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Season 1

Episode 52

(She is jealous)

Vivian was stunned for a while. Although she had a malicious look in her eyes, she smiled in spite of her outrage. "Miss Lu, you must have misunderstood me," she said with a smile.

"Oh, have I really misunderstood you? Then why are you calling him Brother John?" Nina innocently asked. She could not understand why she did not like Vivian at first glance. Every time she heard her call John as Brother John, she got goose bumps all over.

Why did it seem like all the respectable people in Lexingport City had such strange hobbies?

John liked married women, whereas Vivian liked to call him Brother John even though they were not related in any way.
"Well, since you don't like me calling him this way, why don't we ask Brother John if he's okay with it? I am used to calling him this. But if Brother John don't like it, I won't address him as such anymore."

Vivian challenged Nina. She was trying her best to be dignified and reasonable. She wanted to show John that she was different from Nina, who was behaving in an unreasonable manner.

John raised his eyebrows slightly and noticed that his little girl was intently staring at him with a pair of bright, beautiful eyes.

Nina also had the same thought and casually asked, "What do you think, John?"

John had observed by then that whenever the little girl would be aggressive, she was actually angry and jealous.

Did it mean that she was starting to like him?

At the beginning, he had made the little girl attracted to him by flaunting his body without shame. And now, he might reap the fruits of his labor if she had become totally obsessed with him.

"Answer us," Nina urged him. Seeing his faint smile, she thought that his happiness sprung from seeing Vivian, so she kicked his shin hard under the table.
John didn't mind the pain inflicted by Nina at all. The most important thing was that the little girl was even more fascinating and alluring when she was jealous.

Since Vivian could make the little girl jealous, he would indulge her, and let her continue to be bitter.

At the mere thought that his little girl would be jealous, John didn't care whether he was taking advantage of Vivian's emotions or not.

"Vivi has been calling me like this since childhood," he conceded. With his words, he implied that Vivian didn't have to change the way she addressed him. If the name could irritate the little girl more, he would reluctantly accept the name that Vivian called him, even though it also irritated him.

"Thank you, Brother John," Vivian gloated. With a gentle smile on her face, she couldn't help but feel proud that John treated her differently from others.
On her end, the light in Nina's eyes dimmed with disappointment and dismay for a short moment. Well then, since John had no issue with Vivian calling him in this way, she had nothing more to say as an outsider.

She really could not fathom why she was so mean and bitchy just now. It was none of her business, after all.

When John saw that Nina was so calm and had no violent reaction afterwards, he began to be plagued with doubts. Shouldn't the little girl be jealous and angry with Vivian or him?

Contrary to what he had expected, she calmed down. What had happened?

"You..." As soon as John opened his mouth to say something, he was interrupted by Nina.

"Mimi, have you finished eating? If you haven't finished yet, you might need to hurry up, because I have to buy a mobile phone now." Nina smiled nonchalantly and looked at Michelle who had been eating in silence. Half of the steak in front of her had already been eaten, and the spaghetti on the plate had been eaten up completely.

She should have eaten her fill by then.

Michelle raised her head and saw Nina wink at her. Without a need for words, she immediately understood what Nina meant. Michelle wiped her mouth and hands clean with a tissue and agreed, "I've finished eating. Let's go."

Nina was grateful indeed that Michelle knew what she meant with just a wink. "Mr. Shi, Mimi and I are leaving now.

Thank you for the sumptuous dinner tonight." Nina stood up, but just when she was about to leave, John reached out and grabbed her wrist before she could protest.

Nina had always come and gone wherever and whenever she wanted, regardless of his feelings.

How could she be so indifferent towards him? She didn't even feel a tiny bit jealous at all.

Furthermore, she didn't even call him with his name, but addressed him as Mr. Shi instead.

"Sit down," he ordered. John was obviously fuming with rage.

Time and again, what Nina hated the most was when someone talked to her in a commanding tone. She had always been ordered around since she was a child. It had not been easy for her to leave that house and be free from following other people's orders. Ironically, she met a man who would always order her around in the end.

Nina had no intention of letting anyone mistreat her.

"John. Let go of me," Nina snapped back in return. She was not afraid of him at all.

When he heard Nina call him by his name, John loosened his tight grip on her wrist and his deep eyes became bright in an instant.

He would rather see her being aggressive towards him, than be at peace.

He bargained, "If you choose to sit back, I will loosen my grip." John was so angry that he tightened his grip on Nina's hand with more force once again. He pulled her and made her sit on his thigh. The way he was holding her in his arms was reminiscent of a person holding a child.

"What are you doing? Let go of me right now!" Nina protested while she struggled in John's arms, but the more she struggled, the tighter John's hold on her became. By and by, she could do nothing but scream out, "I don't like eating steak."

"All right, then let's go to the Seafood Restaurant instead," John curtly replied. Without saying any word further, he bent over and effortlessly picked Nina up.

With just a few stride of his slender legs, he was about to leave the restaurant.

Michelle immediately picked up Nina's bag and quickly followed in haste. Left with no choice, Vivian was left alone in a daze, her eyes brimming with uncontrolled tears.

"Miss Ye, if Uncle John hasn't paid the bill yet, can you please pay instead?

Thank you." Michelle had not yet reached a far distance when she went back to Vivian to inform her, and then ran away again.

Seeing her beloved leave with another woman in his arms, Vivian's eyes instantly turned red with pity and indignation. She was left to stand there all by herself.

Still in a trance, she burst in to tears, and her heart was full of hatred which was directed towards Nina.

Vivian was well-known for her gentleness and demure image, and she was a model of the upper class ladies in the circle. Everyone had the impression that she was the most kind-hearted lady in the world.

However, no one had any idea that Vivian had no choice but to act according to the image she was portraying. Her primary goal was for everyone to chase after her.

"John, if you still don't let me go, I will not be nice anymore and be rude to you," Nina threatened as she pinched John's neck. The urge to strangle him was so prevalent at that time.

"You should try pinching harder," John teased. Obviously, he believed that Nina would not even dare to strangle him.

Seeing that she couldn't threaten him at this stage, Nina slightly loosened her hands and changed her strategy. She could fight hand to hand instead.

The moment Nina let go of John's neck, she put her hands on John's strong muscled shoulders. She stood up on her own using her strength, with the intention of leaping backward over his head.

But to her surprise, Michelle had suddenly rushed over without any notice, and stood at the empty space behind John. In fear that she might hurt Michelle, Nina withdrew into John's arms at the most critical moment and lost her chance to attack.

However, their posture had significantly changed. At the beginning, John was holding her in a princess hug. But now, Nina's arms were intertwined around his neck, and both her legs were wrapped around his waist, while his hands accurately held her legs.

"So, you prefer this posture more," he mocked. John had steadily caught Nina. He felt funny that last night, she had also hung herself on his body like this.

Nina was speechless for a second, then roared, "Shut up!" Her face was visibly full of resentment. What a grave mistake!

Why was Michelle standing behind John at that specific moment? As a result, she had no choice but to throw herself into his arms. With this, she didn't know what John would think of her.

Michelle touched her head in confusion and silently wondered if she had done something wrong just now.

But she was left with no other option but to follow them obediently.

On the way, several people were looking at Nina with knowing eyes, and Nina instantly blushed with unconcealed embarrassment.

There were so many people coming and going in HD Square. If they kept walking like this, she would be laughed at by everyone.

"John, put me down now. Do you hear me? Put me down immediately," she pleaded. Nina kept on struggling with her legs, and patted John's back at the same time. She was so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole to bury herself.

As Nina continued to move her body, John took a deep breath to conceal his arousal. If the little girl continued to move, the two of them would be labelled as having sex in broad daylight and in a public place.

"Don't move," John demanded in a voice that was a little hoarse, and it sounded as if he was restraining himself.

Nina had heard this low and hoarse voice before, and she finally realized John was aroused.

Once again, Nina blushed innocently with shyness at the realization. She buried her head in John's neck and cursed, "Bastard..."

"Ha-ha..." In contrast to Nina's chagrin, John was chuckling with joy.

Although the little girl was usually aggressive as she went on her daily life, she would flinch on one thing, and could not avoid being bullied by him incessantly.



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