, inch by inch. Slow and easy, just like he commanded her to do. And just as he wanted, she could feel every sweet tingle that his reversed Prince Albert piercing is giving her.

"Hmmm...Ahhhhh...Oh my god. Oh my god!" She groaned and moaned in indescribable great delight. She felt like she would go crazy. This euphoric feeling is so extreme that she feels like her soul left her body. She was oblivious to what her innocent moves were doing to the other person next to her.

Denny was feeling like his patience was squeezing him to surrender and fuck her to oblivion every time she clenches his cock as she feels his every move inside of her. Ever since she sat on his lap, rubbing her pussy lips on his hardness, he felt like she was torturing him. But as he asked for slow and easy service, he couldn't reprimand her.

He was even more thrashed when she couldn't get him in her tightness that his grip on her hips was subconsciously tightening as she kept trying to get him inside her. It was agonizingly sweet that he almost cum when she made him in. She was tight, so tight that she almost seemed like she was a virgin, without virginal bleeding for her first penetration. But then she would have declared she was a virgin if she was. It costs clients more to have a virgin without boundaries.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"Denny was like chanting himself to calm down. But as she feels every strum of his piercing inside of her every time he would thrust, and every time she would move above him, she couldn't help her pussy from tightening itself. "Baby, you’re so tight!" He groaned. A comment Trisha thought he was complaining about.

"I'm sorry... Ahhh!" She was apologizing when she felt him thrust even harder.

When she said sorry, Denny looked at her flushed mien, and he almost lost it. He wanted to punish her for being so enchanting that his devils inside wanted to come out and take over him. Take over and fuck her to the abyss of sanity and jouissance.

"You keep clenching me like a vice grip. Ugghh! I’m sure this isn’t your first time. Fuck! Ah! But I bet you haven't fucked much around yet."He rubbed on her clit as if asking it for an honest answer.

"Have you?” "Ahhhh...Mmmmm...Sir, ahhh, sssshhhhit!" Trisha felt her insides were being tickled by an invisible hand.

Tingles ran down from her scalp to the tip of her curling toes. The service girl is now in a moaning mess, but part of her job is to answer his every beck and call, so she tried to hold her grip and answered: “You're the second after my asshole of a boyfriend took my virginity a few months ago,” she doesn't know how she managed to answer him properly with all the lust clouding her mind.

What she said drove him wild, and he started slamming his hips upward while both hands were holding her waist to suppress her from bouncing right up.

She lost all knowledge from her training and started begging him.




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