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Season 1

Episode 51

(It's mine)

John replied to Vivian indifferently without changing the expression on his face.

Nina hated seeing the affectionate way that Vivian looked at John. She also noticed that Michelle was still bowing, and angrily shouted at him, "John, Mimi is still bowing."

'Stop ogling at your sweetheart and ignoring the girl trying to thank you, ' she thought.

"It doesn't matter. My parents taught me that I should express my gratitude sincerely. Thank you, Uncle John." But Michelle really couldn't hold on any longer. Her legs were really starting to hurt being straightened out like that.

She partly blamed herself. After all, she wasn't exactly a person who exercised very often.

"Don't mention it!" He glanced at Michelle and reluctantly acknowledged her.

He wasn't going to address her if Nina hadn't shouted at him.

He did, however, stare at Michelle with real venom in his eyes. Only James had ever experienced his potent stare like that before.

"Thank you, Uncle John. Can we have dinner now?" It seemed that Michelle was oblivious. She didn't notice his terrifying gaze at all, but pointed at the seat beside the table and smiled sweetly.

"Sit down," John said.

Michelle immediately sat down, pulling Nina to sit next to her, while Vivian sat beside John.

Before Nina could even sit down, John waved at her and ordered, "Sit here."

His hand patted the seat beside him. Vivian was quite embarrassed as she was going to sit next to John. She had to play it off and lean to the side so she could make way for Nina to get past her.

Worry entered her mind again and she was left pondering. She just wanted to know what the relationship between Nina and John was.

Nina could shout at John as if it were nothing and more than that, he listened to her.

John even wanted her to sit next to him. What was the relationship between the two?

"Brother John, which families are these two ladies from?" Vivian smiled at John and looked at Nina and Michelle with a soft gaze.

She was certain that these girls definitely didn't come from powerful families, but she just wanted to know which families they were a part of.

Nina ignored John and was still going to sit next to Michelle. He frowned, staring at her. His eyes looked like deep endless pits. Nina didn't pay too much attention to him, but she guessed that he was probably angry. He hated when people didn't listen to him.

It was a small thing though. Why would he be angry if she didn't sit with him? Was his childhood sweetheart not good enough?

After a long time, John opened his mouth and said, "One is from my family, and the other is James' friend."

"Your family?" Suppressing the impulse in her heart, Vivian looked at Nina and Michelle. Which of these two belonged to his family? What did he mean?

Vivian couldn't believe what she had heard.

Smart as Michelle was, she raised her hand and explained, "I'm a friend of James. Nini is from Uncle John's family."
"What?" Vivian exclaimed. She thought she had misheard and looked at Nina in disbelief.

How could Nina be from John's family?

It seemed that Nina was sucked into the void of John's deep stare. She felt more than just ripples of emotion; it felt like waves smothering her body.

It was like her heart was locked and only John had the key. She was far too sensitive though and all she wanted to do was push him out. She didn't know how to compose herself anymore. She was so flustered.

A lot of their relationship was a constant tease and taunt from John. She didn't hate it but she was afraid that it might hurt her one day.

She didn't want to love him so she never took this seriously. But now he introduced her as his family to Vivian. What did he mean?

It must have just been nonsense.

"I'm not from his family." The idea popped up in her mind and she blurted it out.

She pursed her lips and regretted every syllable.

She knew that she was still married and she had to remind herself that she couldn't get into any relationship outside of that.

She thought he was probably just talking rubbish because she hit him last night and hurt his brain.

After successfully brainwashing herself, Nina managed to calm down. She patted Michelle's head with one hand, gritted her teeth and said, "Mimi, can you stop talking nonsense? I'm married."

"But you... Hmm..." 'Aren't you going to get a divorce?'

Nina covered her mouth, so Michelle was unable to finish her sentence. Then Nina turned to Vivian with a smile. "Miss Ye, please ignore them. They have been acting strange recently. Please have a seat. Just sit next to John."

Nina then removed her hand from Michelle's mouth, hoping everything was sorted. She didn't dare to look at John.

She could observe a person's psychological reaction through micro expressions, but she couldn't look at his eyes without getting distracted.

John's eyes just had some kind of power over her.

His eyes seemed to cut through anything and peer right into her soul. It just came down to whether he wanted to see what was inside or not.

John's thin lips were half pursed, and a touch of chilly air filled the room.

He was getting annoyed. Did Nina want to push him away?

No way!

He was going to let her have what she wanted.

"Since I say you are my family, then you are." John smiled wickedly.

He refused to let Nina get off that easily.
"Yes. Uncle John is always right. Nina, go sit next to him." Michelle wasn't a complete fool. She realized instantly that Vivian was clearly in love with John, but she couldn't let anything happen between them. After all, John liked Nina.
Nina also liked John, even though she tried to hide it at times.

"Mimi!" Nina raised her voice, but Michelle didn't care. Michelle pushed Nina over and said, "Uncle John, take care of her."

Nina's fragrance lingered in his nose, as she sat next to him. John smiled lightly and actually became a little grateful that Michelle was here.

She helped him when he needed it most.
With a wicked smile on her face, Michelle turned around and took Vivian's hand. "Miss Ye, let's sit here."

Michelle no longer called her "pretty" anymore.

Vivian withdrew her hand. Although she was unwilling to change places, she had to pretend to be an elegant lady. "Okay."

She was from the Ye family, a rich and noble lady. How could she lose control over such a little thing?

Nina said she was married.

A married woman had no business competing with her.

Even if John forced his love upon her, so what? She was cheating on her husband.

She was the only eligible woman who was able to marry John.

She believed she was always the winner.

Vivian, who looked down upon Nina, didn't know Nina's husband was actually John, though.

Vivian sat down elegantly and didn't insisted on sitting next to John. She didn't want John to think any less of her.
"Brother John, what would you like to drink?" Vivian looked over the wine menu, trying to figure out what to pick.

When she didn't see his favorite red wine, she frowned and said, "They don't have your favorite wine."

Nina sat next to John. Every time she heard Vivian call him Brother John, she felt a pain in her heart. She really hated this familiarity between them.

She was not a person who would hide her feelings. Since she didn't feel comfortable, she would find a way to vent her frustration out.

"John, why doesn't Miss Ye have the same last name as you?" Nina seemed to have conjured up a plan. She tilted her head to the side and asked John the question in confusion.

Nina's eyes were shining with excitement. John knew she must be up to something.

She really knew how to get her way.

"Why should we have the same last name?" John chose to play along.

"Didn't she call you Brother John?" Nina looked confused.



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