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 Season 1

Episode 50

(Childhood sweetheart)

Nina took out her phone in a huff to make a call. "Hello, is that the police station? I'm at the FG clothing store on the tenth floor of HD Square. There has been illegal possession of property and fraud. Please come handle the situation as soon as possible."   

 "What? Fraud?"

 The shop assistant angrily snatched the phone from Nina's hand and flung it to the floor. "Why did you call the police? Did you think that was going to scare me?"  

  Upon seeing this, Vivian realized what was happening. She quickly told the other shop assistants to get the manager.  

  "You need to buy me a new phone,"  Nina said, stretching her hand out as she glanced at the bits and pieces of her broken phone.  

"Why?" the shop assistant shouted back.  

"Because I am Nina,"  Nina said slowly. With fire in her eyes, she grabbed the shop assistant and flung her to the floor.    
She stood over her, pressing her foot into her chest.   

 It all happened so quickly that nobody even knew what to do. All they saw was Nina standing over the shop assistant. The stunned silence was broken with a cacophony of whispers from the bystanders.    

"Excuse me,"  the store manager said hesitantly.    

As soon as he saw Nina, he started groveling. "Miss Lu, I'm really sorry. I didn't expect our shop assistant to do such a thing. Please forgive us. We know what happened. This wasn't the first time she has stepped out of line. She'll be fired right away. The police will deal with her after that."   

 The manager was trembling as he spoke. He stuttered over his words and constantly wiped the sweat from his brow. It was John who had personally asked him to deal with the matter.  

That shop assistant had been working in the store for many years. Even though she clearly wasn't the best person, she always worked hard. Usually, he turned a blind eye to what she did. No one dared to offend the Shi family anyway. Most of the time, the customers didn't think much of it and since the amounts were so small, they never questioned it.    

He never expected that she would offend someone close to John though.    

The manager's attitude was so shocking to Vivian. She had never seen him be so respectful to anyone, let alone a customer. Why did he have so much respect for Nina?    

Realizing that it was all going to be taken care of, Nina stepped off the assistant. A security guard stepped in and carried the assistant out the store. She cursed and cried while being dragged out.    

Michelle picked up the smashed phone from the floor, held it in front of Nina and said, "Nini, what should we do? I'm not going to buy you a dress anymore. Can I just buy you a new phone?"  

"So you came to buy me a dress?" Nina was a little surprised. Why did Michelle come to buy something for her?    

"Yes, I want to buy something not only for you, but also for Uncle John. My parents have left to do their scientific research, and they have been promoted. They were so happy that they even cried. I can't contact them and can only meet them once every six months, though. 

Anyway, I am very grateful to you and Uncle John. Dad said that it was all because of you and Uncle John. He told me what good people you are and that I should never hesitate to treat you well. 

But I have always treated you well, haven't I?" Michelle smiled sweetly. She looked like a cute child and even behaved a little spoiled from time to time.    

Nina used to think that if a woman acted spoiled, she was certainly pretentious or obnoxious. But Michelle was different. She was just a little naive and Nina had really come to like her a lot.    

"Yes, yes, you treat me so well. The best even." Nina smiled in return.  

Vivian had first thought Nina was so cold that she would never smile. So she was really shocked when she saw the beautiful twinkle from the smile she gave Michelle.   

 It was no secret that it was incredibly charming.    

When the store manager heard how Michelle spoke about John, his nerves shot right back up again. If she spoke so nonchalantly about him, she was probably someone important too.    

The shop assistant had offended people she couldn't afford to offend.    

"Miss Lu, Miss He, please follow me. Mr. Shi is waiting for you."   

 "Is Uncle John also here?"    

"Yes." Nina nodded slightly and followed the store manager out.    

Vivian stopped them and smiled brightly at Nina. "Can I go with you?"  

She hadn't seen John  for two years.    She didn't see John off when he went abroad two years ago. Since he came back last month, she hadn't seen him either.    

Now that John was here, surely this was a good opportunity to see him. She was ecstatic but hid her excitement under a pleasant smile.    

John liked women who were reserved, sensible and elegant.    

For John's sake, she worked hard to learn piano, dance and proper etiquette. Over the years, she had suffered a lot. 

She hoped that every time she saw John, she would be better than the last time they met.    

People always thought that John was uninterested in women. But Vivian thought it was just those women were not good enough for him.    

Only an excellent woman like her was fit for John.   

 Only then did the store manager notice that Vivian was here. Thinking that the Ye family and the Shi family were in a good relationship, he took Vivian with him.  

The store manager led the three of them to a Western restaurant in HD Square and headed for the most secluded corner.    

"Miss Lu, Miss He, Miss Ye, Mr. Shi is inside. Please come in."    

"Wow, Nini, is Uncle John going to invite us to dinner?" Michelle's eyes lit up again, and excitement shone from her face.    

"Well, I think so. He won't just chat with us in a restaurant, will he?" Since Nina became closer with Michelle and James, she had become more and more humorous.    

When Vivian heard that John would invite them to dinner, she was a little jealous.    

'Why would Brother John invite them to dinner?    

Who are these two people? What relationship do they have with Brother 


 After entering the room, Michelle greeted John warmly, "Uncle John, long time no see."  

Nina rolled her eyes and said, "You saw him just now."    

"Yes, I know. It's just a greeting. Uncle John, thank you for helping my parents and for inviting us to dinner." Michelle stood straight and bowed to John.    

However, John didn't respond. He was still angry at Michelle for hugging Nina just now.    

Vivian couldn't help but be a little complacent. She was clearly overthinking because John obviously didn't think much of these two.  

  Facing the man she had been missing day and night, Vivian's heart pounded in her chest. She called in a soft voice, "Brother John."    

"Vivi?" Only then did John notice Vivian. Why was she here?    

"Brother John, long time no see." Just hearing him call her Vivi, flooded her memories from their past. Her eyes began to well up while all these emotions filled her heart.  

'Brother John?'    

This was the first time Nina heard John being addressed like this. These two definitely had a history together.    Suddenly, she remembered where she had seen Vivian.  

  It was in the photo in John's bedroom.  

  Even though it was a quick glance, she remembered seeing John and Vivian in the photo. Vivian was a teenager back then.    

It seemed that Vivian was his childhood sweetheart.   

 That could be the only reason. Why else would the photo be kept in his bedroom?    

Nina suddenly had an odd feeling in her heart. She had never had such an emotion before she met John. It was clearly something she only ever felt for John on several occasions and nobody else.    

She looked at the two of them as she struggled to control her emotions.  


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