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 Season 1

Episode 48

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"Let me go!" Nina hollered, pushing John hastily away with her hands. "Why do you always kiss me?"    

"Isn't this your verbal gratitude?" John sat up leisurely and licked his wet lips subconsciously. He could still sense her scent on his lips, and it was very sweet.    "What nonsense are you talking about?" Nina spat. Obviously, he was just taking full advantage of her.    

Shame on him!    

John grinned with satisfaction, a sign that he had well received her verbal gratitude. Contented, he drove the car to the HD Square.    

On the way, Nina remained silent, and so did John. Neither one of them spoke. However, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but turn upwards in a smile from time to time, indicating that he was in a good mood.  

After a while, Nina broke the silence and pried, "FG is a women's clothing brand. How did you know about it?"   

 As far as what she could discern from what she knew about him, he didn't seem to be a man who would care about what girls liked. Could it be that he had bought clothes from there for other women?    

At the thought of this, Nina suddenly felt bitter in her mouth. She deduced that it must have come from kissing the filthy mouth of John. With resentment, she took out a bottle of water from her bag and poured it into her mouth to rinse the unwanted taste.    

"It's one of the industrial chains that belongs to the Shi family,"  John casually answered while she was drinking water.    Nina was tongue-tied. It so turned out that she had misunderstood him.  

  She drank up the last half bottle in silence;    only the gulping sound could be heard.  

After she had drunk the whole bottle, the bitterness in her mouth disappeared. All she could taste was a faint trace of sweetness left in her mouth.    

It felt so strange to Nina.   

 Meanwhile, in FG clothing shop    

It was very busy inside, with people coming and going.    

A shop assistant was crossly confronting an innocent-looking girl who was wearing a pink hoodie.   

 "If you don't have money to spend, don't enter this shop. Why did you come in and touch the clothes? Do you have any idea how expensive this dress is? It's fifty-eight thousand. Can you afford something so expensive? You're not well-educated at all,"  she reprimanded the girl. The shop assistant was thin and small, but her voice was as loud as a loudspeaker. The roar made Michelle sniff with mortification.    

Michelle cried not because the assistant had scolded her in public, but because her voice was too loud. She had never experienced being shouted at in such a deafening voice before.  

"I only touched it a little. What has that got to do with me not being well-educated?" Michelle retorted with annoyance, clenching her fists. She suddenly wished she had Nina's fighting skills.   

 If she had, she would have beaten the assistant up by then.    

The shop assistant proceeded to take out the beautiful white dress, and held it in front of Michelle with menace. In an aggressive tone, she concluded, "Since you say you are well-educated, you should be able to buy it after touching it. It costs fifty-eight thousand. Give me your payment now.    

Just look at the black spot on the dress. The dress is stained because you have touched it. Our store rules say if you stain a dress, you must buy it. Otherwise, you can't get out of this door." The shop assistant snorted haughtily and stood with arrogance in front of Michelle.    

"No, it wasn't me. I only touched the hem of this dress. I didn't touch that place. You are just framing me,"  Michelle complained with tears in her upright eyes.  

Someone in the crowd whispered in agreement, saying that the girl didn't look like she was a liar. Another one also echoed that the girl had only touched the hem of the dress and the shop assistant had immediately stopped her from doing so.   

 Hearing these observations from the crowd, the shop assistant was a little flustered. The truth was, she was clueless as to who had stained the dress. But since she was afraid of being scolded by the manager, she wanted to find a scapegoat to take the blame.    

This girl in front of her fit the bill and looked easy to be bullied, so she just planted the blame on the girl without blinking an eye.   

 "What are you all talking about? How can you see it clearly from outside? I have a better view inside and saw how she got the dress dirty. If you don't want me to call the police, just pay for the dress and buy it."    

"I said I wasn't the one who made it dirty. Therefore, I won't buy it,"  Michelle reasoned out. She didn't want to be the scapegoat for this incident. She turned her head away and wept incessantly with grievance, then stubbornly raised her hand to wipe the tears off.  

The shop assistant didn't back off and threatened her with more pressure, "Okay. You leave me with no choice but to call the police."    

She didn't believe that she couldn't intimidate and threaten a girl into paying.    

Upon hearing that she was going to call the police, Michelle hesitated for a bit.   

 "In that case, let her call the police,"  a cold voice unexpectedly interjected from outside the shop.    

Everyone looked at the direction where the voice came, and they saw a beautiful woman coming over, with a handsome man walking next to her. Together, they looked very eye-catching as they strode over.    

"Nini,"  Michelle cried. Like a little girl who had seen reinforcements coming to her aid, she threw herself into Nina's arms. All the grievances she had been keeping in just now poured out at this moment, and she was weeping fiercely.    

"It's all right, Mimi. I'm here,"  Nina patted Michelle's head and let her cry her heart out. Michelle had her arms around Nina's waist all the while.  

Looking at the two, John was frowning with displeasure. He had thought that Michelle was a sensible girl because she had advised Nina to divorce her husband and to get together with him instead. But now, why was she throwing herself into the arms of Nina?   

 Who had given Michelle permission to throw herself into his woman's arms?    And why were her hands unashamedly holding his woman's waist?   

 The more he looked at it, the more annoying it was to his eyes.    

"You two, pay more attention to your image,"  John reprimanded them angrily.    
Michelle raised her head and explained in an aggrieved voice, "Uncle John, I have been wrongly framed, and I want to cry."    
'It's none of my business.    

And it's wrong of you to hug my little girl!'  

  With that in mind, John acted as a child. He furiously glared at Michelle, which made her cower in fright. She turned her face to the other side instead and prevented herself from looking at John.  

Anyway, she had Nina to hold in her arms and she continued to cry for a while more. She thought that the shop assistant had gone too far in bullying others.    

At the side, the shop assistant's face softened a lot when she saw that the girl had two reinforcements to her rescue, and both looked extremely rich.   

 "Are you friends with this lady? If you don't want me to call the police, all you need to do is just pay for this dress. It's not that expensive and costs fifty-eight thousand only."    

She had been selling clothes for a long time now, and she could tell at a glance that the man was wearing an international clothing brand, which added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost.    

On the other hand, although it was hard to tell which brand the woman with him was wearing, the expensive fabric was visible. She was delicately beautiful, so she assumed she must be the mistress of that man.  

All mistresses were good at spending money because it was easy for them to get money from their lovers. Like the one before her, the shop assistant thought it would be easy for Nina to spend around one million just by acting coyly like a spoiled child.    

"Fifty-eight thousand?" Nina looked inquisitively at John and mouthed, "Is this dress really worth fifty-eight thousand?"   

 John mouthed, "I don't know."   

 "Isn't this shop a property of your company?"    

John turned his head sideways. As a CEO, if he had to take charge of the price of each and every item in their shops, it would be better if he would just dismiss those employees responsible for doing nothing.    

The couple's silent conversation was like flirting in the eyes of outsiders. The shop assistant thought that Nina was asking the man for money like a spoiled child.    The onlookers also had the same thought. They felt there was nothing to watch anymore, so they all dispersed one by one.  

"Nini, I really didn't stain it,"  Michelle reiterated. After weeping for so long, she finally raised her head, and stood beside Nina. She still had her arms around Nina's arm.   

 John finally saw that Michelle had left Nina's embrace, and he showed a slight smile in his eyes. However, he became irritated again when he saw Michelle still holding onto Nina's arm.    

Out of the corner of his eye, he could sense some women staring at him obsessively to flirt. John turned around with a frown and made a phone call. He gave instructions to send the shop assistant to the police station.    

Nina didn't notice that John had left, so she continued to consult with the shop assistant. "Is there any monitoring camera in your shop?"   

 The shop assistant suddenly became nervous, and told her, "The surveillance video cannot be shown to outsiders casually."  

If Nina were to check the surveillance video, her lie would be exposed in broad daylight for everyone to see.   

 "I think you two just don't want to pay the money, do you? I thought you would pay for it, but I didn't expect that you also couldn't afford the dress. Your man has left, and there's no one here to help you buy it. That's the reason why you want me to check the surveillance video. Once I turn around, then you two will run away, right? Sorry to disappoint you, but I won't fall for your trick,"  the shop assistant said with sarcasm in each word.    

"It's not that we don't have money to pay for it. We just don't want to be the scapegoat for your mistake. I honestly didn't stain it at all. You were so afraid of being scolded by your boss, so you deliberately framed me,"  retorted Michelle with confidence.    

When Nina realized that John had disappeared from her view, she felt somewhat depressed. She carelessly pointed at the dress in the shop assistant's hand, and took out a card from her bag.  

"We'll buy this dress," she stated indifferently.  

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